31 Days of MonHun, Day 7

7: Top Three Bird Wyverns?

Oooh that’s a good one. I’m picking my top three based on design (since I haven’t been able to beat the last one thanks to the game not being available in my country).

My top three are: Great Baggi, Great Wroggi and Forokururu.

As said, Forokururu is Frontier only but I love the design <3

A sculpture entitled ‘Crystal Torso (Modern Carved nude Male Torso sculptures/statues)’ by artist Nicola Axe in the category Birds Abstract Contemporary Stylised l Minimalist Sculpture / Statues. This sculpture is available. It has the dimensions of 95 x 25 x 25 cm and is an edition number of unique, it is sculpted from a medium of Portland stone, Ashburton marble plinth. http://artparks.co.uk/s6222

Animals | White necked Heron

Animals | White necked Heron

Help out! Give to ₪ Please Help Me To Get A New Camera ₪ Raise funds on IndiegogoLife Description From Photographer if Any: A White-necked Heron,also known as the Pacific heron (Ardea pacifica), which is a species of heron that is found on most of the Australian continent wherever freshwater habitats exist By michaelcl1 Source: 500px.com

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I wonder if animals argue about weird shit like we do. Really, just imagine…

The following was taken from a real life situation.

*Human leaves*
DOG: It’s all your fault!
CAT: You said we should get her a birthday present.
DOG:Yeah, but not a dead bird

Alcedo atthis. My new artwork.

Голубой зимородок. 2015. Пока не получается как надо, но я сдаваться не собираюсь. Продолжаю рисовать птиц. В целом хорошо, но недочеты есть. Пока для меня важен сам процесс. Вот такую замечательную птичку я вчера нарисовал.

Spring { c l o s e d }

Spring. It was a joyful time in the year. The nature awoke and rivers were freed from the chains of ice, singing their  m e r r i n e s s  with crystalline voices. Such was the song her ear was bent to then, the song of streams released from the bondage of winter. It was sweet then, even the more to the ear of one who had not known the cold of the time when the year drew to its end. Trees had shone and grass hadever been green where her home had once been. But she also had been Líriel and not Hithrendis.

The woman sang. Líriel had also sung, but much unlike Hithrendis. Her heart had not been turned to burdens as she had been free. And young. Youth was a gift, it offered both strength and freedom. Or perhaps the young simply carried no cares, thus they seemed to be as lighthearted as the birds that chirped on the branches of tall shadowy trees. Or youth belonged simply to the spirit.

It was not long after her song ended that her glance she  l a i d  on the other. A youngling. Hithrendis gave a warm smile. “May the day fare thee well!” the woman greeted, soaking her feet in the cold water.

{ telcxntar }

It’s not even dawn, and yet the birds are chirping. It’s not even daylight and the bees are so alive. Humans are supposed to be asleep before the birds come out to play, yet here I am wide awake.

anonymous asked:

Hey what cooking books vegan would you recommend me? :)

Well I’m a cookbook fiend so I buy them even if they’re not vegan, just for the writing, but a few of ones I have in my drawer at home are:

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward
Revive Kitchen cookbooks 1, 2 and 3 by Jeremy Dixon
Little Bird Unbakery by Megan May
Appetite for Reduction by Post Punk Kitchen

Crumb by Ruby Tandoh
It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow
How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson
The Caker by Jordan Rondel