How do I know if the NuvaRing is working?

Someone asked us:

Is there any way of knowing if the nuvaring (this is my first month using it) is absolutely protecting me from pregnancy? I was told by my doctor to wait one full week for it to be efective, but was told by the nurse that gave me the ring that I had to wait a full month. I don’t know who to belive and I would like to know if there is any way of checking/making sure that its working. Thank you

How quickly the NuvaRing starts working depends on where in your menstrual cycle you are when you put it in. If your last period before you put the ring in was fewer than 5 days before you put it in, that means your ring started preventing pregnancy right then and there. If it was longer than that since your last period, your ring needed 1 week to start working — not a whole month.

In general, the ring is super effective at preventing pregnancy. It works about 99% of the time if you use it as directed by your doctor (put it in on time, replace it on time). So you probably have nothing to worry about!

Want to be extra sure you’re as protected as possible? Pair it with a condom every time you have sex. That way you’re also helping to prevent STDs.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

REMINDER: if you have a vagina and want to use Plan B as an emergency contraceptive, it loses effectiveness if you weigh more than 165 lbs (74.84 kg) and is completely ineffective for those that weight more than 176 lbs (79.83 kg) (x)

“If you can’t afford birth control pills, just don’t have sex!”

*deep inhale*

The birth control pill has many uses other than simple birth control (I know, the name is misleading). Most people who go on the pill do it for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. Extremely painful cramps, irregular period cycle, heavy flows, and acne are amongst just a few things the pill can help regulate. 

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