Request ⇾ Hi! Can I request something else? Can you do a losers club x female reader where the reader is fearless and when they enter the neibolt house the reader screams ‘hey there demons it’s me ya girl’.

Warnings ⇾ literally none

A/N ⇾ this is meant to be taken w a pinch of salt, it’s just a lighthearted fic! Also, shoutout to my fave Shane for birthing this iconic quote!


“Wait…” Stan started, “Shouldn’t we, maybe, have some people wait outside? Incase anything bad happens?”

Bill stood for a moment, processing the request before nodding affirmatively, “Okay. Who wants to wait outside?”

As if on cue, all six of the other losers raised their hands with great speed. All except Y/N.

“Alright, boys, looks like I’m going to have to do this one myself.” Y/N said as she stepped up onto the front porch, walking around Bill.

“Come on then, Billy, or are you too scared like those wimps?”

Bill shook his head and began walking towards the entrance, side by side with Y/N. He pushed open the door earning a loud creak in return. This only caused the remaining losers outside to fret and panic more. A wave of relief shot over them as they realised they would not have to enter that goddamn house.

Bill ushered forward, signalling that Y/N could enter first. Secretly he was scared, but he wasn’t about to let that show. She walked in and scanned the bottom floor. There were cobwebs hanging everywhere and every type of rodent imaginable was crawling somewhere in that house.

Still not phased, Y/N shrugged her shoulders and switched on her torch. “Hey there demons, it’s me, 'ya girl.”

Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing, how could she be so damn chill?

“Come on then, Bill. Let’s go kill us some clown demon.”

John grabbed my cover and held it so close to his eyes that I thought his nose would pierce it. And for the first time I spotted a slightly sheepish look on his face, as if he felt embarrassed that a stranger noticed his short-sightedness. And, apparently, he wasn’t prepared for me confronting him with this question. It only took John a second to switch back to the nonchalant, grumpy rocker and he said in a tight-lipped manner: ‘Go to Stuart… He’s the arty one.’ 

That was my first contact with the lads, and to be precise, it was already the first step towards John’s phone call, which wasn’t until six years later, when he asked me in the early summer of 1966: ‘Any idea for our next album cover?’

[Klaus Voormann, on broaching the subject of album cover design with John in Hamburg, 1960. From Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon.]

Genesis Publications has announced a Grammy Anniversary edition of Klaus Voormann’s book, Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon, limited to 450 copies. Klaus won a Grammy Award for the artwork on 2nd March 1967, the first of its kind for a rock album. 

Pic: Klaus Voormann

A quick colored doodle I did of Rarity and Twilight in the Guardian!AU. The general idea is maybe showcasing the bond the two have and how dependent they are on one another, but because I talk so much about how Bonded Guardians are dependent on their charges, I guess this one is more focused on how the dependency works for the one the Guardian protects.

While Twilight is the one to typically seek out physical affection or reassurance, Rarity is no stranger to seeking comfort from the hulking Guardian. Part of the process of her becoming the “Princess of Mistral” is that her memories of her previous life, the life she had before she was stolen, are wiped and essentially “replaced” with new ones to have her believe she was born in Mistral and that it’s her “birth-given duty” to be an icon to the civilization. But Rarity knows that something isn’t right, nevermind the fact that she’s a literal prisoner behind pretty walls; that’s part of the reason why she wants to escape in the first place.

Anyway, Rarity in this AU has frequent nightmares and suffers from insomnia. Her nightmares are often fragments of her memory trying to break through her conditioning, particularly of the night she was kidnapped and ripped away from her family, and their blurry yet oddly familiar faces haunt her. It’s during these times that she’s at her most frail and seeks out her Guardian for comfort, of which Twi is more than willing to give however she can. These nights usually has Twi curling around Rarebear and the mare finally falling into a fitful sleep, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and all Twi can do is provide a supportive and protective presence while Rares stays close.

The more I delve deeper into this AU the more I think the RariTwi is platonic in this case. They’re kinda like platonic soulmates in this AU, and I’m kinda diggin’ that for this one. o3o

Dude this AU’s so fun I love it. ;_; But ye, here ya go have a messy doodle with some lore. O:

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14 for Feysand pls❤️

14. Pregnancy/Birth (i’ve memorized this number wow iconic)

  • Feyre and Rhys are the first of the Inner Circle to get pregnant and it happens fairly quickly (well…for immortals.)
  • The baby is a surprise but Feyre is absolutely ecstatic. 
  • The first person she tells is Mor…who tells Azriel…who tells Elain…who tells Lucien and Nesta…who tells Cassian…who claps Rhys on the back and says “Congrats!” at dinner that night. 
  • “About what?” Rhys says, clueless, as Feyre stares down Mor. Cassian realizes his mistake as Nesta kicks him in the shin. “Being a…a great High Lord! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!” Cassian flashes a quick smile and gulps down his drink.
  • So…there’s something I need to tell you, Feyre whispers down the bond.
  • What is it? 
  • I’m pregnant.
  • “WHAT!?” Rhys yells out. A grin breaks out on Feyre’s face and Rhys bounds over to her, kneeling before her !!!!, and kisses her stomach. He grins up at her with tears in his eyes. “Really?” She nods. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her. They kiss for a few moments before they realize the entire table is fake coughing to get them to stop. The Gang has a very happy but emotional (for Rhys) dinner that night, full of stories from when everyone was a child and all the crazy shenanigans they got themselves into. 
  • Rhys goes into full father-planning mode, picking out colors for the nursery, deciding on what toys to get, commissioning art from the Rainbow to hang in the baby’s room. Feyre takes a more casual approach, simply eating right, having the baby listen to good music, and reading to their child every night. 
  • As the due date approaches, Feyre begins waking up to Rhys talking to her stomach. She pretends to still be asleep when he does this, just to hear what he says. (”And your mama is such an amazing High Lady, you’re going to learn so much from her. She can teach you how to paint and how to hunt and how to fight. But she unfortunately can’t teach you how to cook, you’ll have to go to your Uncle Cassian for that.”)
  • When Feyre’s water breaks she calmly tells Rhys and calls the midwife. Rhys starts freaking out, making sure they have all of Feyre’s favorite snacks set up, laying out four possible First Outfits for their bundle of joy, making sure he has ice chips for Feyre, running in and out the room with updates for the Inner Circle. 
  • When the baby is born (a boy), Feyre and Rhys name him Alistair. 
  • They spend the first night surrounded by their family, all marveling at how precious he is, how they would all do anything to protect him, how much they all love him. Feyre and Rhys end up falling asleep in the middle of their living room both cocooned around Alistair, and as Cassian leaves with Nesta and the rest of the circle, he covers the three of them in a blanket. 

send me a ship and a number for headcanons!!!!!!


Looking at the past Hollywood stars who have fallen to drug addictions such as Whitney Houston, Keith Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Bobbi Kristina, etc - I have decided to create an article about stars who are still alive today but have dealt with the troubles of drug addiction as a child. It’s something super interesting about actresses & models who were hardcore drug abusers as kids. Like what the fuck? Gotta love Hollywood!

1. Jaime King - Child actress & model, Jaime King is notorious for her heavy influence on the ‘Heroin chic’ movement that took over street culture in the early 90s, especially within the fashion industry. Jaime became a model at the age of fourteen after being discovered by a modeling agency, where she also became exposed to opiates, obviously specifically Heroin. Fame (especially at an early age) seems to guarantee drug addiction.  Devastatingly iconic, their is a image of King photographed by Davide Sorrenti, where she is obviously blacked out sitting in the lap of another adult as his comrade who appears to be pouring him a shot of Vodka?

2. Drew Barrymore - I have written before how child actresses seem to have problems deciphering fantasy and reality since a child’s imagination operates an extremely high level - especially with Drew being a Pisces - they are a zodiac sign known for their escapism tendencies and drug addiction. Born into the toxicity of the entertainment industry, Drew Barrymore began smoking pot and drinking alcohol which acted as a gateway to the use of Barrymore using heavier chemicals such as cocaine/ecstasy all before the age of fourteen. It is a fact that the younger a star is exposed to fame, the heavier the drug abuse becomes. The Hollywood industry is cold as fuck - the industry enjoys romanticizing drug addiction so it’s hard for many young stars to decipher what moral conduct stands for. Drew Barrymore clearly grew up way too early which is why we love her so much, she has so much experience as an actress. In order to save her life and career, Drew Barrymore entered multiple drug rehabilitation centers as a teenager. You could say Barrymore has experienced one hell of a life.

3. P!NK - As far as drug usage in the Hollywood industry, the star is either born into an abundance of networking connections and fame and starts to get super fucked up, or one receives connections throughout the drug scene, thus gaining notoriety. P!nk began dabbling in the hardcore party scene from the her prepubescent years up until teenage-hood - selling designer drugs & all - literally becoming famous for her drug addiction solely because drugs have been so heavily romanticized. Ecstasy, Crystal Meth, Acid, Marijuana - you name it! Eventually P!nk overdosed and decided not to dabble in drugs again, gaining focus on her craft and thus sparking the birth of an iconic music career - She has written about her quest to maintain sobriety before in the past. We love P!nk because she is super badass and totally gives me Nancy from The Craft Vibes, except with P!nk hair.

4. Courtney Love - To say that Courtney Love gained notoriety from her drug usage is an understatement, since Love seems to be one hell of a Hurricane. Courtney Love has admitted in the past that her father has given her LSD-Acid tabs as a child, definitely taking the award for 'Youngest Star To Do Drugs’ (sarcasm). Out of this bunch, Love seems to be the only one who couldn’t kill the demon that is drug addiction and had her disease affect her career the most severe. Obviously Love is infamous for her heroin usage with her husband, Kurt Cobain and rumors of injecting Heroin while pregnant with her daughter Francis Bean - but Love has admitted in the past that her drug addiction has started as early as 10.

Hack Job: Why Were Hacker Movies Ever A Thing?

Lately i’ve been thinking about that weird and almost completely failed subgenre of movie that attempted to light up the LCD screens of our hearts, but instead faded like a broken computer screen: the hacker film. Now, I could ask what good the sub-genre has ever done for us, but the answer to that is clear and just a few inches above this block of text. The genre birthed this iconic Matthew Lillard role from the movie Hackers, in which he plays a (wait for it!) hacker named…erm…Cereal Killer. Because….he likes Cereal? Sure, lets go with that! He’s a character described by June Diane Raphael on an episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made? as “Disgusting”, and she is not completely wrong. He is disgusting, bizarre and the strangest character Lillard has played, and i’m including Shaggy in the live action Scooby Doo films. He’s a character that must be experienced, and once experienced, never forgotten. I mean - you’ve seen what he fucking looks like. 

But my point remains: outside of Cereal Killer (I am bolding his name because he is an Important Man), the genre has offered up very little to the world. I admittedly know nothing at all about hacking, and I don’t care at all about Hacking, like, i’d presume, 90% of people currently residing here on earth. But I cannot imagine that people who love Hacking (or Hacker Fuckers, if you will) queuing up to see Hackers, a film that thinks this is what the internet looks like:

Now, i’m no city-slickin’ mouse-clickin’ hacker, but I don’t think that’s what the internet looks like. I could be wrong, and character actor Fisher Stevens (I was about to write “beloved” character actor, but then I remembered Short Circuit) could be skating through a flashing pillar of internet right now. It’s a cool thought! Hackers came along in 1995, when future optimism was higher than it had been in years, as everyone believed the tech-bubble would never burst (spoiler alert: it did!) and that the new millennium would bring a world of positive changes and possibilities. The poor, innocent souls of 1995 could never have possibly imagined the true horrors waiting for them on the other side of the millennium…

But before Fred Durst became a thing in a hat that you had to look at, technology was booming, affordable and exciting. You got transparent Macs that allowed you to see through into the mechanical nonsense inside it. The new fangled e-mail gave us (I don’t know why i’m saying “us”. I was 3 years old in 1995. Babies don’t get emails) all the opportunity to open your email and then close it again as many times as you liked! So this is what producers saw when they started making movies like Hackers. They put their strongest marketing minds together and came up with “People got computers now. Make comPUTER FILM!”. Those wild bastards actually went and did it! And weirdly, Hackers was kinda ahead of its time. It might’ve been wildly inaccurate in almost every possible way, but it paved the way for a wave of (well, like 3) films. The Matrix wouldn’t be released for another 4 years, and Swordfish a further 2. If it did incite a trend, it was the only trend started by Director Iain Softley, his later film K-Pax tragically failing to kick start a new genre of films in which Kevin Spacey eats bananas with their skins still on.

Good stuff! Hackers does feel like a film that is unsure of whether it’s trying to replicate fads or start them off. I mean, characters rollerblade everywhere for no apparent reason in the film. That might be something Hackers do? I’ve never seen Mr Robot, so I cannot categorically say that Rami Malek doesn’t rollerblade his way around town like a Starlight Express extra who really hates computers. But I doubt it. So with the rollerblading, and the way….ughCereal Killer dresses, it seems like the film is offering you up its own funky ideas that you could follow on from if you want to get murdered on the streets. Did its aesthetic style have influence? Was the game Jet Set Radio from 2000 and its rollerblading theme influenced at all by Hackers? Did Eminem see Johnny Lee Miller’s bleached blonde hair in the film (quick deeply important side note: his character is named Dade. DADE.) and think “huh. that would really compliment my insufferable personality!”? We’ll never know. The film is a weird exercise in style and trends, and the soundtrack, crammed with The Prodidgy and Underworld, is proof that at least the soundtrack department had its finger on the pulse. And, it could be argued that the film’s costume department at least came up with some creative cyber-punk clothing, and were bold enough to make Penn Jillette look like this:

The thing is, I liked the weirdness of it all, I like this misfires in capturing modern life, and inaccuracy doesn’t bother me really if a film is fun enough. I’m not a stickler for realism. I didn’t sit down to Face/Off and complain that it’s totally unbelievable that John Travolta is a human person. That’s not the issue. The issue, really is that with all the giant screen Playstations, pounding trance tracks and references to Coca Cola (weird, I thought Mountain Dew would be the Hacker’s choice), the film is in troubled water because of the fact that Hacking is unbelievably, deeply fucking boring. It is not interesting in seeing someone go clickety clack on a keyboard and make occasional faces to indicate that “oh no! the mainframe is busting my chops!” or “Huzzah! I clicked the mouse really fast just now!”.

Thankfully, the film has some fairly decent editing which intersperses the clickety-clacking with some long exposure, sped up shots of New York City just in case you forgot it was the 90′s. The fact that they need to cut away to exciting, zooming shots that have nothing to do with anything highlights the fact that the Director and Editor knew exactly what i’m talking about: HACKING IS FUCKING BORING (if you’re a hacker reading this, please don’t hack me). And they’ve built an entire film around it! A whole nonsensical plot which involves (as far as i can remember) big ships and evil corporations that want to sink the big ships is built on Hacking. Thank god this film is so wildly ridiculous, which keeps it from being entirely boring. It’s smart in that it knows to not make the film actually about hacking, but then you kind of ask yourself the question: why is this film about Hacking at all? Why is it called Hackers? Maybe a better name would’ve been ‘Bladin’ Teenz’, as an ode to their endless rollerblading. It’s a fun film, but a dumb film and proof that films entirely about hacking cannot really work.

The Matrix was a wise film. Exploiting that hip, late-90s techno excitement that everyone was buzzing over, it featured a hacker at its centre who really doesn’t do much hacking at all. In fact, Morpheus might as well have said “You Hack? Dude fucking grow up. Come on, i’ll make you a treat”. Sure, you’ve got the iconic green gibberish that turns up on the computers and would inspire a million shitty screensavers, but again the hacking is intercut with other action going on in the film. You have characters typing away and yelling shit like “I’m nearly in!” or “i’m not nearly in!” or “I am unsure of whether I am, in fact, in, nearly in, or not nearly in!”. But that is manageable and minimal, and in the end there’s so much more to remember about The Matrix that I don’t think anyone, when asked what it’s about, would say “Oh it’s about Keanu Reeves hacking on his dell”. It understood this caveat, and created its own style which would influence every single music video ever produced over the next 5 years.

These are screenshots from the video for Don’t Wanna Let You Go by 5ive, a very bad UK Boy-band that had 4 singers and 1 rapper, all of whom it’s safe to assume have passed away. 

The Matrix had the style, and the smarts to sidestep bland hacking scenes. You know what film doesn’t understand that hacking is boring? Fucking Swordfish.

Fucking Swordfish. A film so aesthetically ugly and repulsive in every way that it does the unthinkable and makes you hate Hugh Jackman. But it commits the biggest sin of all by giving John Travolta a teeny tiny beard - a decision which we still feel the fallout from today, whenever a new red carpet photo arrises of John’s new chin abomination. 

Looking like a cup of concentrated Michael Bay piss, the film leans heavily into stylishness - or lack thereof. Hugh Jackman is basically…sighDADE in the movie, and Travolta is regularly outfitted with funny sunglasses. It borrows a lot from Hackers, but while that had a naive, 1995 goofy charm, Swordfish is an aggressively stupid and oblivious movie, that gives us a LOT of Hacking. Like…so much Hacking. The Most Hacking. Oh, The Fucking Hacking. Its a reminder of just how boring Hackers or The Matrix could’ve been if they’d fallen into the wrong hands, and a big, horribly colour-corrected reminder that films about hacking really aren’t the best. Instead of cutaways of cityscapes, Swordfish tries to build the tension during one hacking scene in the grossest way possible: by having Hugh Jackman’s character receive forced fellatio while he works, and while John Travolta smiles. It doesn’t make a boring scene exciting, it makes a boring scene fucking disgusting (the movie’s grossness doesn’t stop there. Halle Berry was heavily pushed into taking her top off in the movie, and promised extra money if she did it.). The Hackers method of randomised cutaways feels a million miles away during these scenes, and you will be willing to pay any earthly sum to make the scene unfolding in front of you stop. Maybe that’s how hackers should make their money from here on in: stop hacking, and just start blackmailing people by forcing them to watch Swordfish. Fucking Swordfish.

The movie was also a bit of a death knell for a subgenre that never really took off. People realised “Oh, this is dull and crap to watch!” when it came to hacking, and technology moved on rapidly that there was a lot more to do with it than watch some guy slapping the keys of his iMac. I find it a really interesting subgenre to look back at, because i’m a huge fan of outdated technologies, fashion styles, turn of the millennium culture, and really quite poor films (besides The Matrix which holds up nicely). Hollywood has tried to make a manner of subjects interesting. Stock markets. Fishing. White people who buy zoos. Some work, some don’t, and it’s all about the way the subject is handled. Because of their reliance on technology, these hacking films feel so dated that maybe Hollywood doesn’t want to risk dipping its toes back into the cyberwaters again. I kind of hope they don’t, because I would literally rather never see a film again than have to even know that a film about Anonymous is being made. I don’t want an ‘edgy’ modern movie that’s made for Banksy to watch while he plunges his hands down his pants and goes to town. I want silly old Cereal Killer and towers of nonsense computer language dammit! I want rollerblading, coke-drinking cyberpunks! Oh well. Whatever happens to the genre, at the very least, we’ll always have Dade and The Gang….



This. This right here is Selina Kyle’s transformation into Catwoman. Again, we’re shown her willingness to kill someone if they cross her, and yet we’re still seeing a bit of good in her for wanting to tell Alfred that Bruce 2 isn’t the real Bruce.

Here’s to the birth of one of DC’s most iconic anti hero.

the fact that zayn malik literally means ‘beautiful king’ is so wild to me. idk how trisha and yaser knew at the moment of zayn’s birth that he’d be the #icon that he is today, but somehow, they did

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For one thing other Anon sorry not sorry is timeless and I will stand by that forever don't shame me S e c o n d Hale did like Nothing He's famous for failing as a spy, being Ben's friend, & quoting someone else I just don't see why people act like he's this angel or w/e it's dumb as helllllll

Try doing what Nathan Hale did at twenty one and then we can talk. If you actually believe all this stuff about Hale than you are clearly misinformed. You would like to know why he is in history textbooks or why he is so important? He died for his country, he symbolizes the American cause and liberty–he wasn’t just American’s first spy. Nathan Hale showed us how one even of his age risked it all just for independence and for his country. 

Nathan Hale is a damn icon. He went on a mission he knew might be doomed for failure and died young. He is a symbol of self-sacrifice and matrydom; courage, honor and patriotism. The British strung Nathan up, hanged up in an attempt to “end his influence on the American effort.”, yet, Nathan died and the British gave birth to an icon of liberty. He was willing to risk his life–everything–for the greater good, he was ill-prepared to be a spy. Death made him a hero and a matyr–rightly so–despite everything he became after his death, he was all those things in life, too. 

Try being only twenty-one years old and doing what he did, than you can talk about legacies with me. 

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Louis didn't promote during Harry's birthday, he was MIA and the next day he promoted. Louis went to LA and was MIA when Harry was on James Corden, Harry finished his work in LA and then Louis flew back to Doncaster for his work. Me as Louis. Husband goals

Can you believe how much they love each other (and let’s not forget all the times they were MIA together and the times one followed the other to other counties one or two days later) 


Bangtan is a genuine example of: came from the bottom, now here we are.
Remember when they couldn’t afford big brand names and had to hold lights in their own photoshoots and now they’re decked up in Gucci and Saint Laurent.
Yoongi may be wearing Rolex in his wrist but for us, he’ll also be forever remembered as the $3 chain guy. And of course, Min Suga Genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong.
The members have matured and grown beautifully and their growth is something we can all relate to. They weren’t always this good, uwah, they’ve improved. They’ve made us think this on every step of the journey towards the spring days and perhaps along our most beautiful moment of life.
To me, this day marks the birth of an iconic group which is not only taking over the music world, but also touching the hearts of people and reaching out to the youth. To me, they’re the people that made me the person I am- relying more on my dreams and the present than being caught in lies of society and education system.
They’ve taught me, and countless others, to value life. To live, not just breathe and survive. They’ve taught me about friendship, a concept I still have trouble understanding.
Because they’re Bangtan, I’m happy just because they are.
Because I’m ARMY. And I’ve got to be a part of their phenomenal Wings and help them reach new heights. All this comes down to one thing-
What we do is a reflection of BTS’ image. We need to stop hating on other fandoms, barging into any kind of issue with BTS’ name, participating in fan wars, thinking ourselves to be superior, etc.
It only tarnishes BTS’ image and ARMYS’.
Let’s stay together for a long long time, family. 💜