birth into being

Michael and Ufotable actually have a lot in common! They both sacrificed Mikleo to create something that makes lots of people angry and malevolent. 

I dreamt that I was giving birth. I felt no pain, but saw the emerging head as though I stood between my own thighs, midwife and mother both together. I took the naked child in my arms, still smeared with the blood that came from both of us, and gave her to her father. I gave her to Frank, but it was Jamie who took the caul from her face and said, “She’s beautiful.”

- Claire Fraser, Drums of Autumn.

Basic Astrology - The Houses

What the houses mean:

ℋouse One: This is your ‘main’ House and Zodiac sigh. It represents your personality, attitude, the first impression you give, your behaviour, and your temperament. Aries rules this house in the natural Zodiac.

ℋouse Ƭwo: The second house addresses your money and personal goods, such as your finances, possessions, savings, how you spend, your financial security, as well as your personal values. Taurus rules this house.

ℋouse Ƭhree: This house rules communication and small travels; family, neighbours, than letters, phone calls, books, cars, and so on. It additionally represents your mental attitude, learning style, the analytical mind, self expression, speech, and opinions. This house is ruled in the natural Zodiac by Gemini.

ℋouse ℱour: This house represents your domestic life; family, childhood, property, inner emotions, and psychological foundation. Cancer rules this house.

ℋouse ℱive: Children and how one related to them, love affairs (not leading to romance), pleasures, fun,enjoyments, amusement, leisure activities, and self expression through creativity. This house is ruled by Leo.

ℋouse Six: The sixth house is the domain of health and service. It rules schedules, organisation, routines, fitness, diet and exercise, natural and healthy living, helpfulness and being of service to others. It is ruled by Virgo

ℋouse Seven: This house represents marriage, committed relationships, one-on-one relationships, business partnerships, rivals, law, justice, 
(The fifth house rules love affords whereas the seventh represents deep commitments of love. It also shows what one needs from a life partner.)  It is ruled by Libra.

ℋouse ℰight: This is the House of ‘The Phoenix riding up from the ashes.’ It represents rebirth and regeneration. Your birth, death, surgeries, healing, well being, gifts, inheritance, will, legacies, and sex and attitude towards sex. This house is governed by Scorpio.

ℋouse Ɲine: This house represents long distance travel; voyages, the unknown physically and mentally, foreign places, church, religion, theology, philosophy, beliefs, languages, higher learning, literature, truth, justice, and expansion and broadening one’s horizons. Sagittarius rules this house.

ℋouse Ƭen: This house shows career and status; ambitions, aspirations, attainments, success, occupation, reputation, public image, and your identity within communities. Naturally, this house is in the order of Capricorn.

ℋouse ℰleven: Hopes, dreams, wishes… This is where your dreams come true, and if they don’t you have to wait for a specific planetary transition into this house. Aquarius rules here.

ℋouse Ƭwelve: Things that are hidden are in this house; seclusion, secrets, occult activities, psychic matters, escapism, drugs, alcohol, confinement, imprisonment, hospitals, unconscious self, dreams, hidden fears, paranoia, self-undoing, subconscious, and psychological problems. This house is rules by Pisces.

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Can you give links proving that fat shaming is wrong and harmful?

And our #fatphobia tag for more insights and resources.

- mod BP

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You can still be nonbinary even if you are mostly comfortable doing things that are associated with your birth gender.

Being nonbinary doesn’t have to be about distancing yourself from the past, if that isn’t for you.

It can about realizing that there is simply more to you than you previously thought.

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“As the caterpillar enters the cocoon. A new life enters the womb. Pure soul awaiting to be reborn. Merging into physical form. A butterfly emerges in the heart of the mother. Transformation into unconditional love like no other. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Opening and releasing. Rainbows crystallize by her feet. In her aura these colors meet. Visualize. Connecting to the soul star above. Raining down golden Christ light and love. Purifying. Cleansing. Healing within. “I call upon the violet flame.” The violet flame begins to burn. Transmuting any and all illusion into love. Surrounding the goddess. Grounding the light & love from above. Through the sacral and the root. Creating a grounding cord. Penetrating Mother Earth towards her center. Raising the vibration of our planet through this practice. Breathing. In and out. Focus. Feel the love of the light fill your closed eyes. The creator within us all. The throat opens. Truth of Gods love begins to sing out in hues of blues. “WE ARE ONE!” She sings. Indigo light in her third eye rings. The truth of this creation. One being reflected into all forms of manifestation. “A baby, another me, another we.” Feeling the body lighten. How to let it all go and not be frightened? To know there is no end. Never fear. Just the beginning of a new life. Rebirthing into a higher light. Surrender. Giving love with every breath. Release the grip of fear and begin to fly. An owl in the starry night sky. Looking down at your creation. What a pleasure it is to come to this realization. One with it all. I open my eyes. To a visionary painting, created to see through all the lies.”
~Tori Bird Pope

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Fated Flowers

Summary: Soulmate AU where, every time your soulmate realizes new feelings for you, you get a rose. One random day in 2014, Dan wakes up with a red rose on his bedside table.

Word count: 8120

Warnings: Blood, food. If I missed anything please let me know.

A/N: A huge thank you goes out to Elizajane (@snowbunnylester) for letting me run with this idea based on Rachel’s (@botanistlester​) prompt for her latest fic (um if you haven’t read it wyd), for the constant encouragement, and for beta'ing this for me.

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  • 21:21 on 21st June 1999 - Isak was born 
  • 21:21 - The first time Isak was kissed by Even.

I’m not saying some things are meant to be, but what I am saying is that sometimes, on the rare occasion, some things, are simply meant to be.
Genesis 21:21 is called The Birth of Isaac. The time probably representing Isak’s actual birth and then him being reborn, when accepting and becoming who he is. And, then Evy was dressed as God , they kissed underwater as in baptism. It was always meant to represent the reborn of Isak as a whole.

listen. skam fandom, we need to have a talk. about lesbians.

as you may have noticed, a lot of people have become quite enamored with the idea of lesbian!vilde and there have been a lot of headcanons. unfortunately, there has been a lot of pushback to this and some people have been attacking these headcanons or sending anon hate to those that make them.

one of the biggest arguments about why vilde could Never Ever Ever be a lesbian is that she’s had sex with men. and i, your lesbian aunty, am here to tell you that you are so very wrong. 

lots of lesbians have had sexual or romantic relationships with men. sometimes we haven’t figured out we are gay, sometimes we are trying to force ourselves to have feelings for men, sometimes it is bc we’re afraid of rejection/being harmed if people find out.

lesbians experience compulsory heterosexuality, which is the idea that being straight is The Norm and it is forced onto us by society from birth. when being straight is expected & enforced, & everyone who isn’t straight is treated like crap, it is easy to deny or misinterpret our feelings.

this means a lot of us end up trying to force feelings that just aren’t there, convincing ourselves that if we behave a certain way the feelings will come along eventually, or that it’s “normal” to not really feel anything for men.

saying someone can’t be a lesbian because they dated/slept with a man is not only a gross over-simplification of sexuality, but it is also gate-keeping the lesbian identity, which is pretty harmful.

there’s also a point to be made that even if vilde is not gay, her having slept with men does not prevent her from also being attracted to girls also. other sexualities besides gay and straight exist.

so, if you don’t think vilde is a lesbian/think she is straight, then that’s fine. we are all entitled to our own opinions.

what is a problem though, is when you go out of your way to harass the people that do think this, and throw lesbians and questioning girls under the bus to try to prove why you’re right by making false assumptions about sexuality.

so please. if you disagree, maybe next time consider just scrolling past instead of adding some unnecessary (and potentially harmful) commentary to a harmless headcanon post. 

please just think about what you are saying. because sapphic girls deserve better than to be attacked for a headcanon about a character they relate to. and maybe you should reassess why the idea of having a lesbian character bothers you so much.