These Stunning Images Capture The Beauty & Grace Of India’s “Third Gender”

For years, the hijras of India — people who identify as belonging to a “third gender” — held a special place in society.

“Hijras were both revered and feared as powerful entities who lived between the sexes,” according to photographer Jill Peters. “They were believed to bestow good fortune and fertility by dancing at weddings and the births of children.“ 

Photos: Jill Peters


Mishalecki photo op story time

The person in front of me wanted to incorporate a giant inflatable duck into their op. Like it was basically an adult pool floatie. So, Jared sits on the thing and sticks both his legs in the air like he’s about to give birth. Photo is taken. Jared can’t find a way off this duck by standing so he rolls onto the floor. Misha seizes a moment that he’s clearly been waiting for, picks up the duck, and attacks Jared with it as soon as he stands up. His fervor suggested that always wanted to hit Jared with a giant inflatable duck. Then Misha tries to toss the duck to the side, resulting in him almost knocking down all the camera equipment, and earning him a faux groin punch from Chris.

So yeah, giant 7 year olds.


#VIXX 4th MINI ALBUM #桃源境 (#도원경)

#VIXX_桃源境 #빅스_도원경 #20170515_6PM

#VIXX 4th MINI ALBUM #桃源境 (#Paradise)

#VIXX_桃源境 #VIXX_Paradise #20170515_6PM

T/N: The members’ individual teaser photos were released in order of their birthdays.