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Ah, Alfie!!! Right, so maybe one where the reader meets Tommy and they don’t get along in the slightest. Tommy makes digs about Alfie so the reader says stuff about grace but Alfie finds the situation funny. Thank you x

ALFIE REQUEST HERE!! Can you do one where The shelbys are super bloody surprised to find out that ALFIE actually has a wife? And they found out cause she had to have a meetjngn with them because Alfie was doing business elsewhere and sent his wife cause he trusts her most to be his eyes ears and voice when it comes to business?

part two

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Alfie x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: sex, office sex, ppublic sex

“You alright sweetheart?” Alfie asked as you dawdled in the door way.

“Yes fine!” you squeaked when you spotted him watching you, hurrying away before he could press the matter.

Similar incidences happened through the week, Alfie would spot you somewhere worrying, ask what was wrong and you you’d scurry away pretending nothing was on your mind. Eventually he had enough, usually you told Alfie any little thing that worried you, although it was more out of nervous fear of the huge man, but he’d grown fond of the nervous chatter and even coaxed a genuine laugh out of you a few times.

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Reader is pregnant with Michael’s baby

Reader marries Michael Part Two

“I’m pregnant.” You said to yourself in the mirror of the bathroom. You didn’t know why you were so scared to tell Michael, probably because you were petrified yourself. You paced around the bathroom and then gripped the sides of the sink, washing your face with a bit of water you tried to breath slowly.

You had gone to the clinic yesterday because you had missed two periods and you knew something was wrong. They said you were roughly 2 months and about 2 weeks. They also said that it was good I had come early because most people go too late to have control over the situation.

Walking out of the bathroom, you could see into the bedroom, it was open a little and you could see Michael reading a book in bed. Walking in, you shook like a leaf in the wind and Michael put down his book.

“Y/n. What’s wrong?” He asked standing up and walking toward you.

“I. I’m not sure how you’ll react, but I need to tell you something.” Michael looked worried now.

“What’s happened?” This time he sounded a little more angry.

“I’m pregnant.” You said with a worried face.

Michael’s face lit up and he picked you up and span you around and cheered. “A baby!!” He yelled. “You don’t understand how happy I am right now! We’ll have children running around here and we’ll see them grow up and-” You kissed him to stop him saying any more and fell back onto the bed.

“I love you.” You whispered in his ear. He smiled at you and hugged you close.
Two days later. The two of you travelled to Birmingham and asked Tommy to call a family meeting. You and Michael stood up in front of everyone and Tommy spoke first.

“I’ve called this meeting because. Michael and Y/n have some news.” Tommy said leaning on a wall. Everyone was there and they looked at both of you.

“Well-” Michael started.

“We’re going to have a baby!” You blurted out with a smile. The whole family either smiled or cheered. Polly ran toward you and embraced you in hug, then hugged Michael.

Later that day, there was a party at the Garrison but you didn’t drink in fear of hurting the baby. Esme walked up to you and rested her hand on your stomach before looking up at you and smiling broadly.

“I sense more than one.” She told you.

“I’m going to have twins?” You asked.

“I can’t be sure this early. But I’m sure there’s more than one in your belly. I can usually tell with babies.” She hugged you and you could smell the tobacco on her breath.

But that was 7 and ½ months ago. Now you felt like you were dying, your vagina felt like it could explode at any point and everything was tense. You were crying, shouting and pushing with all your strength.

“Where the fuck is Michael!” You screamed with sweat beading on your forehead.

“He said he’s on his way! Ugh. Where the fuck is he?” Polly muttered standing by the window.

“Oh my God! The baby is crowning! I can see the head of the first one. Polly come here.” Esme said sitting at the end of the bed. Polly ran over and smiled.

“She’s right. Y/n I need you to push for me. As hard as possible. This is the hard bit. But it’s all easy after this. I promise. Ada go and get some towels and hot water now. Esme go with her!” At that moment. Isla came through the door and sat at your side holding your hand.

“Where’s Michael.” She asked Polly. Polly shrugged and looked back at you.

“Come on Y/n! You can do it, I know you can! The baby has crowned. It’s the easy part now!” Polly yelled. You screamed and gripped the duvet and Isla hand. Your muscles wanted to contract but you couldn’t. You wouldn’t. You carried on pushing until you heard a crying sound. The pain stopped for a moment. Polly smiled and Isla grabbed a blanket and a towel, giving it to Polly.

You heard the snip of scissors on the umbilical cord and watched Polly wrap up the baby. She handed the baby to Isla and she handed the baby delicately to you. Just as Esme and Ada entered the room, you looked at your baby and smiled . You held the bundle to your chest.

“A green blanket for your first born.” Polly said, but you still felt the pain.

“Get ready for another. I did tell you. I can still sense more than one still in your belly.” You stared at Esme and wanted to cry. She gripped your hand.

“Do you mean… I’m having triplets!“ You looked from Polly to Esme and they nodded. You gave the baby to Isla. Ada rested the towels and hot water near the end of the bed. “Naming later.” You muttered.

At the birth of the second child there was a banging on the front door. Ada ran downstairs. Her speed down was matched by someone running up the stairs, who seemed to fall over half way up.

“Where is she!” It was Michael.

“In there.” Ada told him.

Michael ran in and saw Isla holding a green bundle and Emse holding a yellow bundle and then you. Your hair was plastered to your head with sweat and your clothes up around your waist. Your knees up and legs open, breathing quickly.

“Twins hey?’ He smiled at you.

“No. We’re not done yet.” Polly said.

“So I actually am having triplets. Oh Esme why did you have to be right.” You half cried half groaned. Then you let out a scream from the back of your throat and gripped Michael’s hand. He looked at his mother with worried eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Michael said.

“She’s in labour for the third time.” Polly replied. Rolling her eyes she focussed on you.

“But she’s alreadly had two! It’s going to hurt her!” Michael yelled looking at you.

“If you don’t shut your fucking mouth you’ll have to leave. Your making her too tense and she can’t relax her muscles enough.” Polly told him.

“It’s dangerous for the baby so shut up.” Esme told him.

The last baby took about an hour to be born and Polly wrapped the baby in a faded pink blanket. Michael held the bundle first before handing the baby to you. You started to cry again and handed the baby back to Michael.

“There. Two handsome baby boys.” Polly nodded to the green and yellow bundles that Isla and Esme were holding. “And one beautiful baby girl.” She looked to Michael holding the faded pink bundle. You were exhausted and couldn’t keep your eyes open.

“Naming later.” You muttered before falling asleep.

When you woke up, it was morning. Looking around you saw Michael sitting up against a crib with his head bowed. Through the wooden bars you could slightly see three bundles. Your children, yours and Michael’s actual children.

“Michael.” You said a few times before he woke up and walked to your side.

“You’re awake.” He crouched by you. “They slept all through the night.” He said kissing you on the cheek and looking toward the crib .

“Can I see them please?” You asked and Michael nodded. First he picked up and a green bundle and brought the baby over.

“This is our first born. A son.” Michael smiled and handed you the baby.

“What shall we name him?” You asked and your husband looked back at you.

“What about James? He’d be Jamie to us. But it sounds just respectable enough to pass as a businessman’s name.” You smirked and looked down at the sleeping dear.

“He has Tommy’s eyes.” Michael remarked before getting up again.

“He’s the only one that is awake as well.” You smirked down at the baby.

“This is our second born. Another son.” Michael said bringing over a yellow bundle. You rested him on your other arm and shuffled into the middle of the double bed.

“You name him. It’s only fair.” You told Michael. He looked at the child and tickled his cheek.

“What about Edward. Ed to us. I’ve always wanted a son called Edward Gray. It’s a grand sounding name isn’t it.” He smiled and so did you.

“So who’s left?” You asked looking at the crib. Michael stood up and then returned with a faded pink bundle. He sat opposite you on the bed and showed you the babies face.

“A beautiful little girl.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Oh Michael.” You said and he kissed you. “I think we should call her Annabelle. Anna for short.” Michael looked down at the baby and just nodded with tears streaming.

Michael shuffled round so he was next to you and you looked down at your daughter.

“Hello little ones.” Michael said to the babies. “I’m your father. This is your mother and we’re going to do our best to raise all three of you. Even though it will be a ridiculous task.” You laughed and leant on his shoulder.

Then in through the door came Polly, John, Tommy, Arthur, Finn, Ada, Esme and Linda. The whole Shelby clan. You and Michael shushed them all as they stared in wonder at the tiny little things that were only a day old.

“What are they called?” Finn asked perched on the bed looking at baby Annabelle.

“This is James. This is Edward and that’s Annabelle.” You looked at Polly and she smiled. Coming to your side and kissing your forehead.

“I struggled with one. You just wait. It won’t all be sleeping lions soon .” Ada said to both of you.

Finn held Annabelle and he rested her head in the bend of his arms and slowly rocked his arms back and fourth to keep her sleeping. Arthur sat on the bed and held Edward. Whispering things too him and smiling down at him.

“Tommy. Come here.” You smiled at your cousin. He walked over to your bedside and sat next to you. “Look. He has your eyes.” You showed the baby to Tommy. James was the only one that was awake and he stared up at Tommy. You gave Tommy James.

“Hey, so your day old James Shelby eh? I bet you’ll grow up to be like your father. Or sensible like your mother. I suppose we can’t tell.” Tommy grinned and handed the baby back to you.

“I’m happy for you both. I mean it, I’m glad you didn’t ruin your lives with a stupid pregnancy or some rush of blood. You thought about it all and I’m glad this is the product.” Tommy said gesturing to the room of happy family members looking down at babies.

“I think we’re going to be just fine.” You said to Michael and he kissed you.


One of Portland’s many gems: Blue Lagoon

With the last two weeks being dominated by the start of classes here at UWI, the absolute highlight remains our trip to Portland.

The north-eastern parish of Portland is touted by many as Jamaica’s “hidden gem” - a last remaining vestige of relatively undiscovered, natural beauty. Portland offers mountains, beaches, and rivers, and those of which we saw on our day trip were absolutely stunning, even despite changeable weather conditions.

Blue Lagoon is, like its name suggests, a vividly blue natural pool, fed by the Caribbean on one side and a natural fresh-water spring on the other. Those who can swim are free to do so, providing access out to sea or over to the cool water of the spring. The water quickly deepens to a maximum depth of around 55 metres, leaving you floating freely in absolute bliss.

The Blue Lagoon is an absolute must see, as far as I’m concerned - this photoset can serve as just a little taste of paradise.

Walk good,

Freddy / Brumaica


Tommy x Reader

Requested By Anon

Tommy normally opened the box when he was nervous. The box of long letters on delicate paper that had a faint smell of lavender. They comforted him, despite being crinkled and folded as many times as he could to fit in the now cramped box, they’d been a source of hope and distraction through the war.


But now he was faced with the prospect of meeting you, the girl who dotted her I’s with tiny circles and looped her Y’s, the girl who patiently sent letter after letter even when he couldn’t write back for months at a time.


Of all the things to make him nervous it was this, he knew you well enough from your letters, even keeping a folded picture of you in his pocket watch as if you’d been close before he left. He’d thought it would make him happy to know that as he sat staring at the box you were preparing yourself to take the train to Birmingham.

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