birdy black

Scorpio and her pet raven 

hey little ebony 

i saw the ends of your wings are dip dyed in 
the dust and debris of underworld hurricanes 
you were trapped in one like me 
and the conductor of the hurricane was death
he told me, you won’t die 
but you won’t come out of this completely alive
little black birdie i’ll whisper my secrets to you 
because if i tried to tell a soul everything you and me had seen
they would lock me straight up and refuse anybody entry
i thought of growing wings like yours
in that storm
so that when i felt that sense of death chasing me again
i could just ascend, and the more i master this cloaked 
the more my wings will bloom and shoot 
i thought of you and how you seem so small
even death bows in your presence 
like it will for me, i am its queen 
ready for my crown, burned from the gold lining my 
marvellous phoenix wings 


art by mab graves

Serious question: when the tf is Laurel gonna ditch the Error squad and join Legends?! Is Sara even aware that an AU evil version of her sister is alive and in this dimension? Has anyone bothered to tell her? I need that interaction!!! Apparently MG said they had nothing planned between these two, even though there’s a huge crossover happening down the road. How do you not put these two together while doing a crossover?! That’s the perfect time to do it!!!


Muddy Chickadee visiting the Hobbit Hole

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❬ don’t you dare look back ❭ ; a charles/erik mix

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