harshaj by HarshaJayawardena: I have been trying to make an image like this for several years at Bosque De Apache Wildlife refuge , New Mexico . Finally during my last visit everything came together. The conditions were right for the fog to form and there were plenty of sandhill cranes in the pool of water. However, all the birds were sleeping with their necks hiding underneath the wings to keep warm. Suddenly, an eagle flew into the scene and all the cranes looked up. That’s when I pressed the shutter..

Improperly Installed Bird Netting Can be Harmful to Birds

Improperly Installed Bird Netting Can be Harmful to Birds

To keep pigeons from entering ventilator ducts on the Badrinath Tower at Seven Bungalows in Mubai, bird netting was installed. This was in response to a pigeon problem in the building, which was causing respiratory problems for many residents. (Source: Times of India)

Residents were recently shocked to see several pigeons (regarded as “birds of peace” in this country) trapped inside the…

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