birdy what you want


So to celebrate the amazing achievement of 500 followers (pretty much triple I’ve ever had in my life) I’m holding a little competition for you guys! Most peeps tend to hold a giveaway by random lottery, but I personally kinda dislike those, so I wanted to give people a fighting chance, that those who really, really wanted to win had a better opportunity than those who didn’t really care ;) So here we are. Primordia is what got me these fans, so Primordia’s the game~

What do I do?

I want you little birdies to write for me. Like I have done for the descriptions of the god Kwami, create an original kwami and write the lore for it, including their powers, station, animal basis, personality, origin and any other information you like. Pictures can be included but the bulk of info should be in the writing. Points for originality and imagination! Basically I want to be super inspired by your ideas!

The Prize

The determined winner of this little competition will win an artwork from me; to see their design and idea fully drawn as an old god Kwami as part of the Primordia series.

Deadline and Submissions

Submissions can be sent to my tumblr submit here, or to my email at All submissions may be compiled and posted at the end of the competition for everyone to read, you can opt out.

Deadline is the New Year!


To encourage originality, I’m also going to set up a google doc here where people can write in their kwami animal and power, in case anyone wants to be sure they’re writing a kwami that hasn’t already been designed by me or other participants.

You don’t really know what you want when you are younger. You’re so influenced by people and what they think. It takes time to figure you who you are and to be strong enough to say, “No, this is what I think,” to someone who’s been doing for music for years. This album (Beautiful Lies) is something that’s truly me in every single part of the process. The production I was really involved in and the writing was always very equal, always from what I brought. I never went with anything I wasn’t sure of. That’s where I went wrong on the last one; I was just like, “Maybe, okay.” With this album I was really bossy.