birth of a cell

things i love about sp7

-cib saying “aaannyway….”

-alfredo’s q&a in the beyond the pine episodes

-autumn’s hear good 2.0

-when james breaks and his beautiful smile shines through

-steven saying something in the narration and the same thing is said in the vlog as soon as it goes back to it

-when they type out the slurred words/names (like in ‘fired from rooster teeth part ii’ they type out ‘dwes’ instead of wes)

-random zoom in’s on each other faces

-random zooms on seemingly unimportant stuff in the background

-all the singing

-james allen mccune being a homeless drug addict

-sami jo twerking in just a couple friends

-just a couple friends

-“I’m sorry, does the dog in that apartment have the podum?”

-“steve i look like a gay pirate”


-“the glass is the strongest metal”

-vinny, winnie, and littlefoot


-*through the wire plays in the background*

-sugar fine 7

-the almost-kisses between any of them

-parker being possessed

-woah woah let’s get peas

-“i need you to take your shirt and pants off, do you understand?”

-“glisten, dude”


-steven threatening parker, jeremy, and andrew by putting their head under a running tap with aaron carter playing in the background

-“i’ll send you back to the canadian wilderness where i birthed you”

-“smart girl with the shitty balls”

-“why do cells divide?” “they gotta go somewhere” “you’re not wrong dude”

-“i got shot 16 times to the back of the knee” “doing what” “what had to be done”

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There are more than a dozen medically approved methods of birth control, including condoms, the pill and implants.

Now for the first time, a cell phone app has been certified as a method of birth control in the European Union.

Its creator, Elina Berglund, is a particle physicist who was part of the team that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013. Not long after she helped discover the elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson, she left her job and went searching for answers to a different mystery: how to create an app to prevent pregnancy.

Berglund had relied on a hormonal birth control implant for ten years, but she and her husband were thinking about having kids and wanted a natural way to avoid pregnancy. None of the existing apps met her standards, so the couple used math to create one. She says programming the app wasn’t that different from particle physics.

Mobile App Designed To Prevent Pregnancy Gets EU Approval

Photo: Courtesy of Natural Cycles

Jedi Order: Enlisting New Members

“Locating Force-strong newborns is a straightforward process, at least  within the Republic’s borders. Mandatory blood tests performed at birth record the concentration of midi-chlorians in an infant’s cells, and  positive results are forwarded to the Jedi Temple for follow-up.

The job of a Jedi Recruiter can be thankless. While many families are proud to have their offspring chosen by the Force, the practical reality of taking a child away from his or her parents is messy and  unpleasant. We Jedi firmly believe that Force-strong beings have a right to receive the best training available, and our way requires  shunning emotional commitment, especially toward one’s birth family. 

Yet something that seems self-evident to us has been characterized as  monstrous in the HoloNet. I admit that while we recruiters are vital to the continuation of the Order, we don’t do much to burnish the  Order’s reputation.

The following are perennial slurs leveled against the Order. As a Jedi  Knight you must do your part to counter these lies, not by arguing but  by setting an example of selflessness and service.


The Jedi are kidnappers. An all too familiar accusation for Jedi Recruiters, this charge springs from the pain of emotional  attachment. It is also technically false. Within the Republic, the  Jedi Order has the legal authority to take custody of Force-sensitives, and some Masters have argued that the Force’s  presence in a child indicates the child’s consent to join the Order even before he or she is able to speak.

Source: The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force by Daniel Wallace]


Soooo I’m kinda taking this chapter as a confirmation that 

  1. Uta does have a Washuu kakuhou too 
  2. and that a Washuu kakuhou is the key to being able to make these clones
  3. meaning that Kaneki, like Uta, can now clone himself (and that’s what those things who attacked the CCG are)

Basically, having a Washuu kakuhou means being a kakuja from birth, as Kanou explained, + being able to generate a kakuja made of pluripotent cells

…which is possibly the explanation behind why they can create clones of themselves. 

Questions about Azriel’s childhood I would like answered in ACOWAR or the next 3 books (or in an Az novella)::

First off, what Rhys tells Feyre about Azriel’s backstory:

  • He’s the bastard son of an Illyrian lord.
  • He lived with his father and step-mother for 11 years.
  • He was kept in a lightless, windowless cell the whole time.
  • He could come out for 1 hour per day, see his mom 1 hour per week.
  • Brothers burned him when he was 8, he was saved by warriors at the camp when they heard him screaming.
  • Dumped in a camp at 11, Rhys and Cassian were there already
  • His powers as a Shadowsinger developed sometime while he was in prison, Rhysand believes perhaps as a way to cope with the loneliness

So, my questions:

  1. Why was he kept locked basically in a cell instead of just being thrown out?
  2. Why was his mother given visitations vs straight up shutting her out (I mean, if you’re just throwing her kid in a cell, why allow the courtesy of a visit?)
  3. Who was his father’s Mate- his mother, or stepmother?
  4. Why did his dad stomach one women when he had the other (why have Azriel if the other woman was his mate or vice versa)?
  5. Did his father have no mate?
  6. Why let the brothers torture him instead of just throwing him out on his ass?
  7. When did his powers first pop up? Rhys half-mentions they began showing when he was in the cell, but implies they weren’t there when he goes in
    1. So, why lock him up when his powers hadn’t manifested yet?
  8. Did Rhys kill his father?
  9. Why the frick didn’t Rhys kill Az’s brothers- by request or are they strategically important?
  10. What value did they think Az held (pre-powers) to keep him and not throw him out?
  11. Seriously, why didn’t they just throw Azriel out and disown him???
  12. Is Azriel’s mom still alive (prob not)? How did she die?
  13. Was his mom anything special- did she have the power too?
  14. What did his mother do that she was kept so near?
  15. Why would the lord acknowledge Azriel as his son but keep him locked in a cell?
  16. Did Azriel ever have a good part in his childhood, or was it just awful from the start?
  17. How young was he when he was locked in that cell? He lived with his step-father for 11 years, but at 11 he was dumped in the training camp, so was he ever NOT in the cell? 
  18. If he was seriously in that cell since birth, how long was his mother in there with him?
Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (21)

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Part 21 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 4,100 (ish)

“JUNMYEON!” You let out a chilling scream as you stared down at Yuna’s body, blood soaking into her clothes and hair. Junmyeon gave her skull a kick, making you scream again. You were going into an intense state of shock your body began to shake involuntarily as you started to hyperventilate.
He just shot his wife.

“WHAT THE FUCK JUNMYEON!?” Sehun shouted as he rushed over to Yuna’s body to check that she was really dead.  
She was.
Everyone in the room was staring at Junmyeon in complete astonishment, horror and silence, nobody was able to move as the shock of it all had consumed them whole. Junmyeon slipped his phone out of his pocket and began to make a call. You frowned. That wasn’t his usual phone.

“Oi, you need to get here. Now.”
That’s all he said before he hung up and slipped his phone back into his pocket. He walked back into the house with his gun gripped tightly in his hand aiming it at your stomach. Turning to face the boys he began to speak.

“Come inside and close the door now.” His face was blank as he kept his gun aimed at your stomach. Tears were streaming down your face as you came to realise who Junmyeon was.

“It was you all along…” Baekhyun whispered, he swallowed hard and began to walk further towards where Kyungsoo was sat.

“Everybody just get inside or I’ll fucking shoot!” Junmyeon yelled, pressing his gun against your stomach. You began to cry louder now. You looked over and saw tears streaming down Minseok’s face as he walked over to where you were sat; if he so much as pointed his gun at Junmyeon, in fact if anyone dared to point their gun at Junmyeon then he would shoot so there was nothing they could do but comply with the rules. All the men that were stood outside began to move sheepishly back into the house and into the kitchen; they looked at their leader with such hatred. How and why would Junmyeon do this?

“The body…” Yixing looked down at Yuna’s body, his face was blank, this sight was the norm for him and it reminded you that these men were all killers so Junmyeon would have no remorse in killing you or your baby.

“Just shut the door, we’ll clean it up later.” Junmyeon grunted. He pulled out a chair from underneath the table and sat opposite you his gun stayed trained on your stomach.

“Junmyeon why the fuck are you doing this?” Sehun shook his head, his chest was heaving up and down and his eyes were staring intensely at the gun pointed at your stomach. “I promise you if you pull that trigger I will shoot the back of your skull. Killing an unborn baby Junmyeon is a new level of low.”

“I knew you’d been acting strange lately.” Yixing spoke up, his eyes were red and his breathing was shallow. “I’ve been keeping tabs on everyone and you’ve been acting the weirdest. Why would you do this to us Junmyeon, why would you work alongside Luhan?”

Junmyeon slammed his free hand down on the table next to him.

“Would you all just shut the fuck up and let me speak. I’m not intending to shoot this baby, the only reason I’m pointing it here is because you guys would’ve killed me otherwise before you heard me out, but if anyone makes any sudden movements then so help me God…” He frowned in your direction. “Please stop crying Y/N you’re making me feel bad.”

You looked at him confused, how the heck did he expect you stop crying when you were being put in this situation?

“What do you mean stop crying? You just shot your wife in front of her and now you’re threatening her and her baby’s life.” Sehun screeched, his face was red and his hands were shaking.

“Oh Sehun I beg you, shut the heck up…” Junmyeon was breathing out hard through his nose; he was quite obviously at his wits end. “I’m not the bad guy. I’m not the one who was working for Luhan.”

“So who the fuck was?!” Jongin hissed, his fingers were wrapped tightly against his gun causing his knuckles to go white.

Junmyeon let out a sigh as he closed his eye momentarily.

“Kyungsoo, please open your laptop.” He nodded in Kyungsoo’s direction as he opened his eyes again. Kyungsoo’s hands were shaking as he finally managed to pry his laptop open, hovering his fingers above the power button.  “No no. There’s no need to switch it on.” Junmyeon continued. “You have a QWERTY keyboard right?”

“Yes.” Kyungsoo mumbled in response, his hands still shaking.

“Okay good. Now let’s assume there were only letters on your keyboard. No number’s, no symbols, no arrows, special keys. Nothing. Just letters. I’m going to need you to count the code out from left to right. Letters only remember, staring from Q.”

“What do you mean?” Kyungsoo looked up at Junmyeon, his eyes were wide and he looked confused. Junmyeon rolled his eyes.

“It’s not rocket science Kyungsoo. All I need you to do is count out the letters on the keyboard as I tell you the number. Can you handle that big boy?” Junmyeon said sarcastically. Kyungsoo nodded.
“Okay then. The code is 6-7-25-11. What’s the 6th letter on your keyboard?”

“Y?” Kyungsoo shrugged frowning at his keyboard.

“Just do it Kyungsoo.”

“No I’m not asking you why. I’m telling you that the 6th letter is Y.”

“Oh right. Sorry” Junmyeon laughed, his laughter made your skin crawl how could he be laughing at a time like this? All you wanted to was smash his head into the table but considering the predicament that you had found yourself in, it was probably best to just sit still and shut up. “Okay now the 7th.” He continued, focusing back on Kyungsoo once again.



“N. And the 11th I’m guessing is …A…” He stared at his laptop keyboard and then lifted his head to look at the front door. “Yuna.”

“Bingo.” Junmyeon sighed. “It was Yuna all along. That’s why I took care of that dirty bitch.”
Your mouth hung open in shock as you looked at Kyungsoo’s keyboard aswell. You had calmed down a bit by now but you were still in no fit state.

“You’re lying.” Jongdae hissed from his side of the room, staring at Junmyeon with venom in his eyes. “That code was on the back of the letter, why would Luhan write it there? Why would he try and help us find who was infiltrating us this whole time? There’s no fucking logic in that Junmyeon, do better!”

“Luhan isn’t the one who wrote the code.”

Just then you heard a knock at the door, which made you all jump.

“Shit.” Tao whispered. “Yuna’s body’s outside it’s probably the police.”
You tried desperately hard to hold back sobs, your life was slowly spiraling out of control and you were trying to accept the fact that you would have to give birth to your child in a jail cell, where you would rot away for the rest of your life. Junmyeon frowned slipping the unfamiliar phone back out of his pocket and began typing, no less than 5 seconds later did his phone vibrate in response.

“Open the door.” Junmyeon nodded his head at Yixing. Yixing stood there hesitating looking at the door and back at Junmyeon. “Just open the door Yixing, trust me.”

“That’s the last thing he should be doing. Trusting you.” Kris scoffed. Luckily for him Ara was watching a web series in the living room and had missed all that had happened. You wish you could swap places with her.

“When the fuck have I ever let you down as a leader?” Junmyeon frowned over at Kris, who was stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

“The day you decided to blow us all up.” He answered back smugly. Junmyeon rolled his eyes in response.

“Look Yixing just open the door.”
Yixing swallowed hard and hovered his hands above the door handle before slowly twisting it to open by a small margin. You watched as his face went pale and he took in a sharp breath. He stepped aside to let the tall figure in and shut the door again.

Park Chanyeol.

You couldn’t take it anymore and vomited on the table in front of you, a sea of lumpy green broccoli redecorating your plate. Junmyeon pulled a face as he looked between you and the vomit.

“What the fuck is going on!? Why and how are you still alive?!” Minseok shouted, pushing Chanyeol hard in the chest. But Chanyeol ignored him. He took a quick glance at you and focused his gaze on Junmyeon.

“I moved the body out back. You’ll get rid of it later, huh?” You looked down at Chanyeol’s hands which were covered in blood. He walked over to the sink and gave his hands a rinse. Chanyeol was… alive?

“Perfect timing Chanyeol.” I was just trying to explain everything to them. You got here quickly.”

“Mmm” Chanyeol nodded. “I left as soon as I got your call.”

Sehun slammed his hand against the white tiled back-splash and pointed his gun at Chanyeol.

“Would you two stop your fucking mothers meeting and explain to us what the fuck is going on?! Why aren’t you dead? I’m beginning to lose my fucking patience so you better be quick!”
You noticed that Sehun was still looking at Junmyeon’s gun pointed at your stomach. It was as though he was trying to make sure that he didn’t pull the trigger.
Junmyeon cleared his throat.

“Like I was saying, it wasn’t Luhan that wrote that code it was Chanyeol. After Chanyeol left I asked him to do me a favour to keep an eye on Luhan in anyway that he could. The bust up he had was a perfect excuse as to why he would want Y/N dead and so Luhan believed him when he told him he wanted to join him. He was never going to kill Chanyeol because Chanyeol was on his side, he was just bluffing. Little did he know Chanyeol was still working with us, just undercover. That’s why you saw him with the bald guy that night.” He looked over at Tao. “I’ve been texting Chanyeol ever since.” He pointed at the unfamiliar phone on the table and then pulled out his real phone. “I know you’ve been keeping tabs on me Byun Baekhyun. So I got Chanyeol to safeguard it. I knew you’d be keeping an eye out. You must’ve spotted there were two safeguarded phones in this house, hmm? The other one belonged to Yuna she was keeping it to stay in touch with Luhan. She was telling him each and every one of our next moves. Chanyeol found out Yuna was the mole so he wrote the code on the back assuming someone would decode it eventually, but I already knew it was her.”
You frowned as you sat there trying to process the information. Surely none of this was true. Surely it couldn’t have been dear sweet Yuna.

“So that pregnancy breakdown was all planned?” Yixing looked up at Chanyeol. But Chanyeol’s face remained blank and unresponsive.

“It couldn’t have been planned, they only found out they were having a baby the night before he freaked out.” Baekhyun sighed, taking a seat on the floor. Since it was taking a while it seemed logical to do so. “Look that’s beside the point. Why didn’t you tell us Junmyeon! Why did you keep us all in the fucking dark.”

You heard grunts of agreement from around the room. Baekhyun had a point, why didn’t Junmyeon just tell all of you and why would he let her work within you for so long?

“Because the less people that knew the better. I could keep on top of things that way. All my speculation and blaming was fake, but I had to do it so that Yuna wouldn’t know that I knew. If she found out then she would have told Luhan and it would have been so much messier.” The room went silent for a while as you all stared at each other.
You were more or less keeping your gaze on Chanyeol who apparently wasn’t dead, but he was avoiding your gaze once again.
It seemed that members of this household had mastered the art of resurrecting from the dead.

“How long have you known about this Junmyeon?” Jongdae asked, walking over to take a seat on the floor beside Baekhyun, he looked up at Junmyeon expectantly waiting for an answer.

Junmyeon took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. All the attention in the room was fully on him.

“She was never on our side she was working for Luhan this whole time. They are…Well were boyfriend and girlfriend. I found out about it all a month into dating her. I genuinely liked her at first I really thought it was going somewhere…the relationship… but then I did a background search and found some inconsistencies, her name for starters. Didn’t match any existing birthing records around that time. I decided to go through with dating and marrying her though, keep your enemies close and all. Besides me ‘going along with it’ meant that Luhan didn’t suspect a thing. It worked in our favour as her being with us meant that Luhan wouldn’t try anything too radical he wouldn’t risk her getting too severely hurt. I was the one that shot at her at the crepes stand that day. I wanted to get rid of her, but then I realised that I should probably send a warning just so she knew that someone was onto her meaning that Luhan would tread more lightly. As for the car crash, that was actually Luhan.” You stared at your hands in confusion. How could she have turned out to be such a monster? You trusted her and she was out to kill you. It made sense that she would want you dead; you killed her boyfriend’s father.

“But why was she so on board with it all? I mean I know love makes a person do crazy things but too go so far as to marry a man to help your boyfriend, that’s insane.” Jongin mumbled as he frowned.
You nodded in agreement, what she did was quite a stretch. You loved Minseok, but you would never marry Luhan just to help hatch an evil plan.

“That’s because she had a bigger part to play in this.” Junmyeon spoke up again, you were puzzled by what he meant. “She wasn’t just Luhan’s girlfriend, she was wronged by us too you could say. Remember the pictures in that portfolio that night, she took those. Those were all the people that she wanted dead. Me, Y/N, Baekhyun, Kris, Jongin and Tao. It’s obvious now why she wanted me and Y/N dead, but what about the guys, what do they have in common?”
He looked around the room and waited for someone to reply. All of a sudden you felt as though you were back in school.

“They’re related some way or another.” Kyungsoo said, looking around the room at the 4 men.

Junmyeon nodded.

“That’s correct, they’re related. Baek, Jongin and Kris are all related under Red and Tao is related to Kris through their mother. Now, remember Jongin and Kris telling us about Red’s legitimate child, the first one who was supposedly older than Minseok, who they assumed hated them. Well I’m sorry boys but I just killed your sister she’s out back.” Junmyeon stopped for a moment and the room was filled with gasps. Your mouth hung open. Yuna was Red’s oldest child, this explain why she wanted Baekhyun, Kris and Jongin dead she must have hated them. She must’ve despised them for being the product of their father’s adulterous ways and breaking up her happy family she was probably also scared they would make themselves known to the public and claim their right to the company. Killing Tao must’ve meant complete closure as he would always try to back up his brother Kris. “She would’ve wanted Yixing dead too if she had ever found out who specifically shot Red. But that never happened.”

Yixing blinked as he touched his chest, taken aback by Junmyeon’s comment.

“Now as for the broccoli. How do I put this…” Junmyeon laughed as he looked around the room and back at your vomit. “She always used to wear that really strong perfume right?” He rolled his eyes, you nodded quickly.

“Yeah she told me it was to help with her breathing problems, she had a medical spray as well to help relax her muscles. She had an operation previously to help but it was unsuccessful, she showed me the scar.” You spoke up quickly, Minseok nodded from where he was stood, confirming your part of the story.

“Oh? Is that what the bitch told you?” Junmyeon laughed sarcastically. “That perfume was poison Y/N, it’s a special type of poison that can only be inhaled. So the constant ‘feeling lethargic, weak and tired’ was because she was poisoning us slowly. The weaker we were in the hands of Luhan the better. That ‘operation’ she had was to install a filter up her nose making her around 90% immune to the perfume she was spraying and that ‘nasal spray’ was the remaining 10%. It contained a liquid that reversed and prevented the effects of the particular poison she was using. One day I stole her perfume and nasal spray to see what kind of poison she was using and what she was using to prevent being affected. I found out the nasal spray contained pantothenic acid and vitamin B6; a natural food that contains those things is broccoli, that’s why I’ve been making you eat it. Not because I wanted to. I fucking hate broccoli.” He pulled a face and you turned to smile up at Yixing.
He was right, Junmyeon had been acting strange by always cooking broccoli but it was for all the right reasons.
“So Byun Baekhyun, If I ever hear you complain about Broccoli again, I will slap you silly.” Junmyeon smiled, finally lowering the gun from your stomach as he let out a deep breath.
“It’s a shame really, she was a likeable girl. Great in bed.”
You stared at Junmyeon for a moment and he seemed hurt, he was letting on as though he didn’t care, but he must’ve grown attached to her at the start. You felt horrible for him, he didn’t deserve this you thought that finally this was his chance at happiness but you were so wrong.

“Are you okay babe?” Minseok walked over to you and planted a kiss on your lips, feeling your head with the back of his hand.

“Yeah I think I just need to lie down.” You got up slowly and walked to the living room, dropping down on a sofa you watched Ara as she was looking at cartoons on Kris’ phone. If only you were as oblivious as she was to the whole situation. Ignorance truly was bliss.


You looked up as a familiar voice shifted your feet off of the sofa so they could sit beside you.


Your emotions were a wreck, you didn’t know how to feel when you looked at him. You were silently crying but you were unsure whether or not they were tears of happiness, sadness or anger. You thought he was dead and now he was taking a seat beside you as though he was always there.

“4 months Chanyeol! 4 months!” You cried, kicking him in the ribs with your foot. He held his side as he hissed in pain. “You let me believe you were dead for 4 months! Didn’t you think that that would break me?!”

“I know Y/N I’m sorry, but it worked out better this way…” He sighed as he looked at the palm of his hands. You scoffed at him in disbelief.

“You avoided me before you left and even now, four months later, you still won’t fucking look at me in the face Chanyeol? I’ve never loathed you so much, and yet…I still care. Why the fuck did you do this to me.”
He scooted over and held your hands in his looking you dead in the eyes.

“Listen Y/N I’m sorry. The shouting…before I left…I wish I could take it back but I can’t because I meant it, every single word of it and so I won’t apologise for something I stand by. I avoided you for so long because I realised I couldn’t stop loving you. Yeah, I was dating that woman from work but she wasn’t you, I realised I’m still madly in love with you and I can’t help it that’s why I avoided you for so long. It’s because Tao brought the motive to the table,and I wasn’t guilty of working for Luhan but I was guilty of still possessing this love for you… this love that I can do nothing with because you’re married and so I was so ashamed to look in your direction. And I was so mad that Minseok got you pregnant, I couldn’t live in the same house as you both and I’m not even sure I can do that now… I’m not sure I can be an uncle to that child Y/N, every time I see it I’ll think of how you chose him over me and I don’t want to take that hate out on the child.”

“But Chanyeol you’re my best frie –”

“No listen to me Y/N” Your eyes widened as you saw a tear escape from Chanyeol’s eye, it wasn’t often he cried it was only when he really felt something. His grip tightened on your hand. “You have to understand that this isn’t fair on me. I can’t just accept you and Minseok and move on. And I’m not being selfish okay! I’m not at all. I’ve known you for nearly 11 years and loved you for more than half of that time. There’s no way I can just abandoned how I’ve felt for so long and if you can’t acknowledge that then you’re the one who’s being selfish! I’m madly and deeply in love with you Y/N! I don’t know if that will last forever but that’s how I feel now. I love you so so much, maybe even more than Minseok does and I can’t stay here and keep on pretending this shit doesn’t affect me because it does. I can’t move back in here, I’ve realised that now. I found a remote area that I’ve been staying at so that’s where I’ll continue to stay. I don’t want to see you for a while Y/N, maybe even years and that’s not because I hate you but it’s because my heart can’t take seeing you happy with a man that isn’t me. Maybe when I’ve come to terms with it in the future we can pick up where we left off…as friends. But for now I can’t I’m sorry. I will always support you I want you to know that, I just can’t do it right beside you and certainly not in the same house. After Luhan is really gone I need to take a solid break from our friendship, from you. I need to clear my head.”

A tear slipped down your cheek as you were staring intently at Chanyeol, you found yourself gripping onto his hands tightly. You didn’t know you were the one being selfish this whole time. It wasn’t your intention. But how were you supposed to cope without your best friend? You couldn’t do it for 4 months, let alone years.

“Chanyeol!” You heard Jongin call from the kitchen. “Come on we’re going to get Senior.”

Chanyeol leaned forward and cupped your face in his hands, he stared at you for a while and you were sure you could see every memory and emotion that the two of you created together over the years flash by in a couple of seconds. He kissed you passionately on the lips before he broke away and took a breath.

“See you in a couple of years Y/N. I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Does anyone else get dysphoria when realizing that I could not become someone's biologically father without being the one carrying them? It just hit me that I'll never be a "true father", and it kinda just :/

Ryn says:

Aha! So, anon, I totally get what you’re feeling here. It sucks. But a couple ideas I wanted to raise. Being an adoptive father is no less important than raising a biological child. There are literally hundreds of thousands of children who deserve loving families and parents. 
Now, if you’re set on one day having biological children, you still have a few options that are not carrying a child. You can undergo a procedure to extract and freeze some of your eggs, which then later can be fertilized either by your partner (if they can produce sperm) or by a donor, and then carried either by your partner (if they are able and willing) or by a surrogate.

Now, those are current possible options that are used by couples around the world today. Now, there are some assisted reproductive technologies that have a lot of future potential, and depending on research and funding and all of that, in the near future there are some possibilities that could take shape. 

Technology 1: Three Parent Babies- Now, this is currently used to avoid mitochondrial diseases, but there is the possibility in the future of allowing queer couples another chance. If you and your partner both produce eggs, the mitochondria (which contain their own DNA) is taken from one egg cell, and the nuclear DNA is taken from another egg, and then those are combined together in a single egg and fertilized by a donor sperm. The resulting child then has coding DNA from two parents and mitochondrial DNA from a third. 

Technology 2: Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer- This is one of the more ethically shaky technologies. A somatic cell is any non-gamete (or sperm/eggs). Basically what happens is doctors would take a somatic cell (a skin cell for example) and remove the nucleus (where the DNA is housed) and place it into an egg cell which has had its nucleus removed. The egg cell then begins to divide as if it had been fertilized. The resulting embryo is then essentially a clone of the person who donated the somatic cell. In contrast to the three-parent baby above, this child would only have one biological parent. The embryo would then have to be carried to term either by you or by a surrogate. 

Technology 3: Artificial wombs- I am less familiar with this (as my bioethics class has not discussed it and I haven’t come across it in any of my other biology classes so far, just in personal research), but as I understand it, in the future we are hoping to be able to allow embryos to develop to term in an artificial womb, outside of a human body. This would eliminate the need for you or any future partner to carry the child or for you to find a surrogate. 

Technology 4: Somatic Cell gametogenesis- This is another technology I’m not super familiar with, but from what I’ve read, there is the possibility of taking a somatic cell such as a skin cell or muscle cell and reverting it to a stem cell state (iPS or induced pluripotent stem cells- happy to talk about those at a later point on my personal if anyone is interested). These induced stem cells can then be used to create any type of cell with your genetics, including gametes, or sperm and egg cells. Now, as I understand it, it should be possible to create both a sperm and an egg cell in this manner regardless of your birth assignment and of the gamete type you naturally produce. However, the thing to note is that for you, sperm cells produced in this manner will only carry X chromosomes, so if your partner is producing eggs (which always have X chromosomes), your child will be afab. 

So those are the possibilities that could start being used in the near future that could help you biologically father children without carrying them. Some already are being used- there are currently two three-parent babies alive, and I believe a third is on the way. 

This is all a long-winded and very science-y way of saying don’t lose hope. Science is advancing every day. I apologize for being so long-winded– I’m a biology student, and the first half of my bioethics class this semester was involving assisted reproductive technologies. We discussed a lot of what I talked about above in a lot of detail (the class is full of pre-med students and biology majors like me). I know I got very science-y here. Please feel welcome to ask follow-up questions here and especially on my personal for any clarifications. But anyway, whether you choose to freeze your eggs, adopt, or wait and see about somatic cell technologies, remember you are valid, and no matter what I know you will make an excellent father some day. 

A few words on Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in case you wanna throw her some support.

Two Republicans voted against the party’s efforts to repeal Obamacare on Tuesday and Trump, petty orange baby that he is, obviously had something to say about it.

President Donald Trump made clear his dissatisfaction with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) Wednesday, when he tweeted that she let down her party and the nation by voting against Republicans’ attempts to repeal Obamacare.

But apparently Trump’s public disapproval is not the only way the administration plans to make his anger known.

The Alaska Dispatch News reported Wednesday night that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke called Murkowski and fellow Alaskan Sen. Dan Sullivan ® after Tuesday’s health care vote to let them know her position had put some of their state-specific projects in jeopardy ― particularly those pertaining to energy.

Sullivan told the outlet that Zinke’s phone call carried a “troubling message,” and the interior secretary made it clear to him that the call was in response to Murkowski voting no on the motion to proceed on Tuesday.

She was only one of two Republicans, along with Sen. Susan Collins (Maine), to break from party lines on the vote.

(cont. HuffPo

Some people feel you don’t really have to praise someone for doing the right things.  If that’s you, then you can stop here and read something else.

Others feel that when politicians stand up for what’s right, possibly at the expense of their political livelihood, we should show our support.  If that’s you, feel free to read on so you can see what Murkowski is about.

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One for Sorrow

one for sorrow

Sorrow is too small a word for it - for the tragedy that devours his family in one terrible night, leaving only Percival, the last sad remnant of what had once been a family. Tragedy, they call it, in hushed whispers: so sad, what happened to those poor people. Sorrow is an insult, a thing too small to stand in the face of murder and destruction and the end of the world.

But sorrow is a beast with teeth of iron, and they rip at his mind and his soul until there is little left of humanity or even sanity. It screams in his head, echoes of all that he has lost - family, home, safety, future - until all that is left is Percy, last sad remnant of what had once been a person. Sometimes, he is not even certain that much remains.

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Birth and Bloodletting: Part Four


He didn’t want to believe Keir’s words. But the smug superiority of them, the male knew something. Something world shattering. And he was going to get answers but first, he had to get Feyre and his children out of this Hellhole.

“Get her out of here! Winnow her somewhere besides this fucking cell!” Rhys snarled.

His mate was ready to give birth to his children and she was in a dank cell, a cell meant to suffocate magic, a cell where nightmares were made flesh. She was vulnerable and he was blind and-

“No,” She said through gritted teeth. “It’s too late. They’re coming.”


Nate stripped the shirt from Keir’s chest. He bound the male’s arms to the iron chair. He took a generous amount of satisfaction from seeing the male in pain. Nate dug his nails into Keir’s arms, meeting his eyes.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

Keir looked back up at him, his face stony. The only indication of pain was the intensity of his eyes. The same eyes that he, himself, had. One of the reasons he avoided a mirror.

A small smile etched on his grandfather’s face. “You would know, wouldn’t you?”

He clicked his tongue; memories of his grandfather breaking his bones, memories of Keir learning that he was an artist, Keir breaking his wrists, his fingers, jarred in his mind. Memories of relearning how to sketch, hiding his reasons for needing the extra practice, needing to be left alone to draw, to paint. Memories of turning Baylor away, lying to Baylor, while Ash healed him. His cousin knew. He refused to heal him unless he had the truth.So he told him under secrecy. And if Baylor ever figured out that he or Ash hid something like that from him..

Keir tilted his head, “You didn’t tell anyone about our family bonding experiences. Why?”

Nate lowered to his haunches, meeting his eyes. “Because when I got older, able to fight back, I wanted to be the one to kill you.”

Keir’s smiled widened, “And now you don’t get to. Shame.”

Nate took the circlet from atop his grandfather’s hair and looked at the glittering metal. Breaking the circlet, Nate examined the sharpened jagged end of the metal before turning his eyes on Keir.

“Do you know what it feels like to have metal sink between your ribs and into your lung?” Nate tilted his head. “Did you know that when you pierce the lung and blood starts to fill your precious air space that you start to pray to the Mother? Pray that you live long enough to get to your Cauldron Blessed cousin so he can heal you in secret? Because I do.”

He slid the jagged metal between Keir’s ribs. “You look so surprised that I would do this.”

The male’s lips parted, his eyes widened and his breath shuddered at the contact of metal piercing his lung. Blood spilled onto Nate’s fingers. Giving the male a grim smile, Nate twisted the circlet with a  jerk of his wrist.

“After all Keir, I am your blood.”


Feyre had barely registered that Nate had winnowed back into room; her nephew’s face was set with grim determination, his red-stained fingers shook. Bay looked up at him, his brows furrowed. 

She worried about him also but she was more focused on the pain. And Cauldron it hurt. If fucking hurt. She thought getting her neck snapped and dying was pain, no. This is pain. “I don’t understand,” She gritted out. “I st- still have a month before I’m due.”

Azriel quietly rolled up his sleeves, “Between getting to Rhys and the strain of your magic and stress, you  jump started your labor.” His eyes slid to Bay and Nate. Nate’s face mirrored Azriel’s and Bay’s was bone white.

“Bay, go find Cassian and Blake,” Azriel said. “Tell them Feyre is giving birth. Nate, hot water, towels, a sterile blade.” Just in case. “Go.”

“Yes sir,” Nate said. Taking Bay’s wrist, Nate winnowed.

Azriel lowered to his haunches, his face a calm mask. The only thing belaying the calm was the intensity of his eyes. “Are you ready to give birth?”


The High Lady let out a strangled cry. Beside her, Rhys was rubbing her back, his voice strained. “You can do this, Feyre darling.”

Rhys’s shoulders were tight, his face strained. But his shadows told him he was struggling. Rhys wanted to eliminate him as a threat to his mate, for whatever reason. His mate was defenseless, giving birth, in the home of the worst monsters in all of Prythian. And he was blind. The High Lord didn’t see him, the male who would lay down his life for him and his court, he saw a male who was extremely close to his vulnerable mate.

“Rhys,” Azriel said. “I am not going to hurt her, I need to help her. Will you let me?”

“Yes,” Rhys ground out.

“Well thank the Cauldron,” Feyre gritted. “Can you please help me?”

A smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“I found everything you needed,” Nate winnowed in. Azriel glanced at his son. Nate held…a lot of towels and a bowl of water, steam billowing from the clear liquid.

“Very good,” Azriel murmured. He settled between Feyre’s legs. “It’s time.”


The female had heard Keir’s groans from where she was. She had heard the male- Nate- list the things Keir had done to him. She had no love for Nate or his family but what Keir did. That was unacceptable. A child should not have to live in fear or be targeted by such cruelty. Keir was a necessary evil that she had to tolerate but now that the plan had failed, she needed to erase herself from the scene and let him get the punishment he deserved.

The female surveyed the guards in front of the door. Stone faced and armed to the teeth. She supposed they were just doing their jobs. But she needed in the room, needed to get to Keir before his interrogation truly began.

Her lips curled into a ruby smile, her head tilted, her shock of ever-changing hair slid over her shoulder. “You want to let me in.”

The shorter male blinked slowly, his hand moving to the bar to open the iron door. She smiled, slipping into the room, “Thank you.”

Keir sat chained to an iron chair, the circlet atop protruded in his side. Blood was still seeping from the wound, thick and black. The skin beneath his arms blackened and peeled, his fingers bent in unnatural positions, ash bolted his palms to the chair. He looked to be in a great deal of pain. Good. He deserved it. He looked up at her. “Ter-”

“Ah, ah,” She tisked. “We need to have a chat before you are subjected to interrogation.”

His face hardened, his eyes betrayed a hopeless glint. He was realizing she wasn’t here to save him. “Bitch-”

She gripped his bound arms, her black nails digging into his bleeding skin. “You are going to forget everything you know about me. The only thing you are going to remember was you staged a coup and that you failed.  And when they interrogate you, you will feel the pain in a tenfold. You will believe you deserve it. Because you do.”

Keir’s face slacked, his eyes blinking slowly up at her. “Who are you?”

She smiled, “Very good. It’s been interesting doing business with you, Keir. I hope you choke on your blood.”


Charred flesh littered the floor, the smell vile enough Cassian had to cover his nose with his elbow. What the fuck happened here? Stepping over a blackened corpse, Cassian spied a ashy-blonde head of hair.

He paused, lowering his elbow. “Bay, what the fuck- why are you here?” He was supposed to be in Velaris with Feyre and Aysel, not covered in blood and soot and looking like he had seen a ghost.

“FeyreisintheCellsgivingbirthyouneedtogo.” Bay was speaking so fast he could barely make out the words, his sons eyes were wide with panic. “Now.”

Blake blinked. “Care to run that by us again?”

Bay glared at him, his voice over enunciated. “Feyre is in the Cells giving birth. Get your asses down there now.”


Feyre clenched her teeth, her chin to her chest, and pushed.

She took in breath, filling her lungs with air. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she tried to keep her magic contained, her palms against the brutally cold stone beneath her. Inhaling sharply, Feyre pushed.

Azriel’s eyes flicked up to hers for mere seconds, “Again.”

She shook her head, sweat beading her skin.“I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Feyre.” Rhys encouraged. “You survived Amarantha and Hybern and Tamlin. You survived near-starvation, war, death. You can do this.”

“Shut up,” she groaned. “It’s your fault I got pregnant in the first place.”

Nate snorted; a smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“Again,” Azriel repeated. “Nate, get the towel ready.”

Her nephew knelt down beside his father, holding out a plush ebony towel. He was steady, save for the slight trembling of his hands.

She pushed.

“I see hair, Aunt Feyre.” Nate said. “You’re doing so good.”

Rhys’s breathing hitched, his palm stiffening at her back. She blinked the tears from her eyes and smiled at him, her fingers gripping his thigh.

“Big one,” Azriel coached. She gritted her teeth and pushed.

She heard it. The most beautiful sound she had ever heard. Her child was crying and so was Rhys.

Azriel looked up at them. “It’s a boy.” She could almost hear the but in his voice. Was there something wrong with her son?

Nate leaned over, wrapping an ebony towel around her son before placing him in Rhys’s arms. She glanced at her son. A shock of black hair and blue grey eyes. He was beautiful.

“Hello Bat,” Rhys said softly, his thumb brushing their son’s cheek. Nate dug another towel out, readying for the next birth. “Rhys, do you want to cut the cord?” Azriel glanced over her legs at her mate. Rhys cut it. Azriel’s eyes looked to hers. “Ready for the next one?”

She looked back and nodded.


Cassian and Blake stood guard at the entrance of the Cells. It was too much. His mate’s unseeing eyes flashed in his head. He didn’t trust himself to stay calm so he opted for guard duty and his thoughts kept going back to the female Blake was dancing with. Her eyes.

“Are you alright, Commander?” Blake asked.

That was the question and Cassian hated answering it. So he opted to not answer it at all. Blake’s eyes glanced at him. “Cassian?”

“I’m fine, Blake.”

Blake snorted. “So that’s where Bay get’s it from.”

“Excuse me?”

“Both of you pretend you’re fine and when asked how you are doing, you both dismiss the asker with an ‘I’m fine.’ It’s obvious neither of you are.”

A female appeared in front of them. The same female Blake said was dead. Cassian slid his hand to his sword. “Who are you?”

She smiled up at him. “That is for me to know and you to forget. You do not remember me dancing with Blake. You remember a golden haired and brown eyed female instead. She was killed. Run through with a sword. Nothing was amiss and you never had a second thought about it.

“I remember nothing,” Cassian said. 

“Very good,”  she smiled. Darkness wrapped around her and she disappeared.

A minute later, Cassian turned to Blake. “Bay and I are dealing. We will be fine. Eventually.” He just hoped he wasn’t lying.

Blake paused. “Do you hear that?”

Cassian sighed, unsheathing his sword. “We have company.”


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Who are you, really?
You’re not a name your parents chose according to their personal attachments in life
You’re not a birth date,
or a temporary age,
or a simple cluster of billion cells,
or even a species
You’re a collection of everything you love
You’re the books that you stayed up all night long reading since you couldn’t just put them down
You’re the songs that you sing along to the radio and surprise yourself by remembering the lyrics perfectly
You’re the cities you’ve visited and roamed the streets of and fell in love with
You’re the stars that you’ve stood awed by and gazed at unaware of the time passing
You’re the quotes that halt you and force you to reread them once, twice, 3 times, a thousand
And the paintings you’ve admired from afar
You’re the sun rises that you’ve fought sleep at night to witness
And the movies you never get tired of watching
And the places you’re welcomed at because of how frequently you visit them
And the carefree dances you swayed on crowded dance floors
You’re the memories you’ve crafted with the people around you
And the inside jokes you’ve shared with someone on a boring saturday afternoon
And mostly, you’re so full of pieces of the people you love most, and the people who love you back
You carry pieces of them in a habit of theirs that you picked on,
a word you’ve learnt from them,
a song that reminds you strictly of them
a story you’ve told a thousand times about that one time where they downright embarrassed you
You are everything and anything that you’ve ever loved,
So darling you’re really not a single thing - but rather a million

Deliverance || Part 5

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Warning: Violence and death

Word Count: 3K

Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 6 & Part 7

Gif Credit: @vividbluu and my dear friend @cirunia Thank you for letting me use your stunning gifs!

Tag: Can’t remember who wanted to be tagged, sorry it’s been awhile. So I’m just tagging those that left a message. And if you want to be tagged in the future let me know. Hope that’s ok. @crazyfreckledginger @star-girl-pryde @introvertalien13

A/N: This chapter goes out to @ziambitches99, you rock! And my dear friend @lainey-lane who really helped me work through the mind fuck mess of sleeping with a man you fear. And ultimately answering the question, my friend so eloquently addressed…  What did Donald do to allow the reader to trust him with her like that? You know me, I don’t like cheap answers. I like to get gritty and dig deep. This chapter centers mostly around a flashback from the first time the reader and Donald hooked-up. I felt it was an important element to address in their complicated relationship and history.

Note: The second half of this chapter is the flashback while the reader was at Transigen. Just so we’re all clear.

Donnie is pulling off the highway in what looks to be a very small town by late afternoon. 

 You’re pretty sure you’re in South Dakota, but you’ve been driving so long this week it’s hard to tell and your nerves are still a little shot from what happened earlier. 

Moving through the quiet streets, Donnie hands you an envelope.

“What’s all this?” You ask, as you open it. 

Looking through you find papers mostly, birth certificates, social security cards, a cell phone.

 Looking more closely, you realize they have yours and Danny’s names on them, with a new last name – Henderson. Generic enough, you assume that makes it harder to track.

“Everything you need to start your new life.” Donnie explains, flashing you a sideways glance before his eyes return to the road.

 “Look mommy cows!” Danny calls with excitement from the back seat. 

“Cow goes Mooo! Mooo!” He carries on.

A smile fills the face as your little boy makes animals sounds in the backseat. Happy he likes this place.

“There’s lot of animals here, buddy.” Donnie tells him.

You fish out the phone, looks like an old school prepay. You turn it on as Donnie speaks up again.

“My numbers already programmed in it. This is the only way we can communicate when I’m gone. There’s a sheet in the envelope with a list of code words that won’t ‘rouse suspicion ‘case anyone saw the message.”

 You nod with understanding, makes sense. After what happened last time, you feel like you both can’t be cautious enough. 

Down at the bottom of the envelope you fish out a checkbook with a bank card and pin number written on a post-it on the back.

Your eyes flash over at Donnie. “What’s this?” You ask.

 “What’s it look like, baby?” He throws back at you sarcastically. 

“I’ll deposit money in every two weeks. Should be more than enough, but if it’s not, there’s a code on the sheet for that.” He explains, turning down a residential street lined with beautiful old trees.

“This is too much Donnie. I don’t want your money. I can handle this part of it. I planned on getting a job.” You explain, trying to put the checkbook into his lap. 

After all these years, after lying to him about Danny, it doesn’t feel right taking his money.

 The SUV rolls to a stop at the sign as Donnie turns to you, slipping the checkbook back into the envelope before his robotic hand settles on your thigh giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Said I was gonna take care of you two… You don’ have to use it, but it’s gonna be there.” He insists, his eyes pressing into yours, that softness that’s been slowly creeping in over the week hanging in his eyes, before he turns back to the road and gets the car rolling again.

“This is my uncle’s place, part of his ranch. Main house is up about a mile. I’ll show you ‘round there in the morning after we get you settled in. Introduce y’all. They’re simple people, but they’ll love you and Danny. Company don’ know about him, so it’s the safest place.” Donald explains as he pulls off the street and onto a gravel road. 

A quick huff lifts off his chest as you glance his way.

“Hell, I haven’t seen him since I was fifteen… No one will think to look for you here.” He tells you as he pulls up to a small white single story house with a side patio and steps leading up to the front door. 

It looked run down, could use a paint job, but what it lacked in splendor it made up for in character.

 “Your mom’s brother?” You ask as you take in the fields of wild grass and flowers surrounding the property. 

Just far enough off the main road to give you privacy. It’ll be perfect for Danny. Somewhere safe he can run and play.

Donnie nods with your question, bringing the SUV to a stop in front of the house. “Uh-huh.”

“Thought you said she was an alcoholic?” You ask, gaze turning back on him.

A low chuck rumbles out of him with your question. 

“Yes ma’am, but not my uncle.” He answers, before his gaze turns fully to you. Something sparking in those intense blue eyes of his.

“You remember that?” He asks, almost surprised.

 Staring into his eyes as a crooked grin rises on your face. “I remember all your stories, Donnie.” You tell him.

A quick huff leaves his chest before his smile grows wide and his hand finds your chin, pinching the edge of it playfully as he gazes upon you. 

“You are somethin’, baby.”

 During your time together you and Donnie had one main source of communication, of connection – your bodies. 

The things you discovered about him, knew about him after getting lost in the man countless times, left you feeling like you really knew him. 

But sometimes when you were losing your mind, going stir crazy in that tiny cell or lying in his arms restless unable to sleep, Donnie would tell you a story about his life outside these white walls. 

Tell you about somewhere far away from that lab where your mind could drift and relax. 

There weren’t many of those stories, a few from his childhood, even less from his time in the service, but you held onto all of them like precious keys that unlocked the man who held your heart.

 “Where are we?” Danny’s little voice picked up from the backseat.

You watch a light that only seems to shine for Danny fill Donnie’s eyes before he turns toward the backseat.

“We’re at your new house, buddy. Let’s go check it out.” Donnie says, moving out of the driver’s seat before going around to get Danny.

Climbing out of the car, the crisp country air breezes past your face, making the ends of your hair dance as you breathe it in. 

You look around, listen to a couple birds off in the trees, but otherwise it’s quiet, peaceful. 

You turn back and catch sight of Donnie carrying Danny up to the house. Pointing things out, telling him things you’re too far away to hear about this new home. 

And a sense of safety washes over you, a sense of calm. And for the first time, in a very long time, you find yourself believing everything might actually turn out ok.

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Prodigy, half of rap duo Mobb Deep, dead at 42

NEW YORK — Rapper Prodigy, a member of the hardcore New York hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, has died. He was 42.

The rapper’s publicist said in a statement Tuesday that Prodigy was hospitalized a few days ago in Las Vegas “for complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis.” Prodigy has battled sickle cell since birth and was in Las Vegas for a performance.

The exact cause of death was not clear, the representative said.

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg told The Associated Press in Las Vegas that it could take up to six weeks to determine a cause of death. But he said foul play was not suspected. Officer Laura Meltzer said Las Vegas police were not called to investigate the death.

Prodigy was born in New York. He found success in the ‘90s with fellow rapper Havoc in Mobb Deep. The duo’s hits included “Quiet Storm” with Lil Kim, “Shook Ones (Part II)” and “Hey Luv (Anything).”

“It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as Prodigy of legendary NY rap duo Mobb Deep,” the statement read from Prodigy’s publicist. “We would like to thank everyone for respecting the family’s privacy at this time.”

Nas, who is also from Queens, New York, called Prodigy a “king” in an Instagram post. Prodigy’s rap partner, Havoc, posted two photos on Instagram, one with the caption: “Forever.” And Lil Wayne tweeted: “Rap game lost a legend the world lost a G.”

Others, from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Q-Tip, also paid tribute to Prodigy, who was often praised for his skilled rhymes and lyrics.

Mobb Deep earned a platinum plaque for the 1999 album, “Murda Muzik,” which featured the memorable remix of “Quiet Storm,” still performed by Lil Kim on the road today. The duo also reached gold status with the albums “Infamy,” “Hell on Earth” and “The Infamous.”

Prodigy released several solo albums, including the gold-selling “H.N.I.C.” 2000.

He released a cookbook of prison recipes last year, based on his time in jail. The book, “commissary kitchen: my infamous prison cookbook,” was released on Infamous, Prodigy’s own imprint at Brooklyn-based Akashic Books.

He said being in prison changed him. Prodigy served most of a 3.5-year sentence in a medium-security dorm at Mid-State Correctional Facility near Utica, New York, after a plea deal on a weapons possession charge in 2007.

“It made me realize the gravity, the reality of having everything taken from you. My career, my family, my freedom,” he told The Associated Press in an interview last year.

The rapper, who is a father of two, said it was hard to leave his kids who were young when he went to prison.

“I just tell them, you know, it was horrible. You don’t ever want to be in that position. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from me. You don’t have go through it yourself,” he said.


Associated Press Writer Ken Ritter contributed to this report from Las Vegas.

Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press

Dutch Period, Birth Control & Pregnancy Vocabulary.

Partly inspired by this post by @nessunuomo


  • The menstrual cycle - De menstruatiecyclus
  • The menstruation - De menstruatie
  • The (menstrual) pad - Het maandverband
  • The menstrual cup - De menstruele beker
  • The tampon - De tampon
  • The toxic shock syndrome - Het toxic shock syndroom
  • The ovulation - De ovulatie
  • The uterus - De baarmoeder
  • The ovaries - De eierstokken
  • The cramps - De krampen
  • The headache - De hoofdpijn
  • The stomachache - De buikpijn
  • The nausea - De misselijkheid
  • The irritability - De brikkelbaarheid
  • The pharmacy, chemist - De apotheek
  • The blood - Het bloed
  • The hormones - De hormonen
  • The pain - De pijn
  • The painkiller(s) - De pijnstiller(s)
  • The (reproductive) egg - De eicel
  • The sperm cell - De spermacel
  • The birth control - De anticonceptie
  • The pil - De pil
  • The condom - Het condoom
  • The vaginal ring - De vaginale ring
  • The contraceptive patch - De hormoonpleister
  • The shot (depo-provera) - De prikpil
  • The implant - Het implantaat, het hormoonstaafje
  • The IUD - Het spiraal(tje)
  • The IUD (ParaGuard) - Het koperspiraal(tje)
  • The pregnancy - De zwangerschap
  • The baby - De baby
  • The child - Het kind
  • The labour - De bevalling
  • The birth - De geboorte
  • The umbillical cord - De navelstreng
  • The placenta - De placenta, moederkoek, nageboorte


  • Irritated - Geïrriteerd
  • Angry - Boos
  • Nauseous - Misselijk
  • Sick - Ziek
  • Painful - Pijnlijk


  • To be on your period - Ongesteld zijn, je regels hebben (Flemish)
  • To have cramps - Krampen hebben
  • To have a stomach ache - Buikpijn hebben
  • To bleed - Bloeden
  • To stain - Vlekken maken
  • To change your tampon/pad - Je tampon / maandverband verwisselen
  • To put in the tampon / cup - De tampon / beker inbrengen
  • To take out - Uitdoen
  • To go to the bathroom /the toilet - Naar het toilet / de wc gaan
  • To take (birth control) - (Anticonceptie) nemen
  • To use      “        “        -             “            gebruiken
  • To go into labour - Bevallen
  • To give birth - Bevallen
  • To push - Persen
  • To be in pain - Pijn hebben, pijn lijden
  • To care for - Zorgen voor

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Mini Avengers (Pt. 2/?) Child!Reader x Avengers

Warnings: There might be swearing? I can’t remember. Adoption, if that is a warning?
Summary: You find out about your past
Word Count: 1164

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: I don’t think I have anything to add

Part 1

You were standing on a stage, Tony Stark was giving a speech, you were accompanied by your dad Steve Rodgers, Natasha, and Clint.

Tony finished and you all started heading off stage, unfortunately there were reporters right next to the stage so you could hear all the questions they were asking. You usually ignore them until one question caught you off guard, “Y/N Rodgers, what’s it like knowing that you’re adopted?” The reporter asked, you stopped and turned to him. The Avengers merely went around you.

“What do you mean?” You asked, afraid of the answer.

“Well, you’re adopted, you’re not Steve Rodgers biological kid. What’s it like knowing that Captain America himself lied to you for so many years?” The reporter held up the microphone to you.

You looked at the ground, thinking. Is he right? Are you adopted? You snapped yourself out of your train of thought, “No comment.” You stated and walked away towards the Avengers.

The whole way back to the towers you were thinking about this, every time your dad tried to talk to you, you only gave him simple yes or no answers.

Once you got back to the towers you went straight to your room, you jumped onto your bed and grabbed your laptop. You researched, and low and behold, there are thousands of reports saying that you’re adopted.

You slammed your laptop closed and ran out of your room to find your dad. Since Tony just made that speech, they’re probably in the conference room.

You busted through the doors, all eyes were on you. “Y/N, something wrong?” Steve asked, he was standing at the end of the table.

“Am I adopted?” You blurted out, Steve’s jaw clenched, the tension in the room was unbearable.

“Uh… Well… Where did this come from?” Steve asked, the fact that he didn’t respond with a ‘no’ scares you.

“A reporter mentioned it, and the whole internet seems to think I am. So, one way to find out. Am. I. Adopted?” You repeated, your heart pounding in your chest.

Steve looked at the others, then back at you, “We’ll give you guys a minute.” Natasha spoke up, the rest agreed and all walked out, leaving you and your dad alone.

“Answer the question already!” You demanded.

“Alright, yes, you’re adopted.” Steve informed you, your jaw dropped, your eyes widened and filled with tears. “But just because you’re not biologically my kid, doesn’t make you my kid any less. You’re my little girl, not being blood related doesn’t change that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked, your voice cracking with every word.

“Because, I figured I would do that when you got older.” Steve admitted. You nodded, and bit your lip.

Steve took a step forward but you turned around, and ran out the door. The other Avengers were all waiting outside the door, you stared at them for a moment, tears falling before you ran off.

You went up to the roof, it was late, the night sky always calms you down. You sat at the edge of the roof, feet hanging off the edge. You stared at the lights below you, occasionally looking up at the sky.

You heard the crunch of the rocks, when Bucky appeared next to you, he sat the same way you were. “I know you must be mad but… Steve was just trying to protect you, technically, you started calling him ‘dad’ that’s the reason he adopted you in the first place.” Bucky informed you.

“So, it’s my fault?” You asked.

“No.” Bucky replied, “But just because you’re adopted doesn’t mean that Steve’s gonna stop treating you like his kid. I mean, legally you are his kid. Don’t let something like blood tear you apart.”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right.” You admitted.

“I’m always right.” Bucky snarked, earning a chuckle from you. “C'mon, Steve’s got a few more things to tell you.” Bucky said as he stood up, he held his hand out for you to take.

You took his hand, “Such a gentleman you are.” You snarked, Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed together.

“Since when did you become Yoda?” He replied.

“Since when did you watch Star Wars?” You asked, completely shocked as you both walked down the stairs that led back into the building.

Bucky led you to the conference room where the rest were waiting, “Y/N, take a seat.” Fury instructed, you did as you were told. Bucky took the seat next to you, Sam was across from you, Natasha was next to him. Clint was next to Bucky and the rest were standing all over the room. “Rodgers here has a few things to tell you.” Fury stated, stepping aside and letting Steve take his place.

“Okay… So, I’m sure you were wondering about where you came from?” Steve looked at the folder in his hands then up at you, you nodded. “Right,” He looked back at the folder, “well, your parents were SHIELD agents, well your father was, your mother was retired once she had your brother.”

“Brother?” You interrupted.

“Yes, Matt, anyway… Your family was taken by Hydra when your mother was about eight months pregnant with you.” Steve paused to let you adjust.

“I… And?” You said, more demanding than anything.

“A month later your mother gave birth to you, in a Hydra cell…” Steve paused once again, you gave him a silent cue to continue, “Well, you were soon taken by Hydra agents and… Um… Experimented on.” Your eyes widened, did they give you powers? If so, what kind? What happens when they activate? What if you end up killing someone? So many questions ran through your head, “Once they were done, they gave you back to your family until you were able to eat solid foods. Then they took your parents and left you with your brother.”

“How do you know all this?” You blurted out, Steve looked up from the folder.

“Tony found your file in the Hydra base before we exploded it, they kept tabs on all their prisoners.” Steve answered, you nodded. “Anyway, when you turned four, they took your brother. A year later, we found you.” Steve closed the folder and slid it towards you. You took it and opened it, you saw a picture of your parents and brother, your mother was pregnant with you during that picture.

“So, you said that they experimented on me… Does that mean I have powers?” You asked, looking up at him.

“We don’t know, if you do, we won’t be able to find out what they are until they activate.” Steve answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

You nodded, “Do we know when they’ll activate then?” You asked.

Steve looked to Tony and Bruce, “Well, it might not be for awhile, or it could be tomorrow. The main thing that might activate it is something traumatic happening.” Bruce informed you.

You nodded and stared at the folder, “So, what now?” You asked.

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