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For other inpirits who asked for this is infinite subs, you can go to kshowonline(.)com. They hv infinite sesame player, infinite birth of a family, and this is infinite. You can download it from there too. Enjoyyyyy<3

Thank you anon!! Hopefully other Inspirits will see this too :)


So I just marathoned Birth of a Family because I stopped watching it after episode 2. 

I cried so many times but the worst was during the commercial and the goodbyes. Every day there is an animal being abandoned and just like this cf says: if they could talk, would you abandon them…?

Even though this is a wonderful show, bringing attention to abandoned dogs, I felt very conflicted about that they boys created a band, a relationship with the dogs and they suddenly had to break it after a few months. How must the puppies have felt? They were quiet and they knew something was going to happen and I cried so much because the boys had to say goodbye to the dogs they cared for, loved and looked after while the dogs were suddenly brought into a new family, not to say that Dubu had to go back to the shelter (even if it was for a short period of time).

How must those dogs have felt? How must Dubu have felt to be brought back to the dog shelter, thinking it’s owners don’t want to have him anymore?

Sorry for saying so much, I’m quite emotional after watching this and it only reminded me of a dog we had before, it wasn’t mine, but my sisters but we were obligated to bring it to the shelter, after 3 years or so I think…? I can still remember it so vividly how much the dog cried and tried to get our attention while he was being dragged away. If only I was old enough back then, if only we didn’t take such a stupid decision back then, he would still be here. 

And that’s what people do, make mistakes which they might regret later and abandoning or returning animals back to shelters is one of them.

Please love these animals, they give us their love and loyalty.