one of the things i thought before reading homestuck but this is the only one i personally will make. any others will be on beforeireadhomestuck when they start taking submissions and requests again.

to explain: before i read homestuck, not counting my moirail who urged me alot to read it, the only real exposure i got to homestuck was the posts of the homestuck fandom agreeing that the webcomic sucked. i dunno whether it was suppose to be irony or not but it literally made me think that it wasn’t something i would like. only after seeing some fantrolls on DA, did i decide to give it a read. boy did it take forever, mostly cause i didn’t focus and would get distracted by my other obsessions.

i was and technically still am very depressed and self destructive but this webcomic was an escape that had so many wonderful, and sometimes horrible, characters that i could connect to and obsess over so i could forget all the things that made me numb and self destructive.

so while i do sometimes reblog things that mention how homestuck fans would agree that the comic sucks, to me it is the best thing that i have and to me it doesn’t suck in the slightest. I LOVE HOMESTUCK.

Before I Read Homestuck: who the characters were to me

John: dumb nerd pretty sure
Dave: cool guy that has a brother that everyone loves and has feels for ???
Rose: likes books and is drunk i think ???
Jade: she has a gun i guess ??? farmers daughter maybe
Aradia: the red one
Tavros: the stupid one with the dumb horns
Sollux: 3d glasses guy
Karkat: the one everyone in the fandom loves that says fuck all the time apparently
Nepeta: cute(?) weird cat leo girl
Kanaya: what
Terezi: the mean sassy and annoying one that people like for some reason
Vriska: johns cool and hot girlfriend
Equius: angry sunglasses man
Gamzee: clown kid ??? crazy hair
Eridan: fish prince thats probably a bad guy
Feferi: fish princess thats married to fish prince