God blessed my SD date

My date with W, went splendidly.

As I said earlier today, an old sugar daddy, W, got in touch with me a few days ago and we set up our date for today. I just got home, and I’m on cloud 9, I feel high.

I met him around two, and we grabbed a bite to eat. Nothing glamorous since unfortunately all the best restaurants are closed on Sunday–sigh. I was craving Canoe today. Despite this setback, we had a great lunch, it was at this sushi bar in the city, it was delicious. I’m not much of a sushi person, but this was phenomenal. 

Coming off the food, it was like W and I picked up where we left. We always had great conversation, he’s a real charmer and always made me feel so special. He must have been a Casanova back in the day.

Because I enjoy stirring the pot, I asked how we would make sure that this time around went better. He essentially promised to be more dependable and reliable. As I mentioned in the earlier post, he had a bad habit of cancelling last minute. Then he said, I had a feeling you were going to ask me this, so I went out, to grab something that would assure you I’m serious this time around.

… This.nigga.pulls.out…


I squeeled, and gave him a huge hug. We finished eating, went for a walk around the city.. it was fairly hot. Then I was on my way home. 

My heart is telling me put that in the Birkin fund, but my brain is telling me “Hoe, you betta pay those loans!”

** disregard my dutty nails, I’m in need of a mani.