(A/N): I’m sorry this is so short but I am sorta proud of it even with it’s small length so! 

Request:  ½ Ooh can I request a Charles x reader (technically x Moira but anyway) based on Lying To You by Keaton Henson?? This is complicated but like, the storyline would be that Charles knew Y/N since they were kids and she was really special to him, and they were even closer as teenagers. Y/N was basically the opposite of him (rebellious, daring, v energetic and funny etc) and yeah they had a..unspecified romantic relationship as teenagers(point is they were basically soulmates) but smth happened to  2/2 Y/N when she was like 19 and she died. Now the actual story takes place like after First Class when Charles is dating Moira (ignoring the thing where he erased her memories) and it’s about how he looks back on his memories w Y/N + how he thought he’d get over her when he got together w Moira but he still can’t?? This was soo long I’m sorry but hopefully you get what I mean? xx

Warnings: none

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As we lie in bed, I feel lonely
Though we’re young, I feel eighty years old
And your arms around me are keeping me warm
But baby, I’m still feeling cold
Baby, I’m still feeling cold

 "Charles,“ Moira whispers as she peppers kisses all along his bare chest. "Charles my dear, it’s time to wake up,” Charles groans softly, rubbing at his eyes as the sunlight streams through his windows. 

    “Moira?” Charles asks, hoping to keep his disappointed tone out of his question.

    “Who else would it be silly?”

    (Y/N). It should be (Y/N) sleeping beside him. 

    “No one love,” Charles forces a smile as he kisses Moira’s head gently. “I’m just a bit tired is all," 

     "Well, you were up all night in your study," 

   No, he was up all night looking at pictures of (Y/N).

     "Ahh yes, of course, that must be it,” Charles nods, biting his lip to keep his rather negative thoughts at bay. What are you doing? What would (Y/N) think if they saw you lying beside another- 

    “I could make you some coffee if you’d like?” Moira asks softly, pressing another kiss to Charles’ chest. 

    “Yes, coffee sounds splendid,” Charles hums as Moira gets up, wrapping a robe about her naked body. She gives Charles one last smile before sauntering off, the sound of her footsteps echoing through the mansion. 

   Charles sighs, rubbing his hands over his eyes as he attempts to clear the voice out of his head (Y/N)’s voice out of his head. But no matter how hard he willed that sweet, soft voice away it stayed, like a damn fly stuck to some honey. 

   He remembered the first time they met, (Y/N) had been thrown out on the streets after their parents had discovered the could talk to animals, a mutant, just like Him. He of course took them under his wing and from there a friendship had formed. 

    “I’m (Y/N),” they had whispered shyly, hanging their head in shame as they looked down upon their dirty clothes.

    “I’m Charles,” Charles squeaked, his voice still holding it’s childlike quality. “Say, what is such a young child like you doing out in the streets?” To this (Y/N) sniffled, wiping at their dirt stained nose. 

    “Well, I haven’t a place to live,” they had whispered, shuffling their dirty feet into the cobblestone road. Charles hummed, looking (Y/N) over once before deciding to take them home, he always had wanted a play friend. Little did Charles know that that day he would take in the kindest, most beautiful soul on the planet.

    It was years later, (Y/N) was sitting out On the green grass as a bird perched atop their finger, chirping merrily to the content mutant. (Y/N) chirped back, mimicking the birds noise as they did. The two were in a seemingly very deep conversation when Charles meandered up, hands stuffed in his pockets and a smile of amusement overtaking his expression as he does. 

    “What do you talk about with these birds?” Charles asks as he takes a seat beside (Y/N), placing his arms out behind him to steady himself.

   “Many things,” (Y/N) stated softly, twisting their head this way and that to get a good look at their feathered friend. “The weather, the other birds, what it’s like to fly,” 

  “Do you ever talk to other animals?” Charles asks, staring at (Y/N) with curiosity. 

  “I happen to like the squirrels nesting in your trees,” (Y/N) turns to look at Charles with a small smirk. “I suppose I like talking to you as well,” Charles laughs, taking a handful of grass and throwing it at the other mutant. 

   “Oh be quiet you,” He chided, his smile nearly infectious. “I’m far more civilized than any creature you know,” 

   “Is that so?” (Y/N) challenged, their tone holding a bit of a teasing tone to it. 

   “I’m much more civilized than you, look at you, sitting out here in the dirt talking to a rabies infested creature,” (Y/N) laughs, throwing their head back as beautiful little bubble of happiness rise in their throat. Charles wants to laugh as well but his eyes are stuck on (Y/N) and his mouth runs dry, his throat constricting as he does.

    They looked so beautiful, the light hit their hair just right making it shine in the early spring morning, their lips were curved upwards in the most beautiful smile, but what truly enraptured Charles was (Y/N)’s eyes, gleaming with happiness as they talk and laugh with him, or chirp and sing along with the bird. Charles’ stomach drops when he comes to a sudden realization, it had taken many years for him to figure this out, nearly an entire decade but he loved (Y/N), he loved them with every beat of his mutant heart. 

   It was only a few months later, with the two teenage mutants perched happily upon a couch that Charles finally decided to act upon his feelings. 

   “(Y/N)?” Charles asks as she shifts his position, allowing his head to rest against (Y/N)’s thighs more comfortably. “Have you ever been in love?” (Y/N) hums as they reach down, running their gentle fingers through Charles’ hair. 

   “Yes, I suppose I have,” 

   “What does it feel like?”

   “Well, it feels like a lot of different things- it’s like knowing that every morning you’re going to wake up and see that beautiful smiling face and you know that your day is going to be so much brighter, it’s knowing that when you’re sitting out on the lawn that you’re not going to be alone whilst you talk to the fishes, it’s knowing that the love of your life is only sleeping just across the hall and that at any moment in the night you could sneak out and go talk to them but you don’t because you want them to sleep peacefully,” 

   “Well in that case,” Charles smiles as he closes his eyes, allowing (Y/N)’s fingers to glide through his hair. “I do believe I’m in love with you (Y/N),” 

Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause once I found her, but now she is gone

   God- Charles should have tried harder, he shouldn’t have let them run off like that. He shouldn’t have let them leave the mansion, not with all the rising contentions and all the wars and weapons and-

   “Charles,” (Y/N)’s lip quivered as they reached up to touch Charles’ cheek, their bloodstained hand painting his cheek an angry red. “Do not blame yourself for this, please,” 

   “(Y/N),” Charles sobbed, his hand pressed tightly to their stomach as blood oozed from the bullet wound there. “Oh god, this is all my fault, this is all my fault-” 

   “Remember how you asked me what I talk about with the birds?” (Y/N) asks, a completely irrelevant time to be asking said question considering they were dying in Charles’ arms. 

   “Of course (Y/N) but how-” 

   “I used to talk to them about how much I loved you, your smile, your sweet eyes, your amazing voice, I told them about how kind you are, how accepting, I told them that you’re going to change the world some day, they’d just have to wait and see-” 

   “(Y/N), please, you’re only going to waste your breath-” 

   “I want you to look in my head Charles,” (Y/N)’s voice quakes as they speak. “I know you promised me you never would but I want you to, it’s my dying wish,” Charles sobs at their words, the pain to much for him to bear. 

   “(Y/N) please don’t make me-” 

   “Charles, I want you to,” Charles looks at (Y/N), at their watering eyes and small smile, even now they still looked like an angel, even coated in blood and dust and dirt they still looked heavenly. With shaking hands Charles pressed his fingers against (Y/N)’s temple, delving inside their head for the first and last time. 

   There wasn’t much to see or hear, in fact there was only one thing and he couldn’t even see it but rather he could feel it. All he felt was an undying sense of love, a love (Y/N) had felt for him. It was so powerful that it nearly took Charles’ breath away but he clung to that feeling, to those last fleeting feelings of (Y/N), of warmth and security, of love and happiness, of everything he could possibly ever want in life-

   “Charles,” Moira’s gentle voice is what pulls Charles away from his thoughts. His thoughts clear and suddenly he’s no longer clutching a deceased mutant but rather a warm steaming mug of coffee, made by his very own girlfriend. “Are you okay?” A look of concern flashes her features but Charles doesn’t acknowledge it, too focused on the steaming black liquid before him to even spare her a glance. 

  “Yes,” Charles murmurs, even though he knew he was far from okay. “Yes, I’m quite well,” He gives Moira a fleeting smile before sipping away at his drink. “Thank you my love,” 

imagine rami malek sitting in the grass in a park looking at birds through his binoculars. he doesn’t know anything about birds or what birds he’s even looking at but he figured it would be a good way to spend a thursday morning. as he observes a robin he puts a tally in his notebook next to “red stomach bird” and makes a small noise of approval when he sees this count has surpassed the number of “scary squawky birds” he’s seen that day


[Pairing; Adam Cole X Reader]

[Notes; This is my first post since I’ve crossed over into my brand new blog. So many of you have supported me and my work since I started out with two little notes. Those two little notes turned into over two-hundred on some of my fics (which I will be reposting here, don’t worry.), and it means everything to me. Thanks for continuing over and being here for me. Let’s make this one of the best wrestling blogs on Tumblr- together. I present to you all; Adam Cole (aka my husband) feels. As always, any feedback regarding my writing is more helpful than you all know, and is much appreciated!]

     “Can’t you guys just high-five? That stupid hand thing is so annoying.” Charlotte tweeted, quoting my picture of the Bucks, Cole and I. “And your constant title reigns/title shots, one after another, aren’t?” I replied. 

      Both Nick and Matt sent out simultaneous messages to their fans, accompanied by a few obvious-meaning emojis, were #TooSweet’s. “Whatever it is that you all are up to, stop.” Kenny said, entering the room filled with child-like laughter. “Geez, alright Dad.” Matt said, surrendering his phone in hand to the air.

      It was a perfect picture. Adam had his ROH belt- he was on the far left. Matt and Nick stood in the middle with their titles- one set around their waist and their others being over their shoulders, and I stood to the right end, holding mine. We looked like a dream team, all doing the Too Sweet. It was the first time Adam and I had been in a picture together for almost a year now. You almost couldn’t tell. Almost. 

      A handful of bird chirps later, my stomach knotted. “Funny. Adam didn’t find me annoying while we were in Japan last week.. Or did you not know about that? Hm. It was #TooSweet.” I don’t care. I don’t care, I don’t care. I don’t care. “You, too. Give it over.” Kenny said, tapping my shoulder. Kenny, you couldn’t have asked five minutes ago? I slammed my phone into his palm, jolting myself up from my chair and out the door. “What was that about?” I heard him ask, through the open door. “Probably.. this..” Nick said. 

       Calm down. It doesn’t matter anymore. The more I told myself to relax, the more anxious I became. I walked backstage, pace after pace, to clear my head. Old memories, pictures, what-was, what-were-to-be’s, and what-if’s flooded my brain. His smile, his laugh. His cologne. Him. Stop, dammit. “(Y/N)!” God, please no. 

       Forcing myself to turn around, I saw a face I wasn’t expecting. Nick. He closed the gap between us, before speaking lowly. “..Are you okay?” He asked, already knowing the answer. “I’m fine? Why wouldn’t I be?” His face scrunched, he was the worst at poker faces of the group. “Uh.. Maybe because of what was brought up and how you stormed off afterwards?” Nick’s face remained the same through his entire explanation. “I’m fine, Nick. Perfect.” I pat his shoulder. “Maybe if you just talk to him..” He started. “No.” I cut him off. “There’s nothing to talk about. I’m fine.” Dismissing the conversation, I turned my back and continued walking. 

      As if it were planned by Gods, I turned the hall’s corner and into his chest. “Jesus (Y/N), watch where you’re going.” He said, waiting for the typical, bitter response. Kiss my ass. Go fuck yourself. I hate you. Yet, they just.. wouldn’t come to my vocals. I couldn’t even think about insulting him. I could just think about him. He was standing in front of me, a second’s difference from just being in my mind. 

      I didn’t even know they were there until my vision became blurry from blinking. I broke. I lunged forward, wrapping my arms around his stomach- laying my head into his chest. My lungs sucked in the deepest breath, and then returned it back into Adam’s breastbone. I reached up, swiped the tear from my eye, pulled back and left without saying a word. “..(Y/N)!” Barreled through the enclosed hallway walls. Don’t. Don’t turn around. Don’t go back.

      One heel click after another, I finally reached my front door. I slid my key through the lock, opened my door, and threw my gym bag to the floor. I stumbled up the stairs and into the bedroom. Flinging myself to the bed, I opened my phone for the first time since Kenny gave it back. Adam. 

      Dinner tomorrow? My place, after the show. We need to talk. 

      My thumb found the home button, as fast as possible. Twitter: 100+ Notifications. I opened the app, almost instantly regretting that I did. Picture after picture, of my personal pictures, flooded my mentions. Look how cute they were! I hope they get back together!! A giddy assumed-to-be teenager tweeted me, with a picture of Adam kissing my cheek. Our second anniversary. Another read; Damn, Charlotte! A savage Queen. How does that make you feel, (Y/N)? Knowing that a woman twice as much as you’ll ever be is fucking your ex? Lmao. If I jammed my home button any harder, my phone would have been done. Fucking your ex..  screamed through my brain. Euh, the thought of that.. 

      It wasn’t long before I found myself digging through old pictures of us, again. I couldn’t help myself. The Grand Canyon. Niagara Falls. The Tokyo Dome. Miami Beach. City to city, we explored every street there was to explore- together. We explored everything together. Countries, cities.. our beds, our kitchen counter-top’s, our friend’s wedding reception’s closest bathroom stall’s, even Matt’s bed. We did everything together. We whispered to each other in press conferences, when we shouldn’t have. We knew we’d be screwed if we looked each other in the face, after seeing something funny- but not funny. I’d be across a room, watching him and the Jackson’s answer questions.. and he wouldn’t pay attention, of course- but instead spend the time smiling and winking to me. Matt even had to dig his elbow into Adam’s side over it, once. 

      I let the hundred-so photographs wash over my bed and carpet. Pulling the comforter over my head, I drifted off into the darkness- letting my chest win.

      1..2..3.. Ding, ding! Rang through the crowded arena, filling the fans with cheer. “Adam retains! He did it! He did it!” I heard the ROH announcer screech into his headset. A roar of applause coarse through the stands as he made his disappearance through the curtain with his belt. His show was the main event, meaning there was no reason for me to even still be there- but something told me to stay, to wait. 

      Adam walked through the same hall, that a handful of hours earlier, was yelling my name into. He was hoarded with microphones and cameras, asking for a single thought of his victory. He pushed through, attempting to make it to his dressing room. He was still on live TV, I can’t. I couldn’t call his name, I couldn’t disrupt it. The second the thought passed me, it must have him- too. He looked up from the ground, still making his way through the crowd, and winked at me. Just like he used to. I didn’t need anymore, I didn’t need any less. I needed..Dinner.

      10:35. Oh God, what if he forgot. What if he’s in bed.. What if he’s in bed with Charlotte. (Y/N), Jesus..Stop. I exhaled, letting what felt like my pride go with. Who the fuck has dinner at 10:30? Why am I here? Why am I wearing a fucking dress? What am I doi.. “Fuck. Fuck!” My hand recluse from the doorbell. What if I just leave.. I’m going to leave. The door opened and Adam was in front of my face again.

      Clean. Fresh-shaven. No sweat, no blood.. and in one of those God damn silk, button-ups. Damn him. Damn him. “Hi..” I whispered. “Hi, yourself.” He replied, in a returning whisper- pushing the door further open. “I didn’t think you’d show up.” Bullshit. “Why’d you shave and shirt, then?” I laughed, relaxing the built-up tension. “Uh, says you?” He said, eyeing down my dress. “It’s cold. Let me in.” I said, crossing my arms. “Right, I have dinner.” Adam said, clapping his hands and turning his back, walking towards the kitchen. Damn, those dress pants. 

      “You can’t cook, Adam.” I stated, matter-of-factually. “Hey, you’d be surprised. A lot has changed in the past year, for me.” I couldn’t help but scoff. “Apparently.” I sang, remembering the tweets. Adam only turned, side-faced, and scowled. (Y/N), stop. He wants to talk. Let him. “Sorry.”

      “It’s only spaghetti, but I know it was one of your favorites.” He offered, standing behind a now- pulled out chair. “Please..” I sat, pushing myself in. Adam did have a fancier side to him, most people never get to see. He was seated, rolling up his sleeves, and wielding his fork. “So you wanted to talk? Let’s talk, Adam.” I said, not touching mine. 

      “Yeah.. I didn’t think you were going to let us eat first.” He smiled, setting his utensil down. “Alright. Let’s talk. What do you want to hear, what do you want to know?” My latest action replayed for the millionth time, mentally. The way his chest felt against my cheek. “You first.” I demanded. “You wanted dinner, you go first.” 

       Across the table, Adam pulled at his bun, then intertwined his hands in a knuckling, praying form- letting his elbows rest atop the table. He cleared his throat and asked me the question I wasn’t expecting. 

      “Do you still think about me?” He spoke into his hand, “About us?” 

      “Yes. More than I should, more than I hate to admit.” Nothing. His face didn’t change. I couldn’t tell if he didn’t hear me, or if he was still processing my bold statement. “My turn.”

      “Why’d you do it?”

      “God dammit, (Y/N). This? Now? Fine. I didn’t do it. I did not.. do it.” I asked the ever-dreaded question, immediately setting him off. His jaw clenched, his hands unlocked- fist flying to the surface. “(Y/N)! How many times do I have to tell you that I DID NOT CHEAT ON YOU!” He yelled, as if he were shooting a promo. “You walked out. You. You walked out, before you even let me explain.” His finger pointed towards me, demanding my attention. “I was not with anyone but you. I haven’t been with anyone since you.” “Yeah, right!” Ripped through my throat as I rolled my eyes. “(Y/N)! I swear to God, if you don’t let me talk..” Adam spat, still fuming. 

      “It was a story-line. It was a fake..false..scripted kiss.” He breathed, finally. “What you saw, that night in the club.. was a drunken mess, and IT WASN’T EVEN ME WHO DID IT.” He raised his voice to a full-fledged scream, now. “SHE GRABBED ME. I DID NOT TOUCH HER. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING BY THE TIME YOU TURNED AROUND.” Adam’s body jumped from the chair, scraping it against the hard wood- backwards, almost knocking it over. He spat, he pointed, his forehead vein bulged. 

      “My..junk.. was being groped, and my girlfriend saw only that.” He started to calm down. “That, and only that. You didn’t see me.” The baby blues I had loved so very much once before, faded back to a calming sky hue. “For the past year, I have thought and thought.. and thought. I figured.. Hell, you were scared. You didn’t want to get hurt, so you ran. Or.. you.. didn’t want me anymore and found this as an excuse to throw me away..” 

      “I didn’t.. know.” A sudden rush of guilt ran through my veins, turning them icy. After a few minutes of collecting myself from shattering, I offered “Your turn.”

     “Why’d you hug me? Yesterday. After all this time.. What was that about?” 

      “I told you, I think about you more than I should. I was weak. Why’d you ask me to dinner?”

      “Weak. Ha.” He repeated, scoffing at the thought. 

      “No, don’t answer that. Answer this, Adam!” His eyebrows sky rocketed, intrigued with my tone.  

      “Charlotte? Charlotte, Adam? Come on!” Almost like Nick’s, Adam’s faced soured instantly. 

      “What the hell are you talking about!” Both hands flying to a questionable statue, he was shouting again. 

      “Oh, you know exactly what i’m talking about! Japan? Japan! Do you have ANY DECENCY!” I shouted back, now standing-too. 

      “What I don’t have is A FUCKING CLUE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. WHAT. ARE. YOU. TALKING. ABOUT.” He yelled, karate chopping the air in sync to his words. 

     Denying, you son of a bitch. I reached for my phone, pulled up Twitter and showed him exactly what I meant. Funny. Adam didn’t find me annoying while we were in Japan last week.. Or did you not know about that? Hm. It was #TooSweet. I slammed my phone to the table, then slid it across our gap- right into his palm. 

      “(Y/N), I don’t know what the is..” Of course you fucking don’t. “I’m leaving, Adam. This isn’t happening. I walked to his side, palm out- expecting my phone back. “No! You’re not leaving! You want to see what I was doing that night in Japan? Call Kenny!” Call Kenny. The Best Friend. “No, don’t fucking call Kenny! I don’t want you thinking he’s vouching for me! Because you don’t stay for the truth, do you!” He shouted, pulling his phone from his pants pockets. 

      Adam’s hands hurried through his photos, scrolling up 40 or so pictures. “Here!” Adam flipped his phone so his screen beamed into my eyes. It was a picture of Kenny and Adam playing an old Nintendo game. Kenny’s house. That’s definitely Kenny’s house. “What does it say, (Y/N)?”

      Nov. 16th, 2016. 9:04 pm. 

      Oh shit.. “Adam..” I started. “No. No, no. You listen.” He spoke, softly. “I did not cheat on you, in that club. I did not cheat on you any other day we were together. I did not cheat on you.” His chest heaved with pressure. “I have no fucking idea what Charlotte is talking about. I do not. I’ve never even met her.” 

      My eyes glued to his, as they drew the lightest shade of the night. “I promise.” Adam said, biting his bottom lip. “I’m.. I’m so sorry. Adam..” He relaxed, realizing it was enough of the war zone for one night. “I am so.. so  sorry.” It was my turn to heave. “Oh my God, I didn’t know.. I didn’t want to throw you away, I just was scared that it was true and I coul..”

      My apology was cut short by a pair of pink, plump lips. Adam’s hands held my cheeks, pulling my into his kiss. One hand clung to his forearm, while the other steadied myself on the table’s corner. His left hand slid to the back of my hair, tousling it through his fingers. He pulled back, stopping to breathe. “I love you, you ignorant woman.” He pushed back into my swollen lips, immediately pulling back. “You stubborn, ignorant woman.” 

       I laughed, not sarcastically- not to be rude, but actually laughed. “I’m so sorry, I love you.” I exhaled, pushing out air. “God, I love you so much.” He groaned, shutting his eyes. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that, again.” 

      While his were closed, my eyes lingered to the kitchen’s counter top.. and there it sat. Our second year anniversary picture, him kissing my cheek- perfectly framed next to the microwave. Something inside of me snapped. My heart caved, my pulse raced. I loved this man. 

      Adam’s eyes crept open, coming back from his own personal closure. “Fuck the fucking spaghetti.” He whispered into my ear, shoving the bowl of food to the floor and lifting my hips upward- pulling me from the ground. I sat on the same table top, that’s taken the most damage of the night, in seconds. He moaned, taking in his view- hands sliding up my silked, short dress and dropped to his knees. 

      My eyes fluttered shut at the thought of what was about to happen. His finger hooked the thin cloth covering my sex, peeling it down my legs- and I gasped at his “Dinner time, Baby.” 

Publicity Stunt

Summary: Things can get complicated when you have feelings for someone, but have to ‘date’ another.
Member: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Yoongi)
Type: Angst/ Fluff
Length: 2,439 Words

I think that this would be a really cute thing to happen, but also a bit stressful. I didn’t think it would be such a long scenario. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Min Yoongi, aka Suga, from Bangtan Sonyeondan, and (Y/F/N) confirm dating rumors. You read the headline over and over again, unsure if what you were reading was actually what you thought. The news was all over social media within minutes. The sound of your twitter blowing up woke you around six in the morning. Right after the first article on AllKpop, you got a notification for one on Soompi, another on Koreaboo, and so many other sites. At first, you assumed you were still dreaming, but as you blinked away the tiredness from your eyes, you realized that this was some sort of comedic reality.

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Love you to death

Jungkook fluffy scenario (2 521 words) 


 You were peacefully sleeping on your left side with his large white tee shirt, full of his scent, when you felt his arm resting over your hip.

 You turned around to look at your boyfriend who was still asleep. You shifted to look at your alarm clock which announced 5:14 am. You were now wide awake when you lay on your right side facing his angelic face.

 His hair falling on his forehead, his heavy tired eyelids closed, his mouth barely open which expired his breath crashing on your chest making you shiver. His features haven’t changed within these two years of relationship. Yes, that’s right; you’ve been dating Jeon Jungkook for more than two years now. Back then you had no clue about what love really is about. You only have heard of it through your surrounding’s life and you have also learned a lot about it through books and series. You were usually so envious of these “perfects” main characters you wanted so badly to be them, to have this boyfriend material.

 Now you finally realize how innocent and naive you were. You didn’t know anything about all the hidden issues love is about. You didn’t know how addicting love can be. When you met him, you met your ultimate drug. You became addicte. It made you feel like you could do anything, even the craziest things alive. You got jealous and mad for no reason. You smiled or cried at anytime of the day, of the night. Love can truly bring you up as it can bring you down. The more the time flies by, the more you can feel something making its nest in your chest. It makes your heart beat faster than usual and when the bird flies to your stomach, you eventually feel alive. You are getting so powerful, it makes you smile and cheer up your mood. You wonder if it would stop one day but it hasn’t yet and you can only feel it growing up. Will there be enough room in your chest, won’t it stifle you and make your love die at the same time? Or will it simply explode when it came to its climax? The only weird thing is when Jungkook isn’t by your side, your breath is locked, the cage of the lovebird living in your chest is shut and you can’t feel your heart beating properly. You feel so empty without all of those feelings. You are somewhat obliged to live beside him because you became so greedy you always ask for more.

 This early in the morning, here lying in your bed beside Jungkook, you finally realize how far you’ve gone and how far you will go with him. Eventually you realize what love truly is about.

 Love may be the hardest challenge in life. Because everyone says love comes and goes so easily; that it’s the strongest force you’ll be brought to face and so on. But they also say what challenge you always change you. You can’t help but smile because you know it’s true. You changed so much since you’ve met Jungkook. Has he also been changing? Does he also have this lovebird inside him?

You fell asleep with all these deep thoughts in your mind but a flashlight and a growl woke you up. You rubbed your eyes with a moan and open your sleep-filled eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m sorry honey, I never meant to wake you up.” he said with his raspy morning voice. 

“What were you doing?”

“Actually… You were smiling while sleeping and I couldn’t help but find you too cute to not take a picture of you. But I failed, look how blurry his this photo!” he laughed nervously showing you is phone. 

You couldn’t open your eyes because of the brightness of his mobile. 

“Yaa Jungkook ! You did it on purpose! You blinded me!” you hit his arm playfully. 

“What did you just do?” he looked at you with popped out eyes. 

“Hmm nothing…” you bit your lower lip to hold back your laughter.

“I know your weakest spot (Y/N)”

“No way you’re going to tickle me!” you suddenly jumped out of the bed.

“Come back here!”

“Not even in your wildest dreams!”

 Unfortunately he caught your wrist. The two of you stood there frozen but then he sharply hugged your things and stood up so he was bearing you on one of his shoulders. You were screaming and hitting his butt with your fists but he was still laughing. 

"Can you please stop caring me now?”

"Okay, just the time for you to eat your breakfast but I want a kiss first.”


 He sat you on a kitchen chair and gave you your breakfast. He leant on you so you could give him his kiss. He kissed you back so passionately your heart was about to break down. You showed your brightest smile when he pulled away to sat down in front of you eating some of your cereals.

What are we doing today?”

“It’s a surprise.” he teased.

“You really are the best !!” you cheered.

“Wanna know what is the best?”

“Yes.” you said softly.

“This joke : One day a children wanted to see butter flying. So he cast it through an open window saying ‘look this is a butterfly’ ” he couldn’t stop laughing.

 I know the way he laughs differently according to the situation. I know the way his husky morning voice whispers in my ear. I know the way his voice goes up when he his happy or excited. I also know how much it can be low when he his angry or sad. I know every little thing there is to know about him. From head to toe, from his skin to his organs. From his words to his thoughts: I know how he feels. I know him so well I suddenly remembered why I was smiling in my sleep. I was achieving a drawing of his face without even having him posing beside me. 

“That’s not fair!” you laughed.


“That was where you were supposed to say ‘you are the best sweetie’ but no, you had to do this lame joke instead!” you said, your laughter betraying you.

“You enjoyed it though ! I know you did!”

“No I didn’t!” you bit your lip.

He suddenly stood up and stride to you. You cringed but Jungkook held your shoulders and kissed your lips.

“What was that for?”

“Because you are making me regret this stupid joke.”

You smiled kissing his cheek as a ‘thank you’.

“Should we prepare ourselves now?” you asked confused.

He suddenly held you in his arms, bearing you like a princess making his way to the bathroom.

“I’ve always dreamt of doing this” he giggled shyly.

You only replied by nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck and kissing his skin.

When you were in the bathroom, the both of you brushed their teeth. But unfortunately when it was time to spit the toothpaste you couldn’t keep anymore in your mouth you accidently spat it at the same time as Jungkook and because of the size of the washstand you spat it on Jungkook’s neck. You couldn’t contain your laughter when he turned his face looking at you with is popped out eyes saying “I will truly kill you”. 

“Should I run now?” you asked to yourself.

“You better run (Y/N)!” your boyfriend answered you.

 No need to tell it twice. You dropped your toothbrush and started running in the aim to find a shelter. You ran down the stairs and were about to get in the living room but Jungkook’s hand caught your arm and he made you turned around to face him. You tried to hold in your laughter as hard as possible but you failed.

 He leant on your cheek and kissed you. At first you didn’t understand why but when you felt a wet liquid on your cheek you understood his mouth was still full of toothpaste and he made his revenge in a cute way. You couldn’t repress the heat wave that crashed on your cheeks and sank in all the single parts of your body. 

 When all of these feelings were gone for a while you were sitting in the car with jungkook, both singing along your favorites songs. You had so much fun and you were so happy, nothing could bring you down. Relationship isn’t all about the good times. When you truly mean a lot to someone, he his meant to be there to support you no matter what because he cares about you. Because he simply loves you so he only wants the best to happen in your life. That’s what your relation with Jungkook is about. He’s always here to cheer you up and to push you up. His good morning and his good night texts are representative of it actually. They push you to give the best of you every single day and you will never be thankful enough. They help you to go through your worst days or help you to fall asleep.

“We have been stuck in the car for 45 minutes, where are we going?” you pouted.

“Somewhere.” he teases you with a grin.

You growled so he gave you a hint that you will arrive soon. About 20 minutes flew by and you were walking in beautiful streets making your way through the crowd holding hands with your beloved. The city where he got you was wonderful. You both decided to sit on the grass of a park near flowers with an amazing scent mixture surrounding you. There weren’t a lot of people so the ambiance was really quiet and relaxing. Thus, the flowing river was the only sound you could hear beside birds and bees. 

“What would you do if you were babysitting?” you lay down in the grass.

“Hm I’ll will take the kids to an amusement park I think, why do you ask me this kind of question?” 

“I don’t know I was just curious about it.”

 That was the kind of conversation you had during the afternoon with your lovely boyfriend. You got to know him better which you truly enjoyed because you felt like knowing him so much more though you thought it was impossible this morning because you ‘already know all there is to know about him’ but you got it wrong. There’s so much thing to know and learn about people, you won’t even be able to know all of him before the end of time. You won’t even know yourself.

“Are you hungry honey?” he sweetly asked you.

“Yes I kinda am.”

“Then should we go to the restaurant right now? But we’ll have to change ourselves before entering the restaurant.”

“As you want babe.”

 Before heading to the restaurant, you pass by your car and changed in it. You didn’t know why you both had to wear something fancier. But nevermind you went to it anyway. The restaurant he was talking about wasn’t as far as expected and you were thankful because you were really tired. It was so good looking from the outside.

 Jungkook squeezed your hand before letting it go and sliding it to your hips to let you in in a gentleman way. A waiter was holding you the door and greets the both of you. Once you walked in, you couldn’t believe it. Jungkook reserved a diner in a really expensive restaurant! Red carpet on the ground, red velvet chairs around white tables with wine glasses. The candles placed on the tables gave a subdued light and a really intimate atmosphere to the room. People around you were wearing suits and fancy dresses and you weren’t really at ease. You could tell Jungkook was in the same situation as you because he was biting his lips nervously. So you were looking around you still not believing what was happening to you and to avoid the embarrassment.

 He put his hand over yours; you startled and blushed so hard you were sure he could see it even with the low amount of light.
You can’t help but Jungkook’s touch both give you shivers and burn your skin. You are trapped in his hands that gently burn your skin everytime he lays them on you. It’s like his fingertips are soaked with poison and you don’t even manage to escape from it because you are so badly addicted to this. It’s kinda funny when you think of it all. You could choose the safe and happy path but all you do is keeping on making your way in a dangerous yet fascinating path. Human are such weird and incomprehensive sometimes. Contrary to what everyone may think, frost can burn you and heat can give you shivers. Just like love, these feelings are irrational but it is what it is and you can’t stop that. You can’t control anything. Is this kinda of feeling why you are melting from inside from time to time?

 Before you ordered the dessert you said “Jungkookie, this is too expensive. I don’t like it actually. I feel uncomfortable…"

“Really? I’m sorry then… ”

“Hey, don’t be like that. I really like your surprise but I think it’s too fancy for us.“

"That’s a great thing because I felt uncomfortable too.” he giggled to himself looking at the ground.

"Let’s get out of here then!” you smiled to erase this awkwardness.

Kookie paid, not letting you paying for even $1. You both escaped this fancy universe to come back to the park where you wanted to look at the twilight. You were sitting on a bench this time, near the little river crossing the park.

“This is so romantic!” you said a big smile on your face.

“I know right!” he replied spreading his arms around you to make you more comfy and to warm you up.

 You put your head on his chest closing your eyes and fulfilled your lungs with his scent. Just his perfume can help you to remember so many things, if not everything. It can remind you of his touch, of his warmth, of his laugh and his smile, of his voice and above all; it reminds you of him. It can make you recall the way he kissed you, gently and full of adorableness or full of lust and passion. You can also remember all of those stupid and important conversations you had. You were falling asleep but he called you back asking you to do a favor.

“Can you please promise me something?”

“Sure! Whatever you want.“

"Can you flee with me? This is all I am asking for.”

You lifted up your head so you couldn’t hear his heart beating anymore. You look in his serious browned eyes to replace this absence.

“Then promise me to love me till I die. ”

He leaned his pale lips on yours and his poison invades your mouth that you swallowed willingly to make your lovebird fly in your stomach. 

So here is my “long” fluffy scenario with Kookie! Tell me what you thought of it! Hope you enjoyed!

those people who say they’d love to sit around and do art all day. like bro i’ve just stood up after finishing something. for some reason it’s morning. i can hear birds. my stomach rumbles. i haven’t eaten in eight hours. my throat is so dry i can’t speak and yet i need to pee like crazy. i stretched and six bones fractured. my joints are screaming. i look in the mirror. i can’t recognise myself. i somehow missed eight calls from my mother. she thinks i’m dead. i certainly feel the part.


not terror stricken, not ambushed
the car left in the water to rust

pushing ourselves to the next
dangerous note, high river, warble

i saw you & it was enough.

an inverted sky of birds, stomach
seizing, hair long like a noose

Gem monster theory

Aight so who remembers this bird who ate Steven in Giant Woman

When Steven gets eaten, we see the lining of its stomach 

On top of the skeletons and junk in its stomach, the bird has been collecting bubbled gems. 

And here’s a fun fact: the bird’s head looks very similar to the head of Steven’s Centipeetle friend.  

And recall, in Monster Buddies, Steven was able to befriend the centipeetle, and demonstrate that it had intelligence and emotions. 

What this implies to me is that like the Centipeetle, the corrupted gem bird is not a mindless monster: it is sentient and intelligent. 

The gem bird, and by extension possibly other monsters, is using its intelligence to fulfill an agenda:

It’s not clear why yet, but it’s collecting gems. 


Just uploading these again as a set. Originally I had a third, much grander scale picture reflecting these two’s love of roses, but I scared myself and that will probably not be done for some time haha.

So anyone, enjoy me pointing out the similarities between these two sunbeams that have been pointed out a million times.

And kanaya what is wrong with your hand jesus.

beast-boy10  asked:

Beast Boy was naked and had a cat tail and cat ears. He was cooking a dead pheasant over a fire. He had not eaten in some time and was quite hungry.

At the smell of cooking bird, Marie’s stomach growled. She began walking towards it source, licking her lips hungrily. Her current form was completely feline, with bright blue eyes, white fur and a fluffy tail. She rustled lightly through the bushes and hunched at the edge of the clearing, looking around for the yummy smell of the pheasant.

hey buck, i think he likes you (and the bird thinks you’re nice, too)