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Idols which will take a part in Produce 101 Season 2

I’m not 101% sure but it’s the part of idols which I heard about and they will be participants of Produce 101 Season 2. If I’m wrong with any contestants or I didn’t mention any of them just comment/write to me^^ No hesitation 😘 I will try to update this list as often as I can (o^^o)




☆Kid Monster (KQ Sound)
☆Oscar Kim Timoteo (KQ Sound, Former SM trainee)
☆SungWoon (KQ Sound)

☆Punch aka Samuel ( Brave Ent. and also was one of the pre-debut members of Seventeen)

Others but not less important:
☆Jung Jinyung (former YG trainee, KQ trainee, Mix And Match)
☆Seok Daehwan (KQ Produce)
☆Shin Dongjin (former Pledis Ent. trainee that was part of group “Seventeen” during their pre-debut days)
☆Yao Ming Ming (FNC Ent., set up debut with upcoming group ACEMAX-Black, pre-debut member of Seventeen)
☆Jang Moonbok (O&O solo artist debuted with song “Hip Hop President” in 2016)
☆Kim Yeonghoon
☆Park Yongjoo (SM trainee from Super Idol)
☆Roh Jihoon (Cube Ent.’s solo artist, Birth Of The Great Star contestant)
☆Lee Daeyeol (Woollim Ent. trainee, Sungyeol’s [Infinite] brother)

☆Kim Taedong ☆Lee Insoo

The East Light:
☆Lee Woojin

☆Im Joonhyuk

☆Kim YoungJin
Dishonored reference dump #1

Parts #2, #3, #4#5#6

Actually, gonna go through and write down any other tiny facts on Harvey Smith’s timeline, because 1) aforesaid world-building hard-on, 2) it’s Saturday night and apparently I have nothing better to do.

- - - - - -

Outsider may go for long periods without marking anybody, before giving power to a number of players all at once around interesting periods in history.

Purple at shrines is not indicative of the Outsider’s favourite colour; it ‘says more about cultists than about the Outsider’

The Outsider’s name: ’we always thought different cultures would use different names; generally for one cast out, alienated, outside the world and given that the Abbey is insular, xenophobic, they see him as a threat’

The Outsider and whales: ’creatures of beauty and sadness; deep and beautiful; hunted and crassly slaughtered for their oils. creatures of magic, too, in a sense; natural wonder, spirituality, aesthetics. there’s a scene in Boyhood (the Linklater film) that compares them to elves or unicorns.’ The Outsider cannot change shape, 'he appears almost as he was in life’

'my view of the Outsider is that he has two parts - human faculty and something primal and chthonic. he was powerless and abused as a boy, and is therefore bitter about those with power acting abusively. some of his lines are sarcastic and some people miss that subtext. like, after a killing, “i suppose you had no choice”.’

On the Outsider remembering his human life: 'i think he sees this as forced on him; his life was interrupted’

'as to [The Outsider’s] perceptions, i think he is ’aware’ of the uncaring (or malevolent) Void and i think he is drawn to places of great suffering, acting as a witness

Animals: Tyvia has 'shaggier wolfhounds and bears’. 'We assumed the same basic animals [as Earth] but through a skewed lens. ie, like the gazelles we showed with super long necks and huge eyes. in some cases, there were these old pre-Victorian field sketches from natural philosophers; the animals were 'off' in ways we loved’ 'we talked back then about things like a lion with long upright lynx ears, etc’

Outsider's human name is 'unrecorded, lost in time’

On Burrows’ age: ’late 50s’ and ’royal spymaster for years - since the time of the prior emperor’

City Watch Guards living arrangements: 'Younger single people in barracks, but others with homes.’

Whalers’ sleeping quarters: 'We imagined them all near the hideout. Each person choosing some spot for a bedroom, or taking over an empty apartment. Some sleeping out under the stars on rooftops.’

On the Abbey ranks: Cities and regions have Vice Overseers, Abbey Elders who chose next High Overseer are 'old and respected’ Overseers. Warfare Overseers are regular Overseers but with music box training. 'Overseers take up weapons, are more spiritual, train the dogs, master the music boxes, or enter administrative roles’. Feast of Painted Kettles is a Mervyn Peake homage (I KNEW IT).

Already knew the stuff about Martin from here.

The ladies Boyle are the daughters of the late Lord Boyle, not widow of said Lord, although one or more may be a widow to a non-Boyle.

Abbey creation myth: ’The Void issued forth the worlds and stars, swirling around that great, birthing abyss. Plant and animal arose from the primordial chaos, with humanity separating itself from the beasts of the earth. Dread spirits poured forth from the Void and set about plaguing all men and women, attempting to create discord in their hearts. And since creation the entirety of the Cosmos has been slowly returning to the Void, pulled back toward eventual destruction.’ COOL.

Whale oil can be processed into a gun powder. Before the whale oil revolution, there was 'maybe crude early explosives and some proto electrical devices, but in our world that all went wide after whale oil' 

The Empire originally had several languages, but they’ve been 'made archaic for centuries by a common tongue’.

Music boxes: ’We just assumed that they’d found some melodic sequences that resonated with or against Void energy. Expensive materials, esoteric construction.’

Dishonored is 'basically an anti jello statement’. Hee.

Pendletons were probably in it for the influence.

Emily’s doll: ’at some point during dev we had a side mission we cut about getting Em a new doll.’ ’Corvo finding and stealing one’ I need this. Badly.

If a Whaler or a Brigmore Witch left their respective groups, their powers would have 'faded over time’. Although she was 'on the fence’, Billie was still a Whaler and still had her Daud-given powers.

Month order is actually ’Earth, Harvest, Nets, Rain, Wind, Darkness, High Cold, Ice, Hearths, Seeds, Timber, Clans, Songs.’ the in game order is a mistake. That always bugged me, glad to see a correction.

Gristol’s Parliment: “Parliament Created, 1626 - 20th Day, Month of Timber.” ’it rules over the nation state of Gristol, not the Empire. Made up of aristocrats, land owners, and other privileged elites’

'we always did talk about multiple realities; probably driven by different players/playthroughs’

Heart’s thoughts on Corvo has been posted before. Additionally, Outsider can move between the void and the real world. 

There, I’ve gone through up to June 24-ish, will add more when Twitter stops acting up. there’s an interesting convo going on about the Outsider right now that I want to read. :3



Creating the Name

Suga. A unique stage name. It gives others a sweet, soft image. But the person that I met totally contrasts this name.

First, as opposed to sweets, he prefers lighter food.Secondly, as opposed to bright songs, he prefers more somber songs.

“The stage name is given to me by Bang Shihyuk PD. He says the name includes many levels of meanings and think it’s best suited for my image." Although he has a stage name that is totally different from his image, he actually really likes it himself. "Because he gave me that name. Although ‘Suga’ has a very sweet meaning, I hope because of my existence that one day the word 'Suga’ will be defined.”

Quiet Little Prankster 

Suga described himself in lyrics as a “Daegu guy.” It’s his hometown and also a place where he spent a lot of time at so it’s not surprising that he misses that place. He came to Seoul by himself yet he doesn’t let himself forget his identity - he actually incorporates such thoughts into his lyrics.

“In Korea, they say Daegu men are men of few words and not too into expressing their own feelings." During the interview he chose specific wording for his answers but he was able to clearly express his thoughts.

Of course he also is like guys of the same age and also have a prankster side.

"I often go to the sauna with the members since we don’t often get recognized. We would play in the water and compete in who can stay in the sauna room the longest. We would even put on a mask in the sauna while chatting…”

Although he’s quiet, he also has a naughty side. There’s usually laughter when he’s with the other members. When the camera is filming him, he would show a V-sign as a reaction. Suga is a man with two charming sides, leaving others wanting to know more.

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Divination 101- M

Macharomancy: a divination using knives, daggers, or swords. The smaller blades were most common. A diviner would place the blade in the center of a circle with symbols divided into 15 sections. The question would be asked, the blade would be spun, and the diviner would write down the letter or symbol where the blade fell. This would be repeated till and answer was forthcoming.

There was a second version of this form of divination, used almost exclusively by the Romani. It was similar in the fact that there was a circle divided into fifteen sectors, however, when the question was asked the romani would only let it fall three times. The answer was one of the three answers given.

Macromancy: is divination by using large objects. This is literally everything I have about this form of divination. If anyone knows anything else about it please contact me and I will edit this post.

Maculomancy: an alternate form of moleomancy that uses freckles. 

Margaritomancy: is divination using a pearl or pearls and could be done in one of three ways. Either a diviner would cast pearls similar to bones or stones, and divine off of the pattern that the pearls made, or they would divine the pearl while still in the pearl inside of the oyster.

The final was far more specific. A diviner would take a bunch of pears and place them in a clay pot, cast iron skillet, or a vase. This item would be placed on or near a fire. A crime and a series of names would be read out loud, the pearl would bounce when the guilty name was read.

Meconomancy: is divination using sleep. This is not dream interpretation, but rather watching the way a person sleeps and divining their personality and attitude from this.

Meteoromancy: is divination by studying meteors.It is derived from the Latin meteros which means “things in the air” or “heavenly bodies”. It was often thought that the appearance of a meteor could predict any number of natural disasters, plagues, or the deaths of a great person.

The Romans picked up the practice and began to incorporate phenomina such as lightening/thunder, eclipses, and the appearance of planets in the sky.

A shooting star was supposed to predict the birth of a great person. Lightening striking close together predicted a war. Rolling thunder represented death by plague.

Metopomancy: is divination using the forehead or face and was first practiced in China and is still in use in several Asian countries. Hippocrates utilized it in his practice of medicine. It was further used by Jerome Cardano who wrote a book that included 800 different facial structures and lines that would denote personality and temperament.

Micromancy: is divination using small objects.Like macromancy….I seriously don’t have any other information on this.

Moleosophy: is divination by moles on the body. It has it’s birth in a form of pseudoscience developed by none other than Hippocrates. The diviner would sketch out the pattern and placement of moles on the subjects body and associate them with the stars, thus incorporating astrology into the divination. By these means a diviner could denote the destiny and personality of the subject.

The most common divinations were a mole on the left shoulder meant the person had a chip on their shoulder (hah!) and was prone to fighting. However if the mole was between the wrist and elbow (on the underside of the arm) the person was likely to be peaceful. A mark on the face meant they were to be attractive, one in the hairline denoted secretive nature, one on the left thigh said that the person was likely prone to worries and one of the right thigh meant that their life would be full and happy.

In this form of divination freckles were not used.

Molybdomancy: uses shapes of molten metal (usually lead or tin) in water.This form of divination was born in Greece but became very popular in the European Middle Ages to divine illnesses, plagues, sickness, and disease. It was also used to find out if a person had been hexed.

Interpretation could happen in several ways. The sound the metal made when it hit water, she shapes of the droplets after they had formed inside the water, or how the water responded when pored over hot metal.

While it was founded it Greece it was not practiced often there. It was practiced (and still is) in Nordic countries, primarily Germany and Finland. They would pour hot metal on a smooth surface and pour water over it, the shapes that the metal took created the divination.

Another common German divination was to take the molten metal and pour into cold water and wait for it to harden. They would take the lump and rotate it in candle light, waiting for shapes to appear.

In Ireland and Wales a person could do a similar divination to discover the profession of their future husband.

Myomancy: is divination using the sounds, movements, destructiveness, and appearance of mice or rats. Usually thought to be the portents of disaster or destruction.

Dark Matter

A/N: i don’t suppose it’s exactly correct to call this phanfiction. more like “fiction inspired by phan.” what i love most about their relationship is not so much the possibility of a romantic attachment as it is the way that they inspire each other and spur each other on to greater creativity. and how that creativity has led to all of this – all of our interactions and creative work inspired by them.


If an aeon of existence has taught me anything it is this: To exist is to be alone.

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Eric Nam (에릭남) (Cover) - I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz)

I usually don’t watch many audition shows but I got into MBC’s Birth of a Great Star because of my parents. This season… I have no words… it was just too good of a season and all of the finalists were amazing! Eric Nam was one of those finalists who actually made it to fourth (or third, I’m not positive) place. His first appearance on the show was when he sang “Ordinary People” by John Legend, and did he wow the crowd! His voice is a bit raspy and pretty low, and everything that is synonymous to “charismatic” and “soothing”. Although he is a fantastic singer in general, I tend to like his English singing more than his Korean singing. This video is his most recent personal cover (yes, that is his official YouTube channel) and one of my favorites by him.

Check out more from Eric and shoot him a message because he’s just an “ordinary person” who would appreciate the comments :3 Also, if you would like to watch his performances on Birth of a Great Star, search “위대한 탄생 에릭남” on YouTube.


Taeil on Birth of a Great Star… aww, bb. 

He seems so talkative, maybe what the boys are saying is true~

Poor thing. I’m glad though, it led him to Brand New Stardom. :)

SO I found out that the video voting....

(submitting videos is till the 3rd August, so I guess voting will be from 4th? lol not sure but I’ll be following it as well)
Please go to :
When the voting begins, the option SUBMIT (in MBC channel) will change to GALLERY. Only then you’ll be able to vote! 
Select my Country: ISRAEL(I think that by now I’ll be the only one anyways LOL)
Select the genre: R&B
Category: MUSIC and when my video appears, select it and click in VOTE! Then you will be voting for me. Thanks! ^^

you can vote ONCE PER DAY notice that it’s not the “like” I’ve been asking you to do lol, so maybe people can vote multiple times too (if everyday is once….)


My story’s pretty unique in that I was preparing to enlist in the army before my debut. I can’t call myself a professional singer, but I had promoted as a singer in a few places. After seeing an advertisement for MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star”, I auditioned for the program and luckily made it to the camp episode. Unfortunately, I was eliminated when they were cutting down to 30 members. I prepared to enlist in the army until I received a call from our agency right after the show aired.  He said he liked what he saw, and soon after, I had joined Block B. I feel like it’s a dream.

[NEWS] 140805 Antlion Pitfall Block B ① An Authentic Manifest of Block B’s Charms

There is a word called “antlion pitfall.” According to the dictionary, this word refers to an antlion who digs a pit underneath the sand in a sunny dry area and hides there, waiting to devour ants or other insects who fall in.

It’s a chilly word for ants passing by, but for humans, it is a word that is used to describe a fatal attraction charm that can’t be forgotten after being seen once. In particular, you can see the appearance of an antlion pitfall in the idol groups who capture the hearts of their fans with a variety of different charms. Among those groups, Block B’s antlion pitfall charms stand out.

Block B is group that breaks stereotypes of idols. For some reason idol groups are expected to be reminiscent of a sparkling and fresh smile or a powerful charismatic appearance, but Block B is a little different with their sense of being neighborhood hooligans. Block B who is armed with recklessness and familiarity, we will try to explore their antlion pitfall-like charms.

# Chapter 1 Block B, What Star Did You Come From?

Block B is a group that has passed 4 years since their debut on April 15, 2011. Their name Block B stands for a meaning of a box-office blockbuster. Block B’s fanclub BBC has a meaning of Block B Club. As well as leader Zico, Block B is comprised of 7 members including Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O. Block B has had many hit songs after their debut single “Do U Wanna B?” including Nillili Mambo, Nalina, Very Good, and Jackpot. They are currently in the midst of promotions for their recently-released track H.E.R.

Before their debut, Block B members had extraordinary histories. First of all, Zico was a rapper active in the underground. Because of Zico’s elegant and accurate rap skills, he is often referred to as a priority among representative idol rappers. Aside from formally released songs, Zico has also released more than 200 mixtape tracks. Aside from this, Zico is also a versatile member of Block B, showing the appearance of a singer-songwriter as he directly produces Block B’s albums. Additionally, Zico was active in a group called Harmonics with Park Kyung, who has been his friend since their sixth year of elementary school. The visual of the team, Jaehyo, appeared as an ulzzang on Mnet’s “Flower Boys,” and Taeil’s face began to be recognized through MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star.”

With their songs Nillili Mambo, Nalina, etc. Block B showed a freewheeling appearance and reckless stage that couldn’t be seen in existing idols. Additionally, Block B rode a rising popularity through their exciting songs, which actively showed their hooligan-like charms, and their appearance of knowing how to enjoy themselves. However, Block B have also had some trials. In 2012, there was a controversy regarding their remarks about floods in Thailand. At that time, as a sign of reflection, Zico even shaved his head. Following this, the Block B members suffered great trials during a dispute with their agency.

But Block B leapt back into action as a trend group last year with Very Good. Following this, Block B left behind their previous strong and tough image in favor of a cute, lovable side with H.E.R. If Block B’s music until now has been close to black with its stylishness and chicness, H.E.R is closer to a cute and lively hot pink. In H.E.R, rappers Park Kyung and P.O. challenge vocals rather than rap, and they ventured to hugely increase the number of vocal parts. In addition to this, Block B members have firmly overcome their challenges and aren’t afraid of change, and rather than those things is showing an enjoyable appearance as they open a new Chapter 2.

# Chapter 2 Beagle Masters Block B

“Beagle-mi” is a word that comes from the dog breed ‘beagle’ and the character ‘mi’ (美) meaning beautiful. It is a word that refers to those who, like devilish beagles, cause various accidents, but somehow manage to give off a cute charm even so. Even if you include “beagle-mi” as one of Block B’s antlion pitfall charms, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

From the early beginning of their debut Block B’s beagle-mi charms have been apparent. Even on Block B’s photo wall showing cool poses and perfect body lines, one can see many distinctive aspects. While making unique expressions and unknown poses, they cause viewers to burst into laughter. It has also been to the extent of making even their fans confused when they see Block B doing gentle poses in photos at events. Additionally, Block B members use SNS services to spread unstoppable bizarre photos, taking advantage of their good looks.

Also, reflecting their jokester personalities, the title of Block B’s reality program was ‘5 Minutes Before Chaos.’ It is an unfamiliar title among idol reality programs, but through this program Block B could publicly reveal their honest and unpretentious charms. In addition to this, although Block B members showed their fashionable but uncomplicated plainclothes fashion and their friendly personalities, one of their many charms is feeling like a close male friend.

Although they are a little strange and may cause thoughts like ‘Who are these kids?.’ the reason for the affection towards Block B’s beagle-mi is their honesty and unstoppable appearances. Many fans said that their biggest reason for feeling so much affection towards Block B is ‘healing.’ The reason is that when they have angering or pressuring problems, listening to Block B’s refreshing music or watching their stages eliminates all those difficult problems.

In Very Good there is a part that says, “I’ll make your soul go out.” It is a passage that reveals their confidence and their certainty in their own charms. Like this, honest and commanding Block B’s antlion pitfall is appealing to the hearts of many fans.


Translated by: Kari @ blockbintl

Please take out translations with full source.

Please don’t falter. RiSe, who left before me yesterday, taught me that. She was someone who didn’t tire out nor give up and worked hard to pursue her dream. Upon seeing her endless passion, I was able to reflect on myself. I felt like I wasn’t the mentor, but a mentee in front of her. So don’t get tired nor give up and fight until the end.
—  Lee Eun Mi, Mentor of RiSe on ‘Birth of a Great Star’