adayinthelifeofsomething replied to your post “so, they featured Iago on OUAT but not the Genie or Abu?”

Sidney glass was the genie/magic mirror so I can see why they didn’t have something with him (his story kinda ended with the snow queen)

And they probably didn’t have a budget for a monkey (CGI or otherwise). Birds are easier.

Yeah, logically I understand why didn’t have both, but my childhood wants Abu there. I’d be so cute (just like it was with Sven). 

To be completely honest, I forgot that Sidney was the Genie. Maybe he was the genie with Aladdin before the Queen? But why didn’t Aladdin set him free? I need answers. 

Ghost Bird saw it from the landing window. How the biologist coalesced out of the night, her body flickering and stitching its way into existence, in the midst of a shimmering wave that imposed itself on the reality of forested hillside. The vast bulk seething down the hill through the forest with a crack and splinter of trees fell to that gliding yet ponderous and muffled darkness, reduced to kindling by the muscle behind the emerald luminescence that glinted through the black. The smell that presaged the biologist: thick brine and oil and some sharp, crushed herb. The sound that it made: as if the wind and sea had been smashed together and int eh aftershock there reverberated that same sonorous moan. A seeking. A question. A communication or communion. That, Ghost Bird recognized; that, she understood.
—  Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance

The latest addition to the household. We found this abandoned leetle bird in the garage. Poor little nugget. We have him/her on a diet of hydrolyzed protein via an eye dropper. #rescueme

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spoopysprout  asked:

vampire, witch, and zombie?

Which one are you? Early bird or night owl?
Night Owl
If could have the power to cast any kind of spell, what kind of spell would you cast
What is one food you always overeat?

Birds of a Feather

To the sparrow in front
who made no sound
final flight into my window;

whose toes curled into permanent fists,
      –nowhere to go, laying on this brick.
Move to my garden 

where beak will unfurl    
feathers transform;
grow to rise again.

Fool's Gold

This chick is problem
Curves like birds from Gotham
Problem is she knows she got them
Wants a drink, no condom
Just kick it
No need to hit the bottom
Me? I’m just here to see
I like to watch, Mr. Johnny peeps
Living that vicariously