birdy competition

My attempt at a logo for The Great Birdie Games!
[A fantastic concept by @nestregards and hopefully something Kimi and I will find the time/motivation/cooperation to participate in!]

Tried to keep it simple but I’m not sure how effective it is. The shape is intended to look roughly like a “G” (especially from a distance), and the colours are all picked from different pet bird species - but of course I have to be biased and have more Tiel in there :P

September Competition!

Okay little birdies, time for another competition~! This month we’ll try a couple of different things; if ya wanna be within a chance to win some of these goodies, then you can either write a 100-word, Donquixote themed drabble, or design us some AU costumes! Can be any alternate universe of your choice, from Harry Potter to Assassin’s Creed to Avengers; let your imagination run wild!

There will be one winner and one runner up. The winner will get a choice of Law hat (pre-skip or post-skip) and a Strawhat pocketwatch. The runner up will get the two keyrings seen above.


- Must be 18 or over (remember, if you win you’ll be giving your address out to a stranger)
-One entry per person
-Can be either a drabble or costume design (your designs may include both Doffy and Cora, or just one of them. It’s up to you)
-Submit your entry to us, or tag us in the post
-Competition ends September 30th

That’s it! Good luck with the competition, and remember to enjoy yourselves. Fufu~