Day 8: We woke up super late today because the excitement is really tiring me out. I woke up to the best possible news: Marriage Equality! I stayed in bed reading about it for a while, having found out about it through a tweet from Darren Criss. I think that’s really fitting. We packed everything up to go from New York to Connecticut. I slept the whole drive there. We set everything up, I played with their bird and cats, and then we drove to a pool club. My brothers swam, but I was too tired. I ate dinner from the grill. We came home and I ended up storming to bed overstimulated. I feel awful about it because I’ve been rude to everyone because I’m tired and depressed. I hope my sweet cousin Sarah won’t be too upset. Maybe if I sleep it off some more I will be able to play with her. I want to make other people happy, but I can’t do that if I am miserable and stressed because of bad brain chemicals. I’m going to switch antidepressants soon because I have gained 20 pounds in two months and I still feel sad. It mostly helped with anxiety, but maybe I don’t need that part with my new anxiety pills. I guess we’ll see. I hope I have been kind and patient with you all lately. If not, I guess you know why now. I love you all, goodnight!