birtday party

NCT U + NCT 127 Reaction

When they really want something and you buy it for them as a birthday present


You asked him to escort you to the jeweller’s shop, because you wanted to buy a new necklace. When you entered in the store, he spotted a very beautiful and stunning Michael Kors watch. You bought your necklace and left the store. “Honey, did you see that black watch on the self?” he said while you were walking on the street. “Yeah! It was really nice!” You could see in his eyes how much he wanted that watch, so you decided to buy it for him for his birthday. Today is the special day, his birthday. You woke up earlier than him just to prepare everything fro his birthday. You put out the cake and the watch on the table and now the only thing you need to do is to wait for him to wake up. A few minutes later your sleepy boyfriend entered in the room. Suddenly his expression changed from very sleepy to very surprised. He saw the watch and started to giggle.Then he saw you. He quickly hugged and kissed you on the cheek

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You were walking in the mall, wheb he suddenly let go of your hand and dissapeared. You looked around and saw that your boyfriend was standing in front of a game store. You went to him and asked: “What are you looking at?” and then you giggled when you saw that he was looking at an Xbox game, called “Just Dance 2017″. You told him, that you have enough games at home to play with so now he can’t get it. He was a little bit sad, but then he walked away from the store. A few weeks later you went to the store and bought it just to surprise him on his birthday. The next day was the day, when you and the other members held his birthday party. You put your present next to the other’s and waited till he started to open his presents. When he saw your box, his eyes immediately shone up. He quickly opened it and started doing aegyo for you.

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He was always complaining about how tired he is after the dance practices, so you planned a romantic holiday for him. When he came home from the studio after another tiring day, you told him that you planned a holiday tomorrow for his birthday. He was completly shocked about how caring you are. He couldn’t stop saying “Thank You! I love you!” to you

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You sent him to the mall to buy some groceries. When he came back, you saw that a huge smile was plastered on his face. You could tell he wants to talk about it so you asked him: “Why are you so excited honey?” “I just saw a really cool pair of sneakers!!! Jordan sneakers! They were just black and white but they looked soo cool! Wait! I’ll show you a picture of them!” He quickly started to type something in his laptop and then showed you a picture of the shoes that he wanted so much. “But Yuta, you have a bunch of shoes! You don’t need these” “But…” then he stopped, he started thinking then closed his laptop. “I think you’re right darling, I have too much shoes.” then he walked away. You opened his laptop, just to make sure you’re going to buy the right one for him for his birthday. That was your plan, telling him that he has too much shoes, and when the day comes you’ll surprise him. You bought the shoes and hid the box in your closet. On his birthday you invited his group members and made him a birtday party. You quickly brought the box out of the bedroom and put it on the table next to other people’s presents. When it was time to open his presents, he immediately spotted the shoe box and without any hesitation he opened it. He already knew who gave him this present, so he turned around and kissed you.

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Yo knew that he always wanted a couple item for you two, but he never found one that he actually liked. But on Monday, while you were walking alone in the mall, you spotted two black and white One Piece T-shirt (one for you and one for him). You ordered one of each in the right size and left the shop. A few days later your mail has arrived. You were so excited when you opened the box, they looked perfect! When the doorbell rang you knew that he just arrived home from the studio. You quickly grabbed everything and hid them under the bed. You opened the door for him and started to make dinner. The next day you prepared an amazing breakfast for him. While he was eating you sneaked in the bedroom and put on your shirt. You grabbed the other one and brought it out to him. When he saw you in that T.shirt he was amazed, but when he saw that you were holding a similar T-shirt in your hand he almost teared up. “It’s a couple shirt that you always wanted. Here you are!” then he hugged you and kissed your forehead

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You were walking in the park together when you saw a couple. They were walking their little puppy. When he saw the little puppy he turned to you: “Can we have a puppy like this too?” “I’m sorry honey, but I’m afraid we can’t” “But why not?” he pouted. “I don’t think we would be able to take care if him. We are a little bit too young to keep a puppy.” You both got sad about it, but deep inside your brain you had an idea. You’ll surprise him on his birthday with a puppy! His birthday was on the weekend, but he went to the studio for a dance practice and didn’t stayed at home. This was the perfect opportunity to go out and find the seller of the puppy.  You already contacted with her a few days ago and she told you to visit her and pick the perfect puppy for you and your boyfriend. When you arrived to the seller she greeted you and leaded you to the puppies. You fell in love with one of them, so you picked him and brought him to your house. You were playing with your little puppy when the door opened and your boyfriend entered in your apartment. He heard a bark from the puppy, so he hurried to the living room just to find you and the new member of the family having fun with eachother. “OMG! Is this my present? B..But…Why or who brought him here?” “This is your birthday present honey! I bought him just for you! Now we have a new member in our family!” you smiled and hugged each other while he pressed a soft kiss on your forehead

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The last few weeks he was always talking about a certain book that he wanted, but he hadn’t got time to go to the store and buy it himself. So one day you went out to the book store and bought it. A week after that his birthday was finally here. You decorated your living room, put on some romantic music, selected some films to watch and cooked the best dinner you’ve ever cooked in you life. You set the table and brought some blankets to the couch, so you could cuddle while watching the movies.You wrapped his book nicely and put it on the table too. When he entered in your apartment you greeted hmi with the world’s biggest hug and a kiss. You went to the dining room and he found your present immediately. He was so happy about the book that he jumped up from the table and went to the kithen where you were looking for the drinks and backhugged you, then gave a little kiss on your cheek

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You two was just walking around in the mall, after you ate your lunch together. “Y/N look at that! That giant Rilakuma bear! That looks so amazing!” He was so fascinated about that bear. He looked at that toy for like 5 whole minutes before you two could go home. The next day you went bach to the store and bought that teddy beard for him. And then, on his birthday you brought that giant Rilakkuma bear to the studio and asked one of the co-workers to open the dance room’s door for you. You placed the bear in the middle of the room and you hide behind the couch. When the boys entered in the room you jumped out and run to your boyfriend. He hugged you and then he took a look at the bear. He kept hugging the bear and then you, the bear again and then you, while saying “Thank You!” for a billion times 

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He was always worried about his phone. He was afraid of dropping his phone, or just accidentally scratch his phone’s screen. He always say things like: “Tomorrow I will buy a phone case!” or “I should buy a phonecase just to protect my phone” But he never bought one. So you decided to buy a special phone case for him. You went to the shop and asked the seller if she could print your picture,that you took togehter on a phone case. The next day you went back to the shop to get his present. Then you asked the lady if she could wrap the phonecase into a pretty box. You left the store and headed back to home. Your boyfriend was waiting for you in the living room. You hid the present behind your back and kissed his cheek. You told him to close his eyes for a minute. “Hey! Now you can open your eyes!” you said and put the box into his hand. “ A phone case? OMG! This is the best present I’ve ever got!” then he flipped it over “Us? How did you think of that? Thanks honey! This is the best birthday ever!”

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The Danger Begins in a Nutshell
  • Dr. Manchester: look at the fuckin machine
  • Ppl: wow
  • Dr. Manchester: k let's leave
  • Ray: *freaking flies into the machine*
  • Ray: fuck
  • Dr. Manchester: fuck
  • Ray: dad what do
  • Dr. Manchester: *hits his son with a bat*
  • Ray: ow
  • Dr. Manchester: ur a fucking god now
  • Henry: I need money
  • Charlotte: get a fkn job
  • Henry: but I suck ass
  • Jasper:
  • Charlotte: get a job at that rly weird store
  • Henry: k
  • Henry: gimme job
  • Gooch: *throws Henry into the elevator*
  • Ray: who tf is you
  • Henry: I want job
  • Ray: u wanna be sidekick
  • Henry: sure
  • Ray: k
  • Old woman: hey
  • Henry: *tackles old woman*
  • Ray: u r ready
  • Ray: there's a man baby that wants us ded
  • Henry: I gotta birtday party tho
  • Ray: wow u fucktard
  • Henry: sry it my best friend
  • Ray: *gets captured*
  • Henry: fuk
  • Henry: *skips party*
  • Jasper: *cries*
  • Henry: *fckin murders man baby*
  • Ray: wow ur not a fucktard anymore
  • Henry: come to birtday
  • Ray: *goes to birtday*
  • Jasper: *fckin dies*
  • End
  • Marrish haters: Parrish is a male predator and only wants Lydia for sex!
  • Parrish: After months of knowing each other, he waits for her to touch his hand, while they are separated by fucking bars, because he voluntary locked his pretty ass in a cell for being too dangerous.
  • Me: *sarcasm* Splendid way to lust for teenage girls, Jordan. If you get lucky, she will kiss your cheek after her 30th birtday party. MAYBE.

Jonghyun  upoloaded on his youtube channel a video of the birtday party for Key that guys are doing in Japana!
The Queen’s birthday has unleashed a pernicious new patriotism | Dawn Foster
This weekend’s street parties are a front for a middle-class nationalism that celebrates the cruelty of austerity, and recasts the British empire as a force for good
By Dawn Foster

This kind of middle-class nationalism, rooted in a confected history of postwar austerity, has been resurgent in the years since the last royal wedding. The ubiquity of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster is the most obvious symbol. As the writer Owen Hatherley puts it, the cultish signifier points to the “enduring pretension of an extremely rich (if shoddy and dilapidated) country, the sadomasochistic Toryism imposed by the coalition government of 2010–15, and its presentation of austerity in a manner so brutal and moralistic that it almost seemed to luxuriate in its own parsimony”.

Nationalism now has two faces: that of the far right, signified by a certain sort of caricature of a football supporter and England flags, and now the middle-class right, posh enough to wear chinos while raising a glass to “her maj” in front of a Union Jack. The two aren’t entirely separate: the former is openly racist, the latter a frequent apologist for the British empire.