birds robe

new theory

ok hear me out

one of paloma’s prophecies/visions concerned “a brilliant light heralded by seven birds” and we’ve pretty much agreed as a fandom those seven birds are the red robes, right?

“the twins, the lover, the protector, the lonely journal-keeper, the peacemaker, and the wordless one”

what if taako is one half of the twins

and the other half is lup

or, more accurately:

Hand-colored daguerreotype portrait of a man named Philip Doughtery dressed in a mountain man costume and Native American robes and posing with a tomahawk, a bow, and arrows in Richmond, Virginia, c. 1845. By Van Loan and Retzger.

ocpd-rose replied to your post “ocpd-rose replied to your post “me 6+ hrs ago: lup is lucretia me 3…”

ALSO if barry and lucretia are brother and sister, and we go along with the “seven birds are the red robes” theory, they could be the twins. and now im gonna deffo need some fanart of BBJ lookin like Lucretia’s twin brother but just like…decked out in denim

aJALDFJLK, like i know he canonically wears a white shirt and jeans but: denim button up with a denim jacket and denim overalls with a denim hat.

  • khadgar: master maybe that's too many birds -
  • medivh: [with crazed, hungry eyes, looking up as he stitches his seventh piece of bird paraphernalia onto his robe] there can never be too many birds

anderfels-apostate asked:

Can you do the bad icon drawing thing for me? I think those awful mage hats deserve to be drawn as terribly as possible.

They do indeed and I was going to do an awful job but then a bit of brilliant meta hit me.

Anders has feathered pauldrons because it was part of a matching set - the Bird of Paradise mages robes and hat!!! It was a gift from the Warden.

See also: why Anders left the Grey Wardens.