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You seriously do these so well, they're so nice and thought-out and links to examples....I request one for Sungyeol. Because he's so wonderful but gets underestimated far too often. Please and thank you!

Okay, so I previously did Woohyun and Sunggyu, and now it’s my handsome and small son Sungyeol! Sungyeol often gets overlooked in INFINITE, and that is just not okay. So here are some reasons to show him more love, because he definitely deserves it!


If there is one thing Sungyeol does amazingly well, it’s act. He has always had aspirations to be an actor, and was originally in the SM Acting Academy before he joined Woollim. He didn’t set out to be in an idol group, but aren’t we glad he ended up in INFINITE? Sungyeol has been in multiple dramas over the years, including Please Remember Princess, Hi-School Love On (alongside fellow member Woohyun) and D-Day

Also here is Yeol acting in a CF for a dog shelter, part of INFINITE’s appearance on Birth of a Family:


It goes without saying that INFINITE wouldn’t be as successful on variety shows if it weren’t for members like Sungyeol. He has perfect comedy timing and has never minded throwing himself fully into skits and giving everything he has for hilarity - image? What image? Let’s never forget Sungyeol’s animal impressions, the infamous owl face, his hilarious dancing or the many, many times he’s gone all out for his solo stages (Troublemaker with Sungjong, PSY’s Daddy, ioi’s Pick Me).

And here is a personal favourite of mine, Sexy Back ft Hoya:


Although Sungyeol did not set out to be a singer, you would have to be totally ignorant not to notice what an improvement he has made vocally in the 7 years since debut. He has never been one to say he can sing, remaining humble about his skills and often even putting himself down. But it shows that he’s trained his voice when you listen to him on album tracks and during live performances. He may not get the most lines, but he often gets some of the most memorable ones in songs (”Do you hear me?” anyone???). Here is a compilation of some of his lines. Then there is the fact that Sungyeol can rap! Okay so he may not be as known for it as INFINITE H, but you can check out his skills in Cover Girl or watch this awesome clip of INFINITE switching parts for Be Mine. Sungyeol got Hoya and absolutely slayed it. 

INFINITE are a group well known for their synchronised dance skills. And Sungyeol being the tallest member definitely has to try that little bit harder to make sure he stays in line with the rest of them. He may not be a main dancer or be asked to do the dance break, but without him we wouldn’t have the perfect seven members that form INFINITE, and we also wouldn’t have the cool bit at the beginning of The Chaser where Yeol parts the others like the Red Sea… 

Also look how sexy he is…


There are so many reasons to love Sungyeol, and here are a few more things I think are very important:

  • His love of animals! Sungyeol adopted a cute little hairless cat he named Jureumie (from the world for wrinkle), and although she has since moved in with one of Woollim’s staff, we got some super cute times with the two of them. He now has a dog called Aga (Baby). Sungyeol was also amazing with the three puppies INFINITE adopted on Birth of a Family
  • He lowkey does a lot of charity work. Sunggyu outed Sungyeol saying he actually does a lot of charity work, but he never likes to talk about it himself. 
  • His visuals are seriously no joke. Having seen INFINITE up close in real life (and accidentally at the airport one time) I can honestly confirm that Lee Sungyeol is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen, even with a facemask on and no makeup. 
  • Sungyeol loves INSPIRITS so much that he’s ready to chase us to the ends of the earth if we cheat on them. He also spoke about how it’s important to him to be able to communicate with all fans, and so he tried extra hard at foreign languages during their first world tour OGS. 
  • His friendships with the other members are very sweet, especially with Sunggyu and Myungsoo. Sunggyu often leans on Sungyeol or latches onto him at airports. And even though Sungyeol and Myungsoo admitted to fighting with each other before, they’re known to be very close. 

I legitimately love Sungyeol so much and it makes me upset when I see negative comments about him or hear that he’s not getting as much attention as he deserves. Please love Lee Sungyeol, because if you’re an INSPIRIT then he definitely already loves you!

(See all these About IFNT guides here)

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Hello~ I'm the anon that asked about the Dongwoo pool clip a few days ago lol I've been watching so many Infinite videos over the last week and I'm in love with them 😍 I was wondering, could you tell me some of your favorite or interesting facts about each member? Thank you so much :) I really love your blog 💖

Okay you’re my favourite anon at the moment because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT INFINITE OMG COME SIT BY THE FIRE AND LET ME TELL YOU THINGS!


  • Birthday: 28th April 1989
  • Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He was in a rock band at high school
  • He auditioned for SM and JYP before getting into Woollim (who he auditioned for because he was a huge fan of Nell)
  • Sunggyu used to be pretty nervous around dogs, but after doing Birth of a Family with INFINITE he got a lot better
  • He’s actually really clever, when he puts his mind to it. You can see how intelligent he is on The Genius
  • Watch him on 4things Show because it really gives you a good insight into his personality
  • He doesn’t have a good stomach when it comes to foreign food and always takes Korean food with him when he travels abroad
  • Even though he is strict and the other members often mock him, he’s a good leader and truly cares about them. Just watch the first episode of Showtime and you will see what I mean
  • When they were in Japan for concerts recently, both Sungyeol and Sungjong had their birthdays there and Sunggyu personally went out to buy them clothes as gifts
  • He has an allergy to certain types of metals and so he has to be careful about the jewelry he wears (I have the same allergy :3)


  • Birthday: 22nd November 1990
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He used to be a dance teacher before he joined Infinite
  • He is really close to his family. His mum has been on TV shows with him, and he posts pictures of his niece Sebin all the time. Sadly, his dad passed away a few weeks ago. Both his parents always attended his concerts, even ones abroad. He had a box he kept full of receipts and notes of things his parents had got for him so that he could eventually pay them back
  • He’s a really kindhearted and caring person who puts others first and is totally loving towards the other members and the fans
  • He always takes the time to read fan letters, and there are numerous pictures of him doing it at airports before boarding flights
  • He self composed his solo stage for the That Summer 3 Concerts this year
  • His laugh could probably cure all diseases in the world
  • He dressed as a woman on this show and was prettier than I can ever hope to be
  • Dongwoo is a very very heavy sleeper
  • One time he farted on national TV


  • Birthday: 8th February 1991
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He tried pole dancing on Star King
  • He originally wanted go be a solo singer when he auditioned for Woollim
  • Pre-debut, he was a model for a shopping mall and catalogs
  • Woohyun has an older brother called Boohyun who owns a barbecue restaurant in Seoul
  • He is really close friends with SHINee’s Key and was in the sub-unit ToHeart with him
  • This is my favourite performance of Woohyun’s, from Immortal Song earlier this year when he got the highest score for an idol on the show
  • His audition song for Woollim was Lately by Stevie Wonder
  • He’s known for being the creator of the finger heart, or at least for popularising it
  • He may seem like a total greaseball and like he’s never serious, but he’s a really sweet, thoughtful and loving person. Sometimes he just has too much love, I think. He loves the fans so much, he even wrote and composed a song for them: 함께 (Together)


  • Birthday: 28th March 1991
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Blood Type: AB
  • He is an a-ma-zing dancer, and his performance with Choi Hyojin on Hit The Stage is a thing of absolute beauty that I will never get over
  • He has a YouTube channel called REAL HOYA where he occasionally  posts covers of songs ~
  • Hoya dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a dancer (but he did get his high school diploma later on)
  • He has acted in dramas, one of my favourites being Reply 1997
  • He is known for his pretty R-rated solo stages
  • He’s got a lot of sass, is known for his sharp tongue and judging faces, and often makes weird jokes only he seems to find funny. He’s also a little awkward baby
  • Hoya has been writing and composing a lot, and a song he co-composed is on the new album - One Day. He also wrote this song, which he performed for 4things Show.
  • He used to have to wear glasses, but had laser eye surgery last year
  • He has two brothers, one older, one younger. And! His birth name was Hodong, but his parents changed it to Howon as their was a popular comedian/MC called Hodong at the time


  • Birthday: 27th August 1991
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He used to study acting at the SM Academy before becoming a trainee at Woollim. He originally didn’t want to be a singer
  • One of his nicknames was Choding (elementary school student) because he was known as a prankster and joker, but he has tried to move away from that image in recent years
  • He has acted in dramas (Please Remember Princess, High School Love On, D-Day and more)
  • Sungyeol always aims to entertain, and his solo/special stages are always amazing
  • During Sesame Player, Sungyeol went through the members’ stuff while they slept and also fed them vinegar bananas
  • He has a younger brother called Daeyeol who is a Woollim trainee
  • He had a cat called Jureumi (which means ‘wrinkles’) but she lives with a member of Woollim staff now. He also has a dog called Aga (baby).
  • He was scouted for Woollim instead of auditioning and was the last member to join INFINITE
  • Sungyeol is a really sweet, funny, kind and caring person. Even though people often mistake him for being childish and silly, he’s a very sensitive guy who takes any criticism to heart and is always trying to be the best he can be


  • Birthday: 13th March 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: O
  • Myungsoo was scouted for Woollim too, probably because of his flowerboy looks. He is INFINITE’s visual.
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair
  • People say he has two sides to him: L and Myungsoo
  • He has acted in lots of dramas, including ones in Japan. He speaks Japanese well. 
  • He has a cat called Byul (Star)
  • He is known for doing a lot of charity work with disabled children and with animals too
  • Myungsoo loves photography and has actually released his own photobooks in both Korea and Japan (L’s Bravo Viewtiful). You can often spot him with a camera and even his instagram is full of artsy shots.
  • He can play the guitar
  • The other members always tease him for constantly wearing black, but he knows he looks good so who really cares :3


  • Birthday: 3rd September 1993
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He is known for being extremely good at girl group dances
  • He is definitely the “maknae on top” and although he gets teased a lot by the other members, it’s clear that they adore him
  • One time he pretended to be a zombie and has never lived it down
  • One time he awkwardly acted in a drama and has never lived it down (lemon candy)
  • Sungjong is really interested in fashion and often attends shows during Seoul Fashion Week. He always looks freaking flawless, just look through some of his fantaken photos…
  • He is also known for doing charity work
  • He lived with the CEO of Woollim for a while as a trainee so that they could make sure he was attending school
  • He has a teddy bear which he hits whenever he is mad
  • Sungjong has had hate for years over the way he looks or acts, and it means he sometimes overthinks things and worries about his image. Recently he lost 10kg for this comeback by only eating a spoon of food a day. It’s worrying! So we gotta make sure we give him a ton of extra love ~

More important videos to watch:

I hope you find this useful and please do love INFINITE a lot!!! 

The littlest things about INFINITE that made me emotional while watching Birth Of a Family

1. Like how Sungjong bonded with Coco, Nurungie and Tofu to the point everyone kept on looking for him when they needed to calm the dogs down or make them listen. And how even the puppies learned to bully Sungjong from watching other members I suppose. Sungjong still ran relentlessly after the puppies like a mom.

2. How Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Sungjong were upset when their puppies couldn’t be in the advertisement they shot. They defended their puppies’ acting skills and Sungjong even covered Coco’s eyes when they brought in a dog actor to act.

3. How much effort Myungsoo and the others put into building a dog house from scratch.

4. How the members called the puppies ‘kids’ and talked to them.

5. How upset the members all were when they heard that the puppies would be leaving.

6. How Sunggyu, who started out with being scared of dogs ended up giving them a shower and loving them.

7. How Sungjong’s voice broke every time he spoke about the puppies leaving.

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Hi! uh, I'm new to the fandom and i was wondering if there was any videos you could reccomend me to watch of Infinite? /-\ like interviews and them being the cuties they are ww~

hello ( ^ ▽ ^ )ノ welcome to the fandom~

i recommend watching their variety shows because we get to see that they are actually a bunch of lovable idiots compared to their charismatic onstage image. *this isnt a full list i just listed the ones i could think of on the top of my head*

Infinite Variety Shows

  • You’re My Oppa (x) [FETUSFINITE!!]
  • Sesame Player (x)
  • Ranking King (x)
  • Birth of a Family (x) [infinite + puppies ;u;]
  • This (Diss) is Infinite (x)

You can actually see how much they have grown by watching their variety shows but at the same time they havent changed at all

Variety Shows with Infinite as guests [hover over links to see what episodes & which members are guests:)]

  • Weekly Idol (x) [aka Infinite’s 2nd home]
  • Running Man (x) (x) (x,x) (x)
  • Hello Counselor (x) (x) (x)
  • Happy Together (x)
  • Mamma Mia (x) (x)
  • Beatles Code (x) (x)
  • High Society (x)


  • Welcome to Wara Store (x) [infinite as cartoon characters is super cute *o*]
  • Secret T (x) [more fetusfinite =u=b]
  • Mnet Scandal (x) [not for the weak hearted :\]
  • 10 Days in Japan (x)
  • 8 Days in America (x)
  • Second Invasion Concert: Couple Game (x) [THISTHISTHIS]
  • Infinite & Rainbow dance perf (x) [PFFFTTT]
  • BTD Trot ver perf (x)


  • Shut Up, Flower Boy Band
  • Love Poten
  • Reply 1997 [this is a must watch!]
  • High School Love On

If anyone need the ENGLISH SUBBED Video that I ever posted here on my Tumblr but the video is blocked or deleted, you can always leave me a message and I’ll personally send you the video through email. Or if you are in search for old videos or something you can ask ^ ^ Here list of the videos I have.

List of The Video :

- Variety Show :

  1. EXO First Box Disc 1,2,3,4
  2. EXO on Weekly IDOL (All episodes)
  3. INFINITE on Weekly Idol (All episodes)
  4. BAP on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  5. EXO Showtime (Complete)
  6. INFINITE Ranking King (Complete)
  7. EXO on Happy Camp (All Episodes)
  8. EXO on Various Radio shows (I can’t mention all TT__TT)
  9. This is INFINITE (complete)
  10. Teen Top on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  11. Law of The Jungle (Chanyeol) All Episodes
  12. Teen Top on Guam Ep. 1 (on going)
  13. B1A4 on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  14. Infinite Challenge with EXO
  15. BAP Live on Earth Seoul DVD 
  16. Law of The Jungle (Sungyeol) All Episodes
  17. Runningman (All Episodes) – Well for this one I’ll just give you the link because one Runningman Episodes is approximately around 500MB so it’s better and faster if I send the link instead.
  18. SHINee One FIne Day (The Documentary where they are going to several countries separately)
  19. APink Diary
  20. APink News Season 3 (Complete)
  21. APink on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  22. INFINITE Second Invasion DVD Concert
  23. INFINITE and Apink Birth of Family (complete)
  24. CNBLUE on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  25. BEAST on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  26. EXO on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  27. SHINee on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  28. SHINee on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  29. INFINITE on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  30. SMTOWN IAM Documentary
  31. Other Videos I can’t mention all, just ask me if your desired video is not on the list.

- Old Videos of :

  1. Super Junior
  2. SHINee
  3. 2PM
  4. Mblaq
  5. Beast
  6. Boyfriend
  7. BAP
  9. EXO
  10. ETC. ^^

Just ask ask ask~ Leave me message!

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Please explain to me this band "infinite"

No I did not just spend the whole day thinking on how to reply to this question

Turn out asking me this question is the same as asking me to make an essay. So if you’re seriously asking, beware of the long explanation (it’s 2358 words…) and this is probably not what you asked for…also beware of the english.

And also please note that most of these are my personal opinions on them, even though I’m trying to be objective

Basically, Infinite is a boy band from Korea. It was the first boy band from Woollim Entertainment, so the boy band was kind of experimental for them. They debuted on 2010 with Comeback Again. Since their company is very small on that time, they have to work their way up. They finally able to succeed after their first win with song “Be Mine”, after that they finally started to get really famous. To sum up their success: this used to be their dorm, but now they live in here. (I think that’s newest one, they moved dorm several times). If they didn’t win anything for Be Mine, they’re probably have been disbanded by the company.

They were famous for having very clean and synchronized dance/choreography. They are trying to not be as synchronized as before, but it’s like being synchronized with each other is already embedded in their bloods. Their music is also known for having a distinct sound and quite different from usual kpop music.If you like 80s music, it’s possible that you will like Infinite’s music. Honestly their music is not the kind who can appeal to everyone.

They are really good at performing, they almost always performing live even though they have a hard choreography, and they excel at it. Every single of them has their own talents. Even the maknae line, who people like to bash for having no talents (which is untrue), are really good.

Infinite’s personality as a whole is famous hardworking and well-mannered. They have been praised by staffs and seniors for those mannerisms. They’re close to each other, to the point the fans can get a daily dose of adorableness and skinship. Occasionally doing ‘dumb’ things, which is why I called them seven idiots. Lovingly, of course. Their personality is not always like what they are shown on TV, but we still can get a lot of glimpse of their personality from TV.

Recommended Songs + MV Performances (…okay, more like favorites of mine): Dashi DorawaBefore The DawnTic TocShotCan U SmileThe ChaserParadiseDestinyHysterieInceptionBackSonagi. If you have time you should listen to all their songs because almost all of them are good.

If you want to get to know their dynamic as a group on screen and their personality, I recommend watching these variety shows: Sesame PlayerBirth of A FamilyRanking KingThis is Infinite, also Weekly Idols

Infinite’s fans are called inspirit. To be an inspirit, you have to get used to those comments:

  • “Infinite songs are always sound the same.”
  • The maknae line are useless and don’t have any talents.
  • (insert people bringing up one of their 'scandals’, the scandals that usually has been resolved unlike a lot of scandals, and a lot of them are exaggerated)
  • That they get everything thanks to SM and that they don’t work hard
  • That they flop

Oh and also have to get ready for mistreatment from some broadcasting stations…

You also can read some of their interviews to get a glimpse of their personality off screen, most of the times they gave an insightful answers to the most basic questions: onetwo

So now for the members…

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