birth of a cell

There are more than a dozen medically approved methods of birth control, including condoms, the pill and implants.

Now for the first time, a cell phone app has been certified as a method of birth control in the European Union.

Its creator, Elina Berglund, is a particle physicist who was part of the team that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013. Not long after she helped discover the elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson, she left her job and went searching for answers to a different mystery: how to create an app to prevent pregnancy.

Berglund had relied on a hormonal birth control implant for ten years, but she and her husband were thinking about having kids and wanted a natural way to avoid pregnancy. None of the existing apps met her standards, so the couple used math to create one. She says programming the app wasn’t that different from particle physics.

Mobile App Designed To Prevent Pregnancy Gets EU Approval

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Questions about Azriel’s childhood I would like answered in ACOWAR or the next 3 books (or in an Az novella)::

First off, what Rhys tells Feyre about Azriel’s backstory:

  • He’s the bastard son of an Illyrian lord.
  • He lived with his father and step-mother for 11 years.
  • He was kept in a lightless, windowless cell the whole time.
  • He could come out for 1 hour per day, see his mom 1 hour per week.
  • Brothers burned him when he was 8, he was saved by warriors at the camp when they heard him screaming.
  • Dumped in a camp at 11, Rhys and Cassian were there already
  • His powers as a Shadowsinger developed sometime while he was in prison, Rhysand believes perhaps as a way to cope with the loneliness

So, my questions:

  1. Why was he kept locked basically in a cell instead of just being thrown out?
  2. Why was his mother given visitations vs straight up shutting her out (I mean, if you’re just throwing her kid in a cell, why allow the courtesy of a visit?)
  3. Who was his father’s Mate- his mother, or stepmother?
  4. Why did his dad stomach one women when he had the other (why have Azriel if the other woman was his mate or vice versa)?
  5. Did his father have no mate?
  6. Why let the brothers torture him instead of just throwing him out on his ass?
  7. When did his powers first pop up? Rhys half-mentions they began showing when he was in the cell, but implies they weren’t there when he goes in
    1. So, why lock him up when his powers hadn’t manifested yet?
  8. Did Rhys kill his father?
  9. Why the frick didn’t Rhys kill Az’s brothers- by request or are they strategically important?
  10. What value did they think Az held (pre-powers) to keep him and not throw him out?
  11. Seriously, why didn’t they just throw Azriel out and disown him???
  12. Is Azriel’s mom still alive (prob not)? How did she die?
  13. Was his mom anything special- did she have the power too?
  14. What did his mother do that she was kept so near?
  15. Why would the lord acknowledge Azriel as his son but keep him locked in a cell?
  16. Did Azriel ever have a good part in his childhood, or was it just awful from the start?
  17. How young was he when he was locked in that cell? He lived with his step-father for 11 years, but at 11 he was dumped in the training camp, so was he ever NOT in the cell? 
  18. If he was seriously in that cell since birth, how long was his mother in there with him?
Birth and Bloodletting: Part Four


He didn’t want to believe Keir’s words. But the smug superiority of them, the male knew something. Something world shattering. And he was going to get answers but first, he had to get Feyre and his children out of this Hellhole.

“Get her out of here! Winnow her somewhere besides this fucking cell!” Rhys snarled.

His mate was ready to give birth to his children and she was in a dank cell, a cell meant to suffocate magic, a cell where nightmares were made flesh. She was vulnerable and he was blind and-

“No,” She said through gritted teeth. “It’s too late. They’re coming.”


Nate stripped the shirt from Keir’s chest. He bound the male’s arms to the iron chair. He took a generous amount of satisfaction from seeing the male in pain. Nate dug his nails into Keir’s arms, meeting his eyes.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

Keir looked back up at him, his face stony. The only indication of pain was the intensity of his eyes. The same eyes that he, himself, had. One of the reasons he avoided a mirror.

A small smile etched on his grandfather’s face. “You would know, wouldn’t you?”

He clicked his tongue; memories of his grandfather breaking his bones, memories of Keir learning that he was an artist, Keir breaking his wrists, his fingers, jarred in his mind. Memories of relearning how to sketch, hiding his reasons for needing the extra practice, needing to be left alone to draw, to paint. Memories of turning Baylor away, lying to Baylor, while Ash healed him. His cousin knew. He refused to heal him unless he had the truth.So he told him under secrecy. And if Baylor ever figured out that he or Ash hid something like that from him..

Keir tilted his head, “You didn’t tell anyone about our family bonding experiences. Why?”

Nate lowered to his haunches, meeting his eyes. “Because when I got older, able to fight back, I wanted to be the one to kill you.”

Keir’s smiled widened, “And now you don’t get to. Shame.”

Nate took the circlet from atop his grandfather’s hair and looked at the glittering metal. Breaking the circlet, Nate examined the sharpened jagged end of the metal before turning his eyes on Keir.

“Do you know what it feels like to have metal sink between your ribs and into your lung?” Nate tilted his head. “Did you know that when you pierce the lung and blood starts to fill your precious air space that you start to pray to the Mother? Pray that you live long enough to get to your Cauldron Blessed cousin so he can heal you in secret? Because I do.”

He slid the jagged metal between Keir’s ribs. “You look so surprised that I would do this.”

The male’s lips parted, his eyes widened and his breath shuddered at the contact of metal piercing his lung. Blood spilled onto Nate’s fingers. Giving the male a grim smile, Nate twisted the circlet with a  jerk of his wrist.

“After all Keir, I am your blood.”


Feyre had barely registered that Nate had winnowed back into room; her nephew’s face was set with grim determination, his red-stained fingers shook. Bay looked up at him, his brows furrowed. 

She worried about him also but she was more focused on the pain. And Cauldron it hurt. If fucking hurt. She thought getting her neck snapped and dying was pain, no. This is pain. “I don’t understand,” She gritted out. “I st- still have a month before I’m due.”

Azriel quietly rolled up his sleeves, “Between getting to Rhys and the strain of your magic and stress, you  jump started your labor.” His eyes slid to Bay and Nate. Nate’s face mirrored Azriel’s and Bay’s was bone white.

“Bay, go find Cassian and Blake,” Azriel said. “Tell them Feyre is giving birth. Nate, hot water, towels, a sterile blade.” Just in case. “Go.”

“Yes sir,” Nate said. Taking Bay’s wrist, Nate winnowed.

Azriel lowered to his haunches, his face a calm mask. The only thing belaying the calm was the intensity of his eyes. “Are you ready to give birth?”


The High Lady let out a strangled cry. Beside her, Rhys was rubbing her back, his voice strained. “You can do this, Feyre darling.”

Rhys’s shoulders were tight, his face strained. But his shadows told him he was struggling. Rhys wanted to eliminate him as a threat to his mate, for whatever reason. His mate was defenseless, giving birth, in the home of the worst monsters in all of Prythian. And he was blind. The High Lord didn’t see him, the male who would lay down his life for him and his court, he saw a male who was extremely close to his vulnerable mate.

“Rhys,” Azriel said. “I am not going to hurt her, I need to help her. Will you let me?”

“Yes,” Rhys ground out.

“Well thank the Cauldron,” Feyre gritted. “Can you please help me?”

A smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“I found everything you needed,” Nate winnowed in. Azriel glanced at his son. Nate held…a lot of towels and a bowl of water, steam billowing from the clear liquid.

“Very good,” Azriel murmured. He settled between Feyre’s legs. “It’s time.”


The female had heard Keir’s groans from where she was. She had heard the male- Nate- list the things Keir had done to him. She had no love for Nate or his family but what Keir did. That was unacceptable. A child should not have to live in fear or be targeted by such cruelty. Keir was a necessary evil that she had to tolerate but now that the plan had failed, she needed to erase herself from the scene and let him get the punishment he deserved.

The female surveyed the guards in front of the door. Stone faced and armed to the teeth. She supposed they were just doing their jobs. But she needed in the room, needed to get to Keir before his interrogation truly began.

Her lips curled into a ruby smile, her head tilted, her shock of ever-changing hair slid over her shoulder. “You want to let me in.”

The shorter male blinked slowly, his hand moving to the bar to open the iron door. She smiled, slipping into the room, “Thank you.”

Keir sat chained to an iron chair, the circlet atop protruded in his side. Blood was still seeping from the wound, thick and black. The skin beneath his arms blackened and peeled, his fingers bent in unnatural positions, ash bolted his palms to the chair. He looked to be in a great deal of pain. Good. He deserved it. He looked up at her. “Ter-”

“Ah, ah,” She tisked. “We need to have a chat before you are subjected to interrogation.”

His face hardened, his eyes betrayed a hopeless glint. He was realizing she wasn’t here to save him. “Bitch-”

She gripped his bound arms, her black nails digging into his bleeding skin. “You are going to forget everything you know about me. The only thing you are going to remember was you staged a coup and that you failed.  And when they interrogate you, you will feel the pain in a tenfold. You will believe you deserve it. Because you do.”

Keir’s face slacked, his eyes blinking slowly up at her. “Who are you?”

She smiled, “Very good. It’s been interesting doing business with you, Keir. I hope you choke on your blood.”


Charred flesh littered the floor, the smell vile enough Cassian had to cover his nose with his elbow. What the fuck happened here? Stepping over a blackened corpse, Cassian spied a ashy-blonde head of hair.

He paused, lowering his elbow. “Bay, what the fuck- why are you here?” He was supposed to be in Velaris with Feyre and Aysel, not covered in blood and soot and looking like he had seen a ghost.

“FeyreisintheCellsgivingbirthyouneedtogo.” Bay was speaking so fast he could barely make out the words, his sons eyes were wide with panic. “Now.”

Blake blinked. “Care to run that by us again?”

Bay glared at him, his voice over enunciated. “Feyre is in the Cells giving birth. Get your asses down there now.”


Feyre clenched her teeth, her chin to her chest, and pushed.

She took in breath, filling her lungs with air. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she tried to keep her magic contained, her palms against the brutally cold stone beneath her. Inhaling sharply, Feyre pushed.

Azriel’s eyes flicked up to hers for mere seconds, “Again.”

She shook her head, sweat beading her skin.“I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Feyre.” Rhys encouraged. “You survived Amarantha and Hybern and Tamlin. You survived near-starvation, war, death. You can do this.”

“Shut up,” she groaned. “It’s your fault I got pregnant in the first place.”

Nate snorted; a smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“Again,” Azriel repeated. “Nate, get the towel ready.”

Her nephew knelt down beside his father, holding out a plush ebony towel. He was steady, save for the slight trembling of his hands.

She pushed.

“I see hair, Aunt Feyre.” Nate said. “You’re doing so good.”

Rhys’s breathing hitched, his palm stiffening at her back. She blinked the tears from her eyes and smiled at him, her fingers gripping his thigh.

“Big one,” Azriel coached. She gritted her teeth and pushed.

She heard it. The most beautiful sound she had ever heard. Her child was crying and so was Rhys.

Azriel looked up at them. “It’s a boy.” She could almost hear the but in his voice. Was there something wrong with her son?

Nate leaned over, wrapping an ebony towel around her son before placing him in Rhys’s arms. She glanced at her son. A shock of black hair and blue grey eyes. He was beautiful.

“Hello Bat,” Rhys said softly, his thumb brushing their son’s cheek. Nate dug another towel out, readying for the next birth. “Rhys, do you want to cut the cord?” Azriel glanced over her legs at her mate. Rhys cut it. Azriel’s eyes looked to hers. “Ready for the next one?”

She looked back and nodded.


Cassian and Blake stood guard at the entrance of the Cells. It was too much. His mate’s unseeing eyes flashed in his head. He didn’t trust himself to stay calm so he opted for guard duty and his thoughts kept going back to the female Blake was dancing with. Her eyes.

“Are you alright, Commander?” Blake asked.

That was the question and Cassian hated answering it. So he opted to not answer it at all. Blake’s eyes glanced at him. “Cassian?”

“I’m fine, Blake.”

Blake snorted. “So that’s where Bay get’s it from.”

“Excuse me?”

“Both of you pretend you’re fine and when asked how you are doing, you both dismiss the asker with an ‘I’m fine.’ It’s obvious neither of you are.”

A female appeared in front of them. The same female Blake said was dead. Cassian slid his hand to his sword. “Who are you?”

She smiled up at him. “That is for me to know and you to forget. You do not remember me dancing with Blake. You remember a golden haired and brown eyed female instead. She was killed. Run through with a sword. Nothing was amiss and you never had a second thought about it.

“I remember nothing,” Cassian said. 

“Very good,”  she smiled. Darkness wrapped around her and she disappeared.

A minute later, Cassian turned to Blake. “Bay and I are dealing. We will be fine. Eventually.” He just hoped he wasn’t lying.

Blake paused. “Do you hear that?”

Cassian sighed, unsheathing his sword. “We have company.”


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Prodigy, half of rap duo Mobb Deep, dead at 42

NEW YORK — Rapper Prodigy, a member of the hardcore New York hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, has died. He was 42.

The rapper’s publicist said in a statement Tuesday that Prodigy was hospitalized a few days ago in Las Vegas “for complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis.” Prodigy has battled sickle cell since birth and was in Las Vegas for a performance.

The exact cause of death was not clear, the representative said.

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg told The Associated Press in Las Vegas that it could take up to six weeks to determine a cause of death. But he said foul play was not suspected. Officer Laura Meltzer said Las Vegas police were not called to investigate the death.

Prodigy was born in New York. He found success in the ‘90s with fellow rapper Havoc in Mobb Deep. The duo’s hits included “Quiet Storm” with Lil Kim, “Shook Ones (Part II)” and “Hey Luv (Anything).”

“It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as Prodigy of legendary NY rap duo Mobb Deep,” the statement read from Prodigy’s publicist. “We would like to thank everyone for respecting the family’s privacy at this time.”

Nas, who is also from Queens, New York, called Prodigy a “king” in an Instagram post. Prodigy’s rap partner, Havoc, posted two photos on Instagram, one with the caption: “Forever.” And Lil Wayne tweeted: “Rap game lost a legend the world lost a G.”

Others, from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Q-Tip, also paid tribute to Prodigy, who was often praised for his skilled rhymes and lyrics.

Mobb Deep earned a platinum plaque for the 1999 album, “Murda Muzik,” which featured the memorable remix of “Quiet Storm,” still performed by Lil Kim on the road today. The duo also reached gold status with the albums “Infamy,” “Hell on Earth” and “The Infamous.”

Prodigy released several solo albums, including the gold-selling “H.N.I.C.” 2000.

He released a cookbook of prison recipes last year, based on his time in jail. The book, “commissary kitchen: my infamous prison cookbook,” was released on Infamous, Prodigy’s own imprint at Brooklyn-based Akashic Books.

He said being in prison changed him. Prodigy served most of a 3.5-year sentence in a medium-security dorm at Mid-State Correctional Facility near Utica, New York, after a plea deal on a weapons possession charge in 2007.

“It made me realize the gravity, the reality of having everything taken from you. My career, my family, my freedom,” he told The Associated Press in an interview last year.

The rapper, who is a father of two, said it was hard to leave his kids who were young when he went to prison.

“I just tell them, you know, it was horrible. You don’t ever want to be in that position. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from me. You don’t have go through it yourself,” he said.


Associated Press Writer Ken Ritter contributed to this report from Las Vegas.

Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press

Who are you, really?
You’re not a name your parents chose according to their personal attachments in life
You’re not a birth date,
or a temporary age,
or a simple cluster of billion cells,
or even a species
You’re a collection of everything you love
You’re the books that you stayed up all night long reading since you couldn’t just put them down
You’re the songs that you sing along to the radio and surprise yourself by remembering the lyrics perfectly
You’re the cities you’ve visited and roamed the streets of and fell in love with
You’re the stars that you’ve stood awed by and gazed at unaware of the time passing
You’re the quotes that halt you and force you to reread them once, twice, 3 times, a thousand
And the paintings you’ve admired from afar
You’re the sun rises that you’ve fought sleep at night to witness
And the movies you never get tired of watching
And the places you’re welcomed at because of how frequently you visit them
And the carefree dances you swayed on crowded dance floors
You’re the memories you’ve crafted with the people around you
And the inside jokes you’ve shared with someone on a boring saturday afternoon
And mostly, you’re so full of pieces of the people you love most, and the people who love you back
You carry pieces of them in a habit of theirs that you picked on,
a word you’ve learnt from them,
a song that reminds you strictly of them
a story you’ve told a thousand times about that one time where they downright embarrassed you
You are everything and anything that you’ve ever loved,
So darling you’re really not a single thing - but rather a million
More about viruses

Hi Father. I am an atheist and my girlfriend is catholic and we were having a discussion about how God created everything and she directed me to you to ask my question. Is it okay for my question to remain anonymous? So, God created the Heavens and the Earth and man in his own image and everything but did he create the viruses and disease that kill people and other living things? Because my point was how could he create something that barbaric or how could he create a world in which that can exist?


Be patient. This is a deep question, so my answer is kind of long. 

The Catholic outlook of the book of Genesis and the creation stories is to see them as part of a spiritual narrative or ancient story for explaining how God is the source and origin of all that came to be. 

The creation story has been interpreted quite literally by the Catholic Church in the past, but as science and cosmology have developed, so has the Church’s understanding of the creation account in Genesis. The Church does not regard the Bible as a scientific explanation for creation. 

However, the Bible reveals God’s spiritual plan, His covenant with Israel and the Church, the saving action of Jesus, and the mission of the Church guided by the Holy Spirit. This is all a way of saying that Catholics believe that God created all the universe, and humans as well, but that we are comfortable with the Big Bang theory, and the hypothesis of evolution. 

So, even if God did not immediately and directly create humans, and single cell organisms such as are found among viruses and bacteria, He is responsible for them according to His unfolding plan of evolution. He permits and wills that they exist. He is the Architect whose blueprint is being followed in the unfolding of the universe, and the unfolding of life on our planet.

But I think your question is along the lines of, “Is God cruel, or does God desire that we suffer, and therefore He has brought about disease and decay on purpose?”

The Catholic answer would be “no.” The scientist would also confirm that single cell entities, even destructive ones, are neither “barbaric,” nor homicidal. If they bring about disease and suffering, it is not with any malice aforethought or willful intention. 

They are simply organisms that form part of the ecosystems in which we live. They are a necessary part of the transfer of energy and power from one organism (when it dies), back to nature and to the ecosystem in general. After all, animals and humans are finite, limited, and imperfect bodies which are not immortal. They age, wear out, and break down. Cells which cause disease and, later, help us to decompose, are needed in order to give back the minerals and nutrients in our bodies that will help newborn organisms that continue life on the planet. 

So, from the standpoint of a study of biology and nature, it is regrettable that we suffer from viruses and bacteria, but it is not morally evil. By designing these cells into nature, God has provided for the balancing out of ecosystems and the survival of future organisms on a planet with limited resources for the existence of life.

Yes, I realize that this still does not answer the deeper, philosophical issues which science cannot address. “Why must good people suffer?” “Why must innocent children have disease?” “Why does death leave us with such a sting, with such devastation in our hearts?” Science can observe cells, and the process of birth, decay, and more birth. But science cannot resolve the fear, anxiety, and angst of human tragedy and pain. 

The Church’s spiritual deposit, from the wisdom of Jesus Christ, her Founder and Lord, has many responses to the question of suffering. I cannot even begin to sum up these answers in this post. 

However, the Jesus’ message is that God did not will suffering and conflict. These came into the world as a result of the cunning of satan, and the devil’s temptations. Human free will has the capacity to choose for love, and life, or the capacity to choose for selfishness, and hate and death. Sometimes, we choose the latter.

The result of our bad choices, or sin, is the mystery which brings about the real suffering among humans. In other words, viruses and bacteria bring about physical pain, and that is truly awful. 

But even more awful, is that we humans, with intelligence and talent, choose not to love each other, take care of each other, share with each other, and love each other with a generous, giving love. St. Paul in the Bible called this “the mystery of iniquity” at work in the world. 

God is not responsible for that. It is the conscious, immoral, and willful decision by humans, to hurt or deprive other humans. This is the truly barbaric element of human suffering and tragedy. God has responded to this tragedy with a helping hand, in His Son, Jesus of Nazareth. 

Jesus has come down to earth and responded to this iniquity of sin by facing and confronting it on the Cross, where He was nailed and executed as a victim of human sin. His response was love, forgiveness, and rising to new life. Then, Jesus commissioned His Church to spread His mission of love and mercy. The purpose of the Church’s faithful is to fight the selfishness and hatred which sin causes in the world. 

That is a pretty good response, I think, to the concrete condition of suffering which viruses and bacteria are only a small part of. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

[right down to the second]

Because this is apparently a multi-chapter endeavor, now. You can read parts one and two on my tumblr. This part is less humorous than the previous ones – once you bring up dying in childbirth there’s really no way to steer that boat around. Part 3 out of ? Next parts may back track a bit to earlier in the day, though. WC ~1200, Series 6 spoilers. 

Cigarette smoke clung to his clothes when he walked in, but she hadn’t minded. The first years of their relationship he always smelled of laundry soap and antiseptic and tobacco, and she spent every embrace breathing him in. It comforts her now.

His hand brushes through her hair, thumbs rubbing gently over her temples. Not much longer, now, they both know. Not much longer. A woman in labor is a woman on the verge of death, was something a teacher of his repeated in his lectures when he was still just a trainee, when he still thought he would become a surgeon, or a consultant, before he was shipped to the front lines in Italy and after coming home, couldn’t face anything more than the front lines of poverty. A woman in labor is a woman on the verge of death. They’ve confronted it together, before. The long labor, the complicated delivery, the woman left in a pool of her own blood, or with a body seized and shaking.

They’ve already almost lost this baby once.

He’s already almost lost her once.

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anonymous asked:

Isn't it telling that terfs refuse to accept that blood, dead tissues, mucus, and a few other waste products are completely unsanitary? Also, saying that someone has to be able to give birth to a child to be a woman erases those who have had hysterectomies, had their tubes tied, and also those that are born sterile. That's not even to mention the myriad of conditions that make it impossible for some one to be able get pregnant. (1/)2)

“(2/2) Also, doctors are working on a procedure and appropriate medication that would allow trans women be able to give birth. Biologists are also working on being able to turn skin cells in to egg cells. This mean that hopefully someday soon, trans women will be able to give birth to child that is theirs that not even science could deny. TL:DR terfs don’t seem to understand what biohazardous wastes are, and trans women are soon going to give birth to their children “

the future is great but it would be better without transphobes

Blue Heat

A/N, @kateyes224, here’s your fic about a worm, I guess.  It’s… well… it’s not the least interesting thing I’ve ever come up with.  But I wouldn’t say it’s the most, either.

birth.  awareness.  same time, blue hot, agony.  

cells split, real time.

flesh divides, tears us. us?  me.  tears me apart.  

sews us back together, raw, nothing, pain.  blue hot. agony.

born in flash.  born in heat.  blue hot heat.  

swim.  divide.

swim.  divide.

swim.  latch.  suck. divide.  

go home.  back to heat.  blue agony.  


swim.  divide.

aware.  pain.  pain. us.  need us.  need blue heat.

lost.  must swim.  must divide.


I awareness.  I am tank?  

“Dimitri!  Hey I’ve got a job for you!  The system is backed up.  The blockage must be removed before the tanks can be purged.”

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“SS shippers are delusional :)”
“The umbilical cord has the mother’s DNA.”

No wonder that the people who keep trashing medic nins are also the ones that don’t know shit about DNA.
The cells of the fertilized egg turns into both the placenta, the umbilical cord, the amnion sack and the fetus itself.
There might be some of the mothers blood in the placenta, but else everything that comes out at birth, are made of the cells of the child.
Hence the 100% match in the test.

sans titre (pour toi)

a pair of lips appeared out of the blue

out of the black

i offer the reader a large palette of chromatic possibilities 

the cab driver is now the invisible man with tired limbs and she repeats:

i can only dream of green hues nowadays.

and the autopilot is driving us into the grove

where the only sounds are those of crashing trains and crashing lips and her voice again saying:

i can only dream of green hues nowadays.

i am sinking in your veins and i need no salvation

my hand receives the microorganism without delay

our cells multiply and we give birth to the syntax of love

covered in the thick placenta of all the rejected, stillborn poetry we had read to each other telepathically while your green eyes sank into mine (you, the man of my life)

mouth to mouth

neuron to neuron 

ash to ash.

The Day After The 23rd (AO3)

Summary: It’s Dean’s birthday today. That’s all.

Cas kisses along his jaw, light and playful, just enough to wake him up. Dean still grumbles though, feigning annoyance. 

“You have to wake up, Dean. It’s a very special day and celebrations start now.” Cas speaks softly into his ear.

Dean can’t help the smile that pulls at the corner of his lips. Cas chuckles, that deep rumble that Dean loves. 

“I can see you smiling. You’re not fooling anyone, Dean Winchester.” Cas says, pushing up from the bed to hover over him. Dean’s smile widens when Cas starts littering small kisses all over his face.

“Fine but why do the celebrations have to be out of bed?” Dean says, circling his arms around Cas’ waist.

“Who said the celebrations had to be out of bed?” Cas retorts, with a large, gummy smile on his face. 

“Oh, really?” Dean says, leaning up to finally kiss Cas on the lips. Cas smiles into it, lowering himself down until their bodies melt together.

“However,” kiss, “you will have to,” kiss, “get up a bit later,” kiss, “for your presents.” 

Dean pulls back. “You got me presents?” 

Castiel furrows his eyebrows together. “Of course I got you presents. Sam did too. So did your mother.” Dean starts to groan but Cas cuts him off quickly. “And…we got you pie.”

Dean grumbles. “Fine. But right now I just want you.”

Cas doesn’t hesitate before diving back down, their lips meeting again and again, their hands travelling all over each other’s bodies but before they can get too far Dean pulls away.

Cas tilts his head to the side. “Dean? What’s wrong?”

Dean clears his throat and flicks his eyes between Cas and the wall behind him. “I - uh - just wanted to say that this is…nice.” Cas eyebrows pulls together. “You know I’m, ah, not really one to celebrate birthdays but now that we’re…together…it’s - ah - nice.”

Dean nearly rolls his eyes at himself. Nice? What sort of speech was that? 

But somehow Cas’ eyes seem to smile as though he knows exactly what Dean is trying to say. 

“I know. I love you too. Happy Birthday, Dean.”

Happy Birthday, Dean.

Happy Birth -

Dean’s eyes flutter open to find the grey wall of his cell staring back at him. It’s light, which means that it’s the day after the twenty third of January. 

His chest hurts. 

It was going to be his first birthday with Cas. And not just with Cas there but with Cas. Together. A sudden punch of laughter bursts out of his mouth. Even his mum was going to be there. His freaking mum. Dean’s smile fades quickly.

His chest still hurts.

He eyes the scratchings on the wall. Five weeks and five days. Dean reaches across and uses his gritty nail to scratch another line. Six days.

Five weeks and six days. 

Dean stopped praying a while ago. Because he knows that if he heard Cas praying to him every night from somewhere where he couldn’t reach him, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

Because he knows that even if he doesn’t pray Cas can still feel Dean longing for him.

So Dean closes his eyes again and thinks of blue eyes and soft touches and he knows that Cas is going to come for them. For him. Right?
How House Republicans Derailed A Scientist Whose Research Could Save Lives
“I no longer want to remain silent over these abuses,” he says.

Dr. Eugene Gu, a 30-year-old surgical resident at Vanderbilt University, is on the verge of his second major scientific breakthrough.  

While doing side research as a surgical intern in 2014, Gu became the first person to successfully implant the heart and kidney of a human fetus into a rat. The organs actually grew inside the rat and sustained its life ― a result that could have enormous implications for the treatment of life-threatening birth defects.

“This is the 21st century! Instead of studying cells in a dish, like Louis Pasteur used, why don’t we have a whole human heart?” Gu said in a phone interview, his voice crackling with excitement. “Having a whole organ working for you ― beating, surviving, growing ― that’s really powerful in science. It has a potential to cure a lot of diseases.”

Gu, who was awarded a prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Research Fellowship when he was 25, says his ultimate goal is to transplant healthy fetal organs in utero to babies with fatal congenital diseases, so they can survive to adulthood with fully functioning hearts and kidneys. He also hopes to grow human organs in animals that biomedical researchers could then use to develop cures for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the world, and end-stage renal failure, the No. 1 reason patients are on transplant waiting lists.

“I want to someday end the organ donor shortage,” he said.

But Gu’s research hit a snag in April of this year when two armed United States marshals banged on the door of his studio apartment. It was 10 a.m, and Gu had been sleeping off an all-night trauma surgery shift at Vanderbilt hospital. He had no idea why the police would be at his house and he was afraid to let the marshals in.

“I know my rights,” Gu told the marshals. “I’m not going to open the door unless you have a warrant.”

“We don’t need a warrant,” one of the men replied. “This is a congressional subpoena.”  

The subpoena had come from the House of Representatives’ Select Investigative Panel On Infants’ Lives, led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.). Gu’s start-up research company, Ganogen, is one of more than 30 organizations being investigated by House Republicans over the use of fetal tissue from abortion clinics.

Gu obtains the organs he uses in his research from StemExpress, a company that accepts fetal tissue donations from abortion providers and supplies it to biomedical researchers. Republicans in Congress have been on a mission to outlaw the practice, which they describe as “selling baby body parts,” since an anti-abortion activist produced a series of heavily edited “sting videos” on Planned Parenthood working with StemExpress in 2015. Planned Parenthood says it sometimes donates, but does not sell, fetal tissue for medical research after an abortion at the request of the mother. The family planning provider is then reimbursed for the costs of transporting and preserving the tissue, which is explicitly allowed by federal law.  

Still, Gu’s association with StemExpress put him in the cross hairs of anti-abortion politicians, who demanded to see his emails, records of every financial transaction Ganogen made, names of all of his employees, and any equipment or material he purchased with regard to fetal tissue research.

Mini Avengers (Pt. 2/?) Child!Reader x Avengers

Warnings: There might be swearing? I can’t remember. Adoption, if that is a warning?
Summary: You find out about your past
Word Count: 1164

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: I don’t think I have anything to add

Part 1

You were standing on a stage, Tony Stark was giving a speech, you were accompanied by your dad Steve Rodgers, Natasha, and Clint.

Tony finished and you all started heading off stage, unfortunately there were reporters right next to the stage so you could hear all the questions they were asking. You usually ignore them until one question caught you off guard, “Y/N Rodgers, what’s it like knowing that you’re adopted?” The reporter asked, you stopped and turned to him. The Avengers merely went around you.

“What do you mean?” You asked, afraid of the answer.

“Well, you’re adopted, you’re not Steve Rodgers biological kid. What’s it like knowing that Captain America himself lied to you for so many years?” The reporter held up the microphone to you.

You looked at the ground, thinking. Is he right? Are you adopted? You snapped yourself out of your train of thought, “No comment.” You stated and walked away towards the Avengers.

The whole way back to the towers you were thinking about this, every time your dad tried to talk to you, you only gave him simple yes or no answers.

Once you got back to the towers you went straight to your room, you jumped onto your bed and grabbed your laptop. You researched, and low and behold, there are thousands of reports saying that you’re adopted.

You slammed your laptop closed and ran out of your room to find your dad. Since Tony just made that speech, they’re probably in the conference room.

You busted through the doors, all eyes were on you. “Y/N, something wrong?” Steve asked, he was standing at the end of the table.

“Am I adopted?” You blurted out, Steve’s jaw clenched, the tension in the room was unbearable.

“Uh… Well… Where did this come from?” Steve asked, the fact that he didn’t respond with a ‘no’ scares you.

“A reporter mentioned it, and the whole internet seems to think I am. So, one way to find out. Am. I. Adopted?” You repeated, your heart pounding in your chest.

Steve looked at the others, then back at you, “We’ll give you guys a minute.” Natasha spoke up, the rest agreed and all walked out, leaving you and your dad alone.

“Answer the question already!” You demanded.

“Alright, yes, you’re adopted.” Steve informed you, your jaw dropped, your eyes widened and filled with tears. “But just because you’re not biologically my kid, doesn’t make you my kid any less. You’re my little girl, not being blood related doesn’t change that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked, your voice cracking with every word.

“Because, I figured I would do that when you got older.” Steve admitted. You nodded, and bit your lip.

Steve took a step forward but you turned around, and ran out the door. The other Avengers were all waiting outside the door, you stared at them for a moment, tears falling before you ran off.

You went up to the roof, it was late, the night sky always calms you down. You sat at the edge of the roof, feet hanging off the edge. You stared at the lights below you, occasionally looking up at the sky.

You heard the crunch of the rocks, when Bucky appeared next to you, he sat the same way you were. “I know you must be mad but… Steve was just trying to protect you, technically, you started calling him ‘dad’ that’s the reason he adopted you in the first place.” Bucky informed you.

“So, it’s my fault?” You asked.

“No.” Bucky replied, “But just because you’re adopted doesn’t mean that Steve’s gonna stop treating you like his kid. I mean, legally you are his kid. Don’t let something like blood tear you apart.”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right.” You admitted.

“I’m always right.” Bucky snarked, earning a chuckle from you. “C'mon, Steve’s got a few more things to tell you.” Bucky said as he stood up, he held his hand out for you to take.

You took his hand, “Such a gentleman you are.” You snarked, Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed together.

“Since when did you become Yoda?” He replied.

“Since when did you watch Star Wars?” You asked, completely shocked as you both walked down the stairs that led back into the building.

Bucky led you to the conference room where the rest were waiting, “Y/N, take a seat.” Fury instructed, you did as you were told. Bucky took the seat next to you, Sam was across from you, Natasha was next to him. Clint was next to Bucky and the rest were standing all over the room. “Rodgers here has a few things to tell you.” Fury stated, stepping aside and letting Steve take his place.

“Okay… So, I’m sure you were wondering about where you came from?” Steve looked at the folder in his hands then up at you, you nodded. “Right,” He looked back at the folder, “well, your parents were SHIELD agents, well your father was, your mother was retired once she had your brother.”

“Brother?” You interrupted.

“Yes, Matt, anyway… Your family was taken by Hydra when your mother was about eight months pregnant with you.” Steve paused to let you adjust.

“I… And?” You said, more demanding than anything.

“A month later your mother gave birth to you, in a Hydra cell…” Steve paused once again, you gave him a silent cue to continue, “Well, you were soon taken by Hydra agents and… Um… Experimented on.” Your eyes widened, did they give you powers? If so, what kind? What happens when they activate? What if you end up killing someone? So many questions ran through your head, “Once they were done, they gave you back to your family until you were able to eat solid foods. Then they took your parents and left you with your brother.”

“How do you know all this?” You blurted out, Steve looked up from the folder.

“Tony found your file in the Hydra base before we exploded it, they kept tabs on all their prisoners.” Steve answered, you nodded. “Anyway, when you turned four, they took your brother. A year later, we found you.” Steve closed the folder and slid it towards you. You took it and opened it, you saw a picture of your parents and brother, your mother was pregnant with you during that picture.

“So, you said that they experimented on me… Does that mean I have powers?” You asked, looking up at him.

“We don’t know, if you do, we won’t be able to find out what they are until they activate.” Steve answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

You nodded, “Do we know when they’ll activate then?” You asked.

Steve looked to Tony and Bruce, “Well, it might not be for awhile, or it could be tomorrow. The main thing that might activate it is something traumatic happening.” Bruce informed you.

You nodded and stared at the folder, “So, what now?” You asked.

Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Here is my shout-out to the women and men all over the Europe about the right of the Poles to plan their parenthood. Even though Poland is one of the three European countries limiting the access to legal abortion, current government is willing to completely ban the termination of pregnancy even if the woman is pregnant in the consequence of rape, the fetus is terminally defective or the pregnancy puts woman’s life in danger. Terminating pregnancy is planned to be criminally penalised (up to 5 years of imprisonment, also for the woman agreeing for the abortion). Eventually every miscarriage could be treated as the intentional termination of pregnancy. Also, Polish law will ban the access to the post-coital birth control, as due to the new legislature “life begins while the reproductive cells meet”. Help us get through with the message about this planned political cruelty and send a big, heartfelt FUCK YOU to the pro-life movement. Thank you.

There are a few astrological elements that relate to the parent role. We have Capricorn’s tenth house representing the ‘dominant parent’, Cancer’s fourth house relating to the ‘sub dominant’ parent, and Leo’s fifth house indicating what kind of parent we will be. The duality of Leo is Aquarius, and this is the ‘Mother of Humanity’. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and expresses the expectations of the parent, the authoritative provider, and the worker.  While Cancer’s ruler the Moon facilitates the preparation for pregnancy in the 28 day cycles, the waxing and waning symbolizing the swelling of the belly in pregnancy, and the supernal maternal instinct. Capricorn sends us out into the world with our skills and talents at best, while Cancer welcomes us home with gentle arms. The dominant parent provides the structural support, while the subdominant parent is the emotional support. In this day and age, we can assume that this can be either the mother or the father, because either role is not gender defined. The positions of the planets in the tenth house can relate to the parental situation, like a socially well received Venus tenth house father, or a mentally unstable, substance abusing tenth house Neptune father. A fourth house Jupiter, on the other hand, can signify a liberal and educating mother, and a fourth house Uranus relating to an erratic and changeable childhood. These placements can also show the unlived life of the parent and thus expectations placed on the you. The fifth house can show the qualities of our own parenting style, like the boastful and doting fifth house Sun father who lives through his son, or the fifth house Saturn mother who is overbearing and controlling. Our behavior around children; our own, nieces, nephews, and other people’s children can also be indicated here. The fifth house is a playpen, and children transport us here. Leo is the expression of the inner child in all its glory. It takes the Capricorn and the Cancer to create this. Cancer is how we mother the inner parent. Capricorn is how we provide for it, in physical means.

In another spectrum, we have the ‘Mother of Humanity’ in Aquarius. This sign is like the creative mind of the universe. There is the deep, passionate concern for all creatures - human and animal, and the environment. A tremendous need to protect the vulnerable also tends to be present. I believe we have the representation of the grandparent in Pisces. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is the reunion with the Source - the ultimate creative force. This underlies the birth of every cell, flower, and baby, everything in the earth and the universe beyond. Pisces is the ultimate wisdom, and the one Earth’s children go home to.