birds taking flight

Chogyam Trungpa was responsible for bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the west.
Fascinating story behind Trungpa. His most notable book was titled Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. A great documentary about him, that I believe in on Netflix is Crazy Wisdom. To speak frankly Chogyam Trungpa was crazy.

But remember when you learn more about him, when you are on the side of a mountain and you see birds leaping off and taking flight, just because you are on the same mountain, understand that you are not a bird.

For some of the sticklers that follow this blog, the above is a common analogy that is used when discussing Chogyam. I do understand that Ram Dass used the analogy. I also understand that Ram Dass was a teacher of his. This was not an attempt to hijack a Ram Dass quote.
I typically refrain from discussing my own practice and teachers as I’m would never measure up to to them nor would I want to claim myself to be a representative as I am a deeply flawed person. That being said, I think I’ve mentioned this is previous incarnations of this blog, I took refuge (initiation) in Kagyu Buddhism which is Chogyam’s lineage though he was in 2 I believe? Also, he was a bit of a rouge and not used as an example by my teacher. However, he always comes up, usually by newer students, and when he does the above analogy is given. Probably because it works best. He was a great teacher, a drunk and had sex with students. All the crazy stuff aside his teachers were very focused and were flawless. Hence  the term crazy wisdom.
I hope this helps.

Birds’s (Crow/Raven) theory - RWBY

According to this image we’ll found crow/raven apparition in Rwby  : Notice - it’s difficult to distinguish the two birds because the model are not detailed. I did my supposition with reflection.

the first Apparition of a bird : Yellow trailer.  It must be a raven.

Second Apparition of a bird -  Vol3 chapt3 When Qrow is against Winter

Vol3 chapter 12, it could be Raven.

Vol3 chapter 12 It’s clearly Qrow

Rwby volume 4 opening when we see the team RNJR

Rwby vol ¾ openings - Who knows ? It must be Raven 

volume 4 chapter 4

When the bird takes flight Qrow said “Luck” as he did it ironically. In the vol4 ep 8 Qrow’s semblance is the misfortune (watch this video : According to the Branwen’s symbol, Qrow is the left, Raven the right. The left is the bad side, so the right is the “Luck side”. That why Raven is arrived in the good timing Yang in the vol 2 and Qrow is arrived too late when he wanted to save Amber in the vol 3. But he reckoned with Ironwood(vol4 chapt 11) and Ruby (vol 4 chapt 7). 

Plus the lyrics in the Qrow’s theme : vol4- chapter 7
Pain Is your reward for being near me
Won’t be your friend when I’m around
Before the tragedy that follows
The situations I surround
I’m a hole in light
I cannot lie
I will change the karma of your life
I don’t mean to bring you pain
But I will, just wait, I can’t explain.
I am no one’s blessing
I’ll just bring you harm
I’m a cursed black cat I’m an albatross
I’m a mirror broken
Save yourself I’m your bad luck charm

Sorry for the long post and my bad English. 

mea culpa

okay, honey, i understand.

i understand that i am a rosebud petal and you crave the grandeur of the forest. i understand how you say that i am a teardrop–too emotional, too frail, too human–and that you yearn the destruction deliverance of hail. i understand how i am the naivete of daisy field kisses and you seek the reality of bruises and near-misses.

alright, sweetheart, i understand.

i understand that i am the loyalty of shadow at sunshine’s light and you want the hasty departures of birds taking flight. i understand how you say that my hands have mapped your skin too many times and now you want something new–as if boredom is a constellation printed on your skin and my fingers are annoying astrologers waiting waiting waiting. i understand how my lips feel too much of a promise and that the hickeys i leave on your neck feel too much like a vice grip preventing you–and me–from talking.

it’s fine, darling, i understand.

i understand that your fingers don’t find comfort in the steeple of my hands anymore and that you crave the adventure offered by passing touches. i understand how the way i sing your name is thunder on a quiet night (let’s just forget about the fact that i tried a million times before i finally got it right). i understand how you say that i love like fingers dancing on a keyboard, spinning words slow and steady and keeping you awake– and that i wouldn’t change even though love was held at stake– and you have no other choice but to leave my heart to break.

no, i understand. it’s my own fault i flew so low to let you catch me so effortlessly, and that i loved you too much to let me go so easily.

Lily Evans Aesthetic

A bouquet of flowers, freshly picked from the garden. Fingers stained with paint. Stones skipping across water, the subtle ripples disappearing before they’re noticed. Daydreams on hot summer mornings. The smell of something burning, and smoke too thick to see through. Hair lifting with static right before lightning strikes. Rumpled bed sheets. Red nail polish just beginning to chip, and the accompanying color of a skinned knee. A blot of ink as a writer pauses. Birds taking flight. A harsh shout, spat out as though it was burning. An empty stage. Eyes glinting with embers and starlight. Laughter too thick and choked to be fake. Pinkies twined in a promise. Strands of rope braided out of boredom. A whispered kiss, and an embrace that promises to never let go.

Marauders Aesthetics

Animal Facts from a Docent: Bird Edition


1. A blue jay’s blue feathers aren’t really blue. There are no blue pigments in the feathers. The color is derived from light refracting off the internal structure of the feathers.

2. Many elements of a bird’s skeleton are fused, to help the joints and bones sustain the pressure exerted on them by the bird’s muscles during flight. A bird’s flight muscles take up as much as 1/3 of their body weight. Incidentally this is also true of penguins, who do not fly through air, but through water.

3. Birds can’t carry much food in their bodies due to the weight affecting their ability to fly, they are constantly on the edge of starving. Food passes through a bird’s very efficient digestive system in as little as 30 minutes. A bird can starve in a couple of hours if it doesn’t eat.

4. Birds have a complicated respiratory system that goes way past the two-stage in/out system mammals have. They have lungs, but also a system of air sacs where air is stored and cycled so that the bird has a continuous supply of oxygen even when exhaling. 

5. A common house sparrow can function just fine at altitudes of 19,000 feet, which would put a human in a coma.

6. A woodpecker’s skull sustains forces of 1000G while drilling. For comparison, an astronaut during liftoff pulls 3G, and at 9G most humans will black out. Most of this force is directed away from the brain by a complex series of adaptations.

7. Birds have vision that’s far superior to mammals. An eagle can spot prey up to a mile away, and birds can see wavelengths beyond human visual range.

8. Pigeons can detect cancer! Researchers found that with a few weeks of training, a pigeon could detect breast cancer in slides with 85% accuracy - and if they crowdsourced it and used several birds, accuracy went up to 99%.

9. It’s well known that many species of crane do specific dances for social reasons. Their chicks are born knowing how to do the dance, it doesn’t need to be taught - what they have to learn is when to dance, and who to dance for.

10. Birds can get prosthetic feathers! Wildlife rehab centers often get birds brought in with broken feathers. Using a process called feather imping, they use the hollow shaft of the broken feather and that of a donor feather (usually from a bird who’s died) and a toothpick, and a dab of glue. Once a new feather starts coming in, it’ll molt off the fixed feather and all will be well.

11. Owls can live fine with just one eye because they rely mostly on their hearing to hunt. Their ears are placed asymmetrically on their heads, producing a minute differential that lets the owl triangulate the exact direction of sound. The difference between ears is 3 millionths of a second. An owl can hunt in complete darkness - and their flight is silent, thanks to the fringed edges of their wings which baffle the sound.

12. Don’t feed bread to waterfowl! If ducks and geese don’t get an appropriate diet, their bones don’t calcify enough and then are unable to support the pressure of flight, so they warp and twist in an affliction called Angel Wing Deformity. A fowl with this condition cannot fly. If you want to feed waterfowl, our bird keeper at the zoo suggests mealworms (any pet store has them), peas or cracked corn.

13. Hummingbirds must consume their own weight in food every day, and at night they go into a sort of torpor to conserve energy. During flight their heart rates can top out over 1300 bpm.

14. Vultures are one of the few birds with a good sense of smell, so they can detect the smell of their preferred food - rotting carcasses. They don’t have feathers on their heads so they don’t get rotten carcass juice all in them. Their stomachs are basically made of iron. Vultures can eat meat infected with anthrax, botulism, basically any horrible pathogen that would kill us quite dead and fly away happy and full. 

15. Were you waiting for an entry about corvids? Here it is. Corvids (crows, magpies, rooks, etc) are hugely intelligent. Some studies place their intelligence higher even than that of dolphins or great apes. They remember locations and people’s individual faces, plot revenge, hold grudges, engage in subterfuge, share important knowledge between individuals, anticipate future outcomes and comprehend analogies. A great example is some birds in Japan who like to eat nuts. They’d drop the nuts on the street into traffic so the cars can crack open the shells for them - but they learned to do it in the crosswalk. Then they wait for the light to turn red and walk out to collect their nuts while the traffic is stopped.

Another example is from an old Aesop’s fable, about a crow who dropped rocks into a glass of water until it rose enough for the crow to drink. A researcher tried this and found that not only did the crow figure out to do this (on the first try, without training or prior experience), but it went for the largest rocks, and it did not use some hollow but similarly-shaped items that were with the rocks because it knew they’d float and wouldn’t help.

Crows, man. Too smart.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Animal Facts with Zoo Docent Lori.

Crazy Invention!

After an endless stream of failures, Gotticia has finally invented something that will enshrine her name in the annals of history!

  1. Lightning paste:
    Magic for the common man! One barrel of this plant-based paste will generate enough lightning to illuminate a room for a night, or to kill a healthy adult!
  2. The foot-cart!
    This lightweight, three-wheeled cart is driven by the rider’s own foot power! Makes light work of heavy loads.
  3. Firestones!
    These stones fit comfortably in a pouch or the palm of your hand, but when you ignite the wick, make tracks! In under a minute the stone will erupt like a tiny volcano!
  4. Bird-carriage:
    Climb aboard the chariot of the sky! With a full complement of six passengers pedalling, the bird carriage takes flight! Its powerful wings lift the carriage aloft. Simply discontinue pedalling to return to the earth.
  5. Horse-aid:
    Does your horse become blown too easily? Try Horse-Aid! Keeps horses running indefinitely!
  6. Power-bow:
    Operates like a regular crossbow, but employs fire for some added “oomph”! Refills available for a small fee!
  7. Fire-tinders:
    Tired of the flint and tinder? Want fire NOW? Fire-tinders are coated in flammable powder that ignites with a single strike against any abrasive surface! The tinders burn merrily, ready to ignite a camp fire or smoking pipe!
  8. The Bread Machine:
    expose the turbine to a stiff breeze, fill the drum with flour, water, and some beer must, and let it do its thing. Leave for 24 hours.
  9. The Chill Bin:
    Place wheel and hoses into swiftly moving water to keep the bin’s contents cold. Keep hatch fastened to keep cool air in.
  10. SoundWheels!
    These blank wax circles can be embedded with PURE SOUND! Once cut, you can insert the disc into the vibrograph machine to play back the recorded sound with perfect clarity!
  11. Sunburst:
    When exposed to fire, this white powder erupts into a flash of dazzling light. Perfect for night ambushes, spelunking, and many other uses.
  12. CrazyBones!
    Grind up these bones and put them in food. When you ask your victim what they think the secret ingredient is, they’ll go crazy trying to guess. LITERALLY CRAZY. DO NOT CONSUME.

“I got the idea from our family’s plant book. The place where we recorded those things you cannot trust to memory. The page begins with the person’s picture. A photo if we can find it. If not, a sketch or painting by Peeta. Then, in my most careful handwriting, come all the details it would be a crime to forget. Lady licking Prim’s cheek. My father’s laugh. Peeta’s father with the cookies. The color of Finnick’s eyes. What Cinna could do with a length of silk. Boggs reprogramming the Holo. Rue poised on her toes, arms slightly extended, like a bird about to take flight. On and on. We seal the pages with salt water and promises to live well to make their deaths count. Haymitch finally joins us, contributing twenty-three years of tributes he was forced to mentor. Additions become smaller. An old memory that surfaces. A late primrose preserved between the pages. Strange bits of happiness, like the photo of Finnick and Annie’s newborn son.”

One day our great-uncle Ser Harbert told me to try a different bird. I was making a fool of myself with Proudwing, he said, and he was right. (A Clash of Kings)

“She will not fly higher than that, lad.”

“She will! I know she will. She just needs more practice.”

Harbert sighed. The boy was as stone cold stubborn as his lord father.

“Your cousin Aerys is not the man you once knew, Steffon.”

“He still is, Uncle, deep down, if only he would remember it. I am not prepared to give up on him just yet.”

Proudwing soared and soared, high above the treetops. Stannis clapped and cheered with glee. Ah, if only …

In truth, Stannis was still trying to coax his bird to take flight. “Maester Cressen said her injuries are completely healed. Why should she not soar as high as any other bird?”

“She’s afraid, lad. Lost her spirit. Never the same again. You can try and try, but you will not make her soar as high as Thunderclap.”

“I don’t care about Thunderclap.”

Harbert laughed. “Of course you do. I cared, very much, when my brother had the faster horse, the bigger sword, the stronger arms. Younger brothers are much the same anywhere.”

“But did Grandfather ever call your horse Weakwing?”

“Why should he? Horses don’t have wings. Except in your drawings, of course.”

That managed to coax a smile out of Stannis. “They’re supposed to be dragons.”

Solemnly, Harbert said, “Even dragons can lose their spirit and be afraid to fly, let alone a bird.”

“She can be brave again,” Stannis insisted. “Or she can be afraid and still fly, but more carefully this time, so she won’t be injured again. Father said fear is useful. Fear makes us careful. Fear keeps us safe. Father said only a fool is never afraid.”

“And only a fool will continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different ending. How much time have you spent training Proudwing to fly again?” Longer than the time the boy had spent patiently nursing the bird back to health, Harbert knew.

Stannis refused to meet his great-uncle’s gaze. “She needs more time.”

“It’s time you try another bird.”

“I won’t abandon her!”

“Seven hells, Stannis! I’m not telling you to slaughter your goshawk for supper. Keep her if you wish, as a plaything, or for company. But you must try a different bird for hawking.”

Hard enough being a younger brother, hard enough living under the constant shadow, without your own foolishness making that shadow larger.

  • Dearest,
  • For so long I have fought to become what you love the most, only to realise that I in turn have moved further and further away from myself. I am lost in the fog and though I scream so loudly, you do not hear my call. Just as time grants the young bird to take flight, I open my hands to let you go. In the middle of a cold night, I let you go. Love is but a gentle breeze and I created a tornado inside of me.