birfday presents

The Seam - By Court81981

OMG guys so me a favor…. For my birthday read this fic…. AHHHHHH It is perfection!!!!!! Thank you so much, COURT!!!! ily!

Modern AU: When manager Peeta Mellark is taken hostage during a heist-gone-wrong at his bank in the crime-riddled Seam section of Panem, thief Katniss Everdeen finds she has much more invested in keeping an eye on her captive than either of them bargained for. Based on the film “The Town”


Some  self indulgent fun stuff after a really really busy, stressful week.  

After Ash and Abbie’s birfday present, Panda and I started chittering endlessly about the possibility of troll matrimony. :’)  Many headcanons resulted, and I may one day post their full outfits. 

Q: What’s the funniest way to get your girlfriend slightly upset but crazy happy at you all the same time?

A: Tell her you bought one of her birthday presents TWO MONTHS early.

Jodi is gonna FLIIIIIIIIIP out when she sees what I got her. And whatever you’re thinking right now: no, it’s not that. Eh, not that either.