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Soooo yeah, here they are! My pictures from the Asylum16! 

I’ve made 2 more (one with Richard Speight Jr alone and one with Mark Sheppard) but I look awful in those, I don’t even like myself on those ones… But the Supernatural cast is the sweetest ever and I’ve had the time of my life this weekend, I wanna go back there already!!

I’m definitely doing Asylum18 next year, because the Supernatural family is the best and this weekend allowed me to meet amazing and talented people. 

(Sorry if I made any mistakes in my post, English isn’t my first language!)



Emily Bett Rickards at City of Heroes 2

Just a sample of the many, many glorious tweets about Emily, Felicity Smoak, Olicity, Original Team Arrow, etc. at this weekend’s convention in Birmingham, England. A huge thank you to everybody at the con for the tweets, pictures, anecdotes, videos. I deeply appreciate you sharing the con experience with us.


well… I dont want to be late to that particular party, so here are my photoshootpics from the elementary convention by starfuryconventions. I got all of them signed as well.

If I had to vote for my favourite guest (not including Ben, for reasons…he’s the Batch…) I’d say ALL OF THEM!! But that is cheating, so with a 0,00001% advantage over the others, Lars wins. He is charming, funny, open, interested in the general madness that is called a convention and all around awesome. He can juggle stuff and is quite a bit taller than me, which is rare among the actors that I’ve met at conventions :-P I hope to see all of them again!!

I hope they had a good time in Birmingham and consider doing conventions again! All fans who were at Elementary were well behaved, respectful and non-stalkery (is that a word?). the securities must have been bored for the most part of the days :D

I was asked quite often, why I spend so much money for tickets/transportation/hotel etc. A friend of mine said it best, not the exact wording, though, she is way more eloquent than me… and I added stuff:

At a convention, the stars are there for the fans. They are there, because they want to spend time with the people who watch the shows and movies. They choose to hold that time in their busy calendars to answer questions in a Q&A.

If they are at a movie premiere they are working to promote a movie. the fans are not the main reason for them to be there (although the actors probably love it). The main reason is the press, the fans are a backdrop.

When you see a famous person at a stage door or in the train and ask them for an autograph, then you are cutting into their private/personal time. Speaking for myself: I hate being disturbed while reading a book or listening to music in a train/bus/whatever… my advantage: I don’t have to be nice, I don’t have to think of my public image all the time. They have to be.

If I was an actor who just spent several hours preparing for and playing an emotionally or physically (or both) draining role like Frankenstein, then I probably would just want to get home to relax and wind down. Coming to the stage door and being mobbed by fans and autographhunters, well-meaning or not, and having to be nice whatever they throw at you… this doesn’t sound that pleasant. Someone at the Con said, that Tom Hiddleston was almost chased back to his hotel after playing in Coriolanus… that’s a big fat NOPE! Don’t do that! If I really like the person, then I don’t want to cause him/her discomfort like that.

I love conventions, because the stars are there for me and the others. For nothing else. Yes, they are paid for that, fine by me, they’d probably get more doing something else. Some stars who do conventions donate their appearance fee. But I have the opportunity to see them, talk to them, have a pic and an autograph, all that in a surrounding, where everyone wants to be, them and me. Where I can be a fan together with other fans.

I’ve been called dumb to spend a lot of money for an autograph, that I could have gotten free at a stage door. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I prefer conventions for all the reasons above.

…damn… that was a lot longer than I thought… sorry :)