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Midnight crack theories!

So I know a lot of people think the online reference number (526766) in the birth announcement is a hex color code (and it probably is - hence crack theory) but I was thinking what if it was a cipher/code and with the comment about Sherlock always being on his phone I checked it with a phone keypad and the only meaningful combo I got was “Lamson” -

George Henry Lamson was an American doctor/murderer in Victorian England who killed with poisoned (aconite) cake.

There was also a major American murder trial where that (David) Lamson was accused of murdering his wife - only notable because a consultant on the case EO Heinrich was known as “The Sherlock Holmes of Berkeley” and was a “consulting criminologist.”

Putting this out there today December 13th, 2016 in case anything comes of it.

Bonus post with a bit more info on the American Lamson case here:
Kingdom Hearts anime

So since there is talk about a KH anime I’m going to say how I’d like it to happen.

1) They keep it anime style. (Which doesn’t seem to be a problem.) Maybe similar to FFXV Brotherhood or the KH manga. And I’m sure they’ll find a way to mix the anime and cartoon art styles well.
2) Disney does try to censor it. (This and 4 are my biggest fear when talking about a KH anime.)
3) The FF characters don't get sidelined. (What i mean by this is there not taken out of the story to cut on time or something like that.)
4) They keep to the games story without filler.
5) The game voice actors are brought back for it. (Which I have a feeling wont be a problem with KH.)

The way I’d like to see the Seasons: (I know its too early to talk about multiple seasons but its still interesting to think about)

Season 1 - KH1 - 24 ep
OVA - ReChain - 6 ep (could also be apart of Season 1.)
OVA - 358/2 - 6 ep
Season 2 - KH2 - 24 ep
Prequel Season - BBS - 24 ep
OVA - ReCoded - 3 ep
Season 3 - DDD - 12 ep
OVA - 0.2 - 1 ep
Spin Off series - χ - 24 ep (Including an OVA for Uχ.)

I think a KH anime could be the best thing ever but i could also see it flopping badly if not done right. Ether way I’m excited to see what happens and if it will be greenlit. ^^

Hold Up, KH Fam

Anyone else find it strangely suspicious that we are suddenly getting a whole bunch Kingdom Hearts merch?

I mean, think about it.

Before we had maybe two tee-shirts, the manga (which we didn’t even know if we were getting the final volume)… and maybe a King Mickey pin if you were lucky to find one at Disney World. And those were few and far in between. I mean, it was only recently we got the first Kingdom Hearts novel and the Chain of Memories novel. And even then we had no confirmation if they were going to continue releasing those books.

Outside of importing things from Japan that’s all a KH fan could get. But now?

We are getting:

  • The last volume of the manga series
  • The Birth By Sleep AND 356/2 Days novel omnibus’
  • An entire collection of hidden package Kingdom Hearts figurines
  • Both game collections for the ps4 and a third collection with a Kingdom Hearts 3 demo,
  • And a Pop Funko collection of Kingdom Hearts characters

I’m not saying it’s bad the we are getting all of this merch… but it’s a bit suspicious that we are suddenly getting so much of it, especially when we had next to nothing before…

Unless… we are getting a release date to Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon! They might be saturating the market with Kingdom Hearts things to stir up hype! Like how they do for movies before it releases in theaters!

And Kingdom Hearts is going to be featured in Jump Festa this year.

I’m just saying… You never know… :3

The struggle...

When you just started a “new” show and you’re in the middle of season 1 and you already got your OTP and everything and you really want to read some good fanfic but you know you can’t because you aren’t caught up with all the other seasons so you have to avoid spoilers at all cost…
To resist the urge of reading fanfiction or not to resist, THAT’S the question!

Being a KakaSaku Shipper

There is something so pure and wonderful about being a KakaSaku shipper. Naruto has become a toxic graveyard of all the things that used to make it wonderful and I seldom set foot in the fandom anymore. But every so often I will check in on the KakaSaku tag and see how they are doing, and it always warms my heart to see how unmarred by the rest of the series they’ve remained.

KakaSaku evolved past the series that birthed it and grew into a separate entity- something that could be enjoyed on its own without the support or acknowledgment of cannon moments, or even the original story itself. The fandom still fosters the most beautiful comradery amongst eachother, stunning fan works, and the kind of loving vibe that restores my faith in more ways than I can list.

KakaSaku. Pure. Untouched. A standalone, spinoff ship of a problematic series. Thank you for everything, you will always have a place in my heart. To quote the story that brought me to this wonderful ship nine years ago (and a quote I believe sums up our ship and the Fandom surrounding our ship perfectly): 

“There would always be talk. But while there was love it was meaningless.

And there would always be love.” -
The Window by SilverShine

#97: Pregnancy Series | Birth Classes


Here’s a link to the one shot that I wrote as a “What happened between Luke and Y/N that night where they were drunk..” as an attachment to the pregnancy series, you can read it here - New York

Pregnancy schedule:36 Weeks Pregnant

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower

Baby Nurseries

Last Scanning Before Birth


Your head rested against Luke’s shoulder in a very tired manor, youreyes switching between being open and closed. A silent yawn escaping your lipsas you tried to keep your eyes open, looking up at the birth teacher rambling. These classes had started to get on your nerves to say at least, getting the same information every time you guys would be here and the judgmental looks from the other future parents were not making the situation any better. It wasn’t like they were judging you and Luke for being a none couple expecting a child, they didn’t know, but what they were judging on was how young you guys were and it disgusted you. And not to mention that they had recognized Luke just as soon as you guys arrived into the birth class for the first time, knowing that he was in a worldwide famous band and travelling his ass out.  Even though you and Luke had the age you guys had, it shouldn’t have any impact on your parenting skills. You guys did your very best for this unborn child and nobody should ever deny that. Doodles had appeared around on the notebook that was placed on top of your belly, Luke looking down at it before chuckling, ”You know, you were supposed to take notes, right?” He smirked down at and only earned a poke in the cheek with the pencil you had in your hand before you looked back up at the teacher, to you this was just a flashback to high school and it wasn’t getting any better. Luke was actually showing so much interest for this subject that it was surprising you. He was so encouraged to hear every detail the teacher said, and he didn’t even cross his eyes the last class where you guys had been forced to watch a C-section, it didn’t seem to bug him. He even did as the teacher said when she had pointed him out from the fathers, wanting him to come up and join her to try out how to put on a diaper on one of those plastic babies and he did it without any bug and a smile on his lips. It warmed your heart more than anything to know that he wasn’t one of those types that would be freaked out by it, but just showing courage and interest, wanting to be a fully part of this as a father. Shaking the thoughts out of your head, you started to listen back to the conversation and that was when it hit you. So many information that should be written down and so many things that you guys had to remember in your heads and it was for sure that Luke wouldn’t be the one to remember it all with song lyrics, guitar playing and management to think about as well, and not to mention yourself with your career. How would you guys fit all of these baby things into your schedule of life? What if the baby hated you guys? What if the government took the child away from you guys because of bad parenting? And what if you and Luke ended up hating each other and acting like a being divorced? But you guys were never a couple at any point. With the all information and new thoughts being thrown into your faces with these less weeks back before the birth was a clear panic to you and it was clear on your face and features. There were so many things that you actually had under control and prepared, but because everything had happened in such a rush you had forgot all about the fact that this was actually real. In less than 3 weeks, you would be pressing out a living miracle that would be stuck to your life for 18+ years, dependent on you taking care of it, and it scared the shit out of you. Luke looked over from the teacher to look down at you and it took him less than a split second for him to notice your vulnerable stage, but what could he do? He had no clue so he did as he always did when you were in panic and that was to reach his arms out to wrap them around your body and embrace you into him, showing that as long as you guys would be together, nothing bad would happen because you had each other. It was something Luke could repeat in his head forever and had promised to himself that it would always be like that. Together.


”… And we’re expecting a girl.” The couple that was sat next to you and Calum on the floor explained out to every other new coming parent at this class, people nodding their heads and smiling. ”And I haven’t felt someone unusual, it’s basically only kicks.” ”Good.” The teacher said and nodded her head, looking over at you and Calum. ”And you guys?” Calum cleared his throat and shifted in his seat, ”I’m Calum, and this is my fiancée Y/N and we’re expecting a baby boy.” Cal introduced which made others smile in awe, the teacher nodding her head. ”And have you been feeling something odd or experienced something different in your pregnancy?” You chewed on your bottom lip in thought before nodding, ”The only thing I’ve experienced is Braxton hicks which has been going on for quite a while now, which is the mainly reason why we’re here.” You explained which made the teacher nod in understanding, ”A good thing you guys came to this class then, we’ll start now then.” You and Calum moved around to look up at the teacher in a better view, all the incoming parents looking up at her. This was actually your first birth class so this was kind of awkward. You guys had thought throughout that you wouldn’t need any classes and could handle anything on your own, but after the hospital visit, Calum didn’t felt comfortable about it and wanted to learn how to know that it was actually the real deal. But that also meant that the birth class attendants here had been there since like week 9 which meant that you guys were very new to this and didn’t have any type of friendship with any other person in this room. To your surprise the teacher had made sure that you guys would go in a circle round to get to know each other, telling their names and what gender they were expecting, plus something irregular they had experienced in their pregnancy. ”Okay, so let us talk about the difference between Braxton hicks and contractions now when Y/N just mentioned it.” The teacher started to write dots on the blackboard in front of you guys, writing down points of them. ”I think we can all conclude that the pain will be a lot worse than the fake contractions.” She pointed over at the first point, looking around at the class before writing down at the second. ”The water breaks.” She wrote down which made Calum sit up more straight. ”What exactly happens when the water breaks?” ”Good question Calum!” She said with a smile, ”What really happens is, when your water breaks, the bag of membranes that protects and cushions the baby tears apart so the baby can be pressed out. The fluid from the placenta will float out from the vagina. Not to mention that the membranes looks like this mucus plug that is sticky and looks like a massive booger.” She said with a small laugh which made Calum’s eyes grow wide before looking over at you, ”That sounds freaking disgusting.” He exclaimed in a whisper which made you hit him in the arm by his immatureness, yet letting out a small smile. ”No but I’m serious, I will totally freak out if I find that sticky booger in our bed.” ”Seriously Calum? You would be more freaked out by the massive sticky booger that’s pressed out of my vagina than the fact that after that thing is gone, the child will be ready to come out!” Calum’s eyes couldn’t get wider at this point, looking up at the teacher again. ”So many things to learn here.” He exclaimed to himself with a laugh, looking over at you with a warm smile before rubbing his hand up and down your stomach. ”That’s why we’re here.” You answered before ruffling his hair, moving around so your back was pressed against his chest, letting him wrap his arms around your belly, ready to hear the lest of this class. It was actually a good warning though, now Calum felt 100% sure about everything and a slight pile of panic that had been spreading out from his veins had disappeared by now. But of course he knew that he still would be acting like a freak when the water would actually break and you would be whimpering down on the bed in pain, But he was ready to take care and help you give birth to your little baby boy.


Michael’s hands were wrapped around your small ones in a soft and calming manor as the two of you was sitting cross-legged, more correctly: Michael sitting cross-legged and you doing the best you could with the pregnancy belly in the way. Your faces were directed towards the teacher of your birth class was standing up at the blackboard, writing down points for what could be best for breathing techniques since it was so close to the birth and you and Michael felt it was necessary to know how to handle everything – especially Michael who wanted to participate 100% into this, not wanting to stand in a corner confused and not knowing how to handle the situation. These classes was always cozy to be in, the age of the parents weren’t as far away from yours so it was easy to chat with them and sharing facts. Not to mention that the teacher was fresh as a vegetable, probably around your same age as well, is made everything easier. ”So, you guys, the reason why we’re learning these techniques are to prevent avoid panic breathing which can happen under birth or just labor in general. Panic-breathing is where you guys literally start to freak out which makes the amount of oxygen to you guys and the baby degrease, and it will make you more exhausted and lightheaded. We’re going to try to prevent that by using these techniques now with your partners, which is why you are seated as you are.” Michael nodded his head along in understanding before looking over at you with a smile, ”At first we want you guys to try alone, just closing your eyes and breathing in and out on your own, just to make sure that you will get power over your breathing.” You shut your eyes as the other new coming mothers did, letting the oxygen fly into your nose and coming out of your mouth. ”Many of you fathers probably wanna be a big help and you can actually help your partner in this way of technique. Now, every one of you should look at your partner in the eyes, and not focus on anything else.” Michael sent you a small wink, his hands starting to caress your belly, leaving goosebumps around the skin of your arm. ”Now, normally at a birth you guys will be very stressful because of the body going through so much pain but we just gotta stay in the act here even though I know you guys will act more calm.” She closed her eyes before letting out a small breath, ”When you guys are having a contraction, your breathing will become swallow and we can’t really prevent that, but you just gotta stay focused. Now, the both of you should take a breath in through your nose, and when breathing out, do it through the mouth and remember to let the intake of breath match your out-breath in length and depth to make sure that the right amount of oxygen gets into your lungs. If you guys to this together, there will be more control of the breathing and it will be more regular.” You and Michael looked at each other before you guys inhaled in the same matching manor, holding a small pause before letting the air out of your nose and repeating. The breath technique was almost so calming that you were starting to get tired. ”Look at that!” The teacher exclaimed, walking towards where Michael and you were seated on the floor, clapping her hands. ”This is literally the best example of how everything should be handled; just look at the calmness and security between this couple! You can see it through their aura and eyes.” Michael started to smile by the compliments, but didn’t stop with helping you with the breathing, his eyes never leaving yours. ”This man, Michael, is gonna be the best helper Y/N will ever find at the birth. I’m satisfied to see that you guys have been listening closely.” She placed a hand on Michael’s shoulder and squeezed, making the both of you giggle and stopping the breathing. It was calming knowing that Michael was so good at this because everything started to seem clearer now. It would be easy, as long as you guys had each other, and Michael was good at making you drift away to other thoughts than the surroundings around you guys.


Ashton’s eyes glanced in between the small space of view he had made with his fingers, hands pressed against his face to cover the sight that was in front of you two, you on the other hand sitting with your head cocked and wide mouth and eyes. This vision was definitely something that would be planted in your mind for the rest of your life. Ashton’s face was changing from a normal skin color to a pale white one, a disgusted look on his face. He knew that he had to behave right about this but he just couldn’t, this was totally over his limits. Watching a woman give birth to her baby twins on the screen in front of you guys with both sound and no censor was what Ashton could point as a nightmare which was the reason why he had his hands in front of his eyes, it was almost like he could faint! You on the other hand had a more terrified expression on your face, trying to make out how it was possible for a woman to press something like that out, and the camera team made sure that every part was visible as well. When your birth class teacher had announced that you guys would be watching this for the next class, you and Ashton had actually looked forward to it. But this was far from satisfying than what you had expected. When the woman finally stopped screaming that was when you let out a sigh of relief, watching as the baby was placed on its mother’s embrace on her chest, but that joy was far away when she started to groan again. Your eyes went wide and that was when you realized, of course you guys were watching a pregnant woman with twins giving birth, this whole class was based on people waiting twins! Ashton was ready to cover his eyes again but was stopped when the teacher stood up from her chair and grabbed the remove to pause it, everyone letting out some sort of sigh of relief by the sudden peace and no screaming. ”I think we’ll all have a break now, some of you look like you’ve seen a zombie apocalypse.” The teacher said and paused the game, making everyone stand up to stretch out or get some water. ”I can’t do that. It’s physical impossible.” Ashton let out an awkward giggle as he helped you up from the floor, feeling your eyes bore into his. ”No, this is not a joke I’m not going to do this! That woman just pressed out a human being and it just looked- I can’t even.” Your hands flied up to go through your hair in panic, ”And not to mention the fact that I have to press two human living kids out of my fucking vagina Ashton Fletcher Irwin! All because of your big amount of sperm cells!” Ashton’s eyes went wide as he stared at you like seeing a ghost just like when he had watched the woman giving birth. He placed his arms on your shoulders to calm you down, noticing how your breath had quickened which made him breathe in through the nose slowly and just as slowly out from his mouth. ”See babe, the breathing techniques are already working.” He smiled as you had calmed down, pulling you into his side. ”I know this really seem like a real nightmare but before you know it, it will be over and I will be there to support you the whole time – even the boys can be there if you need it. I can’t take the pain that will appear away from you, but I can let you crush my hands into pieces and yell at me as much as you want.” You let out a giggle by Ashton’s comforting words, shaking your head at him. ”Now, I think we should watch the rest of the birth. Unless one of you guys are feeling nausea?” ”We’re fine.” Ashton smiled towards her which made her return it before walking back towards the TV and grabbing the remote, you and Ashton walking back to the mattresses and taking a seat, ready to watch the rest of the twin birth.