John grabbed my cover and held it so close to his eyes that I thought his nose would pierce it. And for the first time I spotted a slightly sheepish look on his face, as if he felt embarrassed that a stranger noticed his short-sightedness. And, apparently, he wasn’t prepared for me confronting him with this question. It only took John a second to switch back to the nonchalant, grumpy rocker and he said in a tight-lipped manner: ‘Go to Stuart… He’s the arty one.’ 

That was my first contact with the lads, and to be precise, it was already the first step towards John’s phone call, which wasn’t until six years later, when he asked me in the early summer of 1966: ‘Any idea for our next album cover?’

[Klaus Voormann, on broaching the subject of album cover design with John in Hamburg, 1960. From Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon.]

Genesis Publications has announced a Grammy Anniversary edition of Klaus Voormann’s book, Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon, limited to 450 copies. Klaus won a Grammy Award for the artwork on 2nd March 1967, the first of its kind for a rock album. 

Pic: Klaus Voormann



This. This right here is Selina Kyle’s transformation into Catwoman. Again, we’re shown her willingness to kill someone if they cross her, and yet we’re still seeing a bit of good in her for wanting to tell Alfred that Bruce 2 isn’t the real Bruce.

Here’s to the birth of one of DC’s most iconic anti hero.

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Louis didn't promote during Harry's birthday, he was MIA and the next day he promoted. Louis went to LA and was MIA when Harry was on James Corden, Harry finished his work in LA and then Louis flew back to Doncaster for his work. Me as Louis. Husband goals

Can you believe how much they love each other (and let’s not forget all the times they were MIA together and the times one followed the other to other counties one or two days later) 


Bangtan is a genuine example of: came from the bottom, now here we are.
Remember when they couldn’t afford big brand names and had to hold lights in their own photoshoots and now they’re decked up in Gucci and Saint Laurent.
Yoongi may be wearing Rolex in his wrist but for us, he’ll also be forever remembered as the $3 chain guy. And of course, Min Suga Genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong.
The members have matured and grown beautifully and their growth is something we can all relate to. They weren’t always this good, uwah, they’ve improved. They’ve made us think this on every step of the journey towards the spring days and perhaps along our most beautiful moment of life.
To me, this day marks the birth of an iconic group which is not only taking over the music world, but also touching the hearts of people and reaching out to the youth. To me, they’re the people that made me the person I am- relying more on my dreams and the present than being caught in lies of society and education system.
They’ve taught me, and countless others, to value life. To live, not just breathe and survive. They’ve taught me about friendship, a concept I still have trouble understanding.
Because they’re Bangtan, I’m happy just because they are.
Because I’m ARMY. And I’ve got to be a part of their phenomenal Wings and help them reach new heights. All this comes down to one thing-
What we do is a reflection of BTS’ image. We need to stop hating on other fandoms, barging into any kind of issue with BTS’ name, participating in fan wars, thinking ourselves to be superior, etc.
It only tarnishes BTS’ image and ARMYS’.
Let’s stay together for a long long time, family. 💜