New Year 2018


This panda wishes you the best for everyone!! I’m really sure 2018 will be a good year, many plans and many projects are on the door.

2017 will be an unforgettable year, it brought me many good moments, many successes, a lot of trips, and the most important: amazing times with really good friends, I met a lot of special people along this year.

Thanks a lot to everyone, to those who have watched my silly works, who commented my pics even with a simple “very cute” or who wrote very long bibles, who always read my descriptions or read the tags for each picture (I don’t know why they do that!), who have said hi to me at conventions, to take pictures with me, who have said yes when I ask them if I can take a picture with them, to those who haven’t left me alone even I’m a very quiet and silent bear, to those who have shared moments with me. THANKS!!!

See you with more silly art on 2018!!

Art (the raccoon) and Biro (the fox) wishes you a happy new year!!