birth control art


i’ve been very displeased with events recently. Just because a certain type of heathcare isn’t directly related to everyone doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included. You wouldn’t say that insulin shouldn’t be covered because not everyone has diabetes right? well the same goes for birth control(and its numerous reasons for use) and women’s healthcare in general. 

Found while perusing college hard drives. Editorial cover based on the journal article Update on contraceptive options: A case-based discussion. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, 2013.

My illustration style has changed greatly in the past three years. I don’t hate this, but it’s heavy-handed (ha ha ha) and rather frantic, and I never liked it enough to show it off. The less is more/limited color palette approach that I tend to favor nowadays came to me some months after the class for which this project was done, during my summer internship at the Cleveland Clinic.

The concept of this project is especially intriguing to me now as I’m working to re-brand and get my site back up and (hopefully) start freelancing more. Perhaps I’ll revisit some of these old projects once I settle into my new house.