birdsong mine

dusk, old perfume bottles, cotton sheets, dried rose petals, hand written love letters, old buildings on a street made of stone, ballet, copper, dark lipstick, melted wax candles, grand architecture, rivers that run through cities, women in silk dresses, ballrooms, doves, lavender, gold jewelry, french tipped nails, chandeliers, the women’s powder room, glasses of champagne, harps, long lashes, and lipstick stains on blushing cheeks

moths, willow trees, grey cotton dresses, dusty windows, old books, creaky wooden floors, broken clocks, howling winds, cluttered attics, woolen socks, piano duets, chests full of lost things, wax candles, foggy mornings, miles of rolling hills, sudden rainstorms, aged photographs, windchimes, echoes, wooden railings with intricate details, wardrobes, dirty mirrors, drawers full of buttons, and forgotten love letters

Just a portion of my books…