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Endless List of Favourites + Actors ||  Eddie Redmayne

  I didn’t train to be an actor, I blagged my way into it, and I always feel I’m waiting to be found out. So whenever you get a job, there’s a moment of euphoria and then the realisation, “Oh my God, you’ve got to do this.” And you feel there should be some scaffolding. I’ve worked with people who have their preferred way of rehearsing guaranteed by clause in their contract. But it’s not like I have a process, it’s a very formless thing, and there’s no one telling you, “This is what you’re going to do and this is how you’re going to do it.”

You know that thing where twins will like dress up as each other and switch out and go to classes as each other? I like to think Qrow and Raven, despite not being identical at all, absolutely pulled that kind of shit (but, like, sarcastically). Qrow whining about not wanting to go to a class and jokingly like ‘Raven go for me, pretend to be me’ but she actually does it. And when it is clearly Raven, clearly a girl, wearing a skirt and an asscape and not wielding a scytheswordgun, and the teacher is like ‘um Raven’ she just deadpans, ‘I’m not Raven, I’m Qrow.’

I just. Feel like they pulled that crap.