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I was surprised to see that Hesperornis could be almost as big as the average human, wich also puts it around the same size as a female Pteranodon (minus the latter’s wingspan). Following recent research on pterosaurian competence underwater, here’s a female Pteranodon being harassed by two much more agile Hesperornis into giving up on her fish.

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if you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

Shape shifting. Shape shifting ftw. You can be anything you want, wanna cut/dye your hair w/o commitment/damage? Shape shift into a version of yourself w/ the hair you want. Wanna fly? Become a bird. Wanna breathe underwater? Be a fish. Wanna be (practically) invisible? Be an inanimate object/insect.

The holographic technology in Adventure Time is so awesome. I’m disappointed they brought in cell phones and other working “modern” devices later into the show because the pink hologram business was so neat. This piece of fan art was inspired from the episode The Great Bird Man, where PB is underwater investigating why the mermaids keep beaching themselves. She finds out they’re just lonely and laughs.

American Dipper

Somewhere along the frigid rivers and streams deep in the Rocky Mountains, there is a small bird that is unlike any other North American Songbird. Not striking in color, but instead skillful at its craft of diving underwater for meals. The bird I speak of is the incredible American Dipper.

The American Dipper is a plump songbird that lives year round along rivers and streams in the Western United States. These birds find their food by diving or “dipping” underwater for a variety of aquatic insects and their larvae. They have even been known to walk under water along the bottom to search for food.

You may be saying to yourself, “there are other birds that dive underwater for food. What’s so special about this one?” Well let me answer that by telling you that this is the only North American Songbird that feeds exclusively underwater. Other birds that feed underwater are considered water birds, or seabirds. Songbirds are known to feed on bugs, fruits, nuts and seeds. However, somewhere along the evolutionary line, the Dipper decided to change the script.

While driving back from Aspen along the Roaring Fork River with my Dad, we decided to try our luck and see if we could find this bird. Eventually we discovered a parking area with a short trail leading down to the river. Immediately after walking down to the river bank, we heard a series of chirps and then a bird flew in and landed on a rock in the middle of the river. It was an American Dipper!

Amazed by how lucky the timing seemed, I started taking pictures and watched as it began to feed meticulously along the edge of the rocks. The Dipper has an amusing tendency to gracefully bob its body up and down as it moves along on the rocks.

The American Dipper is mainly monogamous and nests along rivers and streams that allow for protection from flooding and predators. Unlike many other birds, Dippers don’t migrate South to a warmer climate. Instead, they may relocate in the Winter to larger unfrozen rivers so they can continue to feed. These birds are also well adapted to survive in the freezing rivers because of a thicker coat of feathers, a low metabolic rate, and they can carry extra oxygen in their blood.

The American Dipper is also an excellent indicator of water pollution avoiding rivers and streams that are tainted.

Here is a video of an American Dipper feeding underwater. For this bird, wings are not only for flying!

some new species Idea, not sure ill finish it tho. It’s inspired by birds of prey but underwater. The arms/flaps/wings things not being too big I though adding a big tadpole tail would be required for this species to swim fast enough to be an actual threat for fishes and stuff. I doodled one about to catch a fish with it’s talons/claw but they may as well just catch them with their mouth full of shark-like teeth.