Mocking Bird

I saw a mocking bird
waving a flag today
I laughed, mocked it
shot the bastard down

I saw a bald eagle
carrying a flag yesterday
I wrote a bad poem
and downed it with a hatchet

I observed a vulture,
eating a 5 star meal
I tried sniping its smug face
but it bought the bullet a penthouse

I asked the other birds 
into helping me stop vulture
but they knew I was no friends to birds
and turned away at my pleas

I guess I was a mocking bird
i don’t ask forgiveness for my actions
or my insensitive word play
or for letting the scavengers in 

I’m out of options
I’m now a vulture
we are all vultures up here
Sqwak, where’s that rotten meat?

Here is the Hungarian cover of LoveStar, by Andri Snær Magnason. The bird on the cover is my favourite bird, Sterna Paradisea, the arctic tern or kría, in Icelandic. The tern migrates from Iceland to South-Africa every year, making it the species on earth travelling the greatest distance every year. In LoveStar a group of scientists find out how a bird can hatch from an egg in northern Iceland and travel all that way having never been to South Africa before. They find these tiny “birdwaves” that they use to travel. And they find a way to transmit data through these birdwaves directly to our heads, making the LoveStar corporation the new paradigm for technology and the founder the most powerful man on earth. The US edition can be found here.