More Art Monday: Although sapphires come in a range of colors, deep blue is often most prized. Happy birthday, sapphire babies.

Pendant, late 19th century, America

Winter Chaos, Blizzard,” 1909, Marsden Hartley

Woman’s Dress: Bodice, Overskirt, and Underskirt, c. 1875, French

Chair, designed 1941–42, designed by Jens Risom, made by Knoll

Ring, c. 1950, America

Hydrangeas Spring Song,” 1976, by Alma Thomas

Man’s Dragon Robe (Mang Pao), early 20th century, China

Plate, c. 1825, made by Henshall and Company, decoration after Thomas Birch

Happy May, friends! Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.

The most prominent of the Beryl group of stones, Emerald has been used since at least 1500 BCE by the Egyptians. Its beautiful green color is bestowed upon it by chromium and vanadium. Although it is around an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness its ability to break, toughness, is low due to inclusions in its matrix. The word Emerald itself comes from the Greek, “smaragdos”, which simply means green rock. This became the English name Esmeralda and later Emerald! Quality Emerald is distinguished using the four C’s as is the case with diamonds: Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.

Browse Emerald items on the site and read up more on this stone:


There are birthstones that are associated with astrology signs and then they are some that are assigned to the month itself. Aquamarine is the gemstone for the month of March. Aquamarine literally means “water of the sea” from the Latin “aqua marinus.” Probably named so because of its characteristic blue green marine like color. The name was given in 1609 an early gemological work by Anselmus de Boodt in his “Gemmarum et Lapiudum Historia.” Aquamarine is in fact a mineral in the Beryl group, which includes other well-known gemstones, such as Emerald.


The Sandman #37 (1992)

Written by Neil Gaiman
Art by Shawn McManus, Daniel Vozzo, and Todd Klein

I when I heard that they put Leelah in a suit and the birth name on the stone, this comic was my thought. Keep the memory of how the person wanted to be remembered. 

And Gaiman has stated at one point

“I feel the story makes clear that Wanda considers herself a woman; and that, at the end, Death does too. To my mind, that’s all that matters.”

And really, if one of the most powerful beings/concepts takes you as you see yourself, then who cares what people who rejected your identity think?

BTS x Astrology: Jin

|| Kim Seokin ||
born on december 4th, 1992
|| Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius ||
the archer, sagittarians are jovial, intelligent, understanding, principled, curious, adventurous.
|| Season: Winter ||
december babies are known as patient and pleasant
|| Zodiac Element: Fire ||
“fire gives off a glow that is as nourishing as the rays of the sun.”
|| Birth Flower: Poinsettia ||
happiness, success, “you are the special one” is the message this flower sends.
|| Zodiac Stone: Topaz ||
serenity, friendship, fidelity, integrity, and gentleness. 

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