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Aliens don’t like being flipped off pt 4

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comic con pics part 2!!!

1: alice is andifellforyousodamnhard

2: eridan is cara-zard (but they were so amazing tho omg)

3: ??? (they were SO sweet and nice)

4: inumuta is stuffsandstuffsandstuffs + nonon is solluxcaptor (i loved their cosplay so much like i saw them and freaked out)

5: mirai + akihito are ??? (i was so happy to see these adorable knk cosplayers ee!)

6: Sayaka is punk-rock-aint-dead Homura is wowcliffords + Kyoko is acekyoko (so glad to see pmmm cosplayers. they were so pretty!!)

if youre in any of these photos please let me know so i can properly credit your wonderful cosplays


Honey Lemon-Big Hero 6
(This was a cosplay test so cosplay not fully complete!)

The convention’s tomorrow; I have to finish the chamber on top but I think I’m almost done??


There’s been a change of plan for the RT meet up at MCM Birmingham Comic Con in March.

Where: Outside Hall 1
If the weather is nice, then we’ll head outside and find somewhere quieter to hold the meet.

When: 2pm

Keep your eyes peeled for a tall guy with a Rooster Teeth flag or a short Pyrrha cosplayer if you get lost or confused as to where the meet is!

Please reblog this and spread this around so everyone knows what is going on and don’t head to the old meeting site!


Honey Lemon cosplay Big Hero 6
Lab Selfies!
(Cosplay test)

After a long weekend at MCM Birmingham Expo (being part of a Wolf Among us group followed by an Attack on Titan group)I’m completely shattered. I’m now looking forward to taking it easy as The Doctor next weekend… but for now I’ve found some shockingly bad glasses to relax in!