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Congratulations - Part 2

Lily: But -

Sirius: Lily, you can’t put your lives on hold. Not for this war, not for Voldemort…

He considers her for a moment.

Sirius: Which I’ve made my peace with… just about.

Sirius: Albus is always banging on about love, right? Powerful enough to win a war?

Lily: I’m sure James will ask you anyway, so don’t tell him that I’ve said this.

Sirius: Forget it, I’m not going to be your birthing partner.


Part One

Best bit from holby last night, was when Jason follwed Serena and elinor, Serena rolled her eyes and Jason did the same, and bernie just didn’t have a clue what to do but follow on. I laughed way harder than I should have. Also jac nylon should be everyone’s birthing partner drunk or sober


An infographic for all the great partners out there supporting the pregnancy and birth of their children - in my opinion, birth is foremost a family (and not a medical) matter and the sense of security and love given by a father-to-be can affect the outcome of a birthing experience immensely.

most explosive pluto synastry aspects

explosive as in maybe this relationship wouldn’t be a good idea…most of these relationships could end up being short-lived as they become too intense and the power dynamics fluctuate too wildly or are too skewed for a relationship to remain intact and still be healthy. however, in the first few stages, this love can bring great excitement into you and your partner’s lives.

your pluto conjunct your partner’s sun or vice versa. talk about extreme. there will be either intense love or intense hate. there’s going to be a crap load of attraction but that intensity could also most likely transform into possessiveness, jealousy, etc.

your pluto square your partner’s sun or vice versa. you learn a lot from one another and it feels impossible to let go because of the change they force you to go through. it’s almost like a rebirth. your partner gave birth to this new you. metaphorically. happy birthday.

your pluto conjunct your partner’s moon or vice versa. major telepathy. you know each other so well that you can communicate unconsciously. the person feels like a soulmate, but this can be deceiving.

your pluto conjunct your partner’s venus or vice versa. you’re going to want to bang 24/7, and in the time where you’re not doing it, you’re going to be thinking about doing it. completely OBSESSED with each other. 

your pluto square your partner’s venus or vice versa. they make you feel so good. suddenly, your kinks aren’t frowned upon, and fascination is channeled into incredible sexual energy.

your pluto conjunct your partner’s mars or vice versa. you make each other your life. no one else really matters. if people stand between the two of you, they won’t survive for long. 

Blessings for a Child

Whatever possessed Alfie Solomons to go to Small Heath his people would never understand, he’d never gone so far for the birth of a work partner’s child especially not one that had been as up-and-down as it had been between him and Tommy Shelby, but that was business, Alfie said, this was a -child-.

Still whatever the reason no one could really tell him no, only watch hesitantly as he stepped into a car escorted by his — young lady friend, no, more than that, rumor had it Alfie was in discussions with her father for marriage of all things “Come on now, little one” he said to her as he helped her into the car “Off we go, to see a man about a baby” and he looked at his most trusted lads and gave them a nod.


workin’ moms

here’s a messy ass post on why you should watch cbc’s workin’ moms (i will include some criticisms so you can make an informed decision lmao)

the basic premise of the show is: sitcom about mothers dealing with their lives and families.

it’s really really funny. and i mean raunchy, ridiculous, punch u in the face kind of funny. you ever wanted to see actual non-censored breasts on tv? bc you get this in the first minute of the show. 

it follows four women: kate, anne, jenny, and frankie.


frankie is a lesbian struggling with post-partum depression. and the way she just casually brings up suicide and talks about feeling like utter complete shit is relatable, heartbreaking, AND HILARIOUS. god she’s the reason i will never bear a child bc i know i would be just like her after giving birth. frankie’s partner is giselle and she’s so beautiful and she doesn’t have a whole lot of screentime but when she does :D

my other fave is jenny (of the main cast she’s the only WOC unfortunately). jenny is tired of her husband, and “kind of” on the edge, and quite manic and impulsive. i’m really hoping they’ll confirm her mental illness (bpd??? hpd??? maybe), but she is SUPER MEGA MENTALLY ILL and i love her so much. she works in IT, has an awkward crush on her boss, at one point she impulsively pierces her nipple during a bachelorette party. i’d die for her. (her husband is a stay at home dad and he’s honestly quite sweet and writing a movie about fat vampires)

okay so here’s some stuff that disappoints me: 

while i’m so happy to watch a sitcom based in toronto and you really get to see my city, all these moms are driving cars and i get when you need to haul the kids around, but like it’s called WORKIN’ MOMS this is a walking city. everyone uses the subway. i want to see them on the TTC. 

i really thought it was going to be about working class moms, but they’re all like serious business women. and i mean they talk about being in debt and stuff but… i mean they all live in houses and they all have cars and i’m kinda like… it would be nice to see some moms living below the poverty line trying to get through life because let me tell you the cost of living is high in toronto and there isn’t a lot of stuff that actually shows what it’s like to be poor in the city.

mostly white, mostly straight, all cis. i do feel like they do pretty well at not equating womanhood to genitals/breasts, but it is a show about cis women and it talks a lot about bodies and i mean you get to see breasts and everything so you should take that into account if you want to watch.

since it’s a toronto show it’s pretty ridiculous that it is mostly white and i mean there are supporting characters of colour that we see often, but one WOC as a main is dishonest to what the city looks like. giselle is black and an immigrant but we don’t get a lot of her, and i don’t understand why she doesn’t go to the mommy group with frankie, they’re both mothers–just bc giselle didn’t give birth to rhoda doesn’t mean she isn’t important lmao. i wish they’d go together.

 ANYWAY. it really is a laugh out loud funny show that’s making me very happy rn and i would love for ppl to check it out so i can talk about it.

Taming the Wolf (Female/werewolf!Harry)|| Closed Rp

(Fourth year: Harper Petunia Potter. Werewolf; bitten by Remus Lupin in Time Turner incident)

Harper couldn’t believe what she had just read. The new law stated that all students in her fourth year that had magical blood in them had to find and marry their arranged partner from birth. She had no idea who that was, coping with the Dursley’s over the summer was bad and ripping himself to shreds without Wolfsbane for weeks with the full moons was horrible. Apparently her father arranged for her to marry the son of a dragon trainer upon birth.

Thanks dad. The red head thought bitterly, her hazel eyes scanning the Hall to find him.

The laws said nothing about any form of ceremony right away, thankfully. Because Harper wasn’t about to go through with that, what with the full moon coming up in a few days.

(Hey, @toothlessloveshiccup, are you interested?)


What a doula doesn’t do: we do not do anything medical; that includes cervical checks, prescribing anything, and checking fetal heartbeat. This (and more) has to be done by a medical professional like a midwife.

Then what do we do?: from the moment we are hired (which can be any time in between before pregnancy to right before labor) we answer questions about different medical protocol/interventions. Risk factors, prenatal health, questions to ask the midwife or doctor, how to create a birth plan, how to cope with pregnancy symptoms, how to prepare for birth and baby, how partner or other support team can help, and comfort measures during birth. During labor we offer help with different positions, talking through emotions, massages, guided breathing, fetching blankets, ice, pillows, etc, offering supportive words, etc. after baby is born we can help with breastfeeding, light housework, newborn education, child care, talking through birth experiences, helping with recovery. These are all things a midwife or doctor probably wont have time to do, as they need to do all the medical things necessary and may have other clients as well.

How do you become a doula: there isn’t a national or international standard. There are organizations that offer certification but some never get certified. Usually certification requires a training workshop offered by organization, taking birth classes or other classes about breastfeeding, cpr, etc, reading certain books, compiling resource lists, writing essays, taking tests, and getting feedback from clients and medical personnel you work with. There are many organizations you can certify with, the big runners are DONA and CAPPA, although a newer popular one is ProDoula. Each one is different, so ask around. I’d love to make a post that compares on contrasts each organization. Currently I’m getting my labor certification with DONA and postpartum certification with prodoula. There are many other types of doulas; abortion, miscarriage, and many others. You don’t need any experience with birth before starting as a doula.

What does a doula do if birth happens early: a running joke among doulas is “I will be there unless I’m at a birth” usually the birth process is long enough that we can make it there in time. If for some reason we can’t we usually know a doula (or we’re working for a doula business) where we can have back up

Any other questions?

might as well finish with the screens i’ve got before i have to wipe all my progress. THANKS BRANDON THE ALIEN BABY

archie went into labour while threatening some guy as part of his mafia work. while mostly naked. y’know. normal stuff.

at the hospital, maxie was the most helpful birthing partner ever

archie’s doctor was way too cheerful and yeah, archie, i wanna punch her too.

maxie’s still being helful and that birth machine scares me

archie the proud parent of his game breaking freak child brandon (because i was being original with names)

and now a section i like to call: maxie does whatever he wants while sat on the toilet

still funny.

maxie’s got moooooves

then the alien baby grew into a child but the glitch gremlin decided to be a dick and say he was still aging up and now the entire game is fubar.


really though it kinda blows my mind how often i see people make this claim that if a woman has a kid that PROVES she had sex with a man and is therefore attracted to men and it’s like, how. how do you not realize it’s possible to not consent. how do you not realize it’s possible to have sex with someone you’re not attracted to, for any number of reasons. how do you not realize it’s possible to be inseminated without sex taking place. how do you not realize that trans women exist. how do you not realize that adoption exists. how do you not realize that it’s possible to be a mother to a child your partner gave birth to. this isn’t even an exhaustive list. how do you get all the way through that thought and write it down and send it out into the world without even one of these things occurring to you. what is your life like. have you literally only ever encountered the most unvarying stereotypical hetero nuclear families possible. did you escape from a family circus cartoon. do you need help getting back home

•Actually ended up eating a really amazing dinner. Which is great because when George is at work fishing I literally never make myself good food to eat. But I can tell that I have a very happy baby because of it. Plus I feel like 20000% better then normal.
•It was some fresh eggs, organic kale and leeks, organic grapes and toast. YUM!
•While I was cooking I had a seriously PAINFUL BH contraction. They have never been painful before… But I drank a bunch of water and sat down and I haven’t had one in over and hour so I’m thinking I’m fine.
•I thought I was getting sick but I’m pretty sure my allergies just suck because today it was raining and I don’t feel so stuff and gross.
•However the stupid bloody noses have not stopped. I get at least 3 a week.
•George has been REALLY into The Birth Partner book. Like I read some without him and he got mad…
•I think I’m going to go take a hot shower and read some (of the Birth Partner… Don’t tell George…)

Woke up yesterday morning to the faint sound of moaning.
When I woke up properly I found out it was because my mum has been watching natural childbirth videos.
So since yesterday we have watched a few. She keeps having new ones to show me.

She’s preparing herself for being my birth partner and things she can do to help me.

Daddy Says Its Time to Carb Load

Daddy has been reading a borrowed book from our midwife about being a good birth partner. According to him, I need more carbs and sweets until Baby gets here. He read a section on being fully energized and having good carbs stored to pull energy from during labor. I had the orders to call our local OIP and order all my bready favorites. I have a personal pizza, curly fries and cheesy garlic bread coming for my late lunch. He’s such an amazing man. 

Banana’s birth plan:
DC breathing partner
Ollie and Ashley snap chatting
Louis outside on his phone to his boyfriend
Pimp mama kris sends her film crew.

I was gonna ask if this could get more ridiculous but…

I may not know everything but if we are talking about giving birth, having sex, swapping partners, dealing with teenagers, cooking something in the crockpot, dealing with crazy family members, having a dirty mouth and having a fuck ton of kids…feel free to consider me an expert.

Valentine's Bittersweet Reality

Sabi nga ng karamihan, “panahon na naman ng pag-ibig”. Bebenta na naman ang mga flowers at chocolates, mauuso na naman ang mga awiting nakakakilig, at kaliwa’t kanan na naman ang mga mag-partner na magpapakita ng love and affection sa bawat isa. Kasi nga February is the love month. Pero hindi lang mga “sweet” couples ang gustong bumida, dahil nagkalat din ang mga tinatawag na “bitter” ngayong Valentine’s Day. Ehem.

(Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan pangit!)

Mga nagmamahal ngunit ‘di nasusuklian, mga iniwan, niloko, nasaktan, No Partner Since Birth, mga binasted, nambasted, at takot mabasted, mga na-friendzone, na-BestFriendLangTayoZone, pati mga na-seenzone nung niyaya si crush na makipag-date, mga feeling masyadong maganda o masyading pogi, at mga — wala lang — nakiki-epal lang. In short, yung mga walang partner ngayong Valentine’s Day. Sila ang mga bumubuo sa Team #WalangForever, mga #BitterMode. Hindi naman lahat ng walang partner ngayon ay bitter, pero meron talagang iilan. Mga 30 percent siguro. Paano malalaman kung bitter ang isang tao? Madali lang, sila yung mga galit sa mga couple na sweet, sila yung mga magpopost sa social media na walang 14 sa February nila, sila yung mga taong sa tuwing makakakita ng mag-partner ay bumubulong na “Sus! Magbe-break din kayo!” na may kasamang irap pa.

What’s the big deal?

Hindi masamang walang partner tuwing Valentine’s Day, ang masama ay yung sirain yung araw ng mga taong nagmamahalan. Maging masaya na lang tayo na may mga taong nakahanap ng kanilang true love. Kung meron mang hindi sincere sa partners nila, hindi mo na problema yun. Ang dapat mong isipin ay kung paano ka din magiging masaya. Madaming paraan para maging masaya, hindi mo kailangan magkaroon ng instant partner at hindi mo kailangan maging bitter. Matutong maghintay. Dahil #TrueLoveWaits. Malay mo next time hindi lang Valentine’s Day ang icecelebrate mo kasama ang mahal mo kundi pati na rin yung sinasabi nilang #Forever. Naks!

At sa mga may partner ngayong panahon ng mga puso, maging sincere sana sa inyong mga partner at mangarap na habang buhay na kayong magkakasama. Maging responsable sa mga “balak gawin” ngayong V-Day, manuod muna ng bagito bago makipag-date! Kung saang “lugar” man humantong ang pagmamahalan, matutong maging responsable. Higit sa lahat, ingatan at pahalagahan ninyo ang inyong partner. Pinakamasarap magmahal pag may pagpapahalaga. Okay? Okay.

Gasgas na ang linyang to, pero dapat mo pa ding marinig: “Don’t be bitter, be better”.

Spread love.