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Intro to Children of the Damned, Birmingham, UK 21.5.2017 (x)

First Dates - Tommy Shelby

Request: OMG I’m thinking about something from when/how they meet maybe? Also him trying to find a way to make her believe he wants a real date when they meet cause she keeps brushing him off every time he asks 

First Dates - Tommy Shelby | part of the Able series

When you were ten a doctor had you try braces on your legs to strengthen them. While the braces did nothing but hinder your already slow gait your mother was insistent that you wear them. Before you were slow when you walked but still you kept up with the other children in the neighborhood. Once the braces were on, playing outside with your friends became difficult and most of them took the opportunity to tease you about the braces on your legs. One boy in particular was making fun of you after school one day, following behind you as you walked and kicking rocks at you. He called you names and you went home crying because of him.  

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So this is the world’s most adorable interview (thank you so much @morvendigby!!) and the entire thing is perfection and I couldn’t possibly love her more:

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I was at a National Trust property in Birmingham, showing some school kids a chamber pot (I’d filled it with ginger beer). I expected them to be interested, but I was getting nothing back, so I drank the ginger beer. One of them started crying.


Sara didn’t chat a huge amount at the Birmingham show… except this awkward gem. 

We have been informed by Manchester Arena that the venue will not be ready in time for our scheduled performance on July 7th. We would like our fans to know that we have looked into every possible option to perform in Manchester, but all comparable venues are booked at that time. Tickets for Manchester will be refunded and you will be given the option to rebook for the Birmingham and London shows on a first come, first served basis. Thank you all for your support and understanding. We love Manchester and can’t wait to come back soon!!


Complete Details:


Other shows on the #OneMoreLight Tour are not affected and will continue as planned, including London’s The O2 on Monday 3 July, O2 Academy Brixton on Tuesday 4 July and Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena on Thursday 6 July. Tickets for these shows are available here:


(at Iron City Bham)

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could do a post on the relationship between John and Lizzie? I love them and it breaks my heart that there isn't any fanfic of them out there. I also wanted to thank you for your insightful commentary and discussions on Peaky Blinders. I love your analysis.

Hello anon! Thank you so much for your kind words. Of course! Please never hesitate to ask anything ever. I don’t have enough to sink my teeth into right now and I’m hopeless at self-motivation so asks are very welcome. John and Lizzie, well. 

I think there’s something quite humble about them, and sweet despite everything. Lizzie has a touching faith in John’s humanity and continued largely to see him as a good man. John on his part seems to love her in his slightly cramped, frustrated way. He sees her as a person above anything else too and I can only imagine his distaste at Tommy bending her over that desk for the umpteenth time. However, series 3 recontextualised John’s sentiment into something of jealousy and possessiveness. If John isn’t allowed to share his life with Lizzie, he won’t let anyone else either, to the extent that her happiness doesn’t come into the equation. That’s the essence of the John vs Angel plot, although I do think John’s strategy involved quite a bit of grandstanding for Lizzie’s attention and appreciation. Whether she noticed or not never came up though - indeed once 3.02 had come to its nadir in Grace’s death, the entire plot was confusingly, (for me anyway) discarded.

On her part, alas Lizzie’s affections have always lain at least half with Tommy over John. She betrayed John’s trust for him/ the money the very first time we met her in 1.04, John tells Tommy later that he’s discovered she’s still seeing other regulars too. As far as her quite minimal plot went in the first series, I think it’s clear that although she does indeed want to marry John, it’s because he’s a ‘good man’ and because such an alliance will increase her security, not because she really loves him. She’s moved on to Tommy in a bigger way in the second series, the script for 2.01 even says after their passionless shag ‘we see she now has feelings for Tommy.’ Those feelings are emphasised again and then shattered in 2.06 when he barely notices her dress or conversation then abuses her loyalty by putting her into the situation with Russell where she is raped. The one moment I felt like John and Lizzie really might have had something was the quiet scene they shared following that incident. Lizzie welcomes John’s hand on her cheek after pushing Tommy away; she still thinks he’s good, that he cares, that he wouldn’t use people the way his brother has no compunction about. He does flinch at the idea of getting out though and maybe even wishes he did have what she saw in Tommy’s eyes. While I’m on that, I think the line from Lizzie is a subtle suggestion that she herself isn’t free to do the same. She’s in too deep to escape what now supports her; she’s swapped prostitution for more security but has no respect in her life or the capacity to leave it even should she want to.

(A little parenthesis: Peaky is becoming renowned for telling stories without showing them but John and Lizzie, for all the effect their feelings have had on the plot, have shared literally ONE scene, and quite a short one at that. In nearly eighteen hours of television. That’s pretty extreme, and I can’t decide if I admire there are so many gaps one can fill in reasonably satisfactorily despite that being the case, or if it bugs the hell out of me. Truth be told, it’s a bit of both…)

Anyway, after the events of Epsom it only makes sense that Lizzie would finally try to find a relationship beyond a Shelby. And indeed she does. With the emotionally legitimate but strategically dubious Angel Changretta. Another lover of power as heir to the Changretta empire (which might not be as big as the Shelbys’ but is nonetheless substantial; getting a Camorra assassin to Birmingham shows serious influence). But then his restaurant is torched and he’s attacked by John with a razorblade before finally being offed in hospital. Lizzie is now free to be bent over a desk again to stop Tommy’s heart from breaking, hooray. John recedes to his marriage before throwing himself with gusto into an evening of utter debauchery, and that’s really it.

All of it boils down to that classic Peaky Blinders dichotomy of Love and Business that runs through everything like a dirty great sewer of Meaning. I’m still unsure why the two cannot co-exist but it has been demonstrated thus far that they are incompatible. Love has been shown to make the Shelbys (and the Grays) less than rational, perhaps that is a luxury too far with so many people waiting for an opportunity to take them down. Constant vigilance and all that. 

What might be coming up? Well, I think Lizzie doesn’t love John and has a preference for men with power. She also likes money. The lack of anything between them, even by implication, for the last four episodes of S3 suggests it’s done as a plot. And Esme was pregnant. The door to the possibility of something more is still slightly ajar though, what with Lizzie’s disgust at Tommy even attempting to pay her in 3.06. Perhaps (other current theories about s4 notwithstanding) Esme will liberate herself to get lost in France and John and Lizzie can finally take a deep breath and see what’s in front of them… Here’s hoping. 


PS - this is a great little post about Lizzie at inthebleakmidwinterblog: x


Soooo yeah, here they are! My pictures from the Asylum16! 

I’ve made 2 more (one with Richard Speight Jr alone and one with Mark Sheppard) but I look awful in those, I don’t even like myself on those ones… But the Supernatural cast is the sweetest ever and I’ve had the time of my life this weekend, I wanna go back there already!!

I’m definitely doing Asylum18 next year, because the Supernatural family is the best and this weekend allowed me to meet amazing and talented people. 

(Sorry if I made any mistakes in my post, English isn’t my first language!)