one of the things i thought before reading homestuck but this is the only one i personally will make. any others will be on beforeireadhomestuck when they start taking submissions and requests again.

to explain: before i read homestuck, not counting my moirail who urged me alot to read it, the only real exposure i got to homestuck was the posts of the homestuck fandom agreeing that the webcomic sucked. i dunno whether it was suppose to be irony or not but it literally made me think that it wasn’t something i would like. only after seeing some fantrolls on DA, did i decide to give it a read. boy did it take forever, mostly cause i didn’t focus and would get distracted by my other obsessions.

i was and technically still am very depressed and self destructive but this webcomic was an escape that had so many wonderful, and sometimes horrible, characters that i could connect to and obsess over so i could forget all the things that made me numb and self destructive.

so while i do sometimes reblog things that mention how homestuck fans would agree that the comic sucks, to me it is the best thing that i have and to me it doesn’t suck in the slightest. I LOVE HOMESTUCK.

Imagine The Cage in Heaven Part 1 Michael X Reader

A/N: So this is my first imagine and I thought I might Start this with my favourite achrangel, Michael! :) Feedbacks are very welcome! :)

I might even consider making a fic with more parts out of it, let me know what you think! :)

Read Part 2 here  and Part 3 here and Part 4 here ;)

Plot: Before the Apocalypse ha ppend, god/Chuck started to overthink this whole Situation. To avoid direct contact with his sons he decided to create one last Angel which he let grow up with humans and is actually more like human then Angel. When she’s 18 god sent her to heaven. He tells Joshua that she’s Michaels soulmate. At first everything seemed perfect but then his plans didn’t went as they probably should.


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“Y/N, where are you this time? ” you heard Raphaels angry voice. “I’m here! ” you yelled back to reveal your position to him. “You aren’t supposed to wander around here and you know that. What do you think Michael will say about this Y/n? ” he growled while he stepped into the floor you were standing.

“Yea but it was boring in the garden and - ” “You are not allowed to leave the garden without me or Zacharriah, could you follow our rules just once? ” he interrupted you sharply but didn’t expect an answer from you. You just rolled your eyes and followed him back to the garden.

Sometimes you wonder why everyone wished to be in heaven. It was like hell to you. Or at least it feels like it. They basically held you like a prisoner and you were convinced that a lot of them didn’t like you.

Especially Raphael and Zacharriah despite you and sadly Micheal put them in charge to look after you when he is busy. And since Armageddon is around the corner he never had time for you.

“You found her? Did she pay a visit to Gadreel again?” Mr. Douche himself, Zacharriah, asked clearly annoyed. “You know y/n, when you sneak out to the prisons like this, you will surely find yourself in a cell like this very soon. ” he snorted. “As if” you shot back. “Michael would never let that happen”

You didn’t see the point in that, Gadreel was so nice and the first angel ever you heard admitting a mistake honestly.

“I believe even Michaels patience with you will come to an end some day.” Raphael stated. “And I believe this isn’t your decision to make, brother. ” a fimilar voice was heard next to you.

“Michael” you breathed happily and ran into your mates arms. He put one hand in your hair stroking it lightly. With a nod the archangel signaled his brothers to leave. He grabbed your shoulders and took a step back to look at you with a slightly disappointed face.

“Why are you doing this, y/n? ” he asked soft but firmly and somehow your feet seemed pretty intresting to you now.

“I’m sorry Michael but you know I don’t like being around them… I miss you” you murmed.

He let out a sight and pulled you back into his arms. “I know… But I have business to do and I want you to be safe.” he spoke with a low voice , kissing your forhead softly.

You closed your eyes and let your head rest on his shoulder, taking in this very rare moment of closeness.

When you arrived in heaven you were confused and afraid, the only thing you knew was that you were an Angel and you were Michaels soulmate. No one knew where you came from and why but when Micheal first layed eyes on you he had this warm feeling in his whole body and let you in instantly.

At first everything was perfect, he was perfect. Sweet and loving and kind at least towards you but since the birh of Sam Winchester something has changed, he grew cold and disappiered more often to do some business.

“Y/n?” Michaels beautiful voice interrupted your thoughts. “What are you thinking? ” he hummed still holding you tight.

You bite your bottom lip unsure of what to say. But on the other hand, he would always know when something bothers you so why not just tell him now.

You took a deep breath and pulled away to look in his beautiful yet cold blue eyes.

“What is happening to us Micheal?” you asked a bit sad. He stared at you for a moment, observing every movement you make as if he was seeking for an explanation to your question.

“What are you talking about? ” he asked after a moment. “Ever since this boy is born you are so concerned about this whole apocalypse thing…” “You know this has to be done y/n…I have to fight my brother” he interrupted you sharply.

“I know but… I-I just don’t see point.” you barley whispered the end.

His look hardend and for the first time you could see a hint of anger towards you. “You know the point in this. My father has a plan and I, as his son, have to fulfill this plan. ”

“Even if it kills your brother… Or you? ” you asked, tears forming in your eyes at this thought. “And what about humanity? Are you really willing to kill this entire planet? ”

“Yes” he stated firmly. “This is his plan and this is what I am going to do. Why do you even care about them? ”

“It’s my home. I was raised there Michael. And humans aren’t nearly as filthy as most of you think!” you were despred at this point but immidately regretted to slightly raising your voice against him.

“That doesn’t matter. Heaven is your home now. Armageddon is going to happen and you will stand by my side, y/n” he demanded a bit harshly now.

You sighted heavily knowing there was no Chance in winning this discussion. Silently you nodded, not even daring to answer him honestly at this point. He gave you an approving look before he left again.

Sometimes you questioned gods decisions, even trough you never met him, you didn’t see why he created you with so much human feeling. Now you have to watch them and maybe even your mate die.

What did he want? You twirled a little flower from the garden in your Hand and suddenly you saw the answer clearly in your head: You have to save them. You have to stop Michael. You have to flee from heaven.