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Seriously though the idea of Braig helping to raise Ienzo is hilarious to me because

  • He would teach him all the swear words though no one is sure if it was intentional or not 
  • First time Braig gets put in charge of babysitting Ienzo he’s like “here’s 10 bucks, I’m off to the bar”. Ienzo manages to find his way back before Braig does. 
  • Braig tries to use Ienzo to pick up chicks, Ienzo ends up utterly ruining it by either being a smart ass and/or biting one of the girls when her hand gets just a bit to close to his face
  • Ienzo learns how to sass people by watching Braig
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to play poker and other card games (Braig seems like the type who would play people for money)
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to shoot a gun and the recoil causing Ienzo to get a bloody nose. 
  • Braig using his space powers to plop Ienzo up on the castle roof for a few hours. Ienzo doesn’t mind as it’s cool and interesting (I mean, you ever been on top of a roof as a little kid, it’s amazing) but Even nearly has a heart attack upon finding out. 
  • Xigbar dragging Zexion out to the bar when he turns 21 only for Zexion to end up with a massive hangover and vowing never to drink again. Xigbar finds this hilarious. 
  • Ienzo discovering he’s good with illusions and Braig asking him to help prank people. Sidenote: There’s actually a really good fic that plays with this idea This Way Down (basically Zexion and Xigbar combining their powers to create a never ending staircase)
  • But yeah Braig is like that older brother who picks on you but you think they’re super cool anyway til you grow up and realize they’re kind of a loser. XD

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I've always been fond of the headcanon that Ienzo was mute as a child due to trauma (thus his overall look of seeing and knowing more than others his age, and being somewhat unfazed by danger). I figure Zexion and older Ienzo can talk because losing his heart greatly lessened the affect the trauma had on him and when he got it back he'd gotten so used to speaking that he didn't stop. This also makes room for some nice headcanons like people learning sign language for his sake.

Yeah that’s my headcanon too. Either that or he talked very very little as Ienzo.

I also headcanon the reason he’s a bit hyper in Dream Drop is that he’s not used to having emotions and talking at the same time so his emotions are leaking out in his voice more than they normally would.  
Which on one hand seems a little bit OOC for him but on the other I like seeing him happy. Also it’s a “omg Even did have a hand in your upbringing” moment. Actually there’s a lot of little things Zexion does that resemble Vexen (mainly speech patterns and hand gestures). It’s oddly cute. 

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okay since we're kinda on the subject, once the organization was like just formed, do you think a mission some members would get would just be 'babysit Zexion'?

Well considering Ienzo looks about 10 in Bbs and the fall of Radiant Garden happened 1 year later, while I find the idea cute probably not. 

I mean you can usually leave an 11-13 year old kid by themselves without anything bad happening and Zexion seems like he would be mature for his age and is also very very smart so he could probably handle himself okay.
Not to mention he has one of the highest magic stats in the org so if anything were to attack him he could very quickly kill it. 

However that being said I get the feeling Vexen and Lexaeus would keep an eye on him from a distance just to make sure nothing horrible happened. 


Kingdom by Quirkilicious

Finishedddddddddddddd!  That keyblade research though! 

Oblivion and Oathkeeper were a no brainer but I wanted to include Chaos Ripper, Brightcrest and Lost Memory as the trio’s most powerful chains too!

Thing took longer than I thought it would, getting old and slow I guess. OTL

Also had to redraw Ventus halfway through because I forgot he has a very specific stance with the way he holds keyblades. @_@

Edit: Added Xion so all the 358/2 players stop asking xP

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Ienzo being a small maybe-slightly-damaged child and then suddenly turning into an emotionless adult-but-still-a-kid hurts my heart to think about

Definitely made him more interesting though. I mean I found him interesting back in CoM but he became even more so in Bbs. Also I just realized that sounds a bit heartless (pun not intended but I’m going with it) but it’s like he’s been my favorite character for…7 years now so any pain I feel about his whole situation is more or less dormant.