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(1/2) i love lance more than anything but i'm also in love with the percy jackson series and recently i was thinking; unclaimed!lance, stuffed into the hermes cabin, and all alone even with everyone around him. because his friends are out there, having a jolly good time being claimed (Hunk is Hephaestus, Pidge is Demeter, Keith is Ares, Shiro is Ares.) and he's stuffed with Hermes. And he's so sad over it, yknow? because he doesnt know what he is, who he is, and he feels so left out

(2/2) because he sticks out like a sore thumb in the hermes cabin, he’s not all cunning and thieving like they naturally are (hermes is the god of thieves) and it kind of just kills him bc he’s always had a big & close family and all of a sudden he was torn away from them and hauled into this camp and then he finds out he doesnt even know whose kid he is?! (i like to imagine him being claimed as a son of poseidon and finally, finally feeling at peace bc he knows who he is now)

I am weak for Percy Jackson, how did you know Okay so, lets say this is in canon verse for the Percy Jackson series- they had the war and they won and shit- and imagine, Lance, who doesn’t know who he is, who is kinda good at sword fighting but much better at long range archery, who gets a long very well with Will Solace and the Apollo cabin, move into a cabin that is almost always empty. 

Yeah, he’s excited to be Percy Jackson’s sibling and all, but holy fuck, is it lonely in the cabin. Percy is at collage now, and Tyson is in Rome with Ella, and the cabin is so lonely and silent and it honestly bothers him. That is until Percy and Tyson find out they have a younger sibling. (In canon, Percy is like 18-19, and in this AU pretty boy, Lance, is like 16, and Tyson is a cyclops their age scales work differently.) And they’re like rushing to camp to meet them. All of the seven do. And of course he hung out with Nico, cause you know, friends with Will Solace, so hes already cool with him, but now he’s friends with all the demigods that are like… cool as shit and strong as shit. And he hangs out with Jason Grace- little known fact about Lance, he has a crush on one Jason Grace, much to Keith’s annoyance. 

So he starts hanging out with the seven plus everyone else, and his friends are like, “What” because now Lance is really cool, and being recognized for being really cool, and he has all these new friends, and Hunk doesn’t want to be replaced. Cue a big emotional scene were they talk it out and Hunk is introduced to everyone and Leo is like, “Oh yeah that’s my brother, hes a nerd.” And Pidge takes a little longer too come around to Lance but when she does. Oh boy. Pidge hugs and cuddles Lance to death and won’t let him go because she doesn’t want Lance to forget her like her family had too in the awe of his new friends. Next is actually Shiro, and his is a little less emotional, and they just talk it out about how he wants too be Lance’s friend, always. So… Keith.

Keith, golden boy of the ares cabin, can not deal with the thought of Lance abandoning him for his new friends especially Jason mother fucking Grace. And all of his siblings are like, oh just confess to him you wimp, except Clarisse because she gets hot hard it is to love someone who is in love with another person Selina  so she doesn’t tell him anything, instead, she tells him he should talk too Nico about it- Because lets face it, Nico is great and probably waited around doing that mutual pinning thing for will for like two weeks until they got together (This disregards canon because canon is dumb when it comes to how they got together) and he knows. So Keith goes to Nico, they talk, and Keith tries to confess to Lance. Except he accidentally challenges Jason too a duel instead. And holy chicken fry, Lance ain’t prepared. Like to see his major crush, challenge his minor crush, and have his minor crush accept? (Piper’s laughing her ass off and taking bets.) He is shook. Especially when Keith tells him in the Poseidon cabin that hes fighting for Lance.  So the day of the fight he walks over to Lance and tells him to keep his eyes on him, and Lance does. Keith wins- to everyone’s surprise and since no one won in the betting pool Piper keeps all the winnings and he just, kisses Lance. And Lance kisses back. So now Lance has family, friends, and a boyfriend- BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE

Because Sally is the best mom ever to exist, she invites Lance over, and just smothers him in affection, because his own mom is in Cuba. He cries, she makes cookies, Paul is happy to have another person that they consider a son, and Sally is going to give birth soon, its going to be great. 

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Family Time.

Hi lovelies, it’s family time! We know you really like family moments with your BTS love so we compiled them here for you. Enjoy!


  • Super Dad: Seokjin is a member of the Return of The Superman show with your babies. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Feel My Love: When you start to plan something behind Seokjin’s back he thinks you are cheating, but it turns out you just wanted to give him a big surprise to tell him you are pregnant. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • The Little Things: Jin and you were dating but broke up suddenly, after one year he finds out you have a baby together. Genre: Family / Drama.
  • Controlled Chaos:Maknae line volunteers to babysit Jin’s babies but his twins turn out to be huge pranksters. Genre: Fluff / Friendship. 
  • Waiting On Your Love:You are single mother and Jin falls in love with you and your overprotective two year old son. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Like Father Like Son: You surprise Seokjin by visiting him in his MV shooting with your son.  Genre: Family / Friendship.
  • Don’t You Remember: Jin and you got into a serious fight, while you try to cool off you take your daughter with you, but scared of a separation she seeks help from BTS to keep her parents together.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • What Means The Most: You scold your daughter and then feel defeated when she and Jin gang up on you.  Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Every Beautiful Thought: Seokjin tells his daughter how you met. Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • Good Day: You go to a picnic in the park with Yoongi and your children. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Playmates: Yoongi brings his son and daughter to the Big Hit while you are at work. Genre; Family / Friendship.
  • First Words: Your son is on the verge of saying his first word, Yoongi and you make a bet on what the first word will be. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Daddy’s Girl: Yoongi’s gets overprotective when he sees his little girl hand in hand with Taehyung’s son. Genre: Family / Friendship. 
  • Third Round: When you start feeling not so well for no apparent reason you discover you are carrying your third child, and so you have to deliver the news to Yoongi.Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • In A Heartbeat: Yoongi and you were in a relationship but when you got pregnant you leave to not disturb his career, after three years you came back with a boy who looks like Yoongi.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • Hidden Promises: Yoongi is neglecting you and your daughter because of his work, when he fails to go to the little girl’s ballet recital you decide it’s enough, you leave and decides to not talk to him until he reflects on his actions. Genre Family / Drama.
  • To Make You Happy: You and your two year old daughter visit Yoongi at his encore concert, at the end he brings his little girl to the stage with him.
  • Sand and Salt Water: You are married and go to the beach with your two sons. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Every Minute, Every Second: You tell Yoongi you are pregnant so he changes his schedules to come home often to have more time with you.  Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • Of First Times Genre: You have two kids and go to visit your family for the first time. Fluff / Family.
  • Adventure Time: You have two kids, a girl and a boy and the four of you engage in a nerf gun fight. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Look Who’s Growing Up: Hoseok takes his daughter and son to school but is him the one getting nervous so you tease him a little. Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • Worth Changing: Namjoon is always partying and drinking but he decides to change when his daughter is born. Genre: Family / Drama
  • Always a Family: Namjoon explains his little girl why he and her mom are not together anymore because they are co parenting.  Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • In Our Hearts: Jimin and you have to tell your daughter she’s going to have a brother/sister and she’s sad because she thinks you are going to love them more. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Love Cravings: Your husband Jimin is a cutie doing all he cans to take care of you while you’re pregnant. Genre: Fluff.
  • Picture Perfect: You deliver the news of your pregnancy to your husband Jimin in a very special way. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Two For Mischief: Taehyung and Jimin are in charge of taking care of Jungkook’s son Junho, the little boy learns a bad word from them and then says in front of his father, when Jungkook hears him he knows who are to blame. Genre: Friendship / Comedy.
  • Three For Mischief: Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok are left in Yoongi’s house to take care of his two sons, disaster erupts when each of them try their best to become the best Yoongi copy cat, Yoongi isn’t happy when he catches them red handed. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.


  • Go To You: Taehyung’s isn’t sure if you and your daughter are coming to his concert. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Heartbeats: You give your husband the news about your pregnancy, Taehyung is the happiest. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Love and Care: You take care of your two year old son. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Paws and Claws: Taehyung goes to buy a birthday present for you with the help of your two children. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Pregnancy Perks: You are pregnant when you go visit your husband Taehyung backstage, only to see him cheerfully talking with his ex. A hormonal disaster erupts and the boys try to comfort you. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Good Morning Daddy!: You take your daughter to her first day at school. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Special Things To Come: You are really scared of giving birth and your soon to be life as a mother, Taehyung is there to assure you everything will be ok. Genre: Fluff / Family.


  • Blessings: The boys go to meet your newborn daughter and Jungkook gets protective. Genre: Romance / Family.
  • Two Of A Kind: Jungkook is a teen dad, when he takes his kid to the park other parents judge him and his mixed baby. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Heart’s Desire: Jungkook goes all out with the romance when he tries to convince you to have babies. Genre: Romance.
  • Full Of Regret: Jungkook is having a hard time being a teen dad, one day you hear him saying he regrets meeting you. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • How She Loves:  Lately your son is liking his father more than you so Jungkook comforts you. Genre: Fluff / Family.
  • Second Chances: Jungkook goes out to have fun but does something really dumb that he regrets so he tells his pregnant girlfriend.  Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Pick Up The Pieces: When Jungkook sees you he can’t believe it, later he finds out you have a child and he is the father. Genre: Angst / Drama.

I just noticed something

Remember when Goku asked Vegeta to go train and he had this blue shirt?

And Bulma was wearing this pink apron thingy?

And they kept emphasizing how Bulma will give birth soon

The shirt Vegeta is wearing here is the SAME when he talked with Goku about not wanting to go train to be there for Bulma, SHE GAVE BIRTH IN THAT ACTUAL DAY GUYS

It’s like he KNEW she was ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH

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I love how ronaldo is expecting a baby by an 'unknown American' .. like that literally describes briana yet we knew she was pregnant when she was 9-11 weeks, not even when you'd be telling family and friends, ronaldo's surrogate is 'heavily pregnant' and due to give birth 'very soon', like this just shows how easy it is to hide a pregnancy especially with some unknown person being the one pregnant, yet people think the babygate situation is normal and not a publicity stunt???

people have been speculating for months and months that cricky were going to go the surrogate route again and have another kid soon i’m just like :’)

(and yeah talk about drastically different circumstances)

✨I just read that less than 1 in 80,000 babies are born in the amniotic sack: En Caul Birth✨ what a magical little being!!
When I started pushing there was a little green balloon coming out of my yoni that gradually kept getting bigger and bigger. None of us knew what it was, at first we thought it was the head… Then realized it felt like a water balloon. I got on the ground in squat position and in a few big pushes Pueo came out fully in the sack all at ONCE!

((Will share the full birth story soon!!!))
So excited to empower women and couples to feel confident in home birthing!! Trusting our bodies and divine orchestration. Choosing love over fear always! Rebirthing the planet. Creating Heaven on Earth with Sacred Birthing.


My friend had a dream that I was giving birth and as soon as I gave birth, I gave her the kid (who was named Mac) and shouted “TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD” and then the kid somehow aged 6 years while she was still holding him, and then she woke up. 

FEifらくがき16 | Moto

※  Permission was given by artist, do not remove caption.

Purpose Tour Baby

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Hi ! Love your blog ! Your imagines are awesome .Though can I pretty please get an imagine where Y/N is pregnant with Justin’s baby and while he’s performing for Purpose tour , Scooter runs on stage to tell him he’s just received a call informing him Y/N is giving birth so he has to postpone his show and fly out to her and he just maked it in time for the birth . Thank you so much!


I was currently 9 months into my pregnancy, the last trimester. Our baby was due next week but, at the rate how he/she was going, they were going to drop at any second. Justin and I wanted to keep the sex of our baby a secret up until they were born. Let me also add that they have been kicking for the past hour. Why couldn’t they just be born already? 

I sat down on the couch, rubbing my hand over my stomach. It was just me, {Y/BF/N}, and the dogs chilling in the house. Justin was currently in Vegas for one of his shows. He was about an hour away but, that was still so much time and distance between us. I pushed myself up from the couch because I had to use the restroom. “I’m going to go pee. I’ll be right back,” I waddled to the bathroom. I reached for the light switch on the wall when I felt a liquid trickling down my legs. Oh no, it couldn’t be. I felt around for the light switch on the wall until it was in my reach. 

I turned it on and saw the puddle of water below my feet. “{Y/BF/N}!” I screamed into the house. She came running to me in less than a second. “We need to go to the hospital right now!" 

Justin’s POV 

 "How you feelin’ tonight Vegas?” I questioned, looking around in the audience. They finally turned the house lights on so I was able to see who was in front of me. The crowd shrieked in response and I just took that that they were having a good time. “I just got one more question for you guys. Who wants to be my baby?” The music cued in and the crowd went crazy again. I began singing the first couple of notes and let the crowd join in. It was more like they were performing for me than vice versa. I jammed out on the stage for the time being, enjoying the entertainment I was receiving. 

“Are we an item?  Girl quit playing. We’re just friends, what are you saying? Said “there’s another” and looked right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like..” I was in the middle of singing the next verse when Scooter came running on the stage, causing the music to stop. “Justin,” he said out of breath. “I just received word that {Y/N} is in the hospital. It’s time.” My stomach sank as he finished his sentence. I was literally an hour away from her. How was I supposed to get there in time? “Sorry for the inconvenience guys, but I gotta go,” I ran off the stage with Scooter backstage. I grabbed my bag of things and headed outside to the sprinter van.

We got back to Los Angeles after about an hour. I was a nervous wreck getting off the plane that I almost tripped over my own feet. I’ve never had the birth of a child, let alone my own before. I was happy to be a father but, {Y/N} was like a whole week early, wasn’t that bad? I know nothing about pregnancy, so I just assumed a lot of things were bad. We were currently in a van, on the way to the hospital. With all this traffic, we would never make it in time and I would miss my baby being born.

“Isn’t there a shorter way to the hospital?” I questioned the driver, annoyed with the traffic. I was no stranger to it but, it was even worse tonight.

“Well, I could get off at exit-”

“Drive!” Scooter and I said in unison. The driver did as told and got off at the closest exit. We sped through the mostly empty main streets, thank goodness, and got to the hospital in less than twenty. I jumped out of the van before it could come to a complete stop and almost hit a parked car in the process. I ran into the hospital doors and, I actually tripped over my feet this time.

“Oh, are okay, sir?” one of the nurses asked, helping me up.

“Fine. Can you please just tell me where my girlfriend is?” I asked out of breath, dusting off my clothes. 

“Oh Mr. Bieber, just the person i was looking for. Come with me,” I followed behind the doctor and got into the elevator with him. “Don’t worry, {Y/N} is doing just fine. It’s a good thing you got here, I was just about to call you.”

“Sorry doc, LA traffic kills,” i replied. “Has she given birth yet?”

“Actually, no. But, I know she will be giving birth soon. Her contractions aren’t too far apart. You’re going to be a father Mr. Bieber.”

All this pregnancy talk was enough to give me headache. The hell were contractions? The doctor led me into the room {Y/N} and her friend were in. I was greeted by her friend first and then, {Y/N}. “Hey, I’m sorry. Hope I’m not late.”

“We’ll discuss this later Justin.”

After almost 8 hours of sitting and waiting, the baby was born. To answer both of our suspicions, it was a girl! We decided to name her {Y/D/N}. I held her in my arms, rocking her back and forth, admiring the creation {Y/N} and I made. I was a happy guy.

Hello lovies.
hope you all have a good day.
I gotta go help some friends decorate their new place.
It’s funny they always call on me to decorate all their spots even though they spend more time watching HGTV than I do. Ha. They’ll be giving birth to my goddaughter soon so doing a nursery should be fun. I’ll make them do most of the work though, for memories. Lol.

Camouflage / Part Two / Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: Here’s part two! :) thanks for the feedback on the first part. Also, I take requests for anything you want written. 

As you walked out of that heavily air freshened rest stop you couldn’t help but hope Spencer wouldn’t follow, even if he was required to.

You wanted to go home. You couldn’t take being here and seeing his face anymore, even if this was your dream job.

When you landed that summer internship five years ago, you had no idea you’d fall for the guy showing you around, but you also didn’t know how much it would tear you apart.

Once you reached the car you realized Morgan had switched to the driver seat to let you rest, or cool down, you weren’t sure on which one. Sometimes it felt like he was the only one who fully understand where you were coming from.

The night you and Spencer broke up was stuck on repeat in your head. The part that killed you was it wasn’t supposed to be a fight, it was supposed to be a happy moment. When a couple talks about adding kids into their family it’s a beautiful thing, right?

You closed your eyes remembering that day.

You had been binge watching Netflix all day and hadn’t left the couch, but who could blame you? It was Saturday and you didn’t always get those days off when a case would surface.

“Hey babe, wanna go out for dinner? We’ve been cooped up all day.” Spencer had walked into the living room and leaned on the door frame.

You looked up at his messy hair half tucked behind his ear and noticed he was still in his painfully blue plaid pajama pants with a white t-shirt. You wondered how you got so lucky finding a man that could pull off anything, “Well, Chinese take out doesn’t sound too bad?” giving a smirk.

“Oh yeah? Are you sure you just don’t want to leave your sanctuary of Gossip Girl and snacks?” He laughed and pushed himself off of the door crossing his arms waiting to hear your defense statement.

You tried to keep a straight face, “Not true, I just really want some lo mein.”

Spencer walked over and sat next to you laughing, “Considering you barely touch it when we do order it, someone’s lying.”

You cuddled up next to him noticing how nice it felt so nice being close to him,“Okay maybe so, but staying in with you does sound pretty nice.”

“You’re not wrong about that.” Spencer leaned in and kissed your forehead .

After a couple minutes of watching tv he reached for the remote to pause the show, “So Y/N, I’ve been thinking that you could go off of your birth control soon? Since we’re getting married in a couple of months and uh- there wouldn’t be a need for it.”

You laughed a little thinking he was joking, “Yeah right, we don’t want kids.”

“W-what do you mean? Wasn’t that the plan? To move into this house and start a family?” Spencer was radiating with awe while speaking those words, you could see his lips starting to quiver.

You sat up pulling away from his embrace, “Not at all. I can’t be a mother.”

“What do you mean can’t? Is there something wrong, like, medically? You’d be the best mom Y/N.”

Your stomach started feeling like a ball of knots but you couldn’t explain this to him. After your own mother abandoned you and put you into foster care you had been so scared that you’d follow in her footsteps. If she wasn’t strong enough to be a mom, how could you be? He wouldn’t understand.

“No Spencer I’m fine, I just don’t want any. Couldn’t we just get a dog or something?”

Spencer stood up shaking his head in disbelief, “Then why are we even getting married? You’ll never be able to give me what I want.”

You sat on the couch for over an hour dwelling over those words. How could he be like that? It just wasn’t like him.

Once reality had finally set in you couldn’t stop crying. By the time you had gathered some things the sun had already set. You showed up at Morgan’s house a complete mess, and being the best friend he is, helped you through everything from that night on.

Your eyes opened feeling eyes looking over at you.

“Everything alright baby girl?” Morgan reached his hand behind you offering a little reassurance.

You shrugged your shoulders and sighed, “It’s whatever.”

Once Spencer had gotten back into the SUV the road trip resumed. Only a little over two hours left, you could do this.

Sorry in advance for the length, I need to vent but writing is not my best skill lol.

I’m a manager at a very small restaurant/café (normally like 3 employees max). I only started in June of last year, and got pregnant in September, however I never missed a single shift, despite the terrible morning sickness to the point of not being able to move at some times and laying on the bathroom floor, but I always stayed until I was told to go home lol.

Anyway, my boss (the owner) hired a new girl for the busy summer season, who is also newly pregnant. She, however, has already called out 3 of her 7 shifts in her 2 weeks there, and still doesn’t know how to make the most basic of sandwiches or drinks. When she started she was doing so well, and its gone downhill so fast that we had to start looking for other people to try and convince to apply.

Like, why apply if you’re going to be so lazy? I’m going to give birth soon and I am running more than you and they will need someone to help them in May when I’m on leave.

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Hi :) I love your opinions. I would like to ask, what do you think Jackson past was? I mean, he was adopted so we don't know much about it. And there was this one scene in s1 in Hale's house where he say he dream about this house but never was in it. Could he be another Hale? I always thought that, but Colton left before we could learn more. Do you have same teories?

Thank you!! :D

And ok, so I am one hundred percent with you on this theory, anon. This is probably my first ever TW related headcanon actually (which you can read HERE), and I completely believe that Peter’s daughter was created as much as a replacement for Jackson as for Cora.

Jackson dreaming of the Hale fire is a huge hint about him being connected to the family, and while we can try to explain it away as him having been connected to Derek (through the claw marks Derek left in his neck when he was wounded) that doesn’t quite add up because Derek wasn’t in the fire. He wouldn’t have that image of the (inside of the) house up in flames in his mind. But who would have? Who had just spent six years in a coma reliving that moment over and over, tormented to near insanity by the pain of those wounds? Who had just gotten an extreme power boost by becoming an Alpha, and was reaching out psychically to his new beta in ways that could have also easily affected others with a significant connection to him? Like a close blood relation?

There are also significant moments such as Peter’s behavior toward Jackson at various points in the series. In season one a wolfed-out Peter pins Jackson down in the movie rental store, leans in close to sniff at him, and lets him live. In season two Peter –– easily the character to care least about the welfare of others except in occasional sparks of emotion toward Derek and Cora –– goes out of his way to convince Derek not to kill Jackson. It would have been, ostensibly, the easiest move to kill him, but Peter instead talks to Derek about the importance of love, and convinces him to find a humane way to save Jackson. This is huge, honestly, because I can’t for the life of me figure out another reason for Peter to have done that, besides him wanting to protect Jackson. And why would Peter –– selfish in all things except, very occasionally, when his family’s lives are on the line –– want to protect Jackson?

This also suggests that Peter knew about the relation (although I guess it could have been on an unconscious level).

Considering how important the “I’m adopted” arc was in season two –– it was the entire reason Jackson was a kanima in the first place –– I can’t imagine him not striking up a search for his birth family soon after, and I went into season three fully expecting it to be a major arc for him. I was beyond disappointed when all I got was that throwaway line about him moving away. There’s also the fact that  –– prior to “Visionary” (which, I’m sorry, felt like a very sloppy, thrown together episode IMO) –– we had no explanation for why wolves’ eyes were a certain color, aside from an Alpha’s being red. At that point, gold vs blue could have very easily been a genetic thing, and Jackson’s eyes being blue when he was “purified” of the kanima could have been a major hint about his being related to Derek, which they had to rush to explain away differently (see “Visionary”) once Colton left.

In any case, I tend to still headcanon Jackson as being a Hale, even if he never knows it. It would have been very interesting to see how things played out if Colton had decided to stay.