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If a woman gets pregnant in a one night stand, most of the time someone wasn't using birth control (there's obviously exceptions, but it's undeniably most of the time due to irresponsible sex). Your comic explicitly mentions this was the case in the second panel. Apologies if it irritates you, if that's the scenario you are presenting, responsible birth control isn't something you can omit from your argument.

Birth control doesn’t mater in the argument because  It has the chance of failing. If birth control could stop pregnancies 100% then your argument would hold more water, but as of right now it holds as much as a slotted spoon.

The comic never mentions anything about the use (Or lack thereof) of birth control, and the panels in the comic are two separate scenarios with different people. You can have the safest sex in the world and shit can still happen.

The point of the comic is when shit does happen, women are given a last resort, a last way out, men are given none.

Do you see why that argument isn’t a very good one?  Stop being a contrarian, admit that the double standard is fucked up and move on, acknowledging a men’s issue isn’t going to hurt you.

When an IUD becomes an OUD.

I can’t get into it, not as long as I work for the platform I vomit my emotions onto, but I woke up to a fucking horror show and if my day was broken down into comic panels it would look like:

Panel 1: Wake up to a horror show, the details of which I won’t get into, but are a lot more tame and probably not as bad as you’re going to imagine in a second.
Panel 2: Call my boyfriend who is already at work and cry hysterically.
Panel 3: Call my OBGYN and explain my IUD has fallen out – it FELL OUT despite hurting SO MUCH to put in. She says to put in a ziplock bag and bring it in.
Panel 4: I get a text from my boyfriend’s boss’s girlfriend checking up on me 4 minutes after I end the call with him. It took 4 minutes. I pretty much update all of these people on the status of my uterus whenever we’re all together, so whatever, but I’m still amazed at the speed word travels.
Panel 5: I am walking up Lexington clutching my tote bag which holds two ziplock baggies. One that is holding my foundation, that I had to cut open to get the last ounce of liquid. The other holding my IUD. My IUD, which was in my uterus just the night before. My IUD, the only thing to ever touch my uterus besides cells my own body produces. My IUD has become an OUD. This is a great joke if you google what IUD means re: birth control; not re: war.
Panel 6: OBGYN tells me, as I am spread eagle, “well, you don’t have a gaping hole of a cervix, so the strings were probably manipulated from using a menstrual cup.”
Panel 7: OBGYN asks me if I’m okay to use condoms until a new IUD is ordered. I nod yes, but wonder why she thinks I will ever have sex again after this has happened.
Panel 8: I am walking down Lexington Avenue and realize I still have my OUD in a ziplock baggy in my tote bag because no one asked for it.