Who’s your mythological parent? (Percy Jackson)

[x] You are a natural leader 
[] You are interested in meteorology 
[x]You would love to be able to fly
[x]You’re not afraid of/you love thunderstorms 
[x] The ability to control air and electricity is appealing to you 
[x] Eagles are among your favorite animals
[x]You get angry when people ignore you or don’t listen to you 
[x]Pride is one of your biggest flaws
[x]You can sometimes be a bit overdramatic 
[x] Even though you try to be fair, you sometimes come off as hypocritical

[] Swimming and/or canoeing are among your favorite things to do
[x]You love taking trips to the beach
[] You get along well with horses, or you love them
[]You have often wished for the power to breathe underwater
[x]The ability to control water sounds awesome
[] Your loyalty to the ones you love is your weakness
[x] You can be a bit moody and temperamental at times
[]You are interested in seismology or marine biology
[]Dolphins and sharks are your favorite animals (or one of your favorite animals)
[x]You have an overall caring personality 

[]You tend to make people feel nervous around you
[] You are interested in Geology or Forensic Science
[x]You sometimes feel a bit lonely
[]Your weakness is that you tend to hold grudges 
[] Most people don’t see your kinder side because you hide it by being cold
[] You crave power over darkness and the dead
[] You are drawn to gemstones and precious metals
[] When you are in a relationship, you are deeply devoted to that person
[x] You often feel like you don’t belong in the group
[] You can be quite cynical at times 

[] You value intelligence and wit highly
[x] It is a bad idea to get in your way, because you will never give up until you are finished 
[] You prefer to think things through, rather than start working on a problem immediately 
[] You tend to let logic get in the way of your emotions
[x] Owls are among your favorite animals 
[] You like sewing, crocheting, and other types of arts and crafts
[] You are interested in architecture
[x] You don’t like the idea of someone else being better at something than you
[]You usually regret losing your temper after you see the damage
[x] You have arachnophobia 

[] You pick fights with other people a lot
[]Dogs or wolves are your favorite animal
[x] You like learning about different types of weapons and famous wars
[] With a few exceptions, people generally don’t like you 
[] If you had a power, it would be to have the best fighting abilities ever
[x]You have a short temper
[x]You charge into situations without thinking things through
[] You love playing first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Halo
[] You love violence in general
[x]You are brave and very protective of your friends

[x] You have always wanted to/ you love to travel 
[] You love playing pranks 
[] You can be very sneaky
[x]You try to help other people a lot
[x]You are pretty accepting of others
[] You’re good at using phones and the internet
[x]You’ve been known to try all kinds of things 
[x] You often rely on your sixth sense or intuition
[] If you wanted to, you could steal something without people noticing
[] You love watching sports competitions or even participating

[] People have told you that they think you are beautiful/handsome
[x] You are good at convincing people to do things
[] You can read relationships very well
[] You believe in spreading love (not necessarily romantic) and beauty
[x] You can speak French
[]You can see possibilities more clearly than other people
[]You like pretty things
[] You may have been described as a “girly girl” or in a boy’s case, “cute” or “hot”
[x]People sometimes underestimate you 

[]You are good with your hands
[]You like tinkering with things
[] You prefer inanimate objects over human company
[]You wish you had the power to summon and control fire
[x]You fiddle with things in your hands when you are nervous
[] You have built a robot or some sort of contraption before
[x] You tend to fall in love with people who you feel are too good for you
[]You are afraid of heights
[x]You have a bit of an inferiority complex
[] You love creating things

[]You love sunbathing
[x] You like archery and/or are very good at it
[x]You like writing poetry and/or songs
[x] You know how to give first aid
[]You are good at anything involving launching projectiles (i.e. basketball)
[x]You can play an instrument
[] You are afraid of the dark
[]You sometimes have premonitions about things that are going to happen
[x]Sometimes you can be a bit of a flirt
[] You have sharp senses

[] You like gardening
[] You would love to have the power to control plants
[x] You can be a bit bossy at times
[x]You argue with other people a lot
[]You love flowers
[] You are passionate about nature conservation 
[]You eat a lot of grain products
[] Poppies are one of your favorite flowers 
[] Geckos or snakes are your favorite animals 
[] You feel an unusual sadness as summer changes to fall and then to winter

[] You’re a real party animal 
[x] You like grapes/grape juice/wine/kool aid/diet coke/diet pepsi 
[x] You love the theater
[] You think leopards are the coolest animals ever
[] if you could have any power, it would be to literally drive people insane 
[x]You become a bit hyperactive when you’ve had too much of your favorite drink
[] You like playing Pac-Man
[] You believe that a REAL party is an extravagant one 
[x]You hate being restricted in any way 
[x] Sometimes you tend to go overboard when you are planning things


Well, I’d be lying if I said I don’t like the outcome :D

Come step inside this storybook
You’ll be amazed each time you look
And marvel at the magic all around you

As pixie dust falls from a star
It touches you and here you are
One wish away from all you’ve dreamed

This world of wonders
A place like no other on earth

My second dream about amazing celebrities

Well … Birdy, Raven and me were sitting in a restaurant having lunch. Suddenly two other people sat down at our table because it was really busy and there were no other free tables. When I looked up I almost dropped my fork.
It was Andrew Garfiel and Emma Stone. 
They were really nice. We talked about all kind of stuff. Andrew was a bit grumpy at first because he simply thought us to be the annoying kind of fangirls but as the time passed he got more relaxed. 
Then he said “Wow, you’re the first girls we meet who don’t want us to take them with us to a Hollywood Party." 
"So we wanted to ask you if you want to come with us.” Emma added. “There is one tonight.”
We were shocked but of course we said yes! Afterall, how big is the possibility of ever getting that question asked again. And it were Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield ! So we hurried home and changed into our best clothes. God knows where we got those dresses but all three were beautiful. Half an hour later a limousine stopped in front of the house and Andrew got out to pick us up. We were so excited about everything but Emma calmed us down. At the entrance the Security didn’t want to let us in because we obviously weren’t on the guest list but Andrew simply said we belonged to them so it was OK. 
There were a lot of Paparazzi. I don’t remember ever posing that much for pictures.  At the party we had a lot of fun. Andrew was a really good dancer and Emma was simply fun to be around. We also met James and Oliver Phelps, Karl Urban and Richard Madden. Well, we didn’t find them. Actually I clumsily stumbled into James.
To be honest, this was the most fun I’ve ever had and I believe that Raven and Birdy enjoyed it as well.

Then I woke up.

And this is the story on why I need psychatric help.