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Inktober 14/31 - Screech

Apparently this year’s default go to subject is birds? Anyways have a skua.

GUYS, THE LADY CAUGHT THE BIRD AND CALLED ME JUST AS I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF CONSTRUCTING NEW SHELVES FOR THE QUARANTINE CAGE???? We are meeting at 4:30 in the morning because she is catching a flight at 6 in the morning to transfer custody of the bird. I had been working on the cage for a few hours on a hunch that I should have it prepared just in case, and my hunch was right! Everyone wish me luck the transfer goes well, and that they are healthy! And also that they are female, but if they are male I won’t be heartbroken.

I am tossing around names, since I will need one to schedule a vet appointment for them. Mexican drink names to continue the trend preferred (food could work too), Kahlua or Cerveza are the top contenders (Tamarindo could work because they are brown but I hate the flavor).

anonymous asked:

yo what did you do to your taz drawings to give them that delicious soft vellum look? bless u

merge all your layers, duplicate, put a gaussian blur on the top layer (the amount will vary with how big ur drawing is, but just make it so it looks all fuzzed out), then set the blurred layer to like 30-40% opacity!