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1st House: Your Body/Identity
2nd House: Your Family
3rd House: Your Siblings
4th House: Your Mother
5th House: Your Children
6th House: Your Coworkers/Classmates
7th House: Your Significant Other
8th House: Your In-Laws or Enemies
9th House: Your Teachers
10th House: Your Father
11th House: Your Friends & Community
12th House: Your Soul & Subconscious

The Sun adds confidence & self-assurance to the house it is posited in. If paired with a generally “heavy” or volatile planet (Mars, Saturn, or Pluto), this confidence was likely an issue to achieve due to the person or group of people the house in question represents. The Sun’s presence may also indicate a level of ease, or a sense of a relationship coming naturally, because the sun is such a simple but vast part of who we are. On the negative side, arrogance and assumptions are probable themes as well.

The Moon adds intimacy & nurturance to the house it is posited in. If paired with a generally “heavy” or volatile planet (Mars, Saturn, or Pluto), the intimacy is unhealthy (or it will be eventually) and unnecessary. Everything about this house affects you on a deep & extremely personal level. You may try to mother or desire to be mothered by the person or group of people the house in question represents. You may form habits around this house’s theme.

Mercury adds communication & mental connection to the house it is posited in, as well as possibly logic, a lack of emotion, or a mechanical approach to the situation/relationship. If paired with a generally “heavy” or volatile planet (Mars, Saturn, or Pluto), the connections will be colored by struggle, discomfort, and misunderstanding. You/the person/the group of people may be focused on teaching, learning, forming connections, or the situation/relationship itself.

Venus adds grace & beauty to the house it is posited in. If paired with a generally “heavy” or volatile planet (Mars, Saturn, or Pluto), this energy may become obsessive, overindulgent, confrontational (or conflict-avoidant), or overall unhealthy. Its presence implies that the situation/relationship will be centered around art, affection, love, beauty, and peace.

Mars adds force & competition to the house it is posited in. It generally implies a volatility or aggression (especially if paired with Saturn/Pluto), but if a feminine planet (the Moon, Venus, or Neptune) is present, this affect may be lessened and the energy will likely be focused on a different aspect of the relationship (probably the realm of the feminine planet). Self-assertion, violence, rivalry, contest, dominance, or (paradoxically) weakness & insecurity may be at the core of the situation/relationship.

Jupiter adds abundance & positivity to the house it is posited in. It usually lessens the negative affects of any generally “heavy” or volatile planets it may be paired with. Jupiter inflates whatever it touches, so it multiplies or expands the central theme of a house – for example, if it’s in the third house, that may indicate that the native will have many siblings. It also adds a philosophical or theological hue to the house it’s in. Morals and luck are associated with Jupiter’s presence as well.

Saturn adds control & restriction to the house it is posited in. It always indicates struggle where it is located. Saturn is a planet of tough love, teaching us through strife; therefore, the house it’s in will have lessons for you to learn. The situation/relationship may feel confined, stressed, and typically unhappy, and it usually implies a need for change. Fear may be a strong theme; the person or group of people associated with the house in question may have authority over you or you may have authority over/responsibly to them.

Uranus adds eccentricity & dynamic to the house it is posited in. Rebelliousness, unconventionality, and quirkiness and may the central theme. The person or group of people associated with the house may initiate your rebellion somehow, or you may initiate theirs. You (or they) may feel that the situation/relationship is skewed, unnatural, strange, unacceptable, refreshing, unique, inspiring, or fascinating.

Neptune adds confusion & mystery to the house it is posited in. The situation/relationship will likely be buried and misunderstood. Neglect is a strong theme of Neptune; its presence may indicate an overt or subconscious abandonment of some sort, either on your part or that of the person / group of people associated with the house. Nothing Neptune touches can regularly be comprehended clearly; perception will be compromised.

Pluto adds intensity & transformation to the house it is posited in. Pluto’s presence is one of the most difficult to handle, as it generally indicates immense pain & struggle. It destroys what it touches, and then remakes it. Profound change is always a theme where Pluto is located. It is possibly the most volatile of the planets and its position describes the area of your psyche & your life where the most chaos lies, where you must unearth the issue and solve it, which is never an easy task. Power, fear, destruction, and turmoil are associated with Pluto, but so are rebirth and transfiguration.

The Midheaven: How You Will Be Remembered

The Midheaven (MC) is commonly thought to describe one’s career path. Although this is a decent indicator of one’s overall path, it can be hard to relate to a specific career so early in one’s life. So, if you don’t relate to your Midheaven like, “Oh, you have a MC in Aries, so you’re probably going to be a police officer, solider, or athlete" then maybe try thinking of the Midheaven as how you will be remembered or what you are generally associated with. (Always trust your dominant sign to describe you the most- *a post similar to this coming soon)
✨No matter what career you decide, you will be remembered by your peers, co-workers, friends, and family by traits from the sign, aspects*, and planets* bestowed upon your 10th House.✨

♈ Aries MC: will be remembered for their courage, boldness, intimidating/unsettling nature, and/or originality.
(ex. Stephen King, Meryl Streep, Kanye West, Joan of Arc, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Madalyn Murry O'Hair, Pablo Picasso, Rachel Maddow, Will Smith, Franz Kafka, Tyra Banks, Aleister Crowley, Tina Fey, Francisco de Goya, Julia Roberts, Chris Farley, Joseph Goebbels, Marvin Gaye, Iggy Pop, Kate Moss, Alfred Hitchcock, George Wallace, Hank Williams, Ayn Rand, Rob Zombie, Alexandre Dumas, John Steinbeck, Anne Frank, Twiggy, Jack Black, William Blake, Celine Dion, Galileo Galilei, Al Gore, Emmylou Harris, Las Vegas-Nevada, Manhattan-New York)

♉ Taurus MC: will be remembered for their extravagant style or possessions, their values, and/or “diva” attitude.

(ex. Henry VIII, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Pope Francis, Jackie Robinson, Selena Gomez, Drake, Donald Trump, Freddie Mercury, Agatha Christie, Muhammad Ali, Frida Kahlo, O. J. Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Marlene Dietrich, Malala Yousafzai, Christopher Columbus, Michael Bay, Luciano Pavarotti, Nicole Richie, Woody Allen, Marilyn Manson, Maya Angelou, Martin Scorsese, Bernie Madoff, Ringo, Josephine Baker, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Palin, Josh Groban, Chris Brown, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Norway)

♊ Gemini MC: will be remembered for/through words (writing, phrase, acting, thoughts, speech), their cleverness,
and/or mental/emotional detachment.

(ex. Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Albert Camus, Madonna, J.R.R. Tolkein, Donna Summer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chelsea Handler, Alex Trebek, Kurt Cobain, Julie Andrews, Oscar Wilde, Jay-Z, Richard Nixon, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Tom Hanks, Kris Jenner, Walt Disney, Miss Cleo, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Hugh Hefner, Lizzie Borden, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Kathy Bates, Winston Churchill, Melissa Ethridge, Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Mitchell, Paul Simon, Greece, Tokyo-Japan)

♋ Cancer MC: will be remembered for their emotional impact, sensitivity, and/or parental care/control.

(ex. Beyoncé, Matamha Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Venus Williams, Britney Spears, Arthur Rimbaud, Elizabeth Warren, Denzel Washington, Jeffery Dahmer, Sun Yet-sen, Bob Hope, Stevie Wonder, Anderson Cooper, Cat Stevens, Anna Nicole Smith, Joe Jonas, Rock Hudson, Alice Cooper, Woodrow Wilson, Barbara Walters, T. S. Elliot, Coretta Scott King, Albert Schweitzer, Ted Cruz, Monica Lewinsky, H.P. Lovecraft, Anaïs Nin, Katie Couric, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carole King, Neil Diamond, Harper Lee, Giacomo Puccini, Sidney Poitier, September 11 attacks, United Kingdom)

♌ Leo MC: will be remembered for their theatrics, arrogance/vanity, power, and/or regality.

(ex. Grace Kelly, Prince, Isaac Newton, Adolf Hitler, Katy Perry, Charlie Chaplin, Aretha Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Courtney Love, Mark Twain, Chaka Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kathy Griffin, Jim Carrey, Alfred Nobel, Eric Clapton, Annie Oakley, Martha Stewart, Divine, Louis Pasteur, Robin Williams, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Vladimir Putin, Clint Eastwood, Missy Elliot, Frank Sinatra, Mel B, Edgar Allan Poe, Los Angeles-CA)

♍ Virgo MC: will be remembered for their scandals/controversy, never-ending toil, physicality/health and/or attention to detail.

(ex. Hillary Clinton, Bruce Lee, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, Bette Davis, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, Erykah Badu, Jimmy Page, Eartha Kitt, Leonardo de Vinci, Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, Margaret Thatcher, Eminem, Friedrich Nietzsche, David Lynch, Chaz Bono, Marlon Brando, Björk, Ozzy Osborne, Emily Brontë, Bernie Sanders, Georgia O'Keeffe, Diana Ross, Kahlil Gibran, Russia, United States)

♎ Libra MC: will be remembered for their inner/outer beauty, adaptability, and/or desire for or appearance of stability.

(ex. Elton John, Jane Goodall, Malcolm X, Coco Channel, Kylie Jenner, Ronald Reagan, Princess Diana, Michelangelo, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Dylan, Winona Ryder, Jimi Hendrix, Mother Teresa, Elizabeth Taylor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angela Merkel, Tom Brokaw, Alan Watts, Charles Darwin, Brigitte Bardot, Patti Smith, Chuck Norris, Linda Lovelace, Ray Charles, Lionel Messi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lewis Carroll, Noam Chomsky, Lucille Ball, Venice-Italy)

♏ Scorpio MC: will be remembered for their physical attractiveness, taboo activities/topics, and/or natural talent.

(ex. James Joyce, Billie Holiday, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Carrie Fisher, Jim Morrison, Selena, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Queen Elizabeth II, Ariana Grande, Marie Curie, Anthony Hopkins, René Descartes, Nina Simone, Willem Dafoe, Paul Newman, Mariska Hargitay, Thomas Jefferson, Ray Bradbury, Joseph Stalin, Larry King, Duke Ellington, Joan Jett, Buddy Holly, Megan Fox, Johnny Knoxville, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gwen Stefani, Francis Ford Coppola, Sophia Loren, Marcus Aurelius, China)

♐ Sagittarius MC: will be remembered for their joviality​, reckless/wild free spirit, sense of humor, and/or philosophy/spirituality.

(ex. Al Capone, Deepok Chopra, Shia LaBeouf, Audrey Hepburn, Harvey Milk, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Bettie Page, Pablo Neruda, J. K. Rowling, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Henry David Thoreau, Adele, Janis Joplin, Maximilien Robespierre​, Ellen Pompeo, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Evel Knievel, Bruno Mars, Jimmy Fallon, Peggy Lipton, Karl Marx, George Takei, Ryan Gosling, Whoopi Goldberg, Vincent Price, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)

♑ Capricorn MC: will be remembered for their accomplishments/legacy, conquering of odds, and/or persistence.

(ex. Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Rihanna, Isadora Duncan, Benjamin Franklin, James Dean, Nikola Tesla, John D. Rockefeller, Serena Williams, Joan Baez, Snoop Dogg, Alexander the Great, Barbara Streisand, Ron Howard, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Joan Rivers, Immanuel Kant, Queen Latifah, Johann Sebastian Bach, Walt Whitman, Che Guevara, Liza Minnelli, Amelia Earhart, Mariah Carey, John Lennon, George Lucas, Donatella Versace, Louis Armstrong, Pakistan)

♒ Aquarius MC: will be remembered for their rebellious nature, involvement in a social organization/group​, and/or unpredictability.

(ex. Miley Cyrus, Tim Burton, Voltaire, Mick Jagger, Carl Sagan, Rita Hayworth, Neil Armstrong, Amy Winehouse, Pamela Anderson, Carlos Santana, Edward Snowden, Leo Tolstoy, Mae West, Orson Welles, Charlie Sheen, Eva Peron, Miles Davis, Bruce Springsteen, Johann Kepler, Suddam Hussein, Ruby Rose, Gerard Way, Helen Mirren, Howard Stern, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Shelley, George R. R. Martin, Kristen Stewart, Jean Piaget, Ronda Rousey, Willow Smith, Florida, India)

♓ Pisces MC: will be remembered for their delusional optimism, supernatural success, and/or they are often idolized
(ex. Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Irene Cara, Cher, Salvador Dalí, William Shakespeare, Edie Sedgwick, Fidel Castro, Lady Gaga, Dalai Lama XIV, Steven Spielberg, George Michael, Marie Antoinette, RuPaul, Judy Garland, Michael Phelps, Sally Ride, John Cena, William Faulkner, Victoria Beckham, Lee Harvey Oswald, Douglas Adams, Jean Renoir, Buzz Aldrin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrah Fawcett, Osama bin Laden, Sam Cooke, Michael Jordan, Switzerland, North Korea)

Second House Insecurities

**If you don’t have any planets in the second house, look at the ruling planet of your second house cusp. These are the things the signs feel that they lack and therefore value and wish to have in themselves. 

Sun in the second: Insecure of personality, feels they are boring or lack charisma

Moon in the second: Insecure of deeply felt passions and desires, feels they’re unable to control emotions

Mercury in the second: insecure of intelligence, feels they lack good speaking and writing skills, finds it hard to confront others and communicate ideas

Venus in the second: insecure of sociability or social skills, feels they lack charm or are unattractive

Mars in the second: insecure of their ability to assert themselves, feels they may be too dependent on others

Jupiter in the second: insecure of wisdom and street smarts, feels they are inexperienced

Saturn in the second: insecure of their own authority, feels irresponsible or immature

Uranus in the second: insecure of individuality or ability to rebel, feels they may conform too much or be a stickler for rules

Neptune in the second: insecure of spirituality or religion, feels they aren’t understanding or compassionate

Pluto in the second: insecure of their own personal power, feels they are weak or unable to influence others

  • Ascendant/1st house: I am the mask you forget you're wearing
  • Moon: I am the face you wear when you cannot cope anymore
  • 4th house: Inside, you are actually me. I safeguard your birth chart
  • 3rd house: I am the voice you talk with and the eyes you see with (remember we perceive with the mind, not the eyes)
  • 5th: I am the big kid in you
  • 6th house: I am the face you wear at work
  • Venus: I am you when you satisfy your needs for pleasure, love, comfort, and beauty
  • 7th house: I am the lost parts of you hiding in other people
  • Mars: I am you when you feel threatened
  • Jupiter: I am you when you feel in peak condition and confidence
  • Pluto: I am the face of your therapist, the face of your aggressor, the face of your healer.
  • 9th house: I am you when you travel overseas, start university, and study astrology
  • Saturn: I am the voice of the parent who criticised you
  • 10th house: I am the face that the world can see, they all see my success, they don't see my work, trauma, labour, and resilience
  • Neptune: I am your psychic faculties, you source spiritual inspiration from me
  • 12th house: I am the face that nobody sees

Your Natal Chart Knows All!!!

  • If you want to know what kind of first impression you make, check the Cusp/Sign of your 1rst House.
  • If you want to know what your life partner is like, check what house or sign Juno was in. (My Juno in the 1rst House TOTALLY describes my husband)
  • If you want to know your Destiny/what you are supposed to learn in this life, check what House the True Node (the North Node) is in.
  • If you want to face your fears, study up on where Saturn is on your natal chart.
  • If you need direction in what deities to follow, find your dominant planets on the chart. Then research gods and goddesses that correlate to those planets. It’s more likely that you’ll feel a closeness to them because its really in the stars that you are more connected to each other.
  • If you are wondering why you aren’t good or indifferent of something, there may be planets lacking within a certain house.

I fully encourage new witches to study their natal chart. You will learn so much about yourself, how to handle your weaknesses, and you’ll discover the roots of your talents/strengths.

Happy Studying!

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SO. On Christmas Eve my brother came over to celebrate Christmas with the family like he always does. My gift is a giant brown paper wrapped package tied with string. I opened it up and SUPRISE

The hard cover harry potter book collection. I have always wanted once since I was removed from my moms house and her boyfriend destroyed my old copies. So this was like, the greatest present ever because it was sooo expensive. So I open it up to bask in its glory when I notice the Chamber of Secrets is turned over. I just thought it was a packing mistake so I go to flip it over and a little blue sock falls out.

And by now I’m like WAIT.

and in the sock is a little note for me.

“We solemnly swear we were up to no good and because we managed to get into some mischief, it looks like you’re finally free to be the best aunt ever!”


I just wanted to share probably the BEST announcement ever with you guys. I am so happy and excited. I have nicknamed it “Dobby” because they are waiting to find out the gender until it’s born. 

This is a comprehensive guide talking about 10 of the most used house systems in Astrology today.  Included are basic information pertaining to each system as well as the strengths and weakness each system presents.  Begins below:

A house system derived from the works of Placidus de Titis in the 17th Century based on the idea that life is motion and not stationary. This method casts a chart using the time measured for the Ascendant to become the midheaven.  Paths are drawn outward from every single degree occupying the space from the 4th house to the horizon and the horizon to the midheaven.  After that both drawn out quadrants are trisected which create the entirety of the houses.

Placidus is the most commonly used house system in the world today.  It began gaining popularity in the late renaissance period and was adapted as a standard onward.  Placidus is extremely popular in the United States and is used mainly in the psychological interpretation of a chart.  Despite its popularity it still has struggles as a time-space based system which causes controversy.  

Placidus well known for its unequal house sizes along with signs enveloped completely in a house called interceptions.  Interceptions can explain psychological issues pertaining to a person’s life; and intercepted planets can show potential issues with energies manifesting outward.

This house system is notorious for its struggles in higher latitudes.  As the latitude increases from a birth location the house cusps become wider, sometimes cause two or more signs to exist in a single house.  For this reason the distortion effect can cause struggles doing interpretations, thus other house systems can be used.

Due to the uneven house sizes this house system was the origin point for “Pletomy’s five degree rule”  all signs within five degrees at the end of the house are to be interpreted as being in the next house (or influencing both prior and the following.

Strengths of the Placidus House System

  • Much has been published about it due it’s mass accepted nature and popularity
  • Every major angle starts at a house cusp thereby diffusing any kind of controversy that confuses some astrologers.
  • inside the 66 parallels it works well and tends to explain issues on the psychological level due to interceptions created with the system
  • Intercepted planets have more strength coming out when transit planets or progressions activate them

Weakness of the Placidus House System

  • The mathematical time space formula to cast the system leaves distortion and holes in charts
  • People living above and below 66th parallels have distorted chart’s not may not always represent their psychological states
  • Planetary rulership readings can be out of line due to sign interceptions
  • Doing transits with this house system can be difficult and sometimes inaccurate more so then other house systems due to uneven house spacing
  • It is more difficult to do mass horoscope readings due to unequal house sizes that are more individualized in this system

Dr Walter Koch’s house system is based upon the idea that houses in a horoscope are relative to the birth place using geographic latitude. The Koch system uses mathematical time calculations from the birth data and points on the ecliptic to formulate it’s house divisions.  

Koch is a more advanced version of the Placidus house system and uses the Midheaven as the starting point for the casting of the chart.  After the midheaven is drawn houses are formed by trisecting the time it takes for the ascendant and midheaven to rise to the ecliptic from the horizon.

Strengths of the Koch House System:

  • More accurately uses the latitude birth location to draw up natal charts
  • The house cusps are more accurately defined due to more advanced math techniques in play
  • Rulerships flow better and the planets in houses may make sense for many more people
  • Since it is similar to Placidus many of the same rules can apply; namely Ptolemy’s five degree rule

Weakness of the Koch House System

  • “Dead zones” in the mathematical spacing from geographic latitudes to determine houses cause distortions in the charts (interceptions and inaccurate planets in houses.)
  • Still faces the issues of Placidus with Intercepted planets and signs
  • Struggles to portray equality when birth latitude is above 66th parallel

Quadrant based House system which is based on space as opposed to time. It is calculated using the prime vertical passing east to west of the Zenith of a specific point on a map.  The Campanus house system casts 12 houses after the prime vertical is cut into 12 equal parts.  The Ascendant begins the 1st house and the midheaven is fixed to the start of the 10th.  This house system shares many similarities to Placidus house system in theory.

As with the Placidus house system this chart is best used for psychological understanding purposes.  It does contain interceptions as every sign may not rule a house cusp despite the equal division of the chart.  Planets may be intercepted and contained within a sign of a house which is said to inhibit their expression outward.  Unlike Placidus this house system can be used all over the earth.  It does not have a restriction on the 66th parallel where the houses dissipate and get distorted.

Strengths of the Campanus House System:

  • Ability to accurately explain the psychological complex of a person
  • Intercepted signs and planets tend to explain shortcomings and issues expressing certain traits
  • Intercepted planets have more strength coming out when transit planets or progressions activate them
  • Is useable anywhere on the Earth with no distortion of the house sizes
  • Every major angle starts at a house cusp thereby diffusing any kind of controversy that confuses some astrologers.
  • The midheaven is fixed to the 10th house for easy interpretation of adult life focus

Weaknesses of the Campanus House System:

  • Planetary rulership readings can be off due to sign interceptions
  • Doing transits with this house system can be difficult and sometimes inaccurate more so then other house systems due to uneven house spacing
  • It is more difficult to do mass horoscope readings due to unequal house sizes that are more individualized in this system

Regiomontanus is a time based divisional quadrant house system.  The celestial equator is divided into twelve divisions and projected on the ecliptic plane. The houses are cast based off the division and come out very similar to Placidus.  The Ascendant starts the 1st house, IC starts the 4th house, 7th house begins the Descendant and Midheaven starts the 10th house.  

The difference with Placidus is usually seen in the degrees the succedent and cadent houses start at.  When compared to Placidus there is usually a difference in the position of the Moon’s nodes.  This is due to the positioning of the crossing of the moon in the elliptical orbit.  Usually the variance comes in the node falling in a different house in some Placidus charts.

Due to the striking similarities in the time based system shared with Placidus, Regiomontanus shares interceptions a cast horoscope.  Like most time-based systems not every sign will rule a house and distortions can exist in the houses when the birth place is close to the poles.

Strengths of the Regiomontanus House System

  • Takes into account the importance of birth location
  • Every major angle starts at a house cusp thereby diffusing any kind of controversy that confuses some astrologers
  • Intercepted planets have more strength coming out when transit planets or progressions activate them

Weaknesses of the Regiomontanus House system

  • The mathematical time space formula to cast the system leaves distortion and holes in charts
  • People living above and below 66th parallels have distorted chart’s not always representing their psychological states
  • Planetary rulership readings can be out of line due to sign interceptions
  • Doing transits with this house system can be difficult and sometimes inaccurate more so then other house systems due to uneven house spacing
  • It is more difficult to do mass horoscope readings due to unequal house sizes that are more individualized in this system

Meridian is a time based divisional quadrant house system sharing similarities to Regiomontanus.  The celestial equator is divided into twelve divisions and projected on the ecliptic plane. The Major difference between Meridian and Regiomontanus/Placidus is the Meridian system uses the east point in calculation as the ascendant. The houses are cast based off the division made. 

In many instances the Ascendant comes off wildly different than other popular house systems.  The houses also come out closer to equal all the way around due to using the equator to cast them.  The Ascendant itself can fall anywhere between the 1st and 12th house in this system.  An interesting factor to note is the Meridian ascendant tends to portray the way a person sees themselves.

Strengths of the Meridian House System

  • Takes into account the importance of birth location
  • Tends to cut down on house distortion due to casting the chart based on the eastern point causing more equal house sizes

Weaknesses of the Meridian House system

  • Still has a slight chance of containing intercepted signs and planets
  • The Ascendant is not traditional and may cause confusion in interpretation for some
  • Signs on the houses tend to come out dramatically different versus other house systems which may turn people away.

A house system which is based on the most simplest of formulas to divide houses.  Created by the Greek philosopher Porphyry, he created a simple system of dividing the ecliptic to cast charts quickly.  Some say this birth chart system was the birth and inspiration for all house systems used in Astrology going forward.  

The ascendant and midheaven are calculated and straight lines are drawn through the chart to create the angular houses of 1, 4, 7 and 10.  After that is established the remaining houses are drawn up by splitting each quadrant into three equal parts of 30 degrees each.  Easiest for drawing up house systems, can be done on the fly, and solves issues with 66 parallel issues with Placidus and Koch.

Strengths of the Porphyry House System:

  • Quick and simply way of dividing the ecliptic to form houses
  • Back in predated times it was easier to cast a chart without the need for mathematicians or computers (like we have today of course)
  • The chart is balanced and every house is equally defined with no chart interceptions
  • Has no issues with latitude parallel’s failing to form a readable chart

Weaknesses of the Porphyry House System:

  • Does not define the chart based on the birth latitude as well as more modern house systems like Placidus of Koch
  • Has short comings interpreting the psychological aspects of a person due to the simplicity of the chart
  • The quick calculating speed of present day computers has surpasses this house systems use

House system in which every house in the horoscope is divided up evenly in 30 degree segments.  Every house begins in the same degree in the next sign as the ascendant began.  The ascendant and it’s degree marks the start of the 1st house.  The 7th house of course is drawn opposite the ascendant a full 180 degrees.  

The midheaven and IC begin 90 degrees equally away from the Ascendant and Descendant.  The midheaven point itself “floats” and is not attached to the start of the 10th house cusp. The Succedent and Cadent houses are drawn up in each quadrant after the angular house 30 degrees apart from one another.

Strengths of the Equal House System:

  • Easy to Draw up.  Just need the ascendant starting degree.
  • Every sign rules a house cusp and is easier for predictive purposes.
  • The Midheaven floats allowing for more versatility in translation
  • No interceptions of signs or planets in house cusps.
  • The system works above and below 60 degrees lateral

Negatives of the Equal House System:

  • Does not factor deeply into the location born on Earth and its impact on development
  • Lacking interceptions with planets and signs means less psychological in depth translation potential of chart
  • The house size difference may cause issues with predictive astrology; especially transits and pinpointing when effects are felt
  • The midheaven may be confusing to interpret for less experienced Astrologers

One of the most ancient and simplest house systems ever created.  A system where all houses are equal in size, and every house is ruled by and contains an entire sign.  The sign of the Ascendant becomes the 1st first house despite the location in degree of the Ascendant.  This can mean a Capricorn ascendant at 15 degrees shows the Ascendant in the middle of the 1st house with 0 degree Capricorn starting the 1st house.  Unlike more modern house systems the Ascendant, Descendant, IC and midheaven points float and don’t always start the 1st 4th 7th and 10th houses cusps.  

This house system is used most popularly by modern astrologers to showcase transit readings in mass horoscope interpretation.  The area of life impacted is easily interpreted since a sign is enclosed in a single house.  Since a planet moves through an entire sign while in transit, it is easy to tell the impact for a specific ascendant.  The house shows the area of life impacted which is easy to read.

An example of above; Scorpio ascendant natal with Mars transiting Sagittarius.  An astrologer would see in whole sign that every Scorpio Ascendant has Sagittarius in the second house.  Mars would be transiting the 2nd house for every Scorpio Ascendant; thus an interpretation may look like “Scorpio Ascendant may have struggles or ups and downs with personal finances this month…”

Strengths of the Whole Signs House system

  • Very easy to draw a chart by finding the ascendant and equally dispersing a wheel around it
  • Lacks interceptions and house distortion due to every sign ruling a house
  • The chart casts and works well anywhere on Earth birth occurs with no parallel issues
  • Mudane aspects (planets aspecting planets through houses) are easier to see with equal sized houses
  • Strong with current transiting planets because every time a planet movies into the sky it starts transiting a new house
  • Astrologers can cast mass horoscopes based on ascendant signs because they can see when a planet switches and which area of life it will affect for a person based on the house it moves into
  • The ASC, DSC, MC and IC are not fixed to the start of the angular houses allowing for more interpretation of how they impact life
  • Due to the ancient working of the house systems, the Arabic lots works best in this house system because they were created using it.

Weakness of the Whole Signs House system

  • Inexperienced Astrologers can struggle without the ASC, DSC, MC and IC fixed to the start of the angular houses
  • Requires more intuitive interpretation to synthesize how the whole chart melds
  • Planets in houses can shift considerably when the chart is cast versus Placidus, Koch and Campanus

A specific form of Astrological chart used when the birth time is unknown.  The Sun is moved to the rising position of the horoscope and becomes the start of the ascendant and 1st angular house.  This chart is meant to show the fully developed Ego and how the aspects with it play out. Some argue it is not fully realized and accurate; but for many without birth times it is better than nothing.

Strengths of the Solar Chart house system

  • Gives a house system to work with when the birth time is unknown
  • Can help correct distorted house systems (Even though better options exist)
  • Can see important aspects to a person’s inner self

Weakness of the Solar Chart House System

  • Doesn’t have a true Ascendant so much of the chart is missing
  • Lacks any kind of angular house structure so it’s impossible to translate their impact on a person’s life

A Zodiac system in which the stars play a significant role in calculating the planet’s, houses and interpretation of the general celestial sky into a natal chart.  This system’s strength is the consistency over time with the degrees of signs not changing as they do in Placidus and other such western house systems.  This can be attributed by the fact that the stars are “fixed” and do not as wobble the earth does.  The wobble accounts for the variation in degrees over time between sidereal and time based western systems.

The effect of degree difference in the tropical zodiac is caused by the seasons change ever so slightly over time due to the wobble.  This action makes the equinox’s fall later in time.  This is why over the course of history Western Tropical house systems have a 23 degree difference (currently) in planets in signs as opposed to the Sidereal placements.  The stars have not moved from their celestial positions, but appear to through western house systems.  The Sidereal will always generate the same consistent chart throughout time.

Sidereal is mainly used in the Vedic Jjoytish Astrology.  When a chart is cast all houses are equal of 30 degree denominations.  Sidereal, unlike western, is mainly used for its fixed star interpretations seen in lunar mansions (or nakshatra’s.)  The moon is the main source of interpretation in Indian charts, as well as Rahu (the north node) and ketu (the south node.)  

Through interpretation, the other planets (up to Saturn, since this system is based on planets only observable by the naked eye) are either cited as malefic or benefic to a chart.  Depending on the ascendant, each sign on a house can create super charged friendly planets called functional benefics.  Functional malefics are the opposite end of the spectrum and can cause blockages from planets expressing themselves.  These concepts are used in place of planetary aspects like conjunctions, trines and sextiles.  

One of the most important things to realize is most people Astrologers do not judge a sidereal chart by planets in signs, rather by planets aspect each other, houses and fixed stars.  Since the sidereal system is consistent it has more scientific interpretations.  Divisional (or Varga charts) are the one of strengths of this house system which brings added depth to a person’s reading.  The other main advantage is the creation of Dasha periods in which a planetary time period is signified which give that planet priority in a chart.

Strengths of the Sidereal House System

  • Time proven and tested system which has been around for thousands of years
  • Consistent due to being based on fixed stars in the celestial sky
  • Does not create interceptions due to its equal house cusps
  • Strong scientific and mathematical calculation method allows for accurate divisional varga charts
  • Easy to read system of planets aspecting each other, houses and fixed stars

Weaknesses of the Sidereal House System

  • Does not incorporate new age philosophies into calculations and casting of chart
  • Since the system lacks interceptions it struggles and doesn’t dive into psychological issues a person may face
  • The system may be far too scientific and not esoteric like some Western Astrologers prefer
  • The translations of the texts that utilize the sidereal system are based off Jyotish writings
  • They can be hard to interpret and some of the translations are either out of date or seem nonsensical
Positive Expression VS Negative Express of Venus in a House ♀

Venus is the planet of love and luxury. Within this comes with concerns of inner-circle relationships such as love affairs and friendships, as well as relationships you have within the business world. Venus desires harmony with what we attach ourselves to. However, with every planet comes positive expression of it and a negative expression of it.

Venus in the 1st house: POSITIVE: Magnetic personality, charming, diplomatic and genuine. NEGATIVE: Passive-aggressive, shallow, plays dumb and two-faced.

Venus in the 2nd house: POSITIVE: Good taste, an aesthete, strong sense of values and lucky. NEGATIVE: Hedonistic, a spendthrift, materialistic and critical.

Venus in the 3rd house: POSITIVE: Charismatic, creative, peacekeeper and a good mediator. NEGATIVE: Schmoozer, schemer, dishonest and uncommitted. 

Venus in the 4th house: POSITIVE: Sentimental, nurturing, artistic and an entertainer. NEGATIVE: Clingy, dependent, overprotective and demanding. 

Venus in the 5th house: POSITIVE: Sensual, lively, affectionate and loyal. NEGATIVE: Overindulges, party-animal, dramatic and childish. 

Venus in the 6th house: POSITIVE: Practical, understanding, conscious and detail-oriented. NEGATIVE: Unromantic, critical, smothering and squeamish. 

Venus the 7th house: POSITIVE: Endearing, sociable, loving and considerate   NEGATIVE: Pushover, clingy, taxing and fake. 

Venus in the 8th house: POSITIVE: Seductive, passionate, devoted and intriguing. NEGATIVE: Intense, easily-bored, envious and lacks self-control. 

Venus in the 9th house: POSITIVE: Helpful, adventurous, understanding and intuitive. NEGATIVE: Easily dissatisfied, uncommitted, distant and erratic.

Venus in the 10th house: POSITIVE: Admirable, optimistic, well-spoken and organized. NEGATIVE: Aloof, superficial, lazy and ingenue. 

Venus in the 11th house: POSITIVE: Friendly, thoughtful, unique and gregarious. NEGATIVE: Pleasure-seeker, too idealistic, over-indulger and strange.

Venus in the 12th house: POSITIVE: Nonjudgemental, compassionate, sacrificial and helpful. NEGATIVE: Distrusting, secretive, loner and self-conscious. 


1st: Lack of identity or personality, puts on a fake mask

2nd: Feelings of insecurity and instability

3rd: Difficulty dealing with logic

4th: Detachedness and family problems

5th: Bored easily, doesn’t enjoy much

6th: Overreliance on others, possibly prone to illness

7th: Distaste for love and relationships, commitment issues

8th: Lacks a fear of death and danger

9th: Overly attached to where they grew up, desire to never change

10th: Lazy and difficulty staying organized

11th: Difficulty maintaining friendships

12th: Cannot cope with stress or fear, overly pressured

Your presence feels...

Sun in the first house: electric
Sun in the second house: opulent
Sun in the third house: mischievous
Sun in the fourth house: familiar
Sun in the fifth house: dazzling
Sun in the sixth house: mature
Sun in the seventh house: welcoming
Sun in the eighth house: haunting
Sun in the ninth house: exotic
Sun in the tenth house: superior
Sun in the eleventh house: novel
Sun in the twelfth house: ghostly

more things the houses rule over
  • 1st House: early childhood, where you reach for new limits to surpass them, circumstances of the birth
  • 2nd House: shaping of groups, death of the partner, comfort zone
  • 3rd House: immediate surroundings, differentiation, presentation of the self
  • 4th House: emotional drive/motivation, the soul, conditioning
  • 5th House: leisure time, where you feel like you're overflowing with energy(/potential), emotional self-expression
  • 6th House: servants, where you tend to be irritable/brittle/delicate, adaptation
  • 7th House: mental interests, where you aim to be most objective, mediation
  • 8th House: ideals, sense of responsibility for others, inheritance
  • 9th House: hobbies, social milieu, hopes
  • 10th House: values of society, social position, goals of the soul
  • 11th House: oppositions, paradoxes, where you want to break existing limits and rules
  • 12th House: meditation, where you struggle to fit in, wisdom

i know thats it probably not canon but can we just imagine if keith and lance end up having the same birthday cause it would turn into the most ridiculous competition ever

Moon in the 12th House

Someone with moon in the 12th bears confusing emotions that run deeper than this lifetime, they pick up feelings from the collective, feeling sad at random times, and not understanding where it comes from, this is meant to teach this person compassion instead of becoming a victim to an ocean of overwhelming emotion. Many of the emotions they carried in previous lifetimes are culminating into this life.

While they were in utero, whatever feelings the mother had during pregnancy left an imprint on their psyche. Her experiences during that time may be a culprit to their current mental health. They could ask their mother what she ate during pregnancy, as it probably affected their personality! Whatever strange pregnancy cravings their mother had may have been their soul saying, “Mommy, feed me Haggis, MooGooGai, Borscht, frog legs, bok choy, wasabi, and beet juice!” All foods affect us on a mind body soul level, and during the life of someone with Moon in the 12th, their emotional cravings for certain foods are often more of a self-undoing, and it would benefit this person to practice greater food discipline, realizing that they will feel better if they opt for fresh produce rather than comfort food. This person might cover up their puzzling emotional state by eating what makes them feel good in that moment, without rationalizing what their body needs to consume for optimal health. By implementing wiser food choices, their inner turmoil improves, as positive diet choices create a clearer mind to understand their own feelings.

There is a tendency to dwell on certain feelings that have cut them to the core. Of course it is easier said than done, but the person with moon in the 12th house must find acceptance. They may have to immerse themselves in the pits of despair, before they’re able or ready to release it.

Likewise, they can also go off on a tangent of ecstasy, getting carried away on what excites them, not honoring their responsibilities to lean towards what they “feel like doing”.

They may suppress their emotions because they seem to be too much to handle. In MBTI, they may act more Thinking than Feeling, but be highly sensitive deep down.

If they do not honor their own vulnerability, they may come off as condescending or critical to others as a defense mechanism. At its worst, their resentfulness could drive them to provoke others, finding what hurts someone the most and making use of that, lashing out to hurt others’ feelings because they haven’t worked thru the times they were hurt.

At it’s best, this person can cultivate a High Emotional Intelligence, realizing that everyone goes thru different emotional trauma that is hard on them. Otherwise, this person may view their own problems as more difficult than others’ plights, that they don’t empathize with the severity of someone else’s experience. (Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures)

Something about the native’s inner divine feminine or womanhood is meant to be unlocked during the life of someone with moon in the 12th. Perhaps they have denied their nurturing side, because tedious life tasks didn’t allow them to have time to fully honor the feminine; challenging themselves to achieve societal expectations instead of resting when they are weary. And so they end up being the antonym of nurturing, becoming pushy and hardened instead. Previous lifetimes when they experienced injustice for being a female are still being processed in the current life. This could include painful childbirths, losing one’s child, or feeling obligated to become a mother when they didn’t desire to in a past life. Sometimes when we feel traumatized in a way we can’t explain, there’s actually themes from previous incarnations coming thru us.

With the 12th house being “serve or suffer”, the moon serves by being he shoulder to cry on, helping others with their emotional issues, feeding nourishing meals to others rather than overeating for emotional escape. This person mustn’t allow food to become a crutch. Due to not feeling very nurtured during their youth, the native subconsciously feels the need to overcompensate, covering up unfulfilled wants by desiring more than what they need for survival. This can apply to using “retail therapy” to give them a rush of excitement, eating an entire tub of ice cream, acting co-dependent, leaning on others more than they should, binge watching movies, video games, reading fiction, and so on…

Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can operate out of their own hurt, reacting to conflict by saying hurtful things back to a person, instead of rationalizing the situation, comprehending their point of view. This doesn’t have to be you, by being aware of your planetary placements, you can evolve past them. The Moon in a water sign has to learn to be more objective, consciously choose to not let your hurt feelings cloud your judgement. They can be so consumed in the drama of their emotions that they don’t take note of what is happening around them. There is hesitancy to face their problems, but they’ll gladly help others with theirs. Water Moons in the 12th are probably the most intuitive people. I’d say Scorpio has the potential for telepathy and psychoanalysis. Cancer moon would be clairsentient (gut feelings), and claircognizant (a sense of knowing). Pisces moon would be the medium, bringing necessary messages from spirit guides to those who are feeling lost.

Moon in the Earth Signs operate out of logic, they comfort themselves with food, being attached to the material realm. Forming emotional connections to possessions and the five senses, they thrive on what is tangible. Thriving on tactile sensations, smells can dictate their emotions, and soft textures make them feel at home.They have less fluidity to tune into the collective, but we need people in this world with feet on the ground. An Earth Moon in the 12th stabilizes themselves from getting carried away, and even if they do, they still remain on top of their responsibilities.

Moon in Taurus in the 12th will cherish their alone time where they can bask in as many sweets as they wish, laying in a fragrant bath tub while listening to music. Moon in Virgo in the 12th will analyze the times they were hurt, they will act neurotic around others if they do not get to fulfill their need for solitude. Before they tell someone how they feel, they evaluate the situation, then they can articulate their emotions very well.

Moon in Capricorn in the 12th lives on a see-saw of hedonism to depravity, overindulging to the point of self-undoing, then feeling guilty, punishing themselves by the denial of pleasure. They feel like they have to be serious, finding a way to cope with the world, and so they’re less tempted to sympathize. Others were cold to them, so they think that becoming understanding is coddling a person, being too easy on them.  Underneath that, they have a richness of feeling the pains of the world, but not knowing how to cope with that, they harden. What they’ve been thru is so internalized they won’t open up about their struggles, having to be tough to get thru the idea that no one was there for them, they can become bitter. Then when someone is there for them, they are so used to having to be distrustful, that they may shut out a caring person out of their own skepticism. You can rise above your hardness and make a point to cultivate tenderness.

Moon in an Air Sign in the 12th would distract themselves with intellectual activities, choosing to read, watch documentaries, talk to friends, instead of face the complexity of their feelings. They are great at being objective, rationalizing what happens to them.

Moon in Gemini in the 12th has a great desire to socialize and exchange ideas with a variety of people, but may not know how to go out in the world and find that. They intellectualize their emotions, and may find comfort in focusing on superficial things. They’re able to objectively look at what they’ve been thru, to make sense of it all, and pass this gift to others as well, making a great therapist. Ruled by Mercury, Hermes goes up to the pantheon of the gods, as the person with Moon in Gemini reaches heights of excitement, to feel down and uncertain the next day, as Hermes declines to the underworld.

Moon in Libra in the 12th is not the most at ease around other people, but they have an inner need to be accepted. They try to be non-judgemental, but end up picking up the opinions of others, rather than taking a firm stance, or coming to conclusions on their own; for example, if others have opinions of what behavior or appearances are acceptable, Moon in Libra will go along with them, fitting a mold so they can be liked. So they may end up judging without realizing it, because popular opinion has convinced them to adhere to the structure set by others. They could be impressionable, but this isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, as they keep the peace, not everyone in this world can be a maverick. By learning to break past conditioning, they find their most authentic selves (this is true for everyone, regardless signs).

Moon in Aquarius in the 12th finds themselves alone because their ideas are contradictory to the mainstream. They have the ability to take a step back from their emotions and view life objectively. In a way, they desire to be a maverick who makes a point about being separate from others who the don’t vibe with, yet they truly wish to find their tribe. They long for community where they find a group of comrades who are just as free thinking as they are. This person loves humanity from a distance, but refrains from getting too involved with many people. Their cynicism prevents them from forming heartfelt connection, as they may come up with reasons to not open up to people, noting the flaws of others, they may keep most of their friends at arms length. It is possible that they think they’re open minded, but a tendency to to judge others gets in the way of being truly open. By finding the tenderness in themselves, they grow towards authenticity.

Moon in a Fire Sign in the 12th house is like a muffled flame.

Moon in Aries in the 12th wants to assert themselves but is hesitant to do so. They are tempted to be rowdy, bold, and say things that would provoke people, but they seem to lose their fire before any words come out of their mouth. They are full of inner gusto, but they hold themselves back.

Moon in Leo in the 12th has a very loving nature but doesn’t know how to express it. Their enthusiasm comes out in a more quiet way, such as thru their writing. They are very determined to accomplish something great, achieving the most by working on it alone. They feel fulfilled by gaining recognition, but they prefer to do it under a persona rather than with their authentic self. Even if they seem outgoing in some ways, they are very inward looking. They can become self absorbed when hurt.

Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th daringly explores their soul, venturing into nature, experimenting with substances, then finding themselves burnt out. They have a harder time processing their emotions and fully understanding where someone else is coming from, unless other parts of the chart would say so. They’re able to perceive wisdom from the divine.

Those with moon in the 12th can tap into the collective consciousness. They can see into other worlds if they release fear of the unknown. They are able to think in symbolism, perceiving wisdom from little every day things. They can download ideas from the universe, their creativity isn’t entirely their own, whether they realize it or not, they are a channel for higher beings. By living with minimal stress, getting loads of sleep, and clean eating, the native is more open to develop intuitive abilities.

If you found this inspiring, you’d love a reading with me! I can write 10+ pages all about your natal chart personality, predictions for upcoming months, your secondary progressed moon, relationships, and more! My readings carry more insight than what you can find for free, they’re great for feeling a greater connection to your soul’s purpose for this life! Message me if you’re interested!    Check out:


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