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Tunnels, Births, and Elephants

I just realised something. According to Setlock information about the birth scene in the Miles Street tunnel the actors were wearing summer clothes (X). So I did a little calculation:

The wedding takes place on 18th May, according to Sherlock Mary is in her first trimester. She does not seem to have realised that she did not menstruate else she would not react so surprised. So we can assume that she is very early in the pregnancy. Just for fun I used an online calculator and randomly chose 18 April as conception date which gives you an estimated date of birth of 9 January. So there is no scenario whatsoever of Mary giving birth during a season in which she would wear a light summer dress. Btw, Sherlock and John are wearing light clothes as well. Sherlock is just in a suit, he does not wear his coat.

And then I remembered this little moment from SDCC:

AA: (hesitating, stuttering) I can’t say… I… She’s pregnant when we open the fourth series.
SV: Pregnant forever!
AA: She’s more pregnant than an elephant. She’s got the longest gestation period I’ve ever known. But um…
MG: It is an elephant!
BC: It is, yeah. That’s the big secret.
AA: I don’t know, she, the baby…
SM: (aside, to Mark) “The elephant in the womb!”
(source: X)

If the birth scene from S4E1 was real and Mary gave birth in summer, she would indeed have had the gestation period of an elephant. So I take this (in addition to the heavy dream symbolism of tunnels and births) as evidence that the Miles Street tunnel scene is not real. 

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How cute is your headcannon 'bout monsters birth awww :3!! MTT looks so worried because is a "first-time baby maker" I think he would be planning everything: clothes, toys, food... The color of the room would be an issue to discuss between them two °3°

Mettaton would have so much fun picking out the different clothes aww. Just… imagine them shopping for little tiny clothes. :> 

Little tiny shoes :>

The colour of the room would be discussed so many times that it just ends up being white. With all different coloured decorations and furniture. A green crib, a pink rocking chair, a blue dressing table etc. It actually looks really nice in the end. I mean, it was decorated by Mettaton.

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Okey but, just imagine: One summer night, like 3 am, outside, everybody is sleeping but you can hear a sound, a vehicle sound. It's a motorcycle motor. That is underneath you while you are laying down on your stomach naked while Lutz fucks you from behind and the vibrations from the vehicle stimulates your clitoris making you, plus the feeling that anyone could appears and see you in your birth clothes, coming over and over againg. Just imagine.


I don’t thing Harry Potter generation is aware of the fact that we would be the next golden era at Hogwarts. 

Young wizards and witches born between 1990-1999 would be the era that does not remember the Big War at details but still honors it because of the stories our parents have told us. 

The Harry Potter Generation is exactly the generation that enters Hogwarts without battle scars and fears. 

Think about it, some of us would maybe go to classes with young Teddy Lupin, one of us would even be his prefect and would have to get him out of trouble, because despite everything he is a son of Marauder and he would hate to stay in his bed late at night.

We would go to school at a time of the greatest and wisest headmaster Hogwarts ever had: Minerva McGonagall. The castle would be repaired, improved.  There will be new paintings on the walls portraying the Great Battle, new secret passages to discover, because the castle was under reconstriuction for a time before you came in and new professors, that could actually teach you potions without giving you attitude and we could even have decent Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

There would be remembering the old, sure, but there would be so much new to explore. House rivalry would tone down between Gryffindor and Slytherin, because there’s no Potter and Malfoy around for another ten years.  I would be peacefull except occasional illegal dueling at the corridors and secret wizarding chess games at the 3rd floor. 

But no more imminent danger. The school would again be just that. A school. Institute or learning and growing up.

I don’t think our generation apreciates it enough. We are the new hope for Wizarding world and if that doesn’t make you feel better about yourself I don’t know what does. 

Lilly Pulitzer is preppy. It is part of a preppy uniform that announces itself from fifty paces. It is not so much a declaration of wealth as it is a perceived statement about class, lineage and attitude… Lilly Pulitzer suggests an advantage of birth. The clothes stir up scrapbook notions of ancient family trees, summer compounds, boarding school uniforms and large, granite buildings inscribed with great-great-grandfather’s name.
The clothes are, upon close inspection, not so terribly attractive. Actually, they are rather unattractive. And that is part of their charm. They are not meant to be stylish — that’s so nouveau. The clothes are clubby. Country clubby. One-percent-ish.

Why do some feminist try to diss other women for wanting a man? For making an effort towards their man? Like im 200% for gender equality which essentially is what feminism is but at the same time I want a man. One I would probably cook for wash his clothes and birth his children. One I would be proud to speak on. Like I know its important to have an identity outside of your relationship…but I feel like being someone’s wife or husband should be a part of someone’s identity…not all of it but definitely a part of it.

“When I was a kid, I was timid and had no social skills. I was just happy to go home and read my books. When I was a freshman in highschool, I never spoke to the person sitting next to me, so one day he asked me, ‘what’s wrong with you, dude?’ I heard quite a few times that I was like a girl, but to hear my classmate say that about my life really bothered me. However, now I’ve made a complete 180 change. Six years ago I came up here alone from Busan and I slowly started to wear clothes that were more this style and experienced a sort of re-birth. These clothes are mysterious sort of clothes. There are now people who take an interest in me, and there are those who suddenly smile when they pass by me. When I make people smile I get a sort of positive energy, and it makes me happy. If we had a high school reunion, I would confidently attended in these clothes and would want to startle those people that belittled me. If I think about it now, back when I was in high school I think I lived my life too passively. I could have changed the way I thought about things a little bit.”

“원래 어렸을 적에는 소심하고 사교성이 없었어. 그저 집에 가서 책보는 것이 행복했지. 고등학교 1학년 때는 옆 자리 친구한테 말도 안 하니까 옆에 친구들이 ‘니는 세상 살기 싫나?’ 그랬어. 여자 같단 소리도 많이 들었는데 그때는 굉장히 듣기 싫었지. 근데 지금은 180도 바뀌었어. 6년 전에 혼자 부산에서 올라와 옷을 점점 이런 스타일로 입기 시작하면서 제 2의 탄생을 겪은 거지. 참 이 옷이 신비로운 옷이야. 나한테 관심을 가지고 말을 거는 사람들도 있고, 지나다니면 사람들이 막 웃고 그래. 사람들에게 웃음을 주니 나도 기쁘고 힘도 나고 행복 한거지. 그래서 만약 고등학교 동창회에 가게 되면 이 복장으로 당당하게 나가서 날 깔보던 사람들을 놀래켜 주고 싶어. 지금 생각해보면 고등학교 때 너무 소극적으로 인생을 잘못 살았던 것 같아. 조금만 생각을 바꾸면 됐었는데 말이야.”

I just remembered that when Freddie was barely one week old we got TWO different sets of pap shots of Louis, Briana (and Oli) taking him to a completely unusual doctor’s visit because Briana looked too blatantly as someone who hadn’t just given birth in the first set and they had to remake more believable shots where she wore typically appropriate after birth clothes, added a big baby bag and her vague bump grew back, so that the press could use the pics.
Imagine a world where this actually happened. Imagine.