birth of the earth

Charging Sigils

This is from sigilathenaeum’s page and I in no way claim it as my own. 

Earth: grounding, centering, nature, growth, life, creation, birth, fertility, health, the physical body, prosperity, money, savings, career, job, employment, business, maturity, age, boundaries, protection, home, family, trust, stability, reliability, practicality, strength, calm,

Air: voice, speech, eloquence, communication, intellect, memory, knowledge, information, education, school, song, music, youth, freedom, astral travel, mental power, divination, spirituality, finding lost things, happiness, joy, laughter, fairies, fae,

Fire: passion, desire, love, sex, sexuality, romance, protection (but with a kick), banishing, energy, inspiration, motivation, competition, athleticism, strength, empowerment,  ego, success, leadership, courage, bravery, anger, power, destruction, purification,

Water: fluidity, flexibility, change, adaptability, intuition, maturity, rebirth, renewal, mental health, emotions, sadness, dreams, sleep, psychic powers, travel, cleansing, beauty, appearance, healing, menstruation,

Sunlight: clarity, understanding, finding, truth, sight, vision, learning, school, education divination, confidence, happiness, mental health, anti-depressant, beauty, clear skin, perfection, talent, glory, prosperity, friendship,

Moonlight: dreams, sleep, astral travel, clairvoyance, potential, prophecy, mystery, secrets, love, menstruation,

Music: musical instruments, singing, dance, art, emotions, creativity, mix and match! (match the music to the intent: lullabies for sleep and dreams, love songs for relationships, etc.)

Personal Energy: confidence, anti-anxiety, self-love, self-harm, personal characteristics, anything personal,

Character Sheet

//Witter here with a character sheet that I use. I hope it comes in handy!

“A quote from or about your character.”

     - Book, Chapter, Thought, Etc.

   General Information

Name: [The name you call them and they call themselves mainly; but if it isn’t their real biological name, make sure you note that information down somewhere]
Name Meaning: [Self explanatory]
Pronunciation: [Self explanatory]
Other Names: [Nicknames? Aliases?]
Titles: [A title they might have earned? Like ‘The Trouble Maker’ or ‘General’?]

Sex: [Self explanatory]
Gender: [Self explanatory]
Age: [Can add what they look like in terms of age]

Birth Date: [Were they born on Earth with our terms of years?]
Birth Place: [Self explanatory; where were they born?]

Species: [Human? Shape shifter? Alien?]
Home-Planet: [Earth? Mars? Completely made up planet?]
Nationality: [I think this goes without saying]
Occupation: [Space janitor? Mortician? Artist?]

Dominant Hand: [Ambi? Left? Right? Third Hand?]
Astrological Sign: [Leo? Cancer? Virgo? A completely new one?]
Blood Type: [Might come in handy]


Main Appearance: [Here’s where I put a detailed paragraph or two talking about the general description of my character, from skin color, to facial shape, to height/weight, hair color, birthmarks, scars, skin conditions, eye color, etc.]

Alternative Appearances: [This refers to other forms your character might have. Like, say they have a disguise or they’re a shape shifter]


Wardrobe: [Self explanatory]

Accessories: [Self explanatory]
Musical Instruments: [Self explanatory]
Piercings: [Self explanatory]
Hygiene: [Self explanatory]
Makeup: [Self explanatory]
Perfume / Cologne: [Self explanatory]
Scent: [Natural]
Tattoos: [Self explanatory- I usually put this and piercings up in Appearance, but if it’s feeling cluttered to you, this is fine]


Diet: [Self explanatory]
Exercise: [Self explanatory; how frequently?]
Fitness: [Self explanatory; Are they ‘in shape’?]
Posture: [Self explanatory]

Abnormalities: [In their health]
Aids: [Medicines, coping habits, Glasses, Hearing Aids, etc?]
Allergies: [Include their severity]
Diseases: [If they have any]
Illnesses: [If they have any]
Disorders: [If they have any]
Broken Bones: [If they have any]
Reason for Health: [This is a general explanation of how they might have come to have what they have, hereditary or if they fell from a tree and got a broken bone]


Accent / Dialect: [Self explanatory]
Voice: [Self explanatory; rough/delicate/raspy, etc]
Laughter: [Self explanatory; is it breathy? Bubbly? Almost too soft to hear?]
Impediments: [Self explanatory; stutters, etc.]


Languages: [Languages they might know]
Personality: [Self explanatory; this usually gets really long]


Outlook on Life: [Self explanatory]
Philosophy / Motto: [Self explanatory]


Priorities: [Self explanatory; goals they have in mind?]
Self Confidence: [Self explanatory; how they outwardly show it]
Self Control: [Self explanatory]
Self Esteem: [Self explanatory; this is how they feel deep inside]

Quirks: [Self explanatory; like, do they rub their neck a lot? Always fiddle with stuff?]
Hobbies: [Self explanatory]
Closet Hobbies: [Self explanatory; stuff they aren’t too keen on sharing]
Guilty Pleasures: [Self explanatory]

Habits: [Self explanatory]
Nervous Tics: [Self explanatory]
Soft Spots: [Self explanatory]

Most Prized Possession: [Self explanatory]
Collections: [Self explanatory]

Regrets: [Self explanatory]
Secrets: [Self explanatory]
Darkest Secret: [Self explanatory]
Pet Peeves: [Self explanatory]

Phobias: [Self explanatory]


Likes: [Self explanatory]
Dislikes: [Self explanatory]

Favorites: [Self explanatory; general things, such as favorite food, movie genre, music, etc]
Least Favorites: [Self explanatory]


Ability: [Self explanatory]
Position: [Self explanatory; position they find themselves when in combat, defense or offense, as well as if they’re leader, etc]
Weapon: [Self explanatory]
Element: [Self explanatory]
Martial Arts: [Self explanatory]
Strengths: [Self explanatory]
Weaknesses: [Self explanatory]
Restrictions: [Self explanatory]

   Home, Work, and Education

Abode: [What kind of place do they live in? Apartment? Duplex? House? What does the interior look like?]

Pets: [Self explanatory]
Roommates: [Self explanatory]

Sleep Patterns: [Self explanatory]
Eating Habits: [Self explanatory]


Mother: [Self explanatory]
Father: [Self explanatory]
Guardians: [Self explanatory]
Siblings: [Self explanatory]
Children: [Self explanatory]
Best Friend: [Self explanatory]
Close Friends: [Self explanatory]
Friends: [Self explanatory]
Team: [Self explanatory]
Acquaintances: [Self explanatory]
Rivals: [Self explanatory]
Enemies: [Self explanatory]


First Love: [Self explanatory]
Love Interests: [Self explanatory]
Significant Other: [Self explanatory]
Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s): [Self explanatory]


(Optional; but generally, this is how they react to what they’re feeling)



Background: [Self explanatory, but basically how they’ve grown up- their past, etc. that leads up to their story]

Earliest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Fondest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Worst Memory: [Self explanatory]


  • [If you’ve missed anything, you can add it here! Fun things to add: MBTI types, temperament, Hogwarts House, Pokemon Team, etc.]

The world’s last wild frankincense forests

In a tradition dating to Biblical times, men rise at dawn in the rugged Cal Madow mountains of Somaliland in the Horn of Africa to scale rocky outcrops in search of the prized sap of wild frankincense trees.

Bracing against high winds, Musse Ismail Hassan climbs with his feet wrapped in cloth to protect against the sticky resin. With a metal scraper, he chips off bark and the tree’s white sap bleeds into the salty air. “My father and grandfather were both doing this job,” said Hassan, who like all around here is Muslim. “We heard that it was with Jesus.”

When dried and burned, the sap produces a fragrant smoke which perfumes churches and mosques around the world. Frankincense, along with gold and myrrh, was brought by the Three Kings as gifts in the Gospel account of the birth of Jesus.

But now these last intact wild frankincense forests on Earth are under threat as prices have shot up in recent years with the global appetite for essential oils. Overharvesting has led to the trees dying off faster than they can replenish, putting the ancient resin trade at risk. (AP)

Photos: AP Photo/Jason Patinkin

See more images of the world’s last wild frankincense forests on Yahoo News

Five Weather'd Nails (A Vernal Charm)

Five Weather’d Nails

A snail shell, a cloister, a labyrinth of life
its essence made of distillation, propagation, strife.

Three rabbit bones a stream did cross, never a fallow hare
six times a raven circl’d the heath, calling in despair.

“Bind it thrice for heathen earth, thrice for death’s embrace
tie it now for new born life, thrice for winter’s disgrace.”

A handful of mugwort dried, from summer’s recent past
that burns upon the censer, brings the visions we have cast.

Five weather’d nails, through autumn sleet and winter hail
that call to the fire in the sky, let vernal birth avail!

“Bind it thrice for heathen earth, thrice for death’s disgrace
tie it now for new born life, thrice for spring’s embrace.”

Earth in the Natal Chart

Rules: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses

Keywords: control, materialism, practical, forceful, self-centered, responsible, egotistical, logical, reliable, cautious

Lack of Earth: When there is a lack of Earth in an individual’s chart, they will often be unrealistic and unreliable. Ungrounded to extremes, this individual may forget to take care of themselves, even going without eating or drinking, as they are too caught up in other things. They are anything but practical: they don’t have a source of regular income, any consideration of traditional values or what is considered normal. Often they are dependent on others both emotionally and materially. They are drawn to people who are strong, reserved and focused.

Excess of Earth: When there is far too much Earth in an individual’s chart they often don’t feel they have any problem. It can feel as if they fit in too well in our society focused on material goods. Business, reasoning and materialism are natural to them. When there is change (no matter how small) they can hardly handle it. Change is their biggest fear and struggle. This excess Earth can cause the native to be unsympathetic to the emotions of those around them, making relationships tense.

Balanced: Reliable, stable, and logical. When Earth is balanced well in an individual’s chart they are always there for those they love and are considerate of others. They are particularly good with money but do not become obsessive with it. Still, they are highly physical people. This is especially true in relationships as they express affection through physical contact.

Fire  ☆  Earth  ☆  Air  ☆  Water

cosmic witchcraft 101: lunar magick ☾

The Moon is Earth’s only major natural satellite. Scientists believe it formed about 30-50 million years after the rest of our solar system. While there are several ideas as it how it formed, the most widely accepted hypothesis proposes that in the first few million years after the Sun’s birth, the Moon was formed from debris from a cataclysmic impact between Earth and a Mars-sized body called Theia.


  • Relative to the size of the planet it orbits, the Moon is the largest planetary satellite in our solar system.
  • The Moon is the second densest satellite in our solar system, coming in behind Io.
  • Eclipses occur during an astronomical event called a syzygy, when three celestial bodies (in this case - the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun) are aligned.
  • Despite being the second brightest object in the night sky, the Moon is about as reflective as worn asphalt.
  • Even though they display half of the Moon’s surface area, quarter moons are only 25% as bright as the full moon.
  • The distance between the Earth and Moon is slowly increasing. Hundreds of millions of years in the future, its angular diameter will have decreased so much that total eclipses will never happen again.
  • Lunar calendars may have originated as early as 30,000 years ago.

Magickal Correspondences*

Colors: white, silver, gray, light blue, red, orange, yellow, black

Intents: self-love, protection, absorb negative energy, dreams, balance, dealing with change, inner peace, starting new routines, balancing emotions, centering, turning your circumstances around, sea/ocean magick (tidal influences)

Herbs: aloe, nutmeg, willow, watercress, lily, jasmine, violet, fennel, poppy, parsley, honeysuckle, mugwort

Crystals: hematite, pyrite, peridot, rhodonite, enstatite, moonstone, silver, white quartz, opal, amethyst, selenite, pearl, aquamarine, rose quartz

*some of these correspondences are based on traditional associations and some are based on my personal associations

The cool thing about Man of Steel and how it’s referred to is that we know it’s an origin story, but it’s rarely ever called that because it doesn’t exactly follow the homogenized way Marvel or other superhero movies do it. It’s not a movie about an asshole becoming a better person or a good guy getting strength to fight the overseas bullies, it’s a movie about a guy with superpowers from birth living on earth and becoming a bigger hero once he puts on his suit. He was a hero before he became Superman, and that is something we never see in superhero movies. It’s a unique take on the first big American superhero and I love the movie even more for it.