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have you ever thought about designing tattoos? your art style is like really weird (in a good way) and cool with a lot of roughness and your coloring when u use those bright colors would look super cool as a tattoo imo... idk i just feel like if u drew like a brightly colored manticore or a dragon i could see that as like a big ass full back tattoo or smthn...

ahh thanks! i think it would be fun but i’d probably have to make like, pre-drawn tattoo designs bc i think the stress of someone specifically commissioning me for something to go on their body would make me overthink the drawing

SPEAKING OF TATTOOS i really want one by tarmasz, mariñe perez or tayri rodríguez but THEYRE ALL IN EUROPE so if anyone is tattoo-savvy and knows of someone in the eastern US who has a similar style let me know blease


Anna’s hummingbird nest and eggs (scale is obviously exaggerated because those nests are untattooably small!)

Super happy with how this one came out. Thank you, Casey!