biro pens


To celebrate 50 years of the 2nd Doctor I drew the man himself ..Patrick Troughton!

Music- Believe in santa by Murray Gold (Doctor Who soundtrack series 8)

short angry opinionated bisexual permanently panda-eyesed writers recognise, i hear u bro

he now lives on my wall to glare at me til i write my essays.

brief insomnia doodling in biro and pencil.

probably dont need to tell you what album im listening to and in fact will never need to tell you again because all other music is dead to me since eleven days ago, act one

Anyone else stimulate themselves by DESTROYING THINGS??
Like I am a chronic fiddler and I end up like pulling bristles out of a brush, prying open biro pens till They’re a pile of shattered plastic and dig at eyeshadow palettes, the list goes on and on. I’ve always done it and idk why. Its very messy.
What else can I do with my fingers without making a mess/destroying stuff??