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Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bambam comes home to find you in his apartment.


xoxo Sara

He searched through his bag desperately for his keys, a low groan leaving his lips as his hand fished around the insides of it, listening for the soft jingle of the metal objects he needed. Today had been stressful for him, as GOT7 are about to have their next comeback, and have spent more time in the studio perfecting every move of every dance for more than eight hours a day.

“You’re kidding,” He sighs, rolling his eyes slightly at himself for not having the time, nor patience to continue looking in his bag for his keys. He results in reaching on top of the door frame for his spare key, but before he could get it, the door slowly opened.

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anonymous asked:

Everytime after they made love (shower later on) ignis with his giddy feeling will go to the kitchen (with gladio's shirt and a biref boxer) and make 2 cup of coffees for him and his fiance and two large cup noodle (he hide somewhere that gladio tried so hard but failed to find it) for gladio. They will eat in silence with ignis on gladio's lap with his back on gladio's chest while watching tv. Cause gladio always makes ignis feels good thats what you get a cuddly iggy n a large cup noodles.

Cup of coffee + Cup Noodles, a strange combination…but each represents one of them, so of course he’s going to prepare that. <3

Keeping the Noodles hidden from Gladio, hahaha, that’s something Ignis would definitely do. Not only is he looking after Gladio’s health, he’s also got a surprise for moments like this. 

Aaw, the mental image of the two relaxed, lying on the couch, with the Cup Noodles and Ignis sat in his lap is so. Damn. Hella. Sweet. Jesuschrist, I can totally see it in my head, and Ignis’ hair is down because it’s a rainy saturday and no way is any of them combing hair or getting decent. A loose shirt of his boyfriend and a pair of boxers will do. 

And it’s so sweet because Ignis is so…like, so formal, no way would he let anyone see him in such “unpresentable” state. Except Gladio. cause he trusts him, and loves him, and apsdjspojfsñlfksd.

So sweeeeet~