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I really like Re:coded, and tbh I liked it better than some of the other games in the series (though I think one of those I need to replay because I think the only reason I feel so meh about KH2 is because of how hyped it was and how there were small issues that bugged me.) I know the game has it’s flaws, but I always really liked it’s quirks, and since it’s the game I started the series on I’m a bit attached to it, even if I acknowledge it’s not the best KH game at all.

tbf I love Kh II but I won’t deny it’s a bit overrated. I mean you can just get by by smashing the X button. Also the worlds are more open than KH I and that’s nice but it can feel a bit empty because of it. And then there’s probably other small stuff that doesn’t bug me but would bug other people. 

Side Note: If you were to ask me to point to the best put together game in the series I would point to Birth by Sleep. Not saying it should be everyone’s favorite but just from a technical standpoint of story, gameplay, setting, characters, level set-up etc. it does good in just about every department. 

However I admit best game is highly debatable. Worse game, well I once watched a video that brought up that it’s easier to say what’s bad about something cause there’s less subjectivity to it. Whereas it’s harder to point out what’s good about something cause everyone likes different stuff and you can dislike something even if it’s not bad. And I think there’s a lick of truth to that. I mean it is all subjective opinion at the end of the day but still. 

harrisonfreakingarrett  asked:

So I guess we've established that the story of Recoded is the least important to the story of all the games, but does everyone really dislike the gameplay that much? I personally had a lot of fun with Recoded, and I did enjoy the upgrade system.

I don’t know how most people feel about the gameplay as I’ve never looked it up. (feel free to reply or reblog with your feelings about it guys). 

Me personally, I’m okay with the gameplay but what killed it for me was how cheap those datablocks could be in battle. Mainly the ones where if you touched them you would take damage and get knocked back a bit. Also I didn’t like how many options I had when it came to fusing special attacks. I like options but when you have too many options it can be tricky to decide what to use and take longer to figure out what’s worth using without just going and looking it up. 

I like Dream Drop or Birth by Sleep where you have plenty of options but it’s not an endless amount of options. Or who knows maybe all three games have the same amount, it was just more noticeable in Coded. 

It was fun to change up gameplay styles though and I have a soft spot for turned based combat so I enjoyed Olympus Coliseum. I also kind of like the upgrade board even if it was a little weird. Also the avatar option was cute (I’m a little fuzzy but I remember there was something where you could take this dot-eyed avatar and dress it up). 

I actually need to go back and beat the game. I got most of the way through it before putting it down and at the time I was going through a phase where I would sell my unused games for money so the game got sold. I eventually plan on rebuying it and playing it.