His First Goal - Mats Hummels One Shot

Request by Anonymous - I hope you like it :)


****Mats’ POV****

- “Hi the most beautiful woman !” I told (Y/N), arriving to the kitchen and kissed her cheek while preparing the bottle of Gauthier. “Hi my little guy !” I said hello to my son.

There is one year, our first child was born. At his birth, we were so pleased to welcome this little boy in the family.

- “Do you want pancakes ?” (Y/N) asked me, handing me a plate full of pancakes. 

- “If you force me, I cann’t refuse” I asserted, making him a wink that made her laugh.

(Y/N) removed Gauthier of  his booster drop him on the floor. Immediately Gauthier walked towards me.

- “You also want good pancakes mom did ?” I asked, without waiting for an answer. I took him on my legs and began to give him slivers of pancakes. 

- “He ate, Mats!” (Y/N) alerted me.

- “Yes but he loves your good food ! You can’t blame him” I said, defending Gauthier and myself at the same time. 

- “Here we go, I’ll dress you my little guy !” (Y/N) said, taking Gauthier and by going to stagger to dress our son. “Say goodbye to Dad !” she said, starting to his room. He gave me a wave to say goodbye.

A few minutes later, they went every two and I had finished breakfast.

- “A walk in the park, it would tell you ?” I asked, speaking to Gauthier who immediately made me a broad smile. I turned to (Y/N) in wait for approval.

- “Yes! Go ahead, my two men” she said, seeing the cute head of Gauthier.

- “You’re the best” I told her, kissing her and taking Gauthier in my arms.


Gauthier and I had just arrived at the park, I had of course won a balloon so that we can play them both. I called Marco and Erik to come play with us and they were there when we arrived.

- “Hey guys !” I tell them, making them a handshake.

- “Hi you !” they say the same, speaking to my son.

I placed the ball on the grass and we decided to make the teams. 

- “Whom do you want to go ?” I addressed myself to Gauthier. Erik and Marco doing all that he go with one of them. But he clung to my leg. “I’m sorry, guys ! He prefers dad !” I say, making clever. Gauthier laughed.

- “Okay, we will win !” Marco said, laughing.

I put the ball in front of Gauthier, immediately he struck it. He was running with the ball at his feet, making us laugh. He seemed so happy with a ball at the foot.

- “He will become like his father” Marco said. From his one year, my son was very comfortable with a ball. 

We continued to play and Gauthier walked to Erik who held the threads of the goal. 

- “Come on, man ! You’re going to put a goal !” I told him, seeing that he was going to put the ball in the net.

Erik allowed Gauthier to this goal and he will run towards me, hands in the air. A true celebration scorer.

It was late, it was time for us to go home. Before going through the door, I put on my shoulders Gauthier. (Y/N) came to us when we returned.

- “Was it good ?”she asked us, kissing us.

- “It was perfect! I present you the future star of German football !” I said, highlighting our dear son.

- “Seriously ?” she asked, laughing, “you will still be better than your father” she told Gauthier who approved.

- “He scored his first goal !” I said, praising our little guy.

- “You’re the best, darling !” Jane told Gauthier, kissing him, he immediately put his arms around her neck. 

- “He’s as perfect as his father” I joked, laughed (Y/N).

- “Not like. Best !” she said, jokingly.

And she was right, this afternoon at the park showed me that my son will have a great future in the world of football.

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#9 Pride and Prejudice 
- “Miss Bennet, I have struggled in vain but I can bear it no longer. 
The past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the
single object of seeing you. I had to see you.
I've fought against my better judgement,
my family's expectation, the inferiority of your birth, my rank
and circumstance. All those things. But I'm willing to put them aside...
and ask you to end my agony."
In celebration of The Longest Ride being in theaters, we’re putting our top ten most romantic scenes! You can check out number ten here.

  Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓚⓘⓝⓖ ; Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓠⓤⓔⓔⓝ ; Ⓣⓗⓔ Ⓟⓡⓘⓝⓒⓔ
The Fool ; The Lost ; The unknown

U.S. birth rate constantly falls since 2007 and now it’s less than 4 million births a year. More than that since 2014 the death rate is higher than the number of births. American family was sacrificed to gender equality and careless forever young lifestyle.

Urgent Prayer Request!

Please pray for a family friend named Elizabeth. She is in labor with her second child, but her baby (Maria) has a kidney disease with a less than hopeful prognosis. The first few days after her birth are critical and the family is very scared. Please pray for a smooth delivery for both mother and child and that baby Maria survives and does well. Pray for peace and comfort for the family. 


Bellarke AU: Terminator (Salvation) 

Clarke Griffin at age of 18 should be going to high school, kissing boys in the back of their cars, and worrying about what college to apply to, but instead she is fighting for survival in the age of killer machines. It’s been almost 60 years since the planet had been overtaken, war placed upon their shoulders at birth. They lost friends, family, and even some of themselves along the way. Her and Bellamy Blake, an unlikely team, lead over 100 people, fighting for survival in a world where there is danger and death at every turn. 

Okay, the Onion theory about him being Yellow Diamond is neat and all, but if the theory of the Onion family tree is true, then doesn’t that debunk the Yellow Diamond theory?

You all say Onion might be Yellow Diamond because of him not having ears (like all other gems) and his bizarre behavior, but Vidalia doesn’t have any ears either.

Since gems have to sacrifice themselves in order to bring a human being into the world, that could mean that Vidalia was in fact a gem. Since the Onion family tree theory says that Vidalia gave birth to Sour Cream first, that means that Sour Cream will be a gem and most likely not Onion. Which means that Onion can’t be Yellow Diamond.