birdy the bot


This is Birdie shes my fanbot
She is made of silver and bronze and later fixed up with copper it was later discovered that she stoped singing once an area filled with poisonous gas thus named birdie in reference to a canary
She was abandoned along with the mine and now has wild flowers growing though out her Her new owner has decided to keep her that way
She sometimes glitches

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce you to Birdy!
She was a pilot during the robot wars, but now works as a mechanic/inventor. Her goal in life is to come up with the perfect way to fly with the birds without the use of a plane or airship.
Something sparked inside her one day she gained a very colorful personality! She started dressing the way she wanted and even came up with synthetic blue hair for herself so that she would stick out from other robots!
 Her faithful companion is her raven Rufus! He’s not the brightest bird, but he loves Birdy very much and does what he can to help her around the shop!

I think if she were to meet Rabbit, the Spine and Hatchworth, she would be someone they occasionally meet on their travels. However, if she were to tag along with them, she would be the designated driver for… um… whatever vehicle they use to get from show to show and be in charge if the shows special effects! :D

And um… I think thats about it! Yeah! Hope you guys like her!
*I may or may not stick with that color scheme. I’m keeping her hair though. Yup.