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Eddie Redmayne photographed for The Telegraph in Budapest on August 7, 2011.

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I think this is one of the most beautiful roles masterly interpreted by our Eddie. A tweet on June 10,  2011 told us that Eddie had  just landed in Budapest. Six years have passed, he has given us a lot of emotions, but this role, along with The Danish Girl, is always one of my favorites.

I thought to compile a list of some TV dramas that are similar to/might be enjoyed by those who like Home Fires. I’ve broken it down into periods but some do overlap so I have put them under the category they first start off in. 

c.World War I

c.Interwar Period

c. World War II

c.Post-World War II

These are just a few & feel free to suggest any if you want.



I really love this photo of Eddie, so I played with it.