birds trapped in a cage

My interpretation of Sign of the Times Lyrics

With Harry’s blessing that we can interpret his work in the way we see it.

I have thought about the lyrics of the song, and  am going to give my interpretation of the lyrics and the changes in Harry’s vocal range. So please listen and read the lyrics at the same time. I’m also going to look at the themes Harry has explored before in relation to being trapped and caged, the freedom of birds and flying, and I am also going to explore closeting.

Above all, I want to say I see this song as being about a couple. Harry speaks with the term “we” a lot - subconsciously he is half of a whole. A couple. I believe Harry is absolutely in love with Louis and this song is about their battle against the Iron Closet. I believe it is a pre-coming out song. I believe it is a warning to the OT and an announcement that Louis and Harry are going to come out with the biggest fanfare possible.

So here goes!

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you’re wearing your best clothes

I take this first as Harry and Louis being told to stop complaining, stop crying - they know their situation. It is what it is. I can hear the voice of Simon Cowell, Henry Magee and Richard Griffiths saying this.

And the promise each time this will be the last time you’ll have to pretend - the stunts - put on your best clothes (note, this song is absolutely gender neutral). Each promise that this “show” of being heterosexual and pretending they weren’t together and then they wouldn;t need to do it again but…..

You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky

You can’t bribe the door - however many times they tried to trade to get more freedom, it never worked. You can’t bribe that door to freedom.

I see this as so subversive. The sky is the limit but it also reminds me of Harry;s many bird tattoos and the birdcage and butterfly. The door was closed. The door was closed by management. They were trapped like birds in a cage. Their iron closet. I interpret the sky and flying as freedom - and seeing Harry flying in the video reminds me of If I Could Fly. And Harry’s one wish when he was 18 years old. 

If you could wish for anything in the world…..”


And so I do think the theme of flying, escape, getting away in Sign of the Times follows on from Harry’s writing in If I Could Fly and Happily, and Walking in the Wind and looking at Ready To Run. The birds of freedom - flying and wings and escaping that Birdcage - La Cage aux Folles.

You look pretty good down here

But you ain’t really good

That line “But you ain’t really good” is the most understated but also jarring line in a song I’ve ever heard. It hit me that this could be Harry’s pre-coming out anthem. That he has heard that so often. You look good as you are. Here is your image, Harry. This is how you shuld look - what you really are isn;t good. That teenager in love with his bandmate who just wants to hold his hand and kiss him - bad bad bad.

But you ain’t really good.” - you can hear those people saying it to Harry and Louis.

And that is the end of the first quieter part sung in Harry’s chest voice - the end of that sarcastic quiet patronising tone he and Louis heard for so many years.

The next part is in his beautiful falsetto which I believe represents their trapped situation like trapped birds  - I see this as the private complementation between Harry and Louis of their trapped situation which seemed to never end. “We never learn, we been here before”. 7 years of promises and being told what was right for them and what was wrong about them. 

Just note how his voice changes from the chest voice to this striking falsetto - it’s a different voice. It’s a different situation. To me, it is Harry and Louis in the past 7 years.

We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

We never learn, we been here before - my heart breaks every time on that line. So many promises. So many times they appeared to be close to freedom then they were shit further in the closet.

Why……. indeed. Why are they always stuck and trying to escape the next bullet - the next attack fired at them? The smearings, the stunts, the punishments, separation, each attack trying to wound and kill them - destroy them.

And this verse is sung twice. Because Harry is half of a whole which two people. HarryandLouis. LouisandHarry. You don’t get Harry without Louis and you don’t get Louis without Harry. So it’s sung twice because it is Harry AND Louis. Both halves of the whole in their trapped situation together.

(Basically, this is a masterpiece)

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying
It’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here

Harry’s voice changes again in this verse. He returns to his chest voice, and this is a powerful uplifting voice. This is Louis in Just Hold On. If it all goes wrong, darling just hold on. We’ll be alright. This is the times they’ve been told it’s not the last thing but the end is NEAR (note it goes backwards from the the final show to now being The end is NEAR).

The two lines “We gotta get away from here” - I see as Harry who wrote IICF and Happily. Harry who quoted Come Away With Me in March 2016 amidst Babygate. He wanted to escape. But he was supported by the one person who said they could keep going  - it will end soon.

Harry’s voice changes again ever so subtly back to the tone of the first two verses next and we are back to that  patronising voice who told them to be quiet and enjoy the situation..

Just stop your crying
Have the time of your life
Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here

I see this verse as - It’s pretty good from here - this situation you have. You are multi millionaires, have millions of fans, the world is your oyster if you stick with the plan. Enjoy it. Have the time of your life. You can hear TPTB saying it. The patronising talks over the years. Breaking through the atmosphere - the fakeness, the tension, the lies, - the distorted image of the atmosphere that prevented them from reaching the sky or freedom.

And those Powers That Be at the top saying things are pretty good. So enjoy it. And Harry and Louis have repeated this to themselves so much. Things are pretty good as they are. It’s a sign of the times. It is what it is. 

Remember, everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here

To me, this is that strong couple knowing it won’t always be like this. They won’t always be trapped. They will not always be separated, made to not look at each other in public. We can meet again on our own…..somewhere safe away from the cameras and the public. This is between the couple. They are so strong.

Then we have the beautiful falsetto and that ongoing repeated trapped situation of Harry and Louis (this is why it is repeated, it’s their neverending trapped vicious circle)

We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

And back to Harry’s chest voice - the couple together. The repeat of “It’s a sign of the times” as they have been brainwashed to thinking. 

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying
Baby, it will be alright
They told me that the end is near

To me, the repeat of “We gotta get away from here”  is again because this is two halves of a whole. “Baby, it’s alright” sounds so much like the lyrics in Home and Strong. Harry even sings “Baby, we could be enough.” Louis has called Harry “Baby”. It’s their term of endearment. Harry is Louis’ baby. And Louis is Harry’s baby.

Back to the falsetto - the trapped situation of the vicious circle they cannot escape from. The attacks from those bullets.

We never learn, we been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

And then we have a change in Harry’s voice as he is rising to the climax of the song. This is the point when we I feel he is saying this is the time to stop. They have kept going in the same situation and accepting because it’s what they know.

We don’t talk enough
We should open up
Before it’s all too much
Will we ever learn?
We’ve been here before
It’s just what we know

To me, this IS the point of change. The language changes from being told by the person in the past and repeating what they said. Now, Harry says We don’t talk enough - they have been essentially silenced - their love is spoken through the canvas of heir bodies by their tattoos which scream out Harry and Louis’ love for each other.

“We should open up

Before it’s all too much”

And that says it all. Harry Styles is not going to be silenced on his love for Louis Tomlinson. They are not going to be beaten. 

This verse also has an interesting change in the phrasing from “We never learn” to asking “Will we ever learn?” And he answers why they haven’t learnt before. Because “ we’ve been here before, It’s just what we know.” It is what it is. It’s a sign of the times. They got accustomed to living in that trapped situation of promises and being let down. They had an amazing life except for not being able to be free to be themselves and show they love each other.

The final verse is that climax with Harry’s voice showing its power - its strength. It is life affirming. They have made their decision. This is Harry’s warning. Harry and Louis are not going to run away from those bullets anymore. They are going to talk. They are going to open up.

This is the point that Harry’s voice takes full volume and sounds enough strength for two people. We have got to - got to - away…. they have to be free. .

Stop your crying, baby
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to—we got to—away
We got to—we got to—away
We got to—we got to—away

I believe there is hope in that final verse. This is the warning that Harry and Louis are coming out. They are not staying trapped in that cage any longer.

Harry and Louis have got to get away. Together. And i believe they will get away together.

And again, reflecting the fact this is a couple who think and behave together, we have the repetition because this two people who make a whole. Soulmates.

Harry has opened that door to the light and he has washed away the vile grubby nasty things he has been told about himself and Louis over the years. He is sharing this baby with the world in more ways than one.

In his video he is flying over the Isle of Skye - over the sea. Freedom.

And, hearing how happy and relaxed, how giggly and positive Harry has sounded in his interviews, I do believe this song is his gay anthem on his experience with Louis of their forced closeting, being trapped like two birds who couldn’t sing and soar.

I believe that cage has is opening and they will soon be free to speak, to sing, to hold hands, to fly and soar together.

Freedom. Together.

Rearranged by Jaded/@operaticspacetrash

Jyn Erso lies awake in bed and thinks of all the little girls all over the world who dream of being a princess like her. She wishes she could tell them the truth about it–of the way it traps her like a bird in a cage–about how, even when the prince is as handsome and dashing as Cassian Andor is, it isn’t a fairy tale with a guaranteed happy ending, not when you are forced to get married and you don’t know each other at all.

Arranged Royal Marriage AU.

Read it on AO3.


Aries: Watching the sun rise ∞ The vision of fireworks after a kiss ∞ Dancing like no one’s watching 

Taurus: A silver spoon of honey ∞ Reminiscing of days which never existed ∞ Escaping into their minds’ alternate timelines 

Gemini: Secrets kept and never forgotten ∞ A ripe fruit just out of reach ∞ A game of Russian Roulette 

Cancer: Finding constellations in a sky blanketed with stars ∞ Listening to music in the dark ∞ A stone turtle with a glass interior 

Leo: The sight of the first snowfall ∞ Gentle yet impressionable scent of a burning candle ∞ The face of a sunflower following the sun 

Virgo: The blooming of a timid flower ∞ A locked door leading to another universe ∞ Tears collecting to form into a puddle 

Libra: A lunar eclipse ∞ Fitting the pieces together of an intricate puzzle ∞ Waiting for someone who was never real to come home

Scorpio: Lipsticks stains on white bedsheets ∞ Neon signs which invite and strain the eyes ∞ Holding onto a rose barehanded, thorns and all 

Sagittarius: A wildfire spreading across the horizon ∞ Crying out for a release from monotony by staring out the window ∞ A bouquet of chrysanthemums 

Capricorn: Feint yet definite glow of moonlight ∞ The constricting rings of Saturn ∞ A bird blind to the cage it is trapped in 

Aquarius: Backfloating across a pool of eternity ∞ Teetering in a dimension between sleepiness and exhaustion ∞ Observing the slow, beautiful death of distant stars 

Pisces: The eternal pull and push of the waves ∞ Casually imagining alternate realities into existence ∞ Crying but not having a reason why

A Prison of Zagig resembles a brass bird cage but can trap one creature of any size.  Only 5 are known to exist, and each requires 4 command words to operate fully (activation word, trigger word, command spell, freedom word) plus the true name or detailed history of the target.  (Jeff Easley, AD&D module S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, TSR, 1982)

Daddy Kink! Demetri Volturi X Reader (SMUT)

Daddy Kink! Demetri Volturi X Reader

Note: I’ve never written a full out smut – just headcanons so I’m keeping it as mellow as I can. Be warned! SPANKING, FINGERING, AND IMPLIED SEX! Please give me feedback and some more requests! (And if you do request, be very detailed on what exactly you want; when you say a fluffy Demetri x reader or something similar, be sure to include a topic) Thank you, and enjoy reading! ❤️

Demetri had always been over protective of you. Even to the point of making a list of rules to follow – for your safety of course. One of them was “Never go outside the bedroom without myself (Demetri) or a high up guard.” Of course, you thought this was stupid. You couldn’t even go to the kitchen to get a snack without being watched. When you lived with your family or on your own, you could do whatever you want; now, you’re like a trapped bird in a cage.

So you decided that Demetri was being dumb and you weren’t going to do what he said. Bad idea. You snuck out of the castle, thanking God that it was court day so no one would be roaming the halls. You fled to the main plaza and decided to treat yourself to a pastry and coffee/tea at the local café. As soon as you were seated, an attractive Italian man started waiting on you, not even holding himself back from flirting. He was cute, but you already had Demetri…..right?

So you flirted with back with the man. After all, it was flattering and a nice way to pass the time. Besides, Demetri would never find out. At least, that’s what you thought.

All of a sudden, the waiter froze mid sentence, gazing behind you with wide, terrified eyes. You turned to see a tall cloaked figure, with the crimson eyes you know so well, peaking out.

“(Y/N), I believe you’ve had your fun. Now it’s time for me to have mine.” He grasped your wrist, leading you back to the castle in a hurry.

By the time you reached your room, Demetri flung you onto the bed and locked the door. You flipped yourself over, gaining your bearings as you looked up to see Demetri staring at you from across the room. He had taken off his cloak and was now slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt. You began to grow quite scared as he had never look quite so … intimidating – at least towards you.

Once his shirt was off and his bare chest was in plain view, he sat down on the love seat by the fire place. You stared, your heart racing in arousal and fear at what was to come. Demetri patted his lap.

“Come here, baby girl. Time for your punishment.”

You gulped before standing on weak legs. You tried taking your first step in his direction before he interrupted you with a smirk.

“Uh, uh, uh. Crawl.”

You just stood there, once more in shock until he motioned to the floor, his smug smirk growing. You hesitantly got onto your hands and knees and made your way towards him. You finally reached him, after a humiliating five seconds. You placed your hands on his clothed knees, eyes begging for consolation. But he gave you none.

“Now lie across my lap, kitten.”

Your cheeks flushed with heat once more, bringing yourself to lie down across his stone cold lap like he demanded. With a gentle touch, me began to tug down your pants and underwear, exposing the soft flesh underneath.

“What are you-“


“Count, princess. Count your spankings.” You heard him snarl from above you, his voice deep and rough.

“O-one!” You exclaimed, flushed when the sting of pain shot straight to your core.


You gasped out, by this time panting as your wetness quickly started to coat your inner thighs. The throbbing at your core and the feeling of Demetri’s hand groping your ass pleasurably, the only thing on your mind. You arched your back, moving your ass further into your mate’s hand as you moaned.

Demetri hummed in near contentment, his fingers dancing a bit lower than before.

“What a good kitten you are, princess. So willing to please her daddy.” Slowly, he started to insert a finger into your cunt, stretching you.

You welcomed the intrusion with a gasp and a grind down onto his finger. As soon as you did so, he grinded his hand back into you, being sure to press a finger onto your clit in slow, sensual circles. You clenched around him, throwing your head back in ecstasy. You could feel your core start to pulse as Demetri inserted another finger, now thrusting into you much harder and faster.

“Do you like this, baby girl? Do you like being fucked by daddy’s fingers?”

“Yes, daddy!” You shouted, hands clawing at his thighs as the pulsing in your pussy got stronger and quicker, making your head cloud and your eyes water at the sensation.

“Whose are you, princess?”

“Y-yours, daddy! Only yours!” You replied quickly as he started to slow down.

“Good, kitten. Now make your daddy proud and cum for him.” Demetri purred as he started to grope your ass with his free hand, planting another slap there. Right as you felt the harsh sting, wanton moans erupted from your mouth as your core pulsed pleasure into every nerve of your being. Cum coated your walls and thighs, making a squishing noise as Demetri pulled his fingers from inside you.

You turned your head, tiredly through half lidded eyes to see Demetri holding his cum covered fingers to his nose, breathing in the scent of your submission to him. Without another word, he stuck them in his mouth, cleaning off the remains with a moan. He met your eyes, taking his now clean fingers out with a smirk.

“I bet my princess is tired from her adventures today. Let daddy tuck you in.” Demetri said, picking you up and placing you in the bed, right before whispering in your ear. “But, don’t think you’re getting away that easily, kitten. We’ll be continuing your punishment after you wake up.”


not requested. daenerys targaryen x reader. reader’s gender not specified.

Summary: The reader is an old pit fighter of Meereen, freed by Daenerys. A friendship quickly grows between the reader and the Mother of Dragons, but after a night of drinking and a drunken love confession courtesy of a severely loosened tongue on your part, it becomes more than that.

Warning(s): implied nsfw, alcohol use, suggestive make out scene

Character(s): Daenerys Targaryen

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A memory remains, just a tiny spark
I give it all my oxygen, to let the flames begin
To let the flames begin

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Breaking The Rules | Teacher!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1213

Warnings: Swearing

Genre: Fluff, Angst (?)

Summary: Mr Park, one of the most important people at your high school. He’s a charmer, a ladies man. Uses his charm to make the ladies do what he likes. Whether it’s to clean the school grounds or deliver a message every lady does as he commands. Except one.

Dedicated to and Requested by: @blessjiminnie

Masterlist | Ask/Request | Fic. Recs


You furiously tapped the school desk, waiting impatiently for the school bell to ring for lunch. You had been stuck in a double period of Chemistry, and you really weren’t in the mood. It was like any other day, you would walk to class, in silence, ear phones in and glancing at some of the students who passed you on the way there.

But instead Mr Park, the deputy head teacher called you to his office to have a ‘word’


“Miss (L/N),” a husky voice from behind you spoke. Surprised you pulled out both of your earphones and turned around wide eyed to come face to face with your P.E (and deputy head) teacher Mr Park. His midnight hair brushed out of his face making his eyes visible to you, white shirt which has the top two buttons undone with a black jacket over, and a pair or tight black jeans to finish off his look with a pair of black dress shoes. He cleared his throat before continuing. “If you could come to my office now please, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.” With that he turned on his heel and began to walk off to his office, you following closely behind.

“Mr Park, if you don’t mind me asking, why must you speak with me? And for how long because I don’t want to be late to Maths,” you muttered under your breath.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I’ll go over everything when we get to my office,” he spoke finishing the topic. There was a comfortable silence for the rest of the way there until he stood in front of his office door. “Please,” Mr Park, gestured for you to enter once he had opened the door.

“Thanks,” you replied quickly as you made your way into the room and took a seat on one of the chairs. “So, uhm… Mr Park, why am I here?”

“Well, Miss (L/N), I have a problem, a problem you caused-” you were confused at his words. You hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was he accusing you for ‘his’ problem.

“Go on,” you uttered. He cleared his throat and continued.

“My problem is you,” he spoke, a sly smirk visible on his lips. He walked around so he stood behind your chair and placed his hands on your shoulders, making you tense at the sudden contact.

“H-How am I your problem?” you stuttered, still hopelessly confused.

“Tch, you just don’t get it do you? Since all my time of working here, you are the only female who hasn’t fallen under my charming spell. Which is why I have gained a very great interest in you,” Mr Park confessed. Your eyes widened in surprise and he lowered his head down to your ear, his lips barely touching your earlobe and he whispered in your ear. “And don’t try to deny how you feel about me. I’ve seen the way you look at me, the lust in your eyes as you undress me with them,” Mr Park let out a low chuckle, as his hands traveled down your shoulders and wrapped themselves around your wrist as he hauled you up and lifted you up onto his desk, making you instantly close your legs, so he couldn’t see up your skirt.

“M-Mr Park!” you squeaked out as his hands traveled to your waist and squeezed lightly.

“Please… Call me Jimin,” he whispered out in a low voice making you shiver. You were enjoying this, a little too much, and you couldn’t lie when he said that you felt the same way. After a moment you finally realized this was wrong and shoved him off of you.

“Mr Park, we’re in school ground, and you’re a teacher, I’m a student, it’s illegal to have any relationship whether it be for love or for sex. If this is all you needed me for I’ll take my leave,” you replied with a frown.

“I think breaking one or two rules isn’t too bad right?” Jimin asked as he stepped forward again and placed his head in the crook of your neck, taking in your scent. “Fuck, you smell amazing, I’m just imagining all the things I could do to you,” he muttered, his hands making their way up your thighs.

“Mr Park. Stop it. Now!” you yelled as you pushed him away hard and grabbed your bag. “Don’t fucking come near me you pervert!” With that you left, slamming the door behind you and made your way to math class.


Lunch finally came by as you sat in the library once again, munching on your bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. You had finally calmed down a bit, but every time you thought of Jimin, it just pissed you off or ruined your mood. Normally you’d be good at concealing your emotions within school, but today, after what Mr. Park did, that just set you off. 

You were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts when a hand wrapped around your mouth stopping you from screaming, while the other hand was tight around your waist, making you unable to move. You were pulled into the janitors closet where you were let go. Turning around as quickly as possible, you went to slap your kidnapper, only for your wrist to be caught.

“Now now, Miss (L/N), I wouldn’t want to give you a detention for hitting a teacher now, would I?” his smooth voice spoke. He let go of your wrist and locked the closet where he turned back around to face you.

“What do you want?” you snapped, rubbing your wrist as if he hurt you. “Why the hell did you kidnap me!” you almost yelled.

“Because, your reactions are always so cute,” Mr. Park teased back. Rolling your eyes, you went for the door again, until Mr. Park grabbed you by the wrist and slammed you again the door.

“Mr. Park! Please let me go!” you cried out. You were terrified, trapped like a bird in a cage, helpless, and unable to fly away. When Jimin noticed the hurt in your eyes, his own widened. He had been so determined to make you his, he hadn’t taken your feelings into consideration. He instantly let you go where you sunk down to the ground and hugged your knees.

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry, I let my feeling get the better of me, and I lost control. I understand if you want to be left alone right now, so I’ll take my leave,” Jimin spoke as he slowly went to pick you up and move you away from the door. As he picked you up though, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down. 

When your lips met, time seemed to of stopped. It was just you too, as your lips moved in perfect sync. Jimin’s hands traveled along your sides as he brought you closer, deepening the kiss slightly. As things began to move a little more quickly, the bell rang, indicating lunch was over. Jimin mutter a quiet ‘fuck’ and pulled away from you.

“Seems like we ran out of time huh? After school, meet me at my office at 5pm, we’ll continue then,” Jimin winked as he left the closet leaving you in complete shock.

“I KISSED PARK JIMIN!” you almost yelled. “Maybe, some rules are worth breaking,” you smirked as you too left the closet to go to class.

Heal Me (A Saeran x Reader fic): Chapter 01

A/N: Alright the first chapter is officially completed!!! YAY :D Btw, I made changes to the first part that I posted earlier as a draft. Hope you like it!

Note: This story takes place during secret ending 02, when Saeran is in the rehabilitation facility/hospital. It’s going to be full of spoilers, so be warned.

Also, please pardon me if I make any factual errors in describing the hospital/room that Saeran is in. I can’t find much helpful information online so I’m just going to use my imagination. :D

B A B Y ’S  B R E A T H;
a glimpse into one’s past innocence.

The smell of antiseptic. The sound of footsteps and murmuring of nurses and doctors as they crossed the hallways. The sight of patients in pink and blue hospital clothes out on a walk in the garden downstairs, seven floors beneath you.

It had all become somewhat familiar to you by now, having worked here as an intern for the past month. Although you had been somewhat uncomfortable here at first, things had settled down and it had become somewhat easier for you to interact with the patients here.

Of course, there were some exceptions. Namely, the new patient who had been admitted into the general private ward just a few days ago.

He had been the main topic of discussion among the nurses and doctors here for the past three days, as well as among the other interns. Nothing good had been said about him, from what you had heard so far. You had heard of incidents of violence against the therapists and nurses assigned to him, how they had been switching therapists for him every single day because none of them deemed themselves fit for the job. Your mentor had yet to be chosen as tribute, but you knew that he was praying hard that he wouldn’t have the privilege of being offered up as a sacrifice.

“I guess there are some people who just can’t be helped,” a fellow intern had commented just the other day.

You didn’t agree. You didn’t like the idea of someone being untreatable. It was the reason why you chose this career path in the first place. Besides, you had yet to see what kind of person he was, and making judgments based on hearsay just wasn’t your thing.

You knew it would be inappropriate for you to do something like this, but no one said taking a detour to your mentor’s office each day would pose any issue in particular. You knew where his ward was. The private general ward, located here, on the seventh floor. It was the third room down the hallway to the right of the lift lobby.

The lift doors closed behind you after you stepped out, and you scanned the area. There didn’t seem to be anyone here, thankfully. Carefully, you padded down the empty hallway as quietly as you could, staying alert in case someone caught you sneaking about here. The corridor was silent, and only the loud thumping of your heartbeat seemed to echo off the white walls. You slowed your walking as you passed by the second ward, craning your neck to the right. In just a few more steps you would be able to catch a glimpse of the man that everyone seemed so frightened of, through the long, rectangular strip of transparent glass in the middle of the rosewood door.

It was just for a few seconds, your view of the room exceedingly limited, but you could see enough. He was lying down on his bed, his head turned on its side towards the open window. You could see the outline of his side profile, a head of messy white hair with little pink highlights in them. The morning light through the window next to him cast a shadow over his face, and you thought your eyes played tricks on you when you saw that his were mint green. He was staring out the window, quietly, unmoving, and you would have thought he was dead if it weren’t for the tiny movements in his chest and ripples in his blue top that indicated he was breathing and very much alive.

He looked rather peaceful, tame, innocent. Kind of gentle, even, as the tiny wind from the air-conditioning tugged and nudged at his loose hair strands. Seeing him like this, you couldn’t bring yourself to imagine the violent atrocities that the others claimed he had committed. Then again, you couldn’t deny the scratches you had seen on one of the therapist’s hands just yesterday.

You were still curious to observe more about him, but you forcibly tore your eyes away from the glass and hurriedly continued on your way before you were noticed. It could spell big trouble if he noticed you and it triggered something in him. Unconsciously, you picked up your pace, striding down the hallway to take the stairs at the end down to the fifth floor where your mentor’s office was. It was time to start the day.

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April 19, 2017 - Jambu Fruit-dove (Ramphiculus jambu or Ptilinopus jambu)

These fruit doves are found in southern Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. They eat mostly fruit, foraging in trees or on the ground for fruits dropped by other animals. Females build the nests from twigs, sticks, and grasses gathered by the males. Both parents incubate the eggs. They are classified as Near Threatened due to loss of their forest habitat and some trapping for the cage-bird trade.

The Peculiars based on who you should fight

Miss Peregrine- Who would win?- Her probably, honestly she’s so badass and would kick your ass, but like if you get her to turn into a bird and trap her in a cage or something the fight is over and you’ve won. But then she’ll be all disappointed in you and nothing is worse that disappointing Miss Peregrine. I don’t suggest fighting Miss P

Millard- Who would win?- I mean it’s a toss up, honestly. He is invisible but if you get a good hit in he’s going down and you’ll win. He’s sneaky but not strong. Go ahead, he’s okay to fight.

Emma- Who would win?- HER. She’d win so fast. Do not fight Emma she would destroy you.

Jacob- Who would win?- You probably. He is an untrained rich kid from Florida, so unless he has a hollow or like… Ricky, he’d go down fast. It take like one well placed punch. Sure, fight Jacob, but make sure he doesn’t have reinforcements.

Bronwyn- Who would win?- Physically? She would destroy you. But she won’t. She’s too good. Unless you threaten her friends she would refuse to fight you. (If she did fight you tho you would die). Don’t risk trying to fight Wyn, you wouldn’t get very far anyway.

Hugh- Who would win?- Him. Sorry he has bees. Did you see what he did to the wights? Well I mean, yeah fight Hugh I guess he’s pretty harmless, but don’t fight his bees. (Or really, Hugh tbh, Fiona would destroy you)

Fiona- Who would win?- You, maybe. She could pull a Lila from Sky High and destroy you but she probably wouldn’t. But don’t fight her. Why would you fight her? Hasn’t she been through enough? And Hugh would kill you. Don’t fight Fiona, if she doesn’t kill you, Hugh will.

Enoch- Who would win?- You. He is small and round and alone probably can’t do much damage. But he’s been through a lot. Fight Enoch, but only for a good reason.

Horace- Who would win?- You, but why would you want to. He’s a little annoying but what has he done. He can’t defend himself. He’s trying so hard. Don’t fight Horace, you’d win, but at what cost?

Olive- Who would win?- Bronwyn. No but in all seriousness, you could win easily because she’s the lookout not the defense and you could just let her float away but you wouldn’t. She’s such a ball of sunshine, you’d be her friend in five seconds and forget you were fighting. You wouldn’t fight Olive.

Claire- Who would win?- No. Don’t. Why would you. You’re not allowed to fight Claire, sorry (no I’m not)

(Vic is probably the same as Bronwyn but less willing to fight you)

In conclusion don’t fight these children at all they are sweethearts and have been through enough

Why Pentagon broke up with you.

A/N: This is something i wrote under my opinion of what is possible for them to think, but, of course, breaking up with someone is never something you can predict and is way too complex. 

This post is a bit angsty, if you want to avoid it. 


Hui: The discordance of opinions or tastes is what make you fall apart. Of course he wouldn’t be mad finding that you have differences but eventually, if the differences keep appearing he would feel like that’s not the type of relationship he wants to have because there are too many reasons to be in discomfort. But he goes to talk to you with the objective of keep being friends, and you would probably agree. So is not a very sad ending. 

Jinho: I feel like it would be a harsh break up for some reason. It started with something you considered a small detail, a stupid action that is easy to fix but somehow the events start tangling and becoming bigger, like a ball of yarn, since you don’t want to apologize and he can’t admit it was a stupid thing to be upset for. Finally he is so pissed he breaks up with you because there is no way to reset the pain you caused to each other and act like nothing happened.

Hongseok: The most probable issue to affect your relationship to the point of breaking it is that an argument reach a point where you complain about a fact of him that piss you off and that was not his intention at all (an example: you complain about him being too careless of your relationship but his intention was not making you feel like he is nagging you). He would feel so bad, not because you get him wrong but because you were able to think he is the type of person that could do that. 

Shinwon:  Even thought he didn’t want to do it, he ends breaking up with you because he was feeling like the idea of you two having something is not what he is having. In other words: He lived with an idealized conception of your life together before you started dating and then it ended not being exactly like that. He would be upset and after trying to change the facts and drive your relationship to a better spot, he would give up on you. 

E'dawn: After spending some time dating you, he would feel like “the flame of love died”. He is tired of having a routine and feels like a trapped bird in a cage because he got to be so comfortable that he ended getting bored. For that reason he took the decission of pussing you away even if he finds it hard, he would think is the best way for you two. He would try to end it being friends tho but he can’t keep going while feeling so constrained. 

Yeo One: In his case, Changgu would be immersed in your relationship from head to toe. If you two are really dating it’s because he deeply feels like it and he loves you a lot. You have to do something really bad to see him break up with you (like, i don’t know, cheating on him). Otherwise he would really try to ease whichever problem you have with him making you tell him and trying to change it. I guess it has to be you the one leaving him if you feel like the relationship doesn’t work OR gathering a lot of unfixable problems that make him give up. 

Yanan: You go to his house one day to break up with him because you are tired of him or because you are not feeling comfortable enough dating and you want him only as friend i can’t think another reason why you can be upset with yanangel. Finally you end crying before him while he pats your back like “don’t cry, it’s okay…”. Even if he has to hold back tears, he preffers comforting you. So you two end being just friends because it works better, and if you end in bad terms it would be too heartbreaking. Either way he spends a week home eating ice cream and watching Titanic. 

Kino: Hyunggu seems to be someone who would be very attached to his S/O so i think, even if you two have a big arguent he would try to fix it. It has to be you the one pointing how imposible is to put all the pieces of your broken relationship together and breaking up. I guess, if you had a long relationship he would be pretty affected and yes, he would cry, definetely but would try to keep up with his life and not make a very big deal in front of others. But he would be very hurt and would be very critical in the case you decide you want to turn back and date him again, because you broke the confidence in the power you have to fix it together. 

Yuto:  When you go to end the things between you two his appeareance would be ice cold but he would be hurt inside. You have been a couple of days without talking because you had a strong fight and you decide you should cut the relation. Like Hongseok, this would be caused by the missunderstanding of intentions and the assumption that he is something that he is not, but instead being sad he would be angry first. You end falling apart in bad terms. 

Wooseok: This honey would try to make things calm, it doesn’t matter if it’s you or him who is trying to take the step, since he loves you or at least loved you someday he cares about not making a very bitter taste in yor memories. It took a lot of thinking for him before he could decide he was going to leave you, because he doesn’t like you anymore and he wants to “flip the page”. 


❝one day you’ll get used to the mud in your lungs and your veins and your eyes and you’ll feel fine

for the little bird trapped in a gilded cage, who became the wolf, hardened and feral, feet bloody but fast in the snow. for the girl whose veins now run blue with the sharp ice of the north, no longer afraid to stake her claim. for the girl whose heart was stolen, and who came with jagged teeth to reclaim it, not yet ready to be cruel. for the girl who no longer prays, no longer waits for a resolution, but counts the days by the beat of her heart against her ribcage and the gaps between the hollow ache in her bones. for the girl whose skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel.



Rowan: Bird of Prey ™. Who needs friends? “GAVRIEL TATTOO ME FACE PLES” my mate™ and child™ died and it was my fault ™. I’m a stone cold warrior. Love is weakness ™. This tiny blond queen… I haTE YOU…Nah your kinda cool…. AEELIIINNN MY LOVE. Favorite Drink: Sex on the Beach. *wedding bells* wHaT dO yOU MeaN YoUR mY MatE. I WILL WALK THROUGH HELL TO FIND YOU. High School Musical Song.

Fenrys: Pup ™ just wants to be loved™ by Aelin. DeaTh tO MeAVe. Now You See Me Now You Don’t. Dorian low-key Loves™ me. Most™ Beautiful ™ Male™ Alive™. Makes straight men question their sexuality. Cheap Trick song

Connall: smol gay™ pup™. Sold himself to Maeve to get out of Bro’s ™ Shadow ™. High-key regrets it. Now You See Me Now You Don’t sequel starring Harry Potter. Tie™ For™ Most™ Beautiful ™ Male ™ Alive ™. High-key lurking after Vaughn.

Lorcan: I am Death™ I am your Worst™ Nightmare™. I am the Tree™ of Terror™ wait?! Who is this tiny woman?! Elide leT ME LOVE YOU. Sells out his wife’s queen to his ex and now sleeps in Fenrys’ dog house.

Vaughn: Bird of Prey™? Nah more like Bird of Gay Love™ High Key lurking after Connall. Low-key hiding from Maeve and avoiding shiny bird cage traps set by Rowan.

Gavriel: Should be named Zuko™. HOOOONNNOOORRR. Misses™ his ex™. MAeVe TaKE mE BaCk. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE A SON. Aedion LEt mE LoVe YOu. Disney Movie.

For @underthe-mountain 😘😘

He’s standing very still, staring at him intently. This close, Credence can smell the heavy cologne he applies after his shave every morning; even faded after the day and tamed by his sweat, each inhalation makes him dizzy. He’s got a hand braced beside Credence’s head on the back of the sofa, crowding him in. Credence looks up at him, wide-eyed, open-mouthed. His heart flutters in his throat, sparrow-fine bones of a bird trapped within the cage of his ribs. 

Percival’s breath tickles his cheek. “No,” he says, and the reverberation of his words strike Credence’s heart with the force of a hammer against a bell, “I think I’ll make you beg.”

submitted: This is not a riddle more like a letter.  Directioners you need to know the road ahead is still quite long and bumpy, but soon enough there will be a crossroads that all the boys have to take.  It is not necessarily a bad thing.  You see, a lion, a bear and an ox cannot roam free if they are trapped in a cage.  They won’t be birds anymore.  They will be themselves. Their souls will be stripped raw.  They will be free.  The Phoenix will still be a bird.  He has a destiny.  His strength will allow him to live in a cage.  His selflessness will let him be the one to set the other free.  When he is ready he will be reborn.  He’ll break out.  He’ll rise to the top because he has all the qualities to do so.  But, for now, you must take care of him.  He carries them, protects them and tortures himself.  Because of this, he gets hurt the most.  Don’t hurt him more.  Be prepared for the flames he sets when he becomes his true form.  This will set the others free.  Be prepared for the end. Remember that the end will be what sets them free.  They will be okay for now while they are trapped.  Send them your love, protection and your hope.  

this was submitted to me and i was told beforehand that it was something that had been held onto for most of the year.  i guess my question is was this something you wrote?  was it given to you?  this is interesting…especially when you compare it to the journey everyone has gone through over the past 10 months.  are you telling us it is almost time for the phoenix to sacrifice itself and set itself free?  who do you think is the phoenix?  this is very interesting and i’m afraid i’m not in the mental state to think much further on it at the moment.