I’m going to change gears from my usual anti-Kylo Ren tirade for this post:

I am really fucking tired of seeing Anakin Skywalker apologists blame Mace Windu, or otherwise imply that Mace Windu deserved his fate, just because he happened to rightfully believe that the man was not emotionally equipped to be a Jedi.

Here is an unpleasant truth for all of us: Mace Windu was right.

Anakin wasn’t equipped to be a Jedi.  He wasn’t equipped to live with Jedi restrictions the way the others were.  He wasn’t equipped to have to deal with political machinations or secret Sith scheming.  He wasn’t equipped to leave a loving mother.  He wasn’t equipped to balance Palpatine’s gaslighting with his Jedi trained perspective and self-awareness.

He wasn’t even equipped to leave the Jedi Order of his own free will and use his training and skills and connections to establish a life that suited him better.

Mace was right to be wary of Anakin.  Because Anakin did end up turning on the Order.  And Mace absolutely did not deserve what happened to him.

Mace Windu did not yank Anakin off of Tatooine while leaving his mother behind.

Mace Windu did not create the culture that raised Jedi from birth, without standard family attachments.  Mace was in fact as much a victim of that culture as Anakin or any other Jedi.

Mace Windu did not create the code or restrictions that forbid Anakin from marrying Padme.

Mace Windu was never cruel to Anakin.  He may have distrusted him or not been as warm as Anakin would have liked, but you know what?  He had no responsibility to do so.  He wasn’t Anakin’s master.  He’s certainly not a brother or father figure to him.  SO WHAT if he distrusted Anakin.  He’s allowed to have a fucking opinion.

Newsflash: in your life, you’re going to meet people who don’t trust you.  You’re going to meet people who dislike you.  You’re going to meet people who don’t know what to do with you.  And guess what?  You get the fuck over it.

There was no indication that Mace Windu was unfair to Anakin.  He opposed Anakin being a master.  Okay.  Anakin was twenty-three years old.  We have never seen a master that age.  Obi-Wan was still a Padawan at that age.  Anakin may have been a war hero, but that doesn’t mean that Mace can’t have legitimate misgivings about Anakin’s emotional readiness for the job.

There is no indication that Mace Windu mistreated Anakin.  If anything, he tried to protect him.  He knew Anakin and Palpatine were friends and he tried to spare Anakin from having to be part of the confrontation.

If you can’t defend Anakin Skywalker’s choices without slamming a man who did nothing to deserve his murder at Anakin’s hands, then you have to wonder how defensible Anakin actually is.

Nearly Witches (differences between the two versions)

for anon..

Ryan’s version:

  • basically Ryan’s version is creepy af
  • “as a boy”
  • it’s kinda introspective.. of course the lyrics are open to interpretation but my initial impression was that he was describing himself in a dark way and examining his relationship with his family
  • honestly it’s so sad like he reduces himself to ‘a fetish blessed with an operatic skeleton’
  • ‘and as the stars watched me descent, I cracked the family tree and chopped off all of the branches’ he implies his birth destroyed his family
  • ‘I ate my wishes on golden toothpicks and digested them with wolf intestines’ he had to give up his dreams, but he. How do I put it in words. He swallowed and crushed them completely…? Kinda self destructive I guess

Brendon’s Version

  • Pretty, romantic lyrics, the complex lyrics at the beginning are beautiful but I honestly can’t relate them to the rest of the song like ‘my wingtips waltz across naive wood floors’ etc
  • “as a girl”
  • mocks the original lyrics “here I am composing a burlesque” in live shows
  • added French lyrics at the beginning
  • 'How does a heart love if no one has noticed it’s presence and where does it go’ ahhh!!! It’s so good?
  • fades into “mona lisa…” for the Ballad of Mona Lisa
Touka’s death at the hands of Juuzou?

So someone in the comments of chapter 130 on Manga Stream pointed this out and I thought it was interesting enough to go into more detail and make a post about it.

So this person pointed to the poem that Ishida wrote for Suzuya’s birthday last year. You can find the translation here and the original here.

The poem talks about having to make a choice between killing a cat or a dog. It seems as though he’s forced into killing one of them since he says this.

Please die quickly, please die quickly…
(I looked away so that I wouldn’t see the face of suffering.)

Then this.

Ever since that day, that thin, huge cat (or dog)
(I held in my hands a strangely swollen stomach containing a rotting womb.)

This line most likely implies that the animal he killed was pregnant (hence the reference to the animal’s stomach being “strangely swollen” and the “rotting womb” which might also reference the possibility of Touka’s womb absorbing her baby), and this could possibly foreshadow Touka’s (and her baby’s) death at the hands of Juuzou.

Also the fact that the animal is described as thin could reference the fact that there’s been a serious scarcity of food for ghouls underground, plus, with Touka trying to survive off human food, I can imagine she’s probably quite malnourished.

The “rotting womb” part of the poem also seems to link to the line in Touka’s poem where it says “her womb smelled like it was burnt”, plus, the first line of that poem seems to imply that her child may possibly die.

The children who were meant to be born, died.

If we want to make further links to Touka being the cat, in chapter 123 when Mutsuki is fighting Touka, he continuously calls her a cat over and over again.

All this seems to point to the implication that Suzuya may be forced to make a decision between killing Touka (the cat) and perhaps Kaneki (the dog). Since Suzuya has connections with Kaneki, it would make sense for him to choose to kill Touka since he doesn’t really have any sort of relationship with her.

It can also be noted that this illustration of Juuzou holding a knife with what seems to be blood spattered across his clothes was posted not too long after the illustration of Touka with blood on her belly.

Touka’s poem also includes a line which seems to reference the fact that her future has gone dark, and the path that she was advancing on, towards giving birth and having a family with Kaneki, is gone.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

In chapter 130, Touka marked down the 28th of December as the date that I assume she is expecting the child. This date is also Ishida’s birthday. This leads me to Ishida’s own birthday illustration from last year; the one that seems to have everyone worried and puzzled.

Touka is dressed entirely in black and there appears to be some sort of cemetery in the background. Perhaps she is holding her baby, or rather, her lifeless baby, since the rest of the image seems to heavily reference death.

That’s a really depressing picture to draw for your own birthday, Ishida :/

This kind of scenario would make sense if we consider what’s been happening in recent chapters. Kichimura and Mutsuki are trying to lure Kaneki out with Yoriko’s death sentence so that they have a chance to kill him, and now that Touka found the letter informing Kaneki of Yoriko’s scheduled execution, it would make sense for her to want to do something about it. If Touka goes off to save Yoriko and Kaneki finds out, no doubt he’ll go after her, and this could lead the both of them to Furuta. If they get captured, it’s possible they could be put into a situation where one of them has to die, and perhaps Suzuya will be the one forced to kill one of them, most likely by Furuta since Suzuya has been one of the people who have shown to be obviously sceptical of Furuta.

However, it is also important to look at the ending of Juuzou’s poem.

(Would it have been better if I just killed them both?)
(Or perhaps, I…?)

Shortly after, the answer started overflowing. I choked.
Was going to die anyway.

Suzuya seems to contemplate on whether it would have been better for him to have killed them both, perhaps after the discovery that the woman he killed had been pregnant, leading to the realisation that she was obviously important to Kaneki. However, he then says that this question isn’t important for him to consider anymore because he is going to die anyway.

Suzuya’s death could come at the hands of a distressed and enraged Kaneki upon witnessing the murder of Touka and his unborn child, wanting to avenge their deaths.

Everybody needs to go watch Andi Mack on Disney Channel because it focuses on a mixed Asian family. The main character, Andi discovered that her older sister is actually her mother, so we guess she got pregnant when she was young. This series shows how Andi handle this new situation. Also, her friends are sweet. There are a funny and carry boy named Cyrus who will question his sexuality and a joyful and sassy black girl Buffy who will deal with discrimation in school with her natural hair. I think now Disney tries to create more realistic tv shows with good storylines such as Lizzie McGuire or That’s So Raven. If you like Freeform/ABC Family, you should watch it because it kinda have some Switched At Birth vibes :)

Rune Casting

Originally posted by thewitchofthenorse

I recently got my Amethyst Runes and started getting more into it. It was pretty hard to find some good information online, so I thought I’d share with you guys what I found! I just write down what I have in my book of shadows, and this is just what I found, so there may be things that I wrote wrong or that doesn’t fit your believes. I request you look up on this subject yourself too, but this right here might give you a head start.

Runes are symbols which may be used in divination. They are very old and there are many theories as to how or when they originiated, but it’s well known that they were used in Europe.
The word itself comes from the old norse word “Run”, and the old german word “Runa”, which translates to “whisper” or “secret”. Runes are closely tied to Odin and according to ancient germanic people they were created by him.
The runic alphabets are called “Futhark”, after the first six runes, which are Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido and Kenaz. While the elder furthark has 24 characters, just like our alphabet, there are also other versions of the Futhark which range from 16 to 33 characters.

Now to the Meanings!

I have to say, I had a really hard time looking up the meanings of every rune. While some runes have the same meaning everywhere, others seems to have a different meaning every time. I chose what was either mostly named or felt right for me. Feel free to share what you found out about them, or how you use them in the comments below!
Every rune is associated with a letter of our alphabet, so I decided to include them and write them right beside the name. I don’t have the sources to post pictures of every rune (nor the space), but you can easily look them up youself online and get in touch with them.

Fehu - F
The Cattle - Wealth, Prosperty, Financial Matters

Uruz - U
The Aurochs - Strength, Courage, Vitality, for that matter also Health and Recovery

Thurisaz - TH
The Thorn or The Hammer - Destruction, Anger, Violence, sometimes a Warning or Protection

Ansuz - A
The Deity or The Antenna - Wisdom, Communication, Thoughts, Words, Signals, Learning, but also Truth or a Leader

Raido - R
The Wagon - Travels and Journeys, maybe even an inner journey

Kenaz - K
The Torch - Light, Inspiration, Creativity and Knowledge, but for other also Hard Work

Gebo - G
The Gift - A Gift or Generosity, but for another matter also Love, Marriage or Partnership, by seeing the love of another person as a gift

Wunjo - W
Joy - Happiness, Harmony, Comfort, as well as Victory o Productivity

Hagalaz - H
The Hail - Destruction, Force, Disruption, Chaos, Drama, Hazard, Fury, Anger, can be associated with The Tower from the Tarots Major Arcana

Nauthiz - N
Need - Constraint, Neccessities, Distress, Delay, Patience

Isa - I
Ice - Stagnation, Standstill, Frozen, Stuck

Jera - J/Y
Harvest - Rewards, Success, Accomplishments, also associated with Earth

Eihwaz - EI
Yew - Either Reliability, Stability and Trustworthy, or Constricted, Protection, Pain, Perseverence (by looking at it like a bow). The meanings are pretty split with this one.

Perth - P
The Cup - Destiny, Fate, Magic, Mystery, The Unknowable

Algiz - Z
The Elk - Protection, Self Defense, Shield, Standing Up For Something

Sowelu - S
The Sun - Good Fortune, Power, Energy, Health

Teiwaz - T
Týr - Victory, Justice, Honor, Higher Spiritual Power, or Focus and Responsibility

Berkana - B
The Birch - Birth, Beginnings, Fertility, (Personal) Growth, Nurture, Family

Ehwaz - E
The Horse - Transportation, Movement, Travel, maybe also Trust or Loyalty

Mannaz - M
The Self - Person, Human, Man, Identity, Culture, Individual

Laguz - L
The Water - Lake, Sea, Ocean, mostly the Flow, also Intuition, Proohetic Dreams and Feminity

Inguz - NG
Seed or The God, Ing - Common Sense, Internal Growth, Potential, Fertility, Success, Masculinity

Dagaz - D
The Day - Awareness, Breathrough, Transformation, Evolving, Growth, Changes

Othila - O
Ancestral Property or Homeland - Property, Home, Family, Legacy, Possessions, Inheritance

The Blank Rune
No one really knows how or when it came into the set, but at somd point, the blank rune has been occasionally beed added and used in a reading. Using the blank rune or not is personal preference. It can be useless to you or help you, it’s your choice whether you keep it or not. If you do, it should be read and used based on intuition. Consider it’s placement and the relation and connection to other runes. Some runes sets doesn’t even include the blank rune.
It may represent Odin or Fate.

Please note that these are just the names of the runes that I prefer, there are a lot, lot, LOT more other pronounciations or names for each rune, but adding them in here too would be too much.
Runes also have reversed meanings, but that is sonething I haven’t got into by now. Just research for yourself a little bit, learn some more and stick to what feels right to you.

Now to casting them. There are many different ways to cast runes. You may simply pull runes out of a bag with your eyes closed, or you dump some or all of them on the ground. You can do simple Tarot Spreads with your runes or look up different ways to use them.

You can use the runes in magic as well! You may use fitting runes in a spell, or write with then in your book of shadows, or draw them on your altar, wand, etc. There are many things you can do with runes, just take your time and get closer with them!
I hope you liked this little lesson and that it may help you an your way.

Lot’s of love your way, Laura 💕

How the August 21st, 2017 eclipse in 28 degree Leo will impact you by house :

1st House Eclipse.

The 1st house solar eclipse focuses strongly on how a person’s projects themselves.  Since it represents new beginnings and endings the 1st house eclipse can change how we project ourselves.  Behaviors and attitudes may no longer serve us, and the eclipse is letting us know.  For a long period of time the attitude projected may of blocked growth and caused a rut to develop that needs changing.  The signs will be there that a change is needed.  

Developing self confidence or changing the self image can be equally as important and highlighted here.  Situations or people may be starting to come into life to bolster who you are; helping you believe in yourself.  If there is negative aspects to the eclipse there could be danger of people not liking who you project yourself to be wanting to crush your confidence.  Be careful as these situations can make you UN-necessarily change who you are.  

Conversely a person may be very egotistical and need the “reality check” to realize their over-confidence may be causing issues with others around them. The eclipse in this house is all about coming to understand who you are in the world.  It can be a very humbling experience.

2nd House Eclipse

The eclipse will shine a light certainly on what is valued in life.  Finances often come to focus.  Old ways of making money can be on the way out; and in exchange the universe is bringing to you new ways to boost your income. Caution must be taken because aspects to the eclipse are important to.  For every financial boosting possibility that exists there can be financial issues occurring as well.  Perhaps your savings are called upon and start to run dry over the next 6 to 12 months.  New ways of saving money and budgeting might be required and actually hinted at; so look for the clues.

The 2nd house also rules possessions so look for changes in this area.  Perhaps you’ll suddenly start to feel different about what you own, wanting to sell old things and bring in new items.  Maybe you have been collecting something or other for a long period of time and the eclipse is telling you it’s time to go. Conversely maybe you attain a desire to stockpile a new form of possessions worth working for.

3rd House Eclipse

The ways we learn or find information can be subject of change in this eclipse.  It might be that pursuits we have come to depend on have reached their peek. New ways of learning and absorbing information can be coming in.  An example might be you have been learning from a book, but perhaps your friendly suddenly tells you about these awesome YouTube videos.  New ways to learn are found.

New ways of communication in general can be brought into life.  Your friends may of been using a text group, but now prefer a form of social media like facebook.  Perhaps on a personal level prior ways of communicating don’t serve your life anymore and new ways are coming in.  It might be a good time to learn a new language or way of communicating; perhaps find new ways to meet people and interact in general will be presented to you.

Siblings, Neighbors and Relatives are highlights of the eclipse here as well.  An obvious perception can be coming and going from your life.  A new brother or sister can be on the way.  Relatives that no longer serve you could be on the way out.  Perhaps there was a marriage and new ones are on the way in. Neighbors could be moving in and moving out more likely now then ever.

4th House Eclipse

The 4th House eclipse can center strongly on family.  The relationship with the family can change for better or worse.  It can mean many things though.  Your birth family ties may be strength-ed or beginning to sever seeing you go your own way.  Maybe there is formation of your own family out in the world beginning. Either way the emotional ties are either being strength-ed or cut off, so look for the signs and calls from the universe.

The home can in general be the target of beginnings or endings.  It can be that the eclipse highlights that moving is in your future.  Home renovation can be another way this manifests, as well perhaps building or buying a new home.  Maybe people move in or out of your home as well.

Another thing to be on the look out for is changes in your emotional security and stability in general.  Things you depended on could be changing.  On the flip side, you may also see over the next year situations coming into your life that help your sense of comfort balance you out.

5th House Eclipse

The 5th house eclipse is all about who we are.  For some it’s an ending causing a dramatic experience and for others such an experience may be a good thing. These experience can serve as a means to high-lite an injection of creativity. Over the next 6 to 12th house and influx of creativity could come which makes for a way of expressing who we are and what we are about.  Perhaps new avenues for art, music or dramatic expression pop up to utilize this.  For writings new writing material may come.  This eclipse can help some get over “writers block” but may also bring it in for others.

Since the 5th House rules over children this could be a time a new child comes into your life.  It might not be that you have a child, but perhaps someone in the family, a friend or a coworker you know has a baby.  The relationship with children can be strengthened in general at this point.  Not out of the realm though is a desire suddenly to have your own - the 6 to 12th window first in perfect alignment for creating life.

This house also rules over risks.  The universe can be pointing to the need to stop taking risks that are foolhardy and unproductive.  You may also see opportunity for taking risks that can be beneficial as well.  New hobbies and wants of fun can also be introduced into life over the next year.  Perhaps older ways can be running their course and feeling dry.

6th House Eclipse

The eclipse here can specifically take on the daily routine.  Over the course of the next 6 months/year things are going to shift in how you live.  This can come through many numerous ways; but the most highlighted will be the work environment.  An eclipse in this house can symbolize the shifting to a new job, but it can also means your work environment changes.  A manifestation of this may be new co-workers coming and going, or your office needs de-cluttering and re-prioritizing so you can be more efficient.

A focus on health can also be noted from the eclipse.  The sun and moon rule over the vitality and emotions; so issues with health relating to these areas may be forming.  Issues with the back, spine or heart might occur.  Stomach issues such as digestion, issues with ulcers, emotional problems or the best and breasts might occur for some especially if either planet rules the 6th house.  

Conversely since the eclipse can mean endings perhaps the universe is pointing you in directions to change your health for the better.  Look for the positive signs.  A cure for an ongoing aliment may be hinted at, or at the very least ways to boost the vitality or help emotional imbalances.  The 6th house also rules small pets; so you could be looking at bringing in a new pet or possibility in unfortunate scenarios saying goodbye

7th House Eclipse

Partnership is highlighted in this house for better or worse.  The eclipse can end partnerships that are rocky and not productive to life anymore.  Conversely when one door closes another opens.  New people who can benefit us in terms of marriage, best friendship or even business dealings can be coming for us.  In this eclipse priority can be balanced on balancing the life, so things that are making a feeling of discord can be slowly on the way out.  

The change from this eclipse may also center around people who are ope enemies and adversaries.  This can be for the better if open enemies have been impacting your life and causing stress.  One must be careful however; the eclipse may also bring a new open opponent into life.  Some people are capable of making money, publicity or advancements over their open enemies; so worry not.  Sometimes it’s for the best.

8th House Eclipse

The deepest house of the zodiac gets the eclipse shown in the house naturally ruling endings and beginnings.  Psychological transformation can be the key for this eclipse.  Something in the internal workings needs to be changed that is no longer serving your life.  Psychic talents may come to life.  For some perhaps the deceased will contact you through this house, maybe even those who are recently departed.

This house also rules over shared resources so it is not to hard to fathom the possibilities this area is impacted.  Money or possessions from another can be coming into your life; or exiting (perhaps just changing as well.)  The 8th brings with it sexual nature so the sex life may go through some form of major transformation.  A new partner may come in or a revitalization of sexual energy lying dormant with a currently existing partner.

The occult and metaphysical side can be greatly impacted here as well if interest is had in this area.  It could be a time the universe introduces new forms of such mysticism into one’s life.  New interests may include the universe pointing you towards astrology, the occult or alternative healing methods or medicine.  In some instances the new beginning can be eclipsing out of such matters. Perhaps they no longer serve a need if your life and it’s time to live more on the material plane.

9th House Eclipse

The 9th house eclipse can be indicating a new influx of ideas into life. This is actually a good thing as sometimes we get stuck in outdated philosophies and need a new viewpoint to keep growing (which after all the 9th house is about. Perhaps your religious beliefs are not keeping up with the times, or you have grown and something new is more beneficial to you.  This is the time for the universe to open up new doors.  The same can be said for a need for more schooling or education.  Opportunities may arise to increase knowledge and expand knowledge.

The 9th house can also bring the desire for travel.  The Eclipse may bring a travel or journey to a foreign land.  Perhaps it’s vacation; or maybe more in the next 6 months to a year.  New beginnings may arrive to move to a foreign land. Another possibility is a foreign person comes into your life that is new and refreshing.

10th House Eclipse

In the 10th the eclipse is shining a light dealing with structure over your own life. This could tie deeply into your career or the ways in which you want the public eye to come to know you are.  Things may not of been working or perhaps it’s time for a change.  The results can be good or bad depending on the aspects of other personal planets to the eclipse.  Be careful of the choices made now because they can be the fuel for the fire the next 6 months to a year. Scandals can be possible ; but so can elevation into the good of the public eye.

Over that time span the career can be inherently impacted.  Promotions or loss of credibility are possible.  There can be ways to gain money or possibly ways to lose notoriety or accolades.  Something may be on top or changing with bosses, leaders or even own’s own father/mother during the eclipse.  If anything is different then normal, this is why.

11th House Eclipse

Change can be coming to the friendship arena of life.  Perhaps the universe is knocking on your door indicating it’s time to consider how your friends impact your life.  Friends may be going or coming karmic-ally with the eclipse.  Same can be said for involvement with group efforts like social networking.  Are things changing because old ways are wearing out?  This could be why.

The 11th house eclipse can also high lite endings and new beginnings forth coming in your own hopes and aspirations.  Maybe there has been to much focus on “me” and not enough on “all of us”.  The 11th house rules over the structure of society so th eclipse could be beginning into your life a new way to contribute.  This may be through charity work, new charitable aspirations or because some kind of innovation you are or should be working on to better things.

12th House Eclipse

The eclipse in the 12th house can kick up the bucket of psychological issues to so to speak. So anything you repressed or didn’t want to deal with will probably in someone now be forced to deal with.  Any kind of fear that you elected not to tend to may be up for review and need to be faced.  The eclipse also highlights the 12th house of secrets kept from you, so it can be a time where things that were locked away from you start to unveil themselves.  You in turn may also be more private and contemplative by this turn.  

Perhaps the universal is now unveiling a plan for you to gain some perspective on your life through forced alone time.  A change in your stance on spirituality may be coming up for review and to ahead as well.  There can be a “rocking of the boat” to remind you there is more in this life then just work and the physical plane.

How Thedas’ Matriarchal Society Would Actually Work

And why it would be plausible to be different in Tevinter.

Hoo boy, I had a fun time discussing this with my friends the other day. Which this isn’t the final post for this, just one I had to get out less I forget this discussion entirely.

So as we all know Thedas is supposed be a matriarch society with emphasis of it in the Andrastian faith, BUT Bioware does a pretty shitty job doing that/showing it. So let’s begin from the beginning.

Andraste was the woman to unite all of Thedas against Tevinter’s harsh rule. She is worshipped and held in high regard in Thedas and especially in Andrastism. This is where the matriarchy and matriarchal ideals come from. This automatically holds women in higher regard in society, especially as warriors and leaders.

Women and their families would deeply seek to have first born daughters, much like Andraste who only gave birth to daughters. A family with mostly sons would likely give the woman legal cause to leave and disown her husband. A family with a first born son would, on an unspoken level, be seen as less influential and prosperous among society. Not to say men couldn’t be successful or rise, it is just harder for them and they may be questioned in places of power (see King Markus Pentaghast) This would mean that in situations like Calian/Anora, Calian would be heavily scrutinized as being the reason for Ferelden lacking an heir. Regardless of the high acclaim of his family and the Theirin line.

Speaking of Cailan, we know he slept around on Anora. This would bring him even more vitriol, as we know Maferath slept with a woman outside of Andraste and Maferath (and any metaphor for Maferath) tends to be looked down at. Since it was Maferath who betrayed Andraste to Magister Hessarian. In reality, Celene wouldn’t have even given Cailan’s offer a second look, because she would not seek to wrong the Queen of Ferelden. For an action like that would be seen as an attack on Ferelden, an insult to their Queen (Leading Woman) is an insult to their country. A good canon example of this is actually King Calenhad and Thedas during his time, a majority of the leaders and those of high acclaim were women, while when Calenhad cheated on his wife he was shunned from the throne by all of Ferelden.

Which it is due to the actions of Maferath and Hessarian, that men would be at a disadvantage. For it was those two men who brought Andraste down and men, out of greed and jealously, that drew the Maker’s ire and made him turn away his gaze.

Meanwhile, things are different in Tevinter and they have more of a patriarchal society with the Black Divine, and a majority of men in the Magisterium. As well as gender being an issue for them. One reason is obviously spite, because it is Andraste who caused their empire to fall. However, it also goes back to the time of Andraste. In their stories it is played up on how Hessarian was repentant, it was him who gave Andraste mercy in her time of anguish. He who showed compassion to the Maker’s lady. He who after Andraste’s death spread hers and the Maker’s word to Tevinter, who gave her a voice once more. This, coupled with the actions of his wife, Lady Vasilia (Thedas’ version of Lady Macbeth), is what sealed the Tevinter patriarchy. Lady Vasilia being the one who convinced her husband to burn Andraste slowly and publicly upon a pyre, telling him to refuse her mercy. In essence, Tevinter would have basis to blame the fall of Andraste and the Maker’s anger on Lady Vasilia, who wished suffering on Andraste. Again while her husband was the one to raise his voice for Andraste. All of which would fit Tevinter’s twisted version/interpretation of the Chant of Light and why their Divine is a man (unlike the southern Divine who represents Andraste, their Black Divine represents Hessarian).

So yeah, that’s pretty much how it should be for Thedas with the canon lore in place and how we play it for our Tabletop, even though Bioware doesn’t show/see it this way.

famous sayings #2

- il ne faut pas vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué (”don’t sell the bear’s skin before you killed it”) : don’t make promises if you’re not sure

- il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu (”there’s no smoke without fire”) : if something bad is happening, it came from something, it was caused

- jeux de mains jeux de vilains (”hands games naughty games”) : don’t fight you’re going to hurt yourself/someone

- l’argent ne tombe pas du ciel (”money doesn’t fall from the sky”)

- la balle est dans son camp (”the ball is in their side”) : it’s up to them to do something to fix crap (mostly after an argument)

- la curiosité est un vilain défaut (curiosity is a bad flaw) : don’t be nosey

- la fin justifie les moyens (”the end justifies the ways”) : do whatever you need to get what you want (often used to justify death or betrayal)

- la fortune sourit aux audacieux (”luck smiles to the bold”) : try stuff

- la parole est d’argent mais le silence est d’or (”speech is made olf silver but silence is made of gold”) : shut up

- l’avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt (”the future belongs to those who get up early”)

- l’habit ne fait pas le moine (the outfit doesn’t make the monk)

- le jeu n’en vaut pas la chandelle (”the game isn’t worth the candle”) : it’s not worth the risk

- le mieux est l’ennemi du bien (better is the enemy of good)

- l’enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions (hell is paved with good intentions) : you might hurt someone trying to do something good so shush

- les chiens ne font pas des chats (dogs don’t birth cats) : family resemblances

- les murs ont des oreilles (walls have ears) : someone is always listening

- mieux vaut être seul-e que mal accompagné-e (better be alone than w/ poos)

- mieux vaut prévenir que guérir (better prevent than heal) : take precautions

- on n’est jamais mieux servis que par soi-même (we are never as well served as by ourselves) : do stuff yourself so it’ll be good enough

Obi-Wan dying on Melida/Daan would be awful, but Obi-Wan dying on Bandomeer, at Xanatos’s hand or any of the other thousands of times he was in danger.

Twelve year old Obi-Wan. Thrown out of the Temple to fend for himself on a ship of Hutts. Obi-Wan who fought so hard and so bravely for one so young.

Qui-Gon realizes how royally he fucked up when he is forced to watch Obi-Wan, a bright, intelligent, gentle CHILD, mortally wounded right in front of him. He knows now that he cannot allow Xanatos one second of a chance to escape, not with an innocent boy’s blood on his hands.

Xanatos doesn’t escape.

Obi-Wan does not get a bloodless death because Xanatos was smart and ruthless and evil. A decent sized vibroblade between the ribs in the right spot ensures Qui-Gon has no time to get Obi-Wan medical care. Qui-Gon sits on the ground and wraps Obi-Wan in his robe, holding him close to his body and offering him a meager source of comfort as he coughs up blood and shivers uncontrollably. He reaches out with the Force and smothers the boy’s pain so his last minutes will be peaceful.

Qui-Gon gives Obi-Wan the dignity of dying as a Jedi Padawan. He takes him as his apprentice and assures him his status will be entered into the Archive. Everything that happened on this day will be memorialized and Obi-Wan will not be forgotten.

He tells Obi-Wan he is proud of him, he is proud to have fought beside him, and he is proud to be honored with the title of his master. He apologizes for taking so long and reassures Obi-Wan that none of his decisions were because he thought Obi-Wan was not worth the trouble, but does not dwell on his mistakes. He wants to ensure Obi-Wan’s last moments are not bogged down with his own misery.

Qui-Gon loses his tenuous grip on his emotions when Obi-Wan’s small, shaking hand reaches up to touch his cheek. He grasps that hand and holds it in his own, firmly so he knows he is loved.

He knows Obi-Wan is slipping away when his eyes start glossing over and his blinking slows drastically. Qui-Gon tells him not to fight, to relax and let him take care of him now. He doesn’t need to worry anymore and he is safe. Obi-Wan looks up at him, clear blue eyes locking with his own, and he smiles just slightly. Qui-Gon can feel him through their fledgling bond, content and safe and loved. He passes into the Force gently, as quietly as falling asleep.

Qui-Gon feels the barest, fleeting brush of him against his mind, offering gratitude and benediction.

Maybe this becomes Qui-Gon’s turning point. Maybe this makes him realize things need to change in the Jedi Order—now.

Maybe he goes back to the Temple and says goodbye to his Padawan of little more than fifteen minutes and promises him he will do better. He will not take another Padawan, but he will do more to help the children of the Order succeed.

He singlehandedly completely revamps the Jedi. He does away with the rule of tossing Initiates out at thirteen to fend for themselves. They are offered a myriad of choices: remain in the Temple, find their birth family, join the Corps of their choosing, or receive training and education to leave on their own. Some Initiates are Chosen at 14 or 15 and become Padawans.

Qui-Gon gets the Jedi to allow small amounts of contact between the parents and their children to keep the relationship going in case the child has the option of returning to their family.

Any child going to the Corps has a Master accompany them to ensure their safe passage. Order ships are used.

Those who remain in the Temple continue their education and can choose a path to follow for a skill or job in the Temple such as mechanics or archival or food preparation. They are nurtured and supported in all their decisions.

Anyone choosing to leave is allowed to change their mind at any time. They are always welcome back. They receive education and training for a few more years until they are of age to be on their own and are able to care for themselves.

Qui-Gon Jinn’s file reads:

Species: Human
Rank: Master
Padawan: Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is never edited or changed.

Hunter Part One

Description: Assassins!AU; Private clients, high-profile targets, big payouts, underground layers - all part of the job when you’re a hitman in Kim Taehyung’s empire.

Genre: Action and smut (18+)

Word Count: 7.5k

Warnings: Jungkook’s POV, no reader insert, violence, character deaths, derogatory language, MAJOR BDSM themes (bloodplay, cumplay, knifeplay, breathplay), mentions of necrophilia. 


A/N: Here it is! Please understand, again, that this is not going to be a lighthearted fic. This will be intense, with dark themes, and will include death. To a large degree. I’ve planned a whole AU around this, so please do not ask me to insert something you want or complain that so-so isn’t how you would do things. I do hope you enjoy it. :) If it’s not your cup of tea, ah well.

Thanks to @ellieljade for inspiration, beta-ing, and making my lovely banner. :)

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After re-watching this (for the millionth time cause what is life) I find it interesting how in the “Decision” scene we get two reactions from the older brothers.

Ryoma looks confident and assured that Corrin will come to their birth family, after seeing the “evil” that Nohr has done–especially what happen to their mother, thinking that he has shown everything he could to his sibling that he lost for so many years and they won’t doubt to come home with them.

Xander on the other hand, shows a flash of concern and desperation since he knows he is losing another sibling to the Hoshidans (since in the Nohr drama CD, he told Laslow that he lost many siblings in different ways–one of them is that some became prisoners of war by Hoshido) and while he’s fully aware that Corrin’s birth family is the Hoshidans, that doesn’t mean he was still emotional prepared to lose them.

anonymous asked:

Opinions on Elia Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen's relationship? Most people dismiss it as an unhappy union, but that's not in the text. Just because it's implied that they weren't in love, that doesn't mean there was no depth to their marriage. Didn't GRRM say their relationship was a complex one? Also, is it just me or is "he was fond of her" not as terrible as everyone says?

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I don’t think Rhaegar was capable of really loving anyone - not Elia, not Lyanna, basically no one. Barristan says that it was not in Rhaegar to be happy, that there was a “melancholy” to him, a “sense of doom”. Every character is apt to have biases, of course, but Barristan was a firsthand witness and, perhaps more importantly, held Rhaegar in high regard and thought he would have made a “finer” king than Jaehaerys II, Aerys II, or Robert; if Barristan who thought so highly of him still says he was melancholic and withdrawn, I’d believe it.

Too, and relatedly, I think Rhaegar was deeply secretive and withdrawn about his prophetic interests. This, I think, was tied up in his feelings about himself: he was burdened by prophecy, burdened by the memory of his prophecy-mandated birth causing the horrific deaths of family members, burdened by the knowledge that he and he alone was responsible for saving humanity when its greatest crisis came. Who could possibly understand his situation? Arthur Dayne, perhaps - he too came from an ancient and mystical bloodline, and he too was charged with great responsibility, as Sword of the Morning. But what could a mere lordling, or a wife, understand of the coming of the Others, the new Long Night, the need for a hero who could save the world from darkness?

Now consider Elia Martell. She came from a land in general and a family in particular where women are not relegated to subservient roles. She was the daughter of the reigning Princess of Dorne, a woman (presumably) respected and obeyed by her courtiers and vassals. Her closest relationship in her youth was with her brother Oberyn, who was devoted to her, her virtual twin. The Unnamed Princess had raised her to make an advantageous betrothal, certainly, and probably educated her in what to expect in marriage, but her mother’s instruction and her own upbringing might have given Elia some confidence. She was not nothing: she was a born princess, and the daughter of a ruling princess. Rhaegar, as was probably reported to her, was handsome, intelligent, and chivalrous. Together, they would make a model crown princely, and eventually kingly, couple.

But then Elia married Rhaegar, and the disillusionment and frustration probably set in pretty quickly. Her new home of Dragonstone was cold, gloomy, and isolated; her royal father-in-law was a physical and mental wreck, violently paranoid and deeply suspicious of her immediately; her primary role - to provide a Targaryen heir for the next generation - was dangerous to the point of near-fatal for her. There was no comfort to be had anywhere, and least of all from her husband. It was not that Rhaegar was cruel or mean; I’m sure he treated Elia with all the courtesy her position demanded. But he was melancholic and withdrawn, a sharp contrast to hot-blooded and energetic - and loving - Oberyn. 

It was doubtless a frustrating situation for Elia. She would do everything she was “supposed” to do - be the kind, gracious, clever crown princess of Barristan’s report - but that exterior image only hid what was happening on a personal level. Rhaegar might have grown “fond” of her, but fondness was for describing one’s liking for songs or flowers or adorable little children, not for a prince’s relationship to his princess. For the clever daughter of a reigning princess to be excluded from Rhaegar’s interest in the texts he read, as though he could not trust her with the information, might likewise have hurt her. After a year of marriage, she was no more than the crown prince’s “fond” spouse, a dynastic failure for having only produced a daughter, a figure hated by the deranged king and his cronies. Her husband’s public insult to her at Harrenhal, and her knowledge that she could never have more children (despite her probable desire for more and Rhaegar’s expressed need for “another”), probably only added to her sense of isolation.

GRRM called their marriage “complex”, and promised (three years ago) that we’d learn more about it in future books. I certainly hope so. At this point, I view it as complex because of its public success - the handsome, dashing prince and the fair, gracious princess, with a son and daughter to carry on the Targaryen line - and its probable private turmoil - Rhaegar’s melancholy, Elia’s loneliness, his conduct toward her in pursuit of his prophetic goals. As Rhaegar surged ahead, confident that history would prove him right and what he did was necessary for the salvation of humanity, he might have thought little of those he hurt in the short-term - Elia included.


Anastasia Costumes: The Inspiration Behind Linda Cho’s Designs → Anya’s Tiara

This is by no means official nor confirmed by Linda Cho, however, I believe The Milford Haven Tiara may have been Cho’s inspiration behind Anya’s Act 2 tiara. This beautiful piece was created by Bolin in 1890 for Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich who gifted it to his bride, Countess Sophie of Merenberg, granddaughter of Alexander Pushkin. Tsar Alexander III (real and fictional Anastasia’s grandfather) however would not recognize the marriage and the couple moved to Britain. The tiara was then passed down to their daughter, Nadejda Mikhailovna, who married Prince George of Battenberg and later became the Marquess of Milford Haven. The tiara passed down the family until sold, possibly to a Russian buyer.

It’s difficult to deny the visual similarities between Anya’s tiara and the one created by Bolin, I think, but here is where it gets interesting: Countess Sophie was the daughter of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau and Natalya Alexandrovna Pushkina. However, she was ineligible to bear her father’s title or rank due to the marriage between her parents having been considered a morganatic one. Thus, Sophie’s own marriage to the Grand Duke was considered a morganatic one and likely why it was rejected by the Tsar. 

Now, Anya and Dmitry’s own difference in rank is brought up quite a few times in the show. She is still a royal by birth, despite the fact that her family is no longer ruling Russia, whereas Dmitry goes as far as describing himself as a “street rat”. Vlad tells Dmitry at the end of Act 1 that if the Dowager Empress accepts Anya as Anastasia, Dmitry will “never see her again”. Near the end of Act 2, as Dmitry prepares to leave Anya forever, he echoes this sentiment by saying, “I don’t want to be in love with someone I can’t have.” As in, he realizes that he is an ineligible match for a Grand Duchess of Russia. It’s interesting to me, however, that as Anya rejects these sentiments, she kisses Dmitry on the Pont Alexandre III. The bridge built in Tsar Alexander III’s honour. It is then implied that Anya and Dmitry elope together - entering into their own morganatic marriage.

This could all be speculation of course, but considering the history behind the Milford Haven tiara, the parallels to Anya and Dmitry’s own story, and the significance of Tsar Alexander III in both tales, I think that Anya’s costuming choices in this specific scene along with the significance of the Pont Alexandre III as a location hold more meaning than I initially realized.



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Random Superstitions: Part 1
  • If the bottom of your right foot itches, you will be going on a trip very soon. 
  • A twitch of the right eye twitches means a birth in the family. One of the left eye signals a death in the family.
  • Dropping a fork or a broom falling can both mean visitors are coming. 
  • It is good luck to find a frog in your home. 
  • Pulling a grey hair will cause 10 more to grow in its place. 
  • Live a long life by carrying an acorn with you wherever you go. 
  • Writing someone’s name in red ink will bring them bad luck. 
  • It is bad luck to close a pocket knife unless you were the one who opened it.