birds skirt

It was 33 degrees Celsius in Gunma today. I am staying inside and watching Steven Universe to avoid it! I wanted to draw Pearl in a maxi-skirt and floppy hat. 

I had a really really really hard time getting her proportions right. The position of the hands are based on her original reference sheet. I need more practice!

My witchsona for the Witchsona Week of January 2017 :) (apologies to @witchsona-week for being early but everyone else seems to be too:))

She’s a swallow-whisperer and thus sad for half a year between October and March before the birds come back. Doesn’t have a broom to fly but can fit enough birds under that skirt to carry her. Also keeps all kinds of things in various pockets of that skirt. 

Fun fact: I owned all these pieces of clothing at different points of my life… 


I’m happy to announce I got the second Steampunk 20% off value bundle of patterns up into the shop: Gear Up! 

Gear Up! is full of separates like corsets, wings, pumpkin pants, birdcage skirt, bustle skirt, stockings, garter belts, etc.  You can sew these up into the original outfits or mix and match however.

Steam On! is the set with more full-costume patterns, though you can still do a fair bit of mix and match.  

There is NO overlap in patterns between the two bundles, so you can get both and steampunk all the dollies!  Toss a corset and mechanical wings on the Victorian Dress, or pair the bird cage skirt with a bra top, garter belt, stockings, and a frock coat… really, go nuts.  And bolts ;)